October 04, 2006

Australia: A Call to the Brave

"Yet what other hand than mine
Gave these young gods in fulness all their gifts?
But these I speak not of; for I should tell
To you that know them. But those woes of men,
List ye to them, how they, before as babes,
By me were roused to reason, taught to think;
And this I say, not finding fault with men,
But showing my good-will in all I gave."

: Antarctica Colonization & Global Warming

A Time for National Proactive Planning for Antarctic Colonization:

A Call to the Brave

Antarctica is a continental landmass of around 14,000,000 square kilometers, or roughly one and a half times the size of the United States. It is located in the Southern hemisphere and contains the South Pole. Antarctica has a legal infrastructure, established and active scientific historically based programs while offering great potential now that the expected global ice melt is imminently forthcoming as evidenced by observation.

This article is presented here at a time when there is more than a very strong likelihood of a global (coupled) economic collapse led by the failure of US leadership and their irreversible 4 to 5 decade old policies (pre & post-Roosevelt) of unbridled excesses, aspired ideological hegemony and arrogant madness. This author has already stated elsewhere within these pages that the future of Australian economic survival demands political courage, willingness and foresight in order to firmly grasp new emergent opportunities from the boundaries of the “wild”, where they will appear and that the coming decades will be a period of great challenges.

Whom will be they that arise to this challenge?

Australia is a large country with a small population; it has ‘oft been called the “lucky country”. It is a country blessed indeed with an abundance of natural resources ranging from oil, minerals, precious metals, natural gas, marine life, etc., etc. and a multi-cultural population originating from the results of unique historical migratory filters – and circumstances; and more, but with little water.

Proven of unparalleled courage on the front lines of many global battles of war; in international sporting events; in the corporate boardrooms across the globe; at the frontiers of scientific pioneering and in the most adverse hardships of this harsh sunburnt country, the Australian people need make no apologies for the ravages of the past that make them both proudly enduring and compassionate and will rise to any challenge with a smile, to confront that which the future will surely soon bring.

Australia is a country governed in the main by responsible hands-on representatives of the population which have become these days engagingly and heavily scrutinized by the general public constituency resulting in an Australia that has matured to become an active, responsible and accountable “democracy”, for want of a better term.

Of Global Warming, diplomatic realities and the Kyoto Accords: The purpose of this essay is not to indulge in Australian and US political trivia; Australia’s relationship to the USA is not a marriage where “until death do us part”, but we must expect Australia through its government to indeed engage in and pursue wise political diplomatic alliances at all times as well as acknowledge that the USA remains at this time, the most powerful military force on our planet; but alliances should not ever be lock-stepped to the point where Australian interests are placed before US interests. I am sure that they are not but relationships of mutual convenience, du jour.

As regards the global environment with which we share with the world, it is imperative that we see the endless pseudo-intellectual and mostly indefensible scientific arguments of Global Warming as merely that which they are; nonsense, irresponsibility, self-interests and hysteria, and to acknowledge that the “risk” of a warmer world, is resulting in the exposures of available, previously uninhabitable land and the therein contained and surrounding natural resources, is verging on more than the high side of certainty and ensured probability.

That an epoch of a warmer World is upon us, is undeniable but not as a result of the causes (actually effects) as stated from the popular and biased scientific hustings.

Obviously, the driving force of any fore-planned colonization is national security and the preference is for the cost to be met by commercially oriented financial-monetary returns and as the ice recedes and ambient temperatures rise, costs of establishment of civilian occupation decreases as do the capital and venture costs of mining, fishing, housing and infrastructure.

Australia, its government, bureaucracy and its citizens are environmentally well attuned and sensitized and in the main, responsible. Australian science, technologies, Universities and educational bases can only be described as being in a dynamic and comparative state of responsible excellence; notwithstanding that risks are always inherent in human endeavours; in errors of judgment, bad policies, irresponsibility’s, oversights, mistakes, assumption, accidents, political corruption and overzealous and unregulated corporate egophrenia.

But, Australians are highly aware of all this and as such, associated risks can be and would be naturally expected to be responsibly minimized. The levels of science and technology, without doubt, in Australia do indeed exceed the expectations of the risks inherent with the pioneering challenges of the tasks ahead defined by this proposed Antarctic colonization.

The emphasis of this call to rally is not for an immediate stampede of Australian and or foreign corporations (especially not foreign controlled or directed) but a central government funded private sector era of policy and infrastructural planning to be coordinated with established, fully funded existing, and expanded scientific endeavors. The result is expected to be a feasibility study with a fully engaged implementation strategy mixed in the intratemporal characteristics and realities of integrity and pragmatism as well as environmental concern and reality; nothing less.

Such a government directed and ordered and structured implementation is a basic fundamental core and proven strategy for times of severe economic downturns in order to reestablish and maintain national survival and ensured future growth. However, we also have today, advantage; knowledge, foresight and intellectual reason; means as well as sound objectives.

There are many immediate advantages that Australia can achieve through such a bold venture, but these benefits will be expanded upon at another time as it is sufficient at this time to say that the thinking towards this direction, which is the initiation of the necessary Cause, is the primary principle upon which consideration, energy and concern should be now focused.

The key is Leadership, science; political will for coordinated planning to honed and focused vision, albeit in a priori, singular nationally entrenched agenda, begging the question as to whether such leadership exists today to match the Australian people’s capacities and unquestionable courage.

Tomorrow always comes but what it brings always has been and is, at our own hand.

"There was movement at the station for the word had got around

That the colt from old "regret" had got away..."

with apologies to Andrew Barton (Banjo) Paterson; from The Man from Snowy River.

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