September 07, 2006

The True Scientific Nature of the Universe(s)

1. Anthony Peratt of the Los Alamos Plasma Physics Laboratory, defines the physics of our Universe at his Plasma Universe Website, whereby, like everything we see, it develops, emerges, or rolls-out using the DL (Double Layers) charge separation plasma processes encapsulating similar and consistent characteristics which are of 'potential'(energetic); yet to be realized through energy interaction - or, that is to say, philosophically, that 'the dark is the custodian of the light' - whereas Wal Thornhill of The Electric Universe Theory, defines the physics (electric science) of the processes from dark to light. Work is light, or light is the signature of the complicit and energetically potential interaction of the elements of the dark (plasma).

2. There is now no doubt whatsoever, that there is/was no "Big Bang" but naught but a silent dawning where light slowly appears in dynamic and evolving processes evolving from the first movement, that first imbalance. The plasma DL quietly and naturally seals off its new dark domains of temporal space as electric fields, magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields, that advance to become of light. The term “Big Bang” originated from a jest made by Fred Hoyle.

3. We can assume with confidence that the whole of infinite 'space' is of consistent principles and of the ubiquitous stuff known as neutrinos as medium, while allowing for the divisional functionalities by plasma behavior to evolve by obeying the one and only set of Universal laws. 

4. Then more DL's, within "our" Universe develop or evolve due to the same scientific laboratory demonstrated principles of plasma and electric physics; each 'bubble' with its own characteristics within; its own relative 'time' and rate of relative emergent accelerations – as mutations, in definable quantum jumps and leaps.

5. And, where each isolated DL bounded space, e.g. sphere, tube, or torus, interacting at any and all locations throughout the whole of infinite Space, which includes also within each and every other DL sister in each bounded domain - all will be found obviously obeying the same laws as Peratt and Thornhill define so meticulously and thoroughly. 

6. The latter (5) applies from the highest levels of infinite space or Universe, right down into the 'sub-infinite' levels and will be the identical process (Principles) in every such "bubble' or Universe - whatever the scale and at all magnitudes from sun-infinite to infinite. 

7. And, as Quasars are borne, differentiate and flourish through the eons in quantum jumps and leaps, as Harlton Arp concludes from his exhaustive research in exile, each "world", or entity, obeys its own unique presence; in its own time and through its own evolutionary time scale based on its own specificities, its own natural preferences and its own characteristics. 

8. In regard to the above then, can we not state confidently that our planet Earth is also evolving in the same manner? Should we not then expect quantum change in the planet itself and all that which exists and thrives in its environmental garment, which is now so obvious from past observations of dinosaurs and buildings with huge unmovable (even until today) hewed stone blocks, fauna and flora, telluric activity, etc., as we appear to enter a period of "Global Warming"? 

9. We now need to redefine "life" from "... any emergent phenomenon that has the capacity to self organize..." to simply, intellectual organization, and render the coarse physical description of these "life processes" as Thornhill, Arp and Peratt, et al, have already done.

10. I believe that the observed gamma ray flashes observed in our upper atmosphere are a significant part of this process (but leave this discussion to be included here later). 

11. The term "potential", at the moment, appears to precisely, adequately and compellingly, albeit broadly, to define this [my] point of view that the Universe and all dynamic processes are in existence, in terms of phenomenal physics, which includes life, human behaviours and economics... 

12. This brings me to the point of view that our planet, as all spheres (planets, suns, gas giants, etc.) of double layered formed yet coagulant and coalescence matter throughout the Universe(s), have accordingly their own unique specificities and characteristics. That it is the endogenous response that is produced, or magnified, a spectrum of "life" uniquely to the compositions of gases, chemicals, charge, density, temperature, pressure, etc., in the envelop surrounding each structure - in the cushion (white of the egg) of the 'atmospheric' 'field', being between the 2 plates of the whole leaky capacitor (ionosphere and surface) expressed in terms on the surfaces of terrain and liquid, in reaction to the exogenous forces (comic rays) including cosmic energy induction. Where the exogenous forces are consistent in their processes (but not magnitude) and where the parochial environments (milieux) are highly variable: all consistently identical analogously, in Principle, throughout the Infinite Universe, as well as this influence upon our near space siblings and cousins. 

13. CONCLUSIONS: Humanity is more than probably totally unique, in form, or at least, rare or uncommon throughout the whole Infinite Universe despite SETI and other mainstream scientific institutions asking us to believe otherwise. We must however, therefore expect that "life", as redefined herein, is common outside our earthly DL bubble or Universe as well as outside that DL reaching to all domains within the whole Infinite Universe. 

14. The term "Universe(s)" now also needs to be redefined. 

15. I believe that my definition of 'time' [see 'Infinite Time') needs to be closely considered in great depth - this I consider a priority for grasping the true understanding of the physics of space, as it also defines 'scale' (magnitude) and the relationships between all entities, no matter what or where they are, as they all obey the same Laws. 

16. And, not surprisingly, economics - a force 'caused' by man; an effect, can be defined (and may also actually define) as identical processes - as can human behaviors; that is to say, forces of the electrical nature, that obey the universal Laws of Thermodynamics. 

The innate nature of the 'sphere' is the energized twin spiral known as Birkeland Currents which commences from a focus or Z-pinch; this is science; the nature of physics. 


The geometric characteristics known as the 'square' or all those objects bounded by straight lines, is the application and signature of technology. Perfection is the Sine Curve.

The 'Principle Cause' does not directly indulge itself in 'technology' per se. This is the by-product of what we term 'life'. 

Life exists only where there be electric fields that generate magnetic fields. All the latter exist by areas of charge separation.

No Big Bangs - No Black Holes - No Neutron Stars – No Dark Matter. 

Universal time is carried by all life obediently and innately; it is eternal. Earth-time is merely the rotational dynamics in which we find ourselves and is specific only to our Planet.

For a unique and magnificent decade long work on the history of Humanity and the events from then until now, I recommend the following Saturnian Cosmology by Jno Cook.

Visiting and contemplation this site , creates Humility.

We are not what we believe.

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