April 02, 2016

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The US definition of Economic Recovery

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
As the mainstream press and politicians, talking heads, economists and bureaucrats around the World laud the positive signs that indicate without any doubt, that the US economy is in recovery, Secretary Timothy Geithner is quietly begging for more money to keep his Ponzi Scheme alive. The letter is dated January 6, 2011 and addressed to the Senate. It is linked here with an extract below. What recovery? The US GDP is overstated 30%, unemployment ~26%, Food-stamps for 47 million people, foreclosure-gate, Muni's are near worthless in an environment where ~!% hold 96% of the nat... more »

The Choice

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Desolation - Consummation: Course of Empire - Thomas Cole Consider the Electrical Universe point of views(Wal Thornhill) of the so called Supernova 1987A and also on Stonehenge from the work of Anthony Peratt here while viewing his webite on plasma at this location. Light is the signature of activity in terms of resistance or impedance and is derived from the result of causal motion which creates vibration or effect which in turn creates energy and which in turn develops structure around which forms organization - in duality. Electric circuits create magnetic fields in polarity ... more »

The Verbe

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
A qualitative simplification from complexity, hoary with antiquity? An hypothesis. - For every Cause there is a Herb - an Effect - this is the Verbe. - For every Effect there is a Function - this is the Verbe. - For every Function there is a Gesture - this is a Verbe - For every Gesture there is a revelation - this is the Verbe - The Gesture is the Signature of the Cause - this is the Verbe - The Signature is the Nature of the Cause - this is the Verbe - the Nature of the Cause is the Cause - this is the Verbe Given a near vacuum Universe of gases, curren... more »

Thrice White Goddess - Mitosis

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
In the beginning there was the face of the deep and the dwarf brown star known to us as planet Earth cooled within its creative phase of eternity. The full spectrum of life emerged within the energized blanket of plasma that lay over the face of Earth engendered by the wide variants of electromagnetic fields and the numerous unique temporal environments to stand before this dark to bring the light of resistance. Some species adapted - many did not. Nature is conservationist and plays the odds accordingly. The milieux of energized plasma is rich for the emergent possibilities a... more »

Intelligence &amp; Consciousness

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Intelligence is, or more correctly, Consciousness Is an Universal Evolutionary Strategy. Interactive self-organizational emergence phenomenon constrained by contextuality and structured by complicity. Intelligence is Constrained but Time and Space are its Matrix of Potential in terms of Fields of Complexity which differentiate to Simplicity &amp; Beyond, its Universal carrier is energy, not light (light is a direct result of the universal manifestation of intelligence; it is the energization of activity – resistance - the temporal signature of the measure between Cause on route to Ef... more »

Ubiquitous Plasma

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
The medium, and like all mediums, energetic, nurturing and fertile. The medium of the infinite and ageless Universe(s). It is hypothesized within these pages of consideration, offered for purposes to evoke within the heart of any brave reader, the innate element which will become a cause to stimulate an effect to be-come known as an impulse; a virbrant, vital manifestation of Universal knowledge: Intelligence. This evocation, indeed, will change this structure of cell structure &amp; organizations of the super molecule mammalian species known as the &#39;reader&#39;, as this knowledge can,... more »

What is the Origin of Consciousness?

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
"as above, so below"... or words to that effect, come to us from the past with utmost clarity. What does this statement mean? We humans use analogy to communicate our ideas and to explain, the otherwise unexplainable. We have always done so. It is a language tool. Note: a·nal·o·gy (ə-năl'ə-jē) n., pl. -gies. Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar. A comparison based on such similarity. See synonyms at likeness. Biology. Correspondence in function or position between organs of dissimilar evolutionary origin or structure. A form of logical infe... more »

&quot;Leadership&quot;: The Crazed and Insane &amp; The Cult of Hanlon&#39;s Razor

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
*“Liberty, then, is the sovereignty of the individual, and never shall man know liberty until each and every individual is acknowledged to be the only legitimate sovereign of his or her person, time, and property, each living and acting at his own cost.” Josiah Warren* *Inventions and the scientific method of research have so transformed human life that the long inherited, timeless universe of symbols has collapsed. It is not only that there is no hiding place for the gods from the searching telescope and microscope but there is no such society as the gods once supporte... more »

Comment on "science" today.

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Of today’s science (institutional); its characteristics and its state: Here is a brief description of the status of institutional science today which is totally dependent upon consensus for its existence and survival. The creation of dogma is its a priori function to develop pillars of improvable Newtonian approximations and further represents the most dangerous enemy to mankind and civilization today. Scientific theory must be proven through demonstration and prediction and held accountable rather than the tenure of additive theory upon theory through peer review and hierarchal co... more »

Poverty: The Signature of Failure

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Etymologically, "poverty" defines and represents the moral and mental state of health of a human entity. Under law today, corporations are also to be considered as individual life entities and this is valid for any and all organized formal "collectives" which also includes international institutions, governments, political parties, unions and so forth. The word, or term "poverty" was never originally meant to mean hunger and /or starvation, nor to describe classes of unfortunately deprived people which have always been referred to as the "unwashed masses", the "boorish and profan... more »

Global Instabilty - The Signature of Entropy

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
October 10, 2006 Foreword: At the time of this writing North Korea has just unleashed an atomic bomb test, and perhaps yet another, in response to having been ripped off by the USA as well as ignored and betrayed since the North Korean and the US signed agreements during Clinton's Administration. Bush and his colleagues are in hiding and denial but occassionally of shouting accusations and threats at the World from behind the curtains of the White House. The US Congress is in a disgusting moral flameout of sexual depravity, criminal pedophilia and outrage. Iraq has degenerated int... more »

Australia: A Call to the Brave

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
&quot;Yet what other hand than mine Gave these young gods in fulness all their gifts? But these I speak not of; for I should tell To you that know them. But those woes of men, List ye to them, how they, before as babes, By me were roused to reason, taught to think; And this I say, not finding fault with men, But showing my good-will in all I gave.&quot; Australia: Antarctica Colonization &amp; Global Warming A Time for National Proactive Planning for Antarctic Colonization: A Call to the Brave Antarctica is a continental landmass of around 14,000,000 square kilometers, or roughly one and a hal... more »

Autopoiesis - Naming the Universe(s)

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Autopoiesis - Naming our Universe(s) Now that the nature of the physics of the Universe(s) has been well established by Perratt (Plasma Universe) and Thornhill (Electric Universe), et al, there is now a need to name that process that unfolds the physical characteristics and which is consistent throughout the whole, including those processes which unfold and emerge here on our planet Earth. This name already exists and it is Autopoiesis (see below). The electrical relationship between matter and mass allows us to understand how quasars can be newborn objects that have low mass and ... more »

The True Scientific Nature of the Universe(s)

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
1. Anthony Perratt of the Plasma Physics Laboratory, Los Alamos actually defines the physics of (our) Uni-verse in his Plasma Universe whereby, like everything we see, it develops or rolls-out using the DL (Double Layers) plasma processes encapsulating similar and consistent characteristics which are of 'potential'(energetic); yet to be realized through energy interaction - or, that is to say, philosophically that 'the dark is the custodian of the light' - where Thornhill (Wallace Thornhill - The Electric Universe) defines the physics (electric science) of the processes from dark ... more »

Global Economic Collapse Part II - Why 2006?

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
1. Life is a dynamic; a cyclic dynamic which obeys the fundamentals of the “Attentional Bell Curve”. 2. The Sustainability of Policies (top of the Bell Curve) in societal management (applied political science or government) depends on a number of factors: a. The governing policies of governments. b. The practices of government and the individuals within the political frameworks. c. The integrity of governments and its members. d. Societal perceptions and reactions to a. &amp; b. &amp; c. above. e. The human behaviors and confidence levels of the public domain associated as a... more »

Global Economic Collapse - A New Global Dark Age

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Dateline: August 1, 2006 *Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the Author alone whereby this paper is not distributed as a fact statement that does not require much further serious analysis by the reader; it does. The responsibility for confirming the facts presented in this paper lies solely with the reader. This paper is presented to evoke a sense of urgency in order to prepare for the pending collapse of the US economy and more, for the onward most serious repercussions arising globally therefrom, in the form of a new global dark age. This paper is not an ann... more »

Entering the Age of Aquarius

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
The Torus equatorially around our Sun - which you cannot see - there is also one around Earth too - which you can also not see - in fact most people can't see much... Cluster Mission ESA UV This image has shockedthe astro-physics community somewhat and there appears to be strong moves of denial and coverup which is understandable as this evidence blows away the whole thermonuclear theory being the source energy of the sun (all suns) -as well as big bangs, black holes, gravity, neutron stars, blah, blah, blah. I have actually taken the position that there is no conspiracy-theory per... more »

Ecce Homo Ecce Deus

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
There can be no greater message for Mankind than the inheritance left to us by the ancient sages of Egypt who were the custodians of the original theology left in stone and dramatizations of the Inner and Outer Schools of the Mystery Temples, particularly at this time when civilization has been intentionally driven into ground by the Priests of Ignorance and the Lords of Poverty - the Sophists of Pisces. We know that all the so-called canonical Gospels came from ancient Egypt as they are all or mostly still there, cut into walls, monuments and stone with the greatest of craftsmen’... more »

The Involitile Universal Law of Gender

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
The Feminine &amp; Masculine Principles of Holistic Knowledge or Universal Law Everything contains Gender Thursday, May 11, 2006 11:50 AM In this following, yet ever evolving, essay my emphasis is that the ancient sages of Egypt knew of the universal principles of what we call today term the Laws of Electricity which is the nature of the Universe. Interestingly enough the word &#39;electric&#39; originates etymologically from the word &#39;Amber&#39; (formed through a process of transmutation - see also ambergris) and which in turn was a product of much trade throughout the ancient region of the Medit... more »

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