May 29, 2010

Ubiquitous Plasma

The medium, and like all mediums, energetic, nurturing and fertile. The medium of the infinite and ageless Universe(s).

It is hypothesized within these pages of consideration, offered for purposes to evoke within the heart of any brave reader, the innate element which will become a cause to stimulate an effect to be-come known as an impulse; a virbrant, vital manifestation of Universal knowledge: Intelligence.

This evocation, indeed, will change this structure of cell structure & organizations of the super molecule mammalian species known as the 'reader', as this knowledge can, if permitted, stimulate the receptors of the Intergal Membrane Proteins (IMP's) of each and every cell contained within this mammal - which in turn could trigger the cells effector IMPs to emit an impulse towards a suitable reaction for its future better being. This is how the body functions but, the level of awareness of all these cells belongs to the "I" of each entity, or super molecule - big brained in this instance. We have, within each man, a chemical electrical neurological system which has been reluctantly acknowledged by "modern" medicine through its adoption of ancient Eastern acupuncture practices as well as by other means.

"Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been shown to regulate every cell function, including DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis and neurendocrine regulation. These findings are relevant for the acknowledge that biological behavior can be controlled by "invisible energy forces, which include thought." Bruce Lipton.

During the period between circa 2,000 and 10,000 years ago man had imposed upon his intellect and consciousness the very fabric of truth that has driven his science, his religion, his architecture, his language, his logic; functional emotions, memories, and otherwise the whole rational and irrational behavior to this very day. There is undeniable and irrefutable evidence in abundance today, carved to be recorded in stone, as well as now recorded in electronic databases, that clearly and indubitably man witnessed a far different sky, environment and atmospheric energy levels (milieux) than he does today.

In a paper entitled "Characteristics for the occurrence of a high-current, Z-pinch aurora as recorded in antiquity", Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos, contextually presents this evidence - in the form of petroglyphs - while in direct comparitive study with laboratory experimentation and the results thereof. A perusal of many of the other papers to be found at this location should raise more than just eyebrows of readers when considered in the light of what is reported as conventional "science" or perhaps better described as consensual science.

Can all this suggest "invisible energy forces"?

It is clear that man received his current functional operating intellect (or operating system) and societal precursors at this early time; at least, for this cycle time and seal. These impressions in the skies above of the presented plasma instabilities as so honorably recorded in stone, are easily seen to be in comparitive agreement with the very nature of energized plasma as demonstated and created in a laboratory of Earth. Well, clear enough to raise further but urgent enquiry into the origins of the very essence of that fabric upon which civilization today is founded. It is possible indeed to now question those up-to-now, non proven assumptive theories upon which we today base our knowledge and accordingly utilize to extrapolate our future, albeit in some desperation.

Wal Thornhill opens the door to the future with the Electric Universe which work is of great integrity while his willingness to share his considerable knowledge freely to all that find their ship anchored in his port, must be respected. 

The Electric Universe Theory begs the question: what can not be of an electrical nature which is borne within this Universe(s)?

The apparent emergent consciousness is presenting itself more visibly throughout the World and indeed is seen as a threat to the incumbent bent towards materialism; the latter has outlived its epoch; it is time to move on and as Julian Jaynes writes in his monumental "The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind", somewhere around 3000 years ago, men appear to have lost their "Gods", and became crazed and irrational. Maybe so, but it is clear that cycles are a normal functional behavior of the Universal nature and therefore should be respected in every aspect of the mysteries of emergent and existing phenomenon. Perhaps a less crazed society would be more than welcome?

The current ritualized consensual "wisdom" of the scientific institutionalized & dogmatist establishment, when contextually considering the planet and the Universe collectively, is that everything in the Universe is identical to that of Earth, that is, those laws of physis - the parochial laws - the subsets of universal laws - or those laws found on this planet, are in fact, a priori, Universal by nature. However, these Laws begin, a priori, as Universal Laws, better described as Universe Principles - which are to be considered when altered by unique atmospheric environments & milieux, as Parochial Laws. We must not think in terms of Laws, but always in terms of Principles. Thus the consensual "wisdom" is dangerously flawed; substantially flawed.

The dangerous part of this consensual acclaim is that this position will remain invalid although approximate while this policy, represents an unholy fly-in-the-face-of one of the most fundament scientific rules which I quote as "...from the whole to the part...". The latter fundamental then is summarily dismissed or worse, even forgotten. This declaration and the necessary protection thereof cannot hold the center; it cannot stand by itself - unless, as demonstrated, and corrected by order and fact, as herein.

It unnecessarily imposes on the future of civilization a resultant error of extrapolation of catastrophic and infinite proportions.

It can be then concluded that despite what one chooses to believe, that the end of the currently accepted high levels of actively acceptable "uncertainty", that is, that consensus which leads to 'assumption' as being the norm du jour, together with an ever so fearful grip on dogma - nay, a fanatical embrace of superstition - at any cost - all in the face of reason and observed facts, can only be interpreted as an observable phenomenal demise or "extremis"; that is, a swan song dedicated involuntarily to the status quo of incumbency.

The laws of the "bell curve" will be again validated.

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