October 11, 2006

Global Instabilty - The Signature of Entropy

October 10, 2006

Foreword: At the time of this writing North Korea has just unleashed an atomic bomb test, and perhaps yet another, in response to having been ripped off by the USA as well as ignored and betrayed since the North Korean and the US signed agreements during Clinton's Administration. Bush and his colleagues are in hiding and denial but occassionally of shouting accusations and threats at the World from behind the curtains of the White House. The US Congress is in a disgusting moral flameout of sexual depravity, criminal pedophilia and outrage. Iraq has degenerated into the mad embrace of death lusting while Afghanistan's Taliban is set to retake control of the whole country in an environment saturated with the blood of men, women and childen. The global economy is in a rapidly excellerating advanced state of synchronistic coupled collapse while the global environment delivers havoc across the face of the Earth. It is in times as these that new leadership, up to the challenge of the times, appears; to date, the stage remains empty. On Wall Street it is a time of egophrenic euphoria as the Dow rises. But is it?

It is an indefensible argument that humanity is not in an advanced state of instability and that such wholesale instabilities are not accelerating: Global Warming, ice-melt, societal unrest, global warfare, nuclear proliferation, desertification, global economics, dramatically arising uncertainty (incomputable risk) and the current ‘extremis’ driven policies of global leadership, are all evidences of the entropic effect manifesting with a sense of urgency upon the qualitative face of our planet. The excesses have come home to cyclic correction.

All forms of energy throughout the universe and all other universes within the infinite universe (semantics and crude definitions create perceptional problems here – that is, an incorrect scientific understanding of the structure and organization of the universe(s), dogma, merely creates more problems than due) obey the same laws and this is as true for man as it is valid for his ‘caused’ economics, politics; or human behaviours and their residual effects.

Enter the Laws of Thermodynamics whereby we first gaze upon the dynamics of entropy and its temporal signatures as the defining state of global instability. Accordingly, Entropy is a measure of disorder: cells are not disordered and so have low entropy. The flow of energy maintains order and life. Entropy wins when organisms cease to take in energy and die.

Energy exists in many forms, such as heat, light, chemical energy, and electrical energy. Energy is the ability to bring about change or to do work.

Thermodynamics is the study of energy. Ignore the Law and suffer the consequences echoes from the ancient past to fall on the ears of the sentient; as well as the blind.

First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. The total amount of energy and matter in the Universe remains constant, merely changing from one form to another. The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved; it cannot be created or destroyed. In essence, energy can be converted from one form into another.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that "in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state." This is also commonly referred to as entropy. It also well defines the nature of the Universe(s). A watch-spring-driven watch will run until the potential energy in the spring is converted, and not again until energy is reapplied to the spring to rewind it. A car that has run out of gas will not run again until you walk 10 miles to a gas station and refuel the car. Once the potential energy locked in carbohydrates is converted into kinetic energy (energy in use or motion), the organism will get no more until energy is input again. In the process of energy transfer, some energy will dissipate as heat.

In the hydrologic cycle, the sun is the ultimate source of energy, evaporating water (in a fashion raising its potential above water in the ocean). When the water falls as rain (or snow) it begins to run downhill toward sea-level. As the water gets closer to sea-level, its potential energy is decreased. Without the sun, the water would eventually still reach sea-level, but never be evaporated to recharge the cycle.

Chemicals may also be considered from a potential energy or kinetic energy standpoint. One pound of sugar has a certain potential energy. If that pound of sugar is burned the energy is released all at once. The energy released is kinetic energy (heat). So much is released that organisms would burn up if all the energy was released at once. Organisms must release the energy a little bit at a time.

Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Cells convert potential energy, usually in the form of C-C covalent bonds or ATP molecules, into kinetic energy to accomplish cell division, growth, biosynthesis, and active transport, among other things.

Let's look at how the air changes temperature when it rises or subsides. We know that warm air rises, and when it rises it becomes cooler. Rising air experiences a drop in temperature, even though no heat is lost to the outside. The drop in temperature is a result of the decrease in atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes. If the pressure of the surrounding air is reduced, then the rising air parcel will expand. The molecules of air are doing work as they expand. This will affect the parcel's temperature (which is the average kinetic energy of the molecules in the air parcel). One of the results of the Laws of Thermodynamics is that there is an inverse relationship between the volume of an air parcel and its temperature. During either expansion or compression, the total amount of energy in the parcel remains the same (none is added or lost). The energy can either be used to do the work of expansion, or to maintain the temperature of the parcel, but it can't be used for both. If the total amount of heat in a parcel of air is held constant (no heat is added or released), then when the parcel expands, its temperature drops. When the parcel is compressed, its temperature rises. In the atmosphere, if the parcel of air were forced to descend, it would warm up again without taking heat from the outside. This is called adiabatic heating and cooling, and the term adiabatic implies a change in temperature of the parcel of air without gain or loss of heat from outside the air parcel. Add the experimental proofs regarding the mainly ignored Bierfield-Brown Effect, whereby gravity can be nullified and even reversed due to the laws of Electric Physics.

Then, add resonance; a well known and also generally ignored ubiquitous phenomenon.

But the question must be asked; where is the outside? Outside of the Universe? Outside the Universes? Outside the infinite universe? Then, where is inside? Good question. The question cannot be answered by mainstream science whereas it can be answered by Plasma Physics with a high degree of certainty. With the additional recognition and acceptance of the planet of Earth being of a double-layered (DL) leaky capacitor consistent with the physics of plasma science as well as acknowledgement of the terms (and their relationships and definitions) of ‘anode’ and ‘cathode’ from electric physics, the above offerings should bring some sort of faint glimmer of reality, and hope, for the student of all things of life.

Everything within an electric environment and of an electric environment must a priori be of an electrical nature and characteristic; where even the greatest of skeptics must agree, such ubiquitous things must all obey the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Objects and events in the spaces of our Universe(s) typically referred to as “strange stars”, black holes, neutron stars, ‘big-bangs” etc., cannot by the Laws of Thermodynamics be considered as ‘alien’ but of the Universe(s) and must be seen consistent with the Laws of the Universe(s). And therefore, as our planet is also within this space, we can naturally expect that our Earth and all of its constituencies, structures and organizations also obey the Laws of Thermodynamics; as we do.

Approached from the religious viewpoint: Is not it fair and reasonable to expect that God creates his works in accord with reason and consistent with harmony? That is, His Law, His reason and His creation which we are, all, unarguably, innately and inherently of.

Hence, from an optimistic point of view that God did not leave his creation to unwind and fade from existence in a singular divine breathe, but leaving in the Logos, forgiveness for those accepting that the Second Law of Thermodynamics will apply universally; whereby energy will be invoked; induced; reconverted; or changed, yet again; so as to reduce entropy and to permit continuity of universal life, ad infinitum.

As stated previously herein these pages, and elsewhere, the ‘science’ of economics is a man caused force that obeys the Laws of Thermodynamics and until such time that mankind chooses to accept this fact, man will be condemned to suffer the rigors, ravages and rages of Entropy. This foresight also applies to all other such matters within our Universe(s) and upon our planet.

Ignore science as you may desire and take comfort in your entertainment while enjoying the total calamity and chaos that will soon descend to rapidly change your mind; if you survive. There is always a choice.

But, “Everything becomes worser and worser”: Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Reality Check:

Humid air is lighter, or less dense, than dry air. This is due to the fact that a molecule of water, H2O, weighs less than molecules of Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2). From Avogadro's ideal gas law, a fixed volume of gas at a given temperature and pressure always contains the same number of molecules regardless of what type of gas it is. Consider a cubic meter of perfectly dry air. It contains about 78% nitrogen molecules, which each have an atomic weight of 28. Another 21% of the air is oxygen, with each molecule having an atomic weight of 32. The final one percent is a mixture of other gases. If molecules of water vapour replace the diatomic nitrogen or oxygen molecules in this fixed volume, then the weight of the air decreases, and hence the density decreases. True or False?

This may seem counterintuitive as water is commonly perceived to be much heavier than air. It is true that liquid water is heavier than air. However, the water that makes the air humid is not liquid; it is water vapor, which is lighter than nitrogen or oxygen gas. True or False?

Temperature and pressure have much more marked effects on the density of air, however humid air is lighter than dry air at the same temperature and pressure because of this molecular difference. True or False?

The air (mainly nitrogen and oxygen) no more has a holding capacity for water vapor, than, say, water vapor has for nitrogen. The atmosphere is a mixture of independent gases. While saturation (which involves bonds between different molecules) is a real phenomenon in liquids it does not describe the interaction of atmospheric constituents.

The idea that it is the air which determines the amount of water vapor which can be present through some sort of holding capacity is an eighteenth century idea which was shown to be false both empirically and theoretically about two hundred years ago!

Water molecules are constantly coursing back and forth between phases (another word for the three states: vapor, liquid, and solid). If more molecules are leaving a liquid surface than arriving, there is a net evaporation; if more arrive than leave, a net condensation. It is these relative flows of molecules which determine whether a cloud forms or evaporates, not some imaginary holding capacity that nitrogen or oxygen have for water vapor.

The atmosphere is a mixture of gases. While saturation (which involves bonds between different molecules) is a real phenomenon in liquids it does not describe the interaction of atmospheric constituents.

The atmosphere emits radiation for the same reason the Sun does: each has a finite temperature.

Curiously, the surface of the Earth receives nearly twice as much energy from the atmosphere as it does from the Sun. Even though the Sun is much hotter, it does not cover nearly as much of the sky as does the atmosphere. A great deal of radiation coming from the direction of the Sun does not add up to as much energy as does the smaller portion of radiation emitted by each portion of the atmosphere but now coming from the whole sky. (It would take about 90,000 Suns to paper over the whole sky).

So, it isn't even as if our atmosphere had only a minor influence on the surface temperature; it has a profound one. In the absence of an atmosphere the Earth would average about 30 Celsius degrees (about 50 Fahrenheit degrees) lower than it does at present. Life (as we now know it) could not exist.

Mainstream science, has no idea. Hence, what is going on with the water molecule (bipolar - see previous Blog) engaged in the atmosphere, is of an electrical nature, as aforesaid (elsewhere herein).

Back to the context: A few examples of planetary entropy: Or, some global centers of the current apocalyptic; inferring high probability of approaching global nuclear warfare, and imminent chaos and change.

1. Planet Earth - Global Economic Collapse – Recession - Continuity
2. Iraq –war, warfare, revolution, starvation, genocide, irrationality
3. Afghanistan –war, desperation, irrationality
4. Lebanon –war, desperation
5. Palestine –war, desperation
6. Israel –war, desperation, irrationality, genocide
7. USA – collapsing economics, political agenda, moral decay, ethical degradation, religious fanaticism, educational decay, Constitutional destruction, insanity, administrative incompetance, corruption, arrogance, wealth resource asymmetry, irrationality, state of fear, etc. – revolution or warfare. The ‘wild card’ be here.
8. Britain (UK) –warfare, irrationality, climate change
9. Russia - warfare
10. Iran – war, desperation
11. Pakistan -war
12. Syria -war
13. North Korea –war, crop failure, irrationality, desperation, poverty
14. China – warfare, climate change, water shortages, pollution, asymmetry
15. South Korea - warfare
16. Japan –warfare
17. Africa – war, warfare, genocide, hunger, poverty, climate change, recession, etc.
18. South American – Climate change, global warming, warfare
19. Europe – Disease, economic disaster, climate change, warfare, political disintergration

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

"Meditation XVII" of Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, a 1624 metaphysical poem by John Donne.

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