June 12, 2010

The Verbe

A qualitative simplification from complexity, hoary with antiquity?

An hypothesis.

    • For every Cause there is a Herb - an Effect - this is the Verbe.
    • For every Effect there is a Function - this is the Verbe.
    • For every Function there is a Gesture - this is a Verbe
    • For every Gesture there is a revelation - this is the Verbe
    • The Gesture is the Signature of the Cause - this is the Verbe
    • The Signature is the Nature of the Cause - this is the Verbe
    • the Nature of the Cause is the Cause - this is the Verbe

Given a near vacuum Universe of gases, current (what we currently term as electrical current) from the tides of gases (motion), heat, cold, dryness, humidity, etc., suffering the ebbs and flows and waxes and wanes of cosmic climate, seasons and weather, light, dark and shadow; motion, a verbe, produces current which in turn produces plasma.

More current produces matter at the Z-Pinch of Birkland Currents; energized plasma on a surface produces life; life which is created from a complicit intelligent interaction of two distinctly unique entities (albeit from similar origins). One (1) plasma energized and two (2) matter (a planetary surface) within a complicit threstholded milieu (environment) - also energized, which creates a unique
but complete spectra of life which is the representative potential of that surface; which in itself is complex within its own coagulated constitutional state.

The originating and unknowable "cause" of this creation, being of an external Universal Intelligence, a thought?; an action?; but a "cause" (Principle) whose function is to create an "effect" (all such effects tend to manifest on surfaces) of certain functionality. The origin of cause is "Unknowable", some call is "God" but the ancient Egyptian sages called it the Universal Principle.

Obviously, the source of this "cause" is from outside this Universe and therefore originates as the qualitative essence of a superior Universal Intelligence (in comparative subjectation to that which is the current operative functional human life on this planet)and we confidently accept then, that the origins of this "cause" are Universal, superior, and hoary with antiquity. And, of a qualitative value and measure, that is to say of superior volume and density beyond infinite comprehension, if you will.

One can then deduce that life on this planet is processional, emergent and/or evolutionary and/or manifesting Universal Intelligence albeit in potential; a dynamic unique but subject to 1. Universal Laws and 2. Earthly subsets of those Universal Laws.

One can also accept that the resultant and final version of the concretized "cause" that is to say, the manifested "effect" (the golden stone), is fully representative of the functional characteristics of the "emanating "cause", both beyond and within its emergent spectra - that which remains outside of our Universe, and therefore is of both objective and subjective functional value and measure within this Universe. A purpose through logic is sensed here to become.

Knowing that life is existence manifested in multiplicity and knowing that "Nature's" way is of "conservationism", then we can expect that life will be disseminated throughout the Universe in a multiplicity of forms; and, an abundance indeed there will be, based our modern observations of the infinite vastness of our Universe. However, with all its variations of multiplicity rooted in the same and similar essence of the singular originating Cause: the difference so being as it were and to be is the surfacial milieu upon which each creative complicit birthing, manifestation and emergence takes place.

So on Earth life is easily comparatively attributed and characterized - through gesture (temporal signature) as being similar to energized and non-energized (non-polarized)plasma; as aforesaid, we are one and the same albeit developed through complicit creation and manifestation upon a contributing energized surface. The attributes of plasma in both space and in the laboratory are identical to that of observed plasma in its three coarse categories of energization. Our societies, our individuals, our collectives all follow the same behavioral patterns. We self-organize, that is to say, we are of life; The spectra is profound, complete and deterministic and the innate, inherent, operative functionality of all lifes' intelligence is common, fully scalable, consistent, graphical, simple yet complex, emergent yet complete; in full variation and with total infinite possibility and yet, subjective to circumstantial phasing.

So where then is Universal Intelligence? Where then is extra-universal Intelligence? If 'cause' is thought then 'cause' is of Mind and Mind creates itself through itself.

Infinite Perfection! Is this not what we call "God"?

And a Mason is one that respects this process and molds the matter and the energies into the effect that is itself the cause; that is the emergent function and therefore this Mason is but the Alchemist at another part in the chain of transmutation. The difference being within the phases of manifestation. It is but for these phases that determine the ruling circumstance; that criteria of maturity; that face of manifesting progress; the cycles of the current through structure and its surrounding organizations (time) and the Universal qualitative memory registering the simplification of complexity ad continuum. The purification of experiential creativity; the salt; the essence of plasma itself; that energetic densification in qualitative totality of Universal life itself into the nucleus and the double layer of the sub-atomic structure.

Creation is a constant as is the Eternal; Hoary with antiquity; How old is Eternity? Answer: As old as Mind, yet be it so contained within the volume of an electron it can.

This scenario is a much more scientifically based revelation than that found in formal institutions but is a far more acceptable and infinitely more wondrous appreciation of life than that represented by those assuming unexplained miracles and the accompanying insistent personal mandates for that which is not represented by even a modicum of comprehension; dogma. However, the above hypothesis agrees with the wisdom of the ages as expressed in all religious and Gnostic materials except perhaps in the structure of the explanatory language and our substitution of the "verbe" for nouns. But, despite being so consistent with existing fundamentals, it opens up an infinite realization as to the intended revelations which the ancient sages intended us to inherit. Hence, a new phase appears to be upon us - a phase of enlightenment - a phase of creativity - a phase of Mind emerging in the manifested function of its cause.

The Phase: The Age of Aquarius

The Intellectual Foundation: Science

This infers the end of the current epoch of dogma and superstition in all aspects of humanity's cultures and the rebuilding of civilization in terms of integrity, virtue and intellect.

Here science becomes as the function of creative Cause, that is manifested Effect and personal religion as the driving vital force towards becoming the effect and your individualistic destined functional place in this Universe, as directed by the Universal Principle.

You are your soul - You are an immortal
Only dust returns to dust - Only ashes return to ashes.
Your destiny is in your own Mind and your Mind is your Heart!
The Universe is alive due to cause - and cause is of Universal Intelligence
You are the Verbe!

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