May 29, 2010

Thrice White Goddess - Mitosis

In the beginning there was the face of the deep and the dwarf brown star known to us as planet Earth cooled within its creative phase of eternity. 

The full spectrum of life emerged within the energized blanket of plasma that lay over the face of Earth engendered by the wide variants of electromagnetic fields and the numerous unique temporal environments to stand before this dark to bring the light of resistance. Some species adapted - many did not. Nature is conservationist and plays the odds accordingly. The milieux of energized plasma is rich for the emergent possibilities and probabilities of life phenomenon and cyclically transient so as to rationalize all potentialities.

This manifestation of man began at the lights early dawn and Man was there - he was complete in duality and gender as a herbe sown by the forces of the stars. A verbe.

In the early consciousness of men at the spring of light the ancient myth, now hoary with antiquity, was also borne and which its symbols and memories still persist in our hearts and minds to this today - the Great Mother- the Mother Goddess - there was no father just the fertility of this earthly bound Mother; the clay. Thrice fold in fact - the young girl Mother - the fertile nurturing Mother and the toothless old hag. These are the stories of old that haunt us today and emanate from every land where stories of old are told. The first religion of men was that of the Mother Goddess. This was our beginning.

And, as the phases of the Moon have no divisions - as mitosis - the Mother Goddess became three fold in the soon to emerge reflected light of the Moon; her reflection would soon become of adoration as well as of nuture. The analogy of phases were followed and condensed in prime categories which indicate the need for a time reference. Motion was on the visible horizon. Motion being the Mother of Intelligence bringing birth to consciousness.

Then, out of the Womb of the Earth, that mature and fertile star - was borne the Moon; the reflected light - the White Goddess. This early son of the Mother Goddess would become the White Goddess and would later become Horus and then Osiris - that son of suns that would wed his Mother; those 'men' that replaced the horns of Ba'al; Saturn; Elohim or El, then the God of the Jews. 

The Moon would become the subject of many legends and myths of men after the Sun had usurped its place in the heavenly order of Gods; most of love; much of insanity. And later, the sons of the suns; this son would become Jesus, the Christos - YHVY, son of El, Adam or man, to be evolved and manifested as God on Earth; Man. 

All this to the drum roll of the phases of the Moon and in accord with the organizations of each species of consciousness. This moon controlled the birth cycle, the tides, the light and the minds and gestations of men. The Moon is the reflection of the heart of men.

The men of this phase were the pre-lumerians; the men of the Moon race - the Masons; the Shaman; the ones that came with the phases of the Moon and their Thrice White Goddess. Her seed remains amongst us today for these are the 'perennial' ones - exactly 5% of all homo sapien life is today of the Moon, the Great Mother, the Mother Goddess; the White Goddess - a critical mass. They are of the Waters and Their phase comes again.

They know.

As genesis evolved from the Moon to Ba'al to Apollo onto Jesus the men of the emergent suns; the meek made havoc of the Earth and multiplied. And their seed was slowly mixed while the Temple of the White Goddess was destroyed and its Mistress put to sword. In today's institutional and corporatized religions the female has been eradicated; no Mother - just the Father and with Christianity, the son.

The cult of the White Goddess was of science, of philosophy; of wisdom; sophia, the seeking of that alchemy that would transmute men into manifested Man in a complicit creativity of the heart. The sterile Gods of the sun men are without that which they are purported to have created. Their signatures are not false - but their dogma is without essential foundation - the female. And hence, the ones of the suns continue even after 3000 years to fight their torments and their devils in a frenzy of demonic proportion due to the falsehoods that they themselves have created in their unfounded arrogance and desires to supremely rule over their female counterpart & partner. These sword wielding priests fight to protect their dogma that cannot stand the light of their own souls. They remain cut off from their own Gods due to their ignorance, the worship of materialization and their belief in consensurial validation in lieu of demonstration. The current phase is about to take us beyond this madness as it has reached its toll. These are the ones that developed "heresy"; that punishment to those who question or challenge. These are the homo hierarchicus.

The ones of the suns are the destroyers as they have lost contact with their Gods but they remain also the stock of the light; that churn that Tielhard terms the noosphere; their own cannon fodder. Time is in the phases & organization and will not be constrained by the insistent mechanics in quantitative preference of these men, for life is irrational (as described within these pages) and lays at the whim of the Goddess; still they battle onwards, blind and no wiser.

The way of the Goddess lies within one's heart but irrationally, one must understand now, that without this maddness there is no music, no genius, no revelation, no philosophy; no endeavour nor harmony; no evolution of consciousness and thereby no light. The ones of the suns are nurtured by those of the Moon. Shepherd and flock.

In this instance the irrationality (being no triviality) is of the same nature as the Buddhist cadeceus where Yin represents the mists and clouds and Yang, the banners of battle flags flapping wildly in the wind. The right hemisphere of the esoteric, the subtle yet pervasive, being of the Moon while the left hemisphere of the mechanical and analytical represents the sun; both are of one; Seth and Horus; the dark and the light and both will emerge in final manifestation, that is to say 'effect', both royally and as such, redundant. As the phases of the Moon dictate.

The phases will continue in eternity.

In the beginning there was no light; the dark was on the face of the deep. A tremour; a shudder was felt across the abyss and the light appeared in phases to all that moves; light is the product of emergent life; without light there cannot be dark and without dark there cannot be the light for this is the analogy of the irrationality of life itself; life is of itself for it is Mind. The speed of light is thus fettered in isolation - where the dark is one and but opens to the light. Light and dark are like acid and alkaline in milk. This planet of oxygen; of oxidization is consistent.

The phase for those of the Mother Goddess comes nigh the dark ones will rise and in them, they will vibrate the intense and creative polarized light of the mage bearing magik...

Life is after all, irrational, and at the end of time (this time / seal), when Cause has be-come Effect, that is to say Man, the final Man & God, will be the result of all of us and all things.

Or, that giant Oak Tree which sprung from the Acorn, which within, contains not divisions of the Oak.

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