April 01, 2016

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PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 2 months ago
* End of Empire - **Ashes Abound* *The Rise of the Phoenix* *Waterbear - Tardigrade* *Judith Westerfield* “Come to the edge," he said. "We can't, we're afraid!" they responded. "Come to the edge," he said. "We can't, We will fall!" they responded. "Come to the edge," he said. And so they came. And he pushed them. And they flew.” Guillaume Apollinaire Images: The Gods Neptune - Jupiter - Mars - Saturn - Venus - Mercury - Uranus (Click on Images for larger View) *Introduction: Psychoanalysis* *Mankind is powerless against mankind, and the gods, as ever, * *show it the ways of fate .... more »

The Phoenix will Rise

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 2 months ago
*Devolution* * Even as the End of Empire **Falls into Ashes* *The Phoenix will Rise* “ *Come to the edge," he said."We can't, we're afraid!" they responded."Come to the edge," he said."We can't, We will fall!" they responded."Come to the edge," he said.And so they came.And he pushed them.And they flew.”* *Guillaume Apollinaire* *Images: The Gods Neptune - Jupiter - Mars - Saturn - Venus - Mercury**Introduction: Psychoanalysis* Mankind is powerless against mankind, and the gods, as ever, show it the ways of fate ... In the realm of consciousness we are our own masters... But i... more »

It's Not the Economy, Stupid, It's the Economists

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 months ago
*"Almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so." *Robert A. Heinlein Images courtesy NASA - Click to enlarge *Capitalism vs. Economics* *Capitalism:* "…capitalism is not a static set of institutions, but an evolutionary system that reinvents and reinvigorates itself through crises…". Kaletsky (2010) Capitalism and Economic Growth Here "evolutionary" (above): - Yes, due to the fact that humanity, or that entity which actually practices that which we call 'capitalism', is in a constant state of evolution itself,... more »

Fiat Currency and Human Behaviour

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 1 year ago
*Humanity - Money and Gold* *Volitile Will - Providence or Destiny? The Louvre* *Announcement: * There is absolutely nothing wrong with the economy, global or otherwise. *Disclaimer:* However, there are little, or to the point, less ethics and morality, that is to say, integrity, within the organizations of our human behaviors - those that are necessary to maintain social stability - than desirable, and this is reflected directly by our monetary, financial and banking system. To be clear, these monetary, financial and market indicators are screaming at us, saying, or trying to... more »

To Be, or Not to Be...

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 2 years ago
*"Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is."* *Johann Wolfgang von Goethe* Artemis *All the world's a stage,And all the men and women merely players:They have their exits and their entrances;And one man in his time plays many parts,His acts being seven ages...* *William Shakespeare's As You Like It, spoken by the melancholy Jaques in Act II Scene VII.* In principle, God created the principles and the cycles of the Universe and the Earth: In principle, Phtahmer , High Priest of Memphis and creator-god of the universe through thought and verb. Just look around; you... more »

Waiting to Die

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 3 years ago
*Disclaimer: This writer finds no justification to repeat here what has already been presented in other posts of this Blog and where much discourse has already be expended. Those that will be attracted to this offering will be few, but know that you will profit here if you are stimulated strangely by an evocation of the Heart. Follow that evocation wherever it may take you, for that is the path to your destiny.* *“Give me four years to teach the children * *and * *the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”* Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Lenin (1870 - 1924), First "Leader" ... more »

... on Money

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 3 years ago

VerbeWarp: Beyond Genesis – The Revolution of the Mind

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 4 years ago
VerbeWarp: Beyond Genesis – The Revolution of the Mind @blindman Your post above was found this day residing in the space allocated for SPAM. It has been found and emancipated. Apologies for the loss. Interesting about the GOP ;-) I enjoy etymology.. Thanks

"Leadership" - aka The Order of the White Feather

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 4 years ago
*Childhood's End... * *- in needless suffering wrought by the elite ignoranti aka "leadership" * *which specialize in war, death, genocide, * *looting, lies and theft.* When the White Rose meets The Order of the White Feather - ...it has already begun, yet again and again. When will we ever learn? The "leadership" of Australia has imposed on our society a Fabian crafted version of Fascism - through stealth and deception - as the ruling ideology, an ideology that Australians fought against in World War II; specifically Fascist Italy under Mussolini and Nazi German under Hitl... more »

Beyond Genesis – The Revolution of the Mind

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 4 years ago
Self, the Destiny of Humanity, and the Choice Aker Sef and Tuau 'yesterday' and 'today' The Present Moment aka Genesis, which is 'time' the Eternal and Invariable Seth and Horus the vital duality of Being Man of the holistic sum of Life that complementary contradiction in the innate duality of all Life where, all life is the polarisation of the energies of the vitalities of those essences that are the differentiations of charge in that polarization of the cathodic and anodic Principle. "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we ten... more »

Delusional Economics

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 4 years ago
*The Global Economic Crash of Year 2011* Universal 'time' is an illusion created by consciousness so that it can disseminate the natural order by the division of all things. All phenomena hold 'time' and 'time' is a variable. Philosophy is the King of the knowledge process – Gnosis – and comes first in all matters of that conversion of the esoteric into the exoteric; this is science which is followed by technology and then by quantitative complexity which differentiates into qualitative simplicity - this is the resonant moment - here it then becomes a Noun and is named; an Univers... more »

Science is Religion

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 4 years ago
*The Year is 2011* Originally this writing was posted under the heading of : The Involitile Universal Law of Gender but it has been requested that this be brought forward to highlight its message at this time as we enter the demographically expressed Global Dark Age brought about by our "leadership" wallowing in the recursive scamming of statism, and personal agenda while ignoring recent history that clearly demands that our march forward relies, a priori upon the use of scientific endeavour which must be wrought out of philosophy. Religion is Science: Religion is science to thos... more »

Walking to Health and Well-being

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 4 years ago
I have decided to post this mostly unknown work By Dr. A B Kuhn as it has worked well for me in my daily walks with my dog. I did feel some odds pains in the beginning but now after 6 weeks, I feel just fine and very relaxed when roaming the streets, footpaths and city parks. If you feel of well-being and in harmony, it is the best way to meditate and learn your state in natural physics. Good health is a natural Law of physics and holds no pretences as does the falsity of morality. (Click on images to enlarge) Georges Seurat SOME FACTS ABOUT WALKING By Alvin B. Kuhn. [1909] (... more »

The Condensation of Tacit Knowledge

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 4 years ago
Source of the Esoteric and its translation to the Exoteric through 'self'. Cause and Effect. *'Transcendence means beyond where words and thoughts do not reach; to where the tongue has never soiled it with a name – that is what transcendence means*.' (Joseph Campbell, paraphrased) A philosophical commentary in natural physics. click on images to enlarge The Laws of Cause and Effect as suggested by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz indicate that Cause only impacts on phenomenon of similar nature, or phenomena that reacts, and or is receptive to / but with the proper /appropriate res... more »

Operation Death Star Australis

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
*Preparing for the last American War* Death Star Australis Click on images to enlarge *Arab saying: "It is more dangerous to be America’s friend than it is to be its enemy."* *New 29 August 2011: Not long now to the demise of the USA as Empire.* *"I was merely an automaton endowed with power of movement, responding to the stimuli of the sense organs and thinking and acting accordingly."* Man does not inhabit Earth, men do. America's Aircraft Carrier: Australia : March 14, 2016 USA B-1 Bombers to Australia for Managing China "threat": March 08, 2016 Pine Gap and vassalized ki... more »

"Living in Truth"

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Sun Click on images to enlarge Sol Invictus this is not! What is presented here is not as the ancient sun religions like Ra, Amon and Amon Re - Zoroastrianism and Mithraism, where the Sun was essentially a "personified" God and the object of formal institutional worship supervised by organized and 'ordained' priests which extract their costs for service, but as the Sun, being within, its radiant energies, its internal heat and light, the Truth of life; the radiant source of all life. What the belief system must grasp is the core truth that we are and all life is the direc... more »

The Recursive Game is the Policy

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
Recursive: indefinitely repeatable [nature images courtesy of @ blindman] Analogy: Snooker is a game consisting of a white ball, red balls and coloured balls. The object of the game is to collect more points than the opposition. The white ball, struck by the player, first must pocket a red ball and then any coloured ball - while staying in play. When the coloured ball is pocketed in this manner, it is placed back into play while the red ball remains out of play. The red ball is valued at 1 while the coloured balls are all of higher and different values. This type of tactical ... more »

Economic Heresy

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
If the Nobel Prize winner for economics Hymen Minsky had bothered to commit an act of heresy by cross referencing his research into economics with the established science of thermodynamics he would have found much earlier that 'stability does indeed lead to instability'. Three mistaken assumptions: 1. The first being the consensual belief that all man designated contextual categories and divisions within the sciences are acted upon only by their own specialized and unique set of Laws; 2. the second being the obvious belief that economics is not a type of energy or ... more »

Shedding the Skin

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
*Paintings by Thomas Cole Course of Empire* *The 1st. Global Revolution * The Future vs. Fascism, vested interests, and Incompetence "Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice": John Adams Dateline Australia: December 13, 2010 A young Australian, Julian Assange, has brought the whole World's leadership to a point of gob-smacked panic and desperation by his publishing US official cables whi... more »

Natural Physics &amp; The Heretic

PeterJB at VerbeWarp - 5 years ago
For many reasons, there is no other human endeavour more fundamentally important, than seeking the core truth of what we are and the nature of the Universe. Much has been written in the course of history on the Heretic and many so called Heretics have been terminated by execution by the Authorities or those elites that grab and hold the power over men and desperately maintain that control, at any cost. The Heretic has been described as a seeker of the Truth or alternatively a seeker of Wisdom but in reality, those branded as heretics have all been those that have exposed the conv... more »

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