November 17, 2021

Self-sacrifice to Ignorance on Planet Earth - Fools rush in.

The State of the Adamic (man -an Universal term) on Planet Earth 2021/2022

"Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, parties, nations and ages it is the rule." 
Friedrich Nietzsche

The Course of Empire

"No matter what political reasons are given for the war, the underlying reason is always economic." -A. J. P. Taylor

The way of the political in order to control the masses, is to instil Fear - in the adamic, in order to maintain control and profit out of monetary carnage.

Make no mistake, your chosen 'leadership elite' will dispense of you and eliminate yours without a second thought, as they only represent those who pay them the most, a priori.

 "Fear instills  Ignorance
Ignorance instills fear, while
Fear guarantees Ignorance."

Leadership is imposed from the dregs of man and represents the worst of proto-humanity, but nevertheless, those that are self-declared as "elite" are of men but the most ignorant.

The demographic composition of this humanity on the Planet Earth - per se:

Capacity of Accomplishment                           ~5% of Total Man
Redundancy of the potential accomplished     ~3% of Total Man
Fearful, Ignorant and false Gods                    ~95% of Total Man

Ideology has no place in humanity as we know no certainty upon which to found our opinions; which are mere ignorance.  Ideology brings 'Chaos' and the destruction of Reason and Morality as well as development and accomplished Order. 'Democracy' is not only the battle-cry of Empire, but the rule of the lowest-common-denominator of the unaccomplished of men, that is to say, applied  'Ignorance'. Why do those ideologies that say that they hold the banner of morality as their code of honour, live  to do Genocide? As such, they are merely cults of ignorant barbarians, and not the trust-worthy 'leadership' as we are told - i.e. by these same cults.?

Sidebar: BTW the USA is a Constitutional Republic (or was), - not a Democracy.

Us vs. them

As Year 2022 approaches, the total decadence of the Empire system allows us to see and experience the genocide of the Palestinians, Syria, Libya and numerous other nations with the dedicated and obedient assistance of western vassals. This is a Feudal system on steroids. The preferred military targets are civilians; women children and the defenseless - whom Empire (they) call 'terrorists', even the parents of their own citizens' children. The Empire's Global cull is now in play by all means possible and being cheered on by the 95% - the lust for blood and death has at this moment, no bounds as the political cult en force, gathers to  the last stand which is developing 'Chaos' to retain their control after the coming Global revolution cum resistance.

Empire has grown from the tribe, and those tribes since the early 1000's  BCE all sought the "promised land" and all  that stand in opposition must die. The planet has experienced this many times particularly during the 19th. Century (hundreds of millions were culled to celebrate the 'ideology' du jour) and this were the seeds that give growth to the numerous Grifters that now represent 'governments'. 

And socially accepted lying as the belief system, are the signature of the worst of ideologies past: bolshevism, communism, socialism and benevolent dictatorships, sic., neoliberalism and banana republics as well as "democracies", etc. The death of man is enfolded within the attributes of ideology.

How many humanoids are to be culled in 2022 by these Grifters and so-called ideological Tribes? Surely we are witnessing another devolution of the human condition.

What is it that you don't understand? 

Murder, killing and Genocide is an act of pure ignorance that ensure that egoism, envy and desire by theft itself, reign supreme, brought about by the necessity to have the masses remain entrenched in superstition, ignorance and Fear. Fear prioritizes the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS) of the Central Nervous System (CNS) to direct all the bodily resources in defense mode while shutting down, a priori, the God created and given mental growth innate facilities of His  creation. Please refer to the established sciences of cellular biology. Here.

The Game:

The Game that is being played out, that Game of War, Genocide, Imposition, lies, theft, torture, victory, failure, carnage, all aka vice, and suffering, cannot be won; it is the conflict of Ignorance. This game is played by the ~95% - the Fearful, Ignorant and False Gods (and to some extent by the redundant) and represents your future, albeit of  choice. The Wars will never end while there is Ignorance.

In your absolute ignorance, the way forward that you have chosen is Politics but those that you choose to serve you politically have, for the past three thousand years, or so, have always and a priori, have betrayed, butchered, lied to, stolen from, and genocided you through warfare and lawfare. Yet you adore them and demand more of the same. Can you deny this?

The Way:

The way forward to knowledge is through the sciences of the heart and mind in self. All true knowledge is tacit knowledge and being experiential, cannot be shared. Knowledge is the natural product of the human heart in 'Being' of which the 'leadership elite' live in fear.

Politics has no legitimate role in the affairs of the Gods' 'human beings' of this planet. De-militarize, de-legitimize your agressions and order; everything evolves and changes 'to be being'. Embrace and seek this imperceptibility, as this is the God that you need, i.e. your own self.

Don't trust any Government. don't trust anybody, particularly yourself. Do not trust.


  • The Universe is Electric and everything in it is Electrical; You are an electric Being, that is Life,; not a linear subset of Evil by choice.
  • Your essence, that is your spirit and soul is of the most subtle of energy of the Universe; that which has  been referred to as the "Holy Spirit" by the ancient Adepts.
  • Your ignorance will begin to fade once you begin the think in Principles, for all being is enacted in Principles and not as ad hoc events.
  • The Game of Ignorance is perpetual War.
  • Ideology is Ignorance applied.
Form of government:

Representational democracy--a.k.a. politics as a solution to social and economic problems--has passed away. It did not die a natural death. Politics developed a cancer very early in life (circa the early 1800s), caused by wealth outweighing public opinion. This cancer spread slowly but metastasized in the past few decades, spreading to every nook and cranny of our society and economy as "democracy" devolved into an invitation-only auction of elections and political favors. Charles Hugh Smith

Forced to have a second Covid shot (++++) or be slowly murdered by other means:

Let me add here, as my governments (Federal and State) and all levels and types of Media force death upon me via the lies and manipulative attempts to gain control of the wealth of humanity with the Covid blackmail; that ignorance is so complete that their ignorance is now serving to apply voluntary genocide to all and sundry but if not all, then complete servitude to the survivors - to the coup plotters. I have had one shot of AZ which almost killed me with spinal infections  but none of the three doctors I reported to cared a damn and one, actually told me that I was wasting his time.

The virus is rightly identified as ignorance and for which there is no antidote and no vaccine.

'Illusion' is a magic trick formed by the sleight of hand; 'Delusion' is when the illusionist believes his own 'illusion'. The 'Illusionist' is 'The Collective'. So 'The Illusionist" (read e.g. government, bureaucracy, party, tribe, 'true-believer', etc.) creates an "illusion' founded on ego. lies. manipulation, intended theft, ignorance, incompetence and with criminal intent imposes such illusion onto the ignorant, poor, gullible and trusting who embrace such acts as 'love and good-will' (sic) thus created by their own hands in the name of 'democracy' and other such warm and comforting terms, to such result that he/she then also believes, he the 'Illusionist' and also then, the being of the 'lowest-common-denominator' of human society, believes his wealth and power are the result of his exceptional skills, intellect, competence, etc., and not crasse theft/deceit and abuse of trust,  ethics and morality. He then becomes the delusionist; he is man - the proto-human being, not yet emergent/ nor sustainable..


Enjoy your delusion and enslavement while in the meantime, 
I go to a better place: 

"Your mileage ken vary" But it is too late.

My Father whom I never met killed in WWII

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

― Voltaire

Where there is no vision, the people perish

– Proverbs 29:18

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