June 23, 2006

Ecce Homo Ecce Deus

There can be no greater message for Mankind than the inheritance left to us by the ancient sages of Egypt who were the custodians of the original theology left in stone and dramatizations of the Inner and Outer Schools of the Mystery Temples, particularly at this time when civilization has been intentionally driven into ground by the Priests of Ignorance and the Lords of Poverty - the Sophists of Pisces.

We know that all the so-called canonical Gospels came from ancient Egypt as they are all or mostly still there, cut into walls, monuments and stone with the greatest of craftsmen’s care, skill and attention which have been brought into the World by the greatest of all Egyptologists, Gerald Massey in his The Lost Light of Egypt and other works. Isha Schwaller also quotes some of the writings taken from the Temples of the Mystery Schools Luxor and Kunak in her fictional books on the Initiate Her-Bak arising out of 15 years of intensive research in Egypt with her giant of a husband
Rene A. Schwaller.

We know that all the so-called canonical Gospels that the CoR issued and would have us believe as faithful dogma to be faithful interpretations intentionally changed, altered and edited by the early ‘fathers’ (the use of ‘father’ for the name of the priest appears to be a ruthlessly determinative strategy to disenfranchise the direction (hermeneutic) of the Gospels through the dramatized characterization of Jesus where he tells the disciples that they must kill the father – of course this direction is merely the psychological throwing off of the mental reliance to the natural connectivity tendency of the child to become an adult or man of maturity of his natural father – it has nothing at all to do with murdering or killing the father to marry the mother which are ignorant literalisms imposed on us by the corporative Church) of the CoR and we know that this irresponsible and criminal work started to occur during the second to fourth Centuries CE after the expulsion of Valentinus and other Gnostics as well as by the later excommunication and daemonization of Origin. The Greeks of those days also commonly referred to the Vatican as the “City of Forgeries”.

We also know from much modern psychiatric research emanating from the past decade that we suffer or many of us suffer from gross irrationality where the cause is thought to derive out of “civilization”. Notwithstanding, it may perhaps be due to the cyclic changes of our planet due to cosmic “weather”, or change.

And, we know from the quieted but magnificent work of Professor Julian Jaynes of Princeton University that “irrationality” commenced in humanity circa 1000 b.c.e. as he establishes in evidence in what today is called the Middle East.

Further, we know that recent global climate spikes (not as severe as the ones 40,000 and 11,500 years ago) occurred at around 8000 b.c.e., 6000 b.c.e., 3100, b.c.e., and 1100 b.c.e. A climatological fluctuation known as the Little Ice Age lasted from 1200 to 1800 c.e., and was made even worse for parts of that period by volcanic eruptions that clouded the atmosphere and lowered temperatures worldwide for years at a time (1783 was the year of the “dry fog,” while 1816 was known as “the year without a summer”). Localized floods, earthquakes, violent storms, and volcanic eruptions known to have occurred during the past 10,000 years are far too numerous to list here, and it seems likely that archaeologists and geologists have discovered and interpreted evidence of only a fraction of such disasters that actually took place.

It is the function of science and philosophy to furnish the mind true premises. As Gerald Massey says, thinking is in essence a process of "thinging," since thoughts must rest on the nature of things. And things are themselves God’s thoughts in material form. It is the message of the Gospels that each individual must think for itself - whereby the incipt to the sayings of Jesus (GTh) that the one who correctly interprets the sayings, will not taste death which infers an act of thinking.

Evidenced by Rene A Schwaller in The Temple of Man and his other works is that there had been many regional conjunctive (both societal and telluric) times of devastation throughout the ages of the Egyptians both during the Pharonic Period and before that time. It was, according to Schwaller, such an event that brought those races to the region including that culture (perhaps 2 cultures - one differentiation and the other not) of men which established the longest lasting civilization ever recorded in the written record; Egypt.

From the hermeneutic dramatization (the method used by the adepts of the Egyptian Mystery Schools or Temples to train the Initiates) known as the Gospel of Thomas (GTh) (not acceptable to the CoR and thought destroyed by the earlier Church zealots and therefore not altered) which was found in 1945 in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, the actor playing the role of Jesus states that the disciples should not be under the misapprehension that he (Jesus) comes to bring peace for he comes to bring chaos, death and the sword is surely a prohecy for the coming era of Pisces.

That the Zodiac is tens of thousands of years old and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years old (one Authority recently stated around 75,000 years old), can leave no doubt that ancient civilizations such as those founding Pharonic Egypt had a long history of astronomical science. As a consequence, the former statement of Jesus (GTh) could indeed be a prophesy based on previous recorded and observed events at similar times located in the earlier and previous phases of the Zodiac, the historical clock used by the Egyptians et al. The Zodiac appears to be the only type of history that interested the Egyptians and it has been said to be the representation of the times of great changes and the times of the recorded change of the consciousness in men. Michael Cremo in his Forbidden Archeology shows evidence of Homo sapiens over 1 million years ago and speculates in the order of more than 1 billion years and recorded petroglyphs clearly indicate in stone image that men once walked with the dinosaurs.

The Prime Maxim of our science today would have it that men came from the ape or monkeys and this despite there being absolutely no supporting evidence whatsoever having been found or established in favor of the neo Darwinian’s babble and gasping. In fact man is nothing like an Ape or monkey although the behaviors of current ‘leadership’ and their true-beliers certainly indicate numerous similar characteristics and tendencies. This Darwinian Theory can be cast out just like weather-theory on the basis that there is no scientific basis at all and like the first and longest lasting corporation on this Earth, that bastion of bastardized true Christianity, all these theories (and most of the others) are purely entrenched in “miracles” and supported dogma which need to be constantly guarded and further supported by sword wielding true-believers. It is interesting that where the Egyptians used the term ‘mystery’ the CoR substituted “miracle” in their editing and forgeries.

Man did not evolve from the Ape as Authority would have you believe and evolution applies not to form but to consciousness.

What the Egyptians or ancient Christianity, that is the most ancient Christianity tells us, as does Buddhism, Mithraism, Zoastrianism et al, is that Man is divine and of the highest order or in the likeness of Cosmic Mind on this planet, if not in the whole Universe and that his cycle of manifestation is about due (in the next few thousand years of so). The Microcosm of the Macrocosm is Man in the image of his Creator.

And, what they also all tell us is that the individual alone can obtain the status of the Son, Jesus, Godhead, etc., that is to say that men (and women) can naturally acquire to the state of full manifestation though certain determinative work with knowledge; a shortcut but which needs to be earnt albeit by knowing oneself. But it is also stated in the Gospel of Thomas that each individual must seek within himself and not rely on the pharisees and priests.

The voice of ancient Christianity and its message is shouted clearly and loudly by Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn for all to hear his eludications and revelations that man is not an Ape but a divine being while bringing to the grasp of all men the ability and the means to aspire to the Divine Cause of the Godhead through correct knowledge by himself, that is to say, without being dependant upon lazy, parasitical priests, politicians and pedagogues with agenda to rule over men.

The Church of Rome by their criminal editing and forging of the ancient messages coming out of Egypt, our rightful inheritance, has intentionally enslaved humanity for 2000 years and condemned man to their murderous acts; genocide, torture, ignorance, inquisition, pedophilia, rape, theft and have made themselves fat and wealthy beyond utter belief – all at the expense of the Creator and its Creation; man.

Religion is that field of effort in which man strives to relate a divine element, transcending immeasurably his own natural powers, to a lower self in which it is tenanted. In this comparative sense, its true function is and always will be to deal with those three elements which it has so shockingly abused and misapplied, the supernatural, the miraculous and the magical. In any absolute sense, to be sure, these terms are misnomers and can become misleading.

The one grand premise for constructive thinking is that man is a god functioning in the body of a human animal, and that this situation is typical of all other existent life, and a key to the comprehension of all.

For it is the province of religion to transfigure the natural life of man with the irradiance of cosmic romance, magical potency and unearthly splendor. Obviously this has neither been the mission or agenda of the corporative CoR.

Indeed, immortality is at hand and as Lyndon Larouche pens “The objective of public policy of a true republic, must be to prevent any member of society from dying, if possible, before they had, in some way, participated as a sovereign individual soul, in this great creative process which reveals us as made in the likeness of the Creator of the universe.” Indeed a far more worthy vision than the likes of current leadership which wages war as peace and wealth and longevity purely for themselves (including fully stocked bunkers for themselves for some pending wrath) at the expense of us collateral at their beckon call.

As shown by Massey, Schwaller (Isha and Rene), Kuhn and many others, Christianity is as old as the human race itself; as old as life on Earth and bears no resemblance to the bones thrown out of the Vatican doors by the corporative CoR for us unwashed masses to feed upon. The Principle of Christianity is within each and every one of us - waiting; the Godhead is promised to us through caveat and indeed within our grasp for it is Christianity from which the Creator made us. Ancient Christianity is our innate nature, being and essence.

Make no mistake the word “Christianity” comes to us from the Egyptian KRST (chiseled into the cover of the ritual sarcophagus) and then through the Greek ‘Christos’; a word but it is firstly a principle which as such is called by many other names in other cultures and may be called Islam in Arabic and Mithras in Persia or Buddha in India, etc. But the word has no importance in itself as it is the principle that is the truth where the importance is to be firmly placed and concretized. There is only one human race but many levels of qualitative epistemology scaling or functional levels of consciousness or acquired experiential knowledge throughout the spectrum of men. To take disrespect over a culture or a name in another language is wrong and as wrong as it to kill or murder a fellow man.

Man is not an Ape. Make no mistake, there is no chosen race but Man; all ‘institutional’ religious doctrines are blasphemies but all religions in all men are correct in the correct perceptions when men look within.

The work of the Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton clearly establishes in modern science that at cellular level correct perceptions are vital to health and function and hence so to the whole material super-molecule known as man.

Recent modern Cognitive Behavioral Science (CBT) confirms the ability in man to heal himself mentally (read elsewhere at this blog) thus more or less throwing out many established theories of Freud and Jung and their followers and further one can see that the Words of the Disciples in the original form (unaltered translations of the Gospels) and words of hermeneutic Truth have modern confirmation in the works of those scientists who remain faithful to the scientific inquiry of integrity. Were not the great ancient philosophers called “healers”?

I have posited elsewhere herein that this route to health is through the subconscious mind and the parasympathetic mode of the Autonic Nervous System (ANS) and I now add that this is also the route to obtaining the caveated Godhead laying latently potential in all men (and women) and known to the Western World as KRST or Christ.

I must apologize to my readers for I have now concluded that the statement of the ancients who said “Blessed be the meek for they shall inherit the Earth”, whereas I have previously stated that the meek have indeed already inherited the Earth intending to infer or mean despotic leadership or the pharisees and priests, that this statement more than likely means that the characteristics of Man, that is the manifested Godhead may be those characteristics of the dramatized Jesus of the unaltered Gospels. The key is the various meaning of and the etymology of the word ‘meek’. One must find one’s own truth here as everywhere else and take no man’s word or any institutionalized direction – at all, a priori.

What I will not apologize for is the repeating of the statement that the Physics of the Electric Universe as established and formalized by Wallace Thornhill and the Physics of Plasma Physics established and formalized by Anthony Perrat, the scientific publications of Cohen and Stewart, the works of the Schwaller’s, and Massey, Chaos Theory and my own work and blog (at Verbewarp.blogspot.com) are in precise and total agreement with the science of ancient Egyptians and the dramatizations of the Mystery Schools (unaltered Gospels).

Hence, in conclusion to this article it is predicted that upon the rapidly growing insanity and irrationality throughout this world today, the climatic changes of what is irresponsibly called “global warming”, the end of the current cycle of Pisces of the Zodiac and as so indicated by the Mayan Calendar (Dec. 2010), the current highly stressed state of the so-called plates under the Andreas Fault in California as established by scientific process, the unstable state of the caldera at Yosemite, the rather odd activities surrounding Mt St Helena, increased unexpected high solar activity, an increase in the energy induction through the galactic arms of the Galaxy, full global weather or climate change, the total breakdown in the global economy and full bankruptcy of the World banking system, the fact that the World’s most powerful nation is led by the World’s greatest moron, the heightened and escalating sightings of UFO’s (temporary emergent phenomenon of an electric nature - read elsewhere herein), the emergence of diatonic harmonics called crop circles and other signs of increasing electric phenomena such as volcanoes, cyclones and earthquakes, etc., etc., that we are indeed quickening for a period of great and disastrous change of both the telluric and mind changing nature.

The good news is that the ancient description of an Aquarius Epoch is good!

"Not of the Seed of Adam are we, Nor is Abraham our Father.
But of the Seed of the Proud Angel Driven forth from Heaven."

Mithraistic Poem

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