March 31, 2015

Fiat Currency and Human Behaviour

Humanity - Money and Gold

Volitile Will - Providence or Destiny? The Louvre 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the economy, global or otherwise.


However, there are little, or to the point, less ethics and morality, that is to say, integrity, within the organizations of our human behaviors - those  that are necessary to maintain social stability - than desirable, and this is reflected directly by our monetary, financial and banking system. To be clear, these monetary, financial and market indicators are screaming at us, saying, or trying to be heard, that our social behaviours of all our key gatekeeper institutions, are (1) not functioning at acceptable behavioural levels, are (2) totally fanatically and irrationally unbalanced, are (3) all mostly indicative of looming global mass destruction, that is to say, are (4) stampeding Humanity towards global war of the Nuclear type.

As a consequence, that which is currently under threat of total disaster and in the late stages of self-destruction and collapse is the whole of  human global civilization; estimated to arrive in full force in late 2015 CE - mileage may vary.

Tacit Lexicon:
I. Money is Transactional Integrity - in Capitalism, where two or more participants all reach satisfaction.
II. Fiat Currency is any form of Promissory Note normally in the form of a standard paper government issue designed to be utilized for intensifying and accelerating transaction activity and government revenues.
III. Gold the metal, is the highest Universal Principle, and artifact in material form, of accomplished Integrity known to man - it is not a symbol, nor does it represent anything, but itself - it's journey from Cause to Effect completed;  it belongs to the Mineral Kingdom, which is under the stewardship of the Kingdom of Man, albeit, only upon this planet Earth, Gold never varies in its value.

"Fiat Currency" and "money" is/are neutral - just a piece(s) of paper and therefore is/are an indicator(s) of Human Behaviour. "Fiat Currency" and "money" are an expression of Human Behavior and the state or health of civilization - and NOT the other way around.

The Global economic indicators are the barometers of the integrity of human Society - and the image is not healthy.

Keywords: sick | vile | volatile | erratic | corrupt | criminal | racketeering | incompetent | scam | crooked | dysfunctional | manipulated | illegal | illicit | etc.

Civilization and human behaviours have today been measured in qualitative terms, and been found wanting. Are we so blind that we cannot see? Or is it that we prefer not to see?

This expression (of the markets and fiat currencies) is a vivid tell that the Human Race is (1) totally out of control, (2) has little integrity and (3) is suffering intensive blood lusts in the rush for more money, resources and assets - that belong to others - (4) Entropy. The powers that be (TPTB) are totally insane, crazed, lack even the slightest basic elements of intellect and these, their behaviours, are clearly reflected as such in our global economic indicators and markets.

Gold is an ideal and the base standard adopted for Human behavioural integrity, by Humanity, that is to say, not by "Authority". Get over it: this is the only Universal standard that Humanity holds in its physical form as all the others rely on the whimsical opines of men,

Today, one needs fiat currency to participate in the game of survival and participation and the more one gets, the more one  participates - some like more.

Hence the "economists" and their "profession" are mere "snake-oil salesmen" peddling their wares as health elixirs. This is Collective subterfuge and group subjectivity.

Gold is the Universal Objectivity of man, in terms of Symbolic representation, and in analogy borrowed from the Minerals Kingdom, whereas paper fiat currency is simply, and merely, a low-cost synthetic or substitute of that representation, albeit for convenience - i.e. a talisman; a carrot on a stick, totally dependent upon the faith of the naive populations under the recursive scamming rule of untrustworthy elite Collectives (read: hives) of foul and corrupted men.

Men in attaining their Humanity must seek the virtues of ethical and moral behavior. Who does not know this?

This being the first stage of the Human Being Objective. In other words, one does not become a Human Being until one has mastered Ethics and Morality, - which by the way, are the attributes of Universal Intellect. Every religion has delivered this message.

The good news is that we can actually measure the progress of mans' journey towards his Humanity and even use this philosophical measure to train ourselves so as to become Human Beings and to embrace our Destiny in Providence. We can monitor our progress by observing the markets.

Money creates Power and Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely - as it has been said. Here lies the essence and origin of our crass behaviours and our demonic weaknesses while maintaining our condition as non-Human ad nauseum, or as already said elsewhere, as 'man the unaccomplished'. Not only is this powerful statement (attributed to Lord Acton, et al) the essence of the problem but it is also the key for us to rise to acknowledge our Humanity as well as the Pillar upon which we can set ourselves an ethics scale to be able to achieve this Humanity.

Man is driven by his Belief System which is today derived from False Myths, in this instance, for example, "The American Dream", "The Chosen People", "The Exceptional Nation", "Money maketh the Man", "The Lucky Country", "The Markets are the Economy", "House prices never fall", "Growth is defined by GDP", "Inflation is defined by the CPI", "Only Mathematicians can know God", "Yes we can", "Negative Interest Rates", "Negative Growth", etc.

Cults are Belief Systems that have turned to the Political in total defiance of the spiritual Intellect for the preferred mechanized Dogma; the machine - Darth Vader. We have now, so many cults throughout the World, that is to say, in case of "fiat currency", it has (1) passed the stage of being an aide to living, (2) has passed being a religion and in a frenzy of political hype, propagandized by the political, banking and corporate sectors - complete with saturated feed-back looping, over x3 periods of Generations, plus some, this "fiat currency" (3) has become a drug to which all are addicted,

But what is the historical record that leads us to today's decline?

In very brief terms, it is as follows: The story begins Circa 30,000 BCE or thereabouts.

First the Black races from the warm South moved and colonized and dominated the Mediterranean and the East to Japan. Then the White races, originating in the cold North, slowly at first, and then in later massive migrations swept South. Later this drive split and one division drove East, the other south and West. Over thousands of years the Indian races and the Semitic races were developed out of these merging emergent forces and energies. Then, as written history has it, more massive migrations and conflicts from Korea, China, Mongolia, India, especially India, arose repeatedly to create flows of these multiply mixed races of humanities, cultures, languages, ideologies, gods, and beliefs - back and forth; back and forth and then, eventually, ever deeper into Europe. Battles, wars, trade, Empires, armies, agriculture, literature, poetry, music, the arts, theater, architecture. mathematics, Universities, hospitals, medicine and priests; all this human interplay, accompanied by the massively destruction impacts of  harmonic telluric events. Humanity today is the result of the merging of the Black, White (primarily), Yellow and Red prime races; none which were the root races.

At first, the Black races dominated the White races as they were older in their emergence, well organized and disciplined, and far more experienced; that is, superior in every way. Then the disorganized White races created the Herman (the Fighting man) who eventually would become the Barons. From this organization the White races began to defeat the Black and other mixed races, of which, incidentally, their blood was already part.

Then the Barons created the King - to whom the Baron pledges allegiance and loyalty.

The King's word became the Law; the King's Word was the Law.

Around 1215 CE the Authority of the King's Law was challenged to endure the Magna Carta and the people began to have a minimal of rights; not many, but some; change was upon the face of the void.

In 1789 CE, again the King's Authority and His Law was challenged and the US Constitution was brought into effect. The United States of America became the bastion of freedom for all men and the symbol of hope for all mankind.

However,  in 1913 the Authority of US Constitution was successfully challenged by the Banking System thus creating the Federal Reserve Bank under Law, and  as a consequence of this act of treachery, the Banking System became King and the Banking System's Word became Law; such is the evolution of civilization.

To be, or Not to be?

Man today thinks that we are Human Beings simply by right of birth and without personal achievement through thought, consideration, ethical attainment and morality, but we are not: Thinking hurts just as smiling creates wrinkles;

Humanity needs to be accomplished, but by his own hand.

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