May 24, 2010

What is the Origin of Consciousness?

"as above, so below"...

or words to that effect, come to us from the past with utmost clarity.

What does this statement mean?

We humans use analogy to communicate our ideas and to explain, the otherwise unexplainable. We have always done so. It is a language tool.


a·nal·o·gy (ə-năl'ə-jē)
n., pl. -gies.

Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.

A comparison based on such similarity. See synonyms at likeness.

Biology. Correspondence in function or position between organs of dissimilar evolutionary origin or structure.
A form of logical inference or an instance of it, based on the assumption that if two things are known to be alike in some respects, then they must be alike in other respects.
Linguistics. The process by which words or morphemes are re-formed or created on the model of existing grammatical patterns in a language, often leading to greater regularity in paradigms, as evidenced by helped replacing holp and holpen as the past tense and past participle of help on the model of verbs such as yelp, yelped, yelped.
[Middle English analogie, from Old French, from Latin analogia, from Greek analogiā, from analogos, proportionate. See analogous.]

As we can see, analogy is also a binding mechanism but, more importantly in the context of this memorandum, what is clear from ancient texts, is that the formulations of the Egyptian sciences were based on analogies drawn primarily from the observed and recorded movements of the stars and planets. That is, the foundation of ancient scientific thought was observation, unlike science today. Through comparitive analogical constructions, determinitive conclusions were drawn for further enquiry and described in the available language that could be understood at all levels of society; hieroglyph & symbol; metaphor, analogy and fable. Today, we have expanded technical languages where each specialization creates it own mysteria for the members of its temple; buzz weords and phrases, acceptable political correctitude and of course, consensus.

The objectivity of this analogical comparitive science were the enquiries into life or Nature, on Earth, that is to say, the workings of the animals, plants, insects and the like, men, telluric and other episodic events, the atmosphere, the soils, waters, rains, drought, agriculture, etc., and the affairs of men mentally, physiologically, psychologically, philosophically and morally. However, analogy is such a wonderous tool as it allows both ends of the equation to be solved using the same algorithm which resides in the center. This is clear, self evident and demonstable.

And, the result of thousands of years of these scientific investigations within the ethical code and absolute integrity of the Hermetic Opus - being both resultant conclusive as well as established methodological discipline (procedure), is realized, and so announced, in terms of functional analogy, that the nature of life on Earth below, is of the same nature as the stars and planets above. Precisely the same in terms of the "Universal Principles" (later to become known as Gods) but also both being subjected to parochial (of milieu) laws.

That which commenced as comparitive enquiry utlizing analogy as its tool, concluded that the reference base was precisely in accord with the subjective target and vice versa (subject to some various rules and parochial laws). Hence, 'as above, so below'.

From the 'given' pillars of established scientific truth, we know beyond doubt that the Universe is made up of 99.9999% plasma from which, in complicit creation, matter is formed due to the intermingling of energy therein. Plasma being a collection of free moving electrons and ions is formed when electrons are stripped from atoms by energy. Plasma is observed as "intelligent" and self organizing - this observation and description from the modern age, is entirely analogical also where the flippancy of these remarks are based on the human behavioural ideation. Recently, within the past two years,scientists created in the laboratory, the animated temporal signature of life as a complicit reaction between plasma and energy; intelligence that was self organizing and self-evident. Plasma bubbles are everywhere; scaleable, variable density, and always self organizing.

So, are we then an electric phenomenon or a plasma phenomenon? We are both, as without sufficient sustaining energy plasmas recombine as neutral gases. Man is energized plasma and manifesting intelligence, where intelligence is energized plasma; is polarized, of the Universe and out of Earth, its mother.

Plasma exists throughout the Universe. Movement creates energy: fire. The interaction of energy and plasma together create matter (mother). Intelligence animates (motion and self organization); cause animates; function is temporal. Our Universe, is an Electric Universe; men are electric by their very nature; our physiology is electric. Our neurology is electric, our language, our philosophy, our realizations, our love making, our humour, our dreams, etc., are all electric. Of this, there can be no doubt. Buddha screams "Know the nature of the beast!" The sage counsels "know thyself". There is no doubt, man is an emergent phenomenonal effect resulting from a complicit marriage of an energy and plasma cause which is currently manifesting on this planet. Our brothers and sisters are the stars, comets and planets of the Cosmos. The variants are our respective milieu and our individualistic organizational arrangements. Life on Earth is as life in the cosmos.

Men are as the stars and the planets. Our natures are the same; we act accordingly; we are all of the same process. We are brothers and sisters. Function in comparitve to function; effect as to effect.

What then is the "leap of faith" necessary to accept that all life is but creation of complicit interactions between plasma and its own constituential movements (that resultant energy induced by the motions between bodies of affinities of 'apparent' complementary irrationalities from where the coagulation and coalescence of compositions and constituents founded in complementaries and maintained to determined harmonic proportions move towards cyclic harmony as stability moves towards instability and returns through chaos and as complexity creates simplicity in order to create again complexity)?

The answer simply lies within the definition of life itself. However, a search for a definition of life today requires a visit to every specialist compartment of science, each having their own version of the definition for 'life'. Each conflicting; each irrationally defending its own bastion of dogma and accordingly, jealously guarded more rigorously that the national treasury. Add to these tomes of dogma, those others of the various and many institutional temples of theocratic piety and then the voluminous, endless and mindless chants of the institutional philosophic elitists, etc., etc., and we find, that the definition of life varies - considerably and yet again is subjected to the whims of consensus, as directed by preference and convenience of temple elitism. Ceritude is clearly not the message of those of Plato's Cave where 'ad hoc' and subjectivity rule blindly in its dank, dark passages.

However, the answer is as simply as the rising sun:

"Life is any emergent phenomenon that has the capacity to self organize."

In terms of The Universal Laws of Causality (cause and effect), effect is the manifestation - concretization of the cause where this occurs spatially (distant) and in terms of Time (organization), both which infer motion. Hence, effect, not being a direct acceptance of cause, which would annul, is disparity, or resistance (being a naturally observable reaction), which demands a host (or surface) upon which to evoke a reaction of a temporal kind (time, movement, space) that reflects the true nature of the cause, that is, the signature.

In other words, each cause (Unity - creation) emits itself - (creates itself) seeking hosts, the result being suitable hosts that offer resistance, which initially impacts change of the host, then creates change in the original cause, the originating emission (cause), which then allows for manifestation to take place (effect).

This is then multiplicity, that we know is - existence (The Osirian Cycle)! Important and not to be overlooked is the fact that the cause (of life), creates life - itself (effect), a priori, but the nature of the host, that milieu that at first offers resistence (adaptation and acceptance - an irrationality, a scission (crossing), complementary and contradictory), allows life to form within the terms of its own basic constituency (and consistency) in a complicit reaction to the originating cause. Thus the defining manifestation of life (form and non-functional nature) is therefore of the milieu of the host, that point of spatial reference, where the cause takes effect. However, that which is created, the localized effect, that concretizaation of cause, is the corporeal representation of the incorpreal cause, an intangible, which some call spirit or indeed soul. This then is the world of the symbol; the corporeal physical world of innumerable realities and infinite possibility.

Or, if you like, there is a planet in the Universe with exactly the same environmental and constituency parameters as to that of this planet Earth, then and only then, does life become similar to homo sapien. Highly unlikely! But even if so, the characteristics of that life form, in the terms of its evolving consciousness, would be totally different to that our own due to the variants in the evolutionary processes in terms of time, motion and space. That is, throughout the Universe, existence is multiplicity, and not duplication! Notwithstanding, its causal nature, that is the fuctional nature, which is derived specifically from the cause itself through creation, are similar and, a priori. The result is always multiplicity and never, unity.

But, one must be certain, life does exist thoughout the Universe in abundance, but we today seek without knowing what we are looking for and as such, fail to see. It is this fact alone, that is, we fail to understand ourselves and our nature, that we fail to understand what constitutes life and therefore we fail to find other life forms within our immediate point in space. This will change!

It should be now clear to the reader that science needs to change course so as to become based on observational analogy (as opposed to destructive reductionism) where the adoption of this precision tool and its practise, took the earlier Egyptian sages to a level of science unequalled to this day, that is to say, c. 3000 years later. Admittedly, the current era of man is far more technologically advanced and this point is again significant as there exists a far distant gap between technology and, as aforesaid, we are prepared with a linear technological language script unavailable to those early Egyption scientists.

The development of analogical reasoning or functional enquiry in terms of cause and effect, from the observations and enquiry of the galaxies, stars and planets, through human behaviour individualistically and collectively and as spread across the surface of our planet, will bring the now vital and necessary major and immediate advances into our understanding and comprehension of microphysics and atomic (nuclear) principles, etc. It is left to public witness on the monuments of ancient Egypt still standing this very day along the banks of the Nile, that much of the early Egyptian science remains unknown to us to this day, but at the same time and with the little of those heiroglyphs which has been succesfully deciphered, it is ubundantly clear that those sages, adepts and masters of ancient times held far greater and deeper insights into the working principles of Universe than today. And, that this high level of knowledge was achieved singularly through their adopted procedure for scientific enquiry, that is, the use of observational comparitive analogy.

The Egyptians had no need of visitations by aliens to achieve their science.


it is indeed true that the past impacts our future, but only if treated in the correct qualitative manner, that is, where value is created. Current data and information from the present moment also impacts our future and again, requires proper treatment. How we interact with data and information is critical. This interaction must be qualitative within the strict rules of complicity that ensures experiential creation, or in terms of the esoteric, that we ourseves become of, as well as create - from unity to multiplicity in accord with the Osirian Cycle. Throw down the seven dice in order to establish the measure of the whole.

The Earth is emiting gamma rays (TGR) at energy levels at those from neutron stars and blacks holes (if such things exist) to frequency of around 50 every day. Magik.

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The significance of the above observations is Earth shaking (to utilize some editorial license), yet this announcement creates not one ripple in our scientific community. It is an observable confirmation of the Osirian Cycle.

No, it does not mean that Earth is a "black hole' - more applicably it
means that our institutional science is a black hole of ignorance
being based on priesthood, dogma, compartmentalized consensus and superstition. But then again, "black holes' only exist in the delusional minds of our nescient priests.

The above observation is a turning point of civilization. Our living
Earth speaks; it is alive and I am sure it is reporting its pain and
suffering at the hands of madmen, those crazed political evangelists’ intent on their apocalypse of their hand. The Universe is alive. Lovelock, may he rest in peace, is truly vindicated this day! Gaia lives.

Now, it is time to rebuild our civilization from the ashes in which we find ourselves today and to begin this process, we must study our past. Not that past of the last c. 2,000 years; that past before our current Age of Pisces and certainly not through the eyes of our pious priests of church, bureaucracy and body politic, which have been the wolves guarding the sheep for long enough, but through the fresh young eyes of those with the joyful love of wisdom, joy of life, compassion and responsibility. We need integrity upon which to build for the generations yet to come and those embalmed with the alchemy of this current era need to be laid to rest in their decadent temples of usury and despair.

Then, to begin, we must remember in our attempted interpretation of ancient texts that there are a number of issues that need to be kept in view until that time that the clarity of what we are ingesting, explodes throughout our mental being; that doorway which leads to our destiny. Also remember that the processes of the stomach and the brain follow the same rules. The rest will follow.

These problematic areas are as follows:

1. The interpretation by the translator(s) of language structure and usage, colloquial alignment, word choice and common usage to that of the original writers. This includes nouns and verbs in particular.

2. The state of the mind, i.e. contextual specialization of the interpreters, if any; the understanding of the logic, theme, subject, etc., of the work being translated, that is, the proper choice of terms and words within the context of the original author. One should accept that the translators and/or interpreters where mainly simply clerks and scribes that understood nothing of what they were engaged upon or, and also, that those so engaged were under direction to change meanings to suit a newly arising deterministic dogma of political persuasion. Later works by independent “academics’, must begin by reviewing the credentials and biases of each involved individual.

3. The ancient mindset or the epistemic logic and the integrity of the ancient Egyptian sages can be accepted as qualitative but only if the origination is from ancient Egypt, at least where the original message was being penned or originated in whatever format. Accept that the translation process was derived from a qualitative nature, that is without merit, or with agenda - as it could not be otherwise even if original materials are obtained. As the epistemic neurological processes of current men is purely quantitative - a state of major disparities leading to discrepancies between the two types of processes and their outputs (one being superficial and the other, qualitative, that is, the latter being encapsulated in terms of density and volume or value. So much so, in fact, that only those few individuals with integrity have partially succeeded where our “institutional” approach still cannot understand or fathom what was written or even meant by these sages. From this, one must acknowledge that our "science" today, is really not of much worth, or merit, trivial and mostly of little value - at the most.

However, the layers of meaning, that is the constructive play of words; nouns and verbs within each section of ancient text, that which we have not destroyed in our pious ignorance and a priori destructive determinism, are organized in a suite of interconnected and inter-related organizations and structures which appear to resolve in essentially analogical algorithms as follows:

A. The top layer, that is, the essential foundation and basis of philosophy is entrenched in the analytical but, of the recorded and dedicative observations of the movements of stars and planets, over periods exceeding thousands of years. Observation and cycles.

B The second layer appears to be diffused from the observations of
active real-time plasma events from the earliest of periods which actually formed the structure and basic organization behind life itself as well as the creation of language, philosophy, science, agriculture, architecture, culture, tradition and social ideas.

C. The third layer appears to attach to mythology of various locations
obviously at that time current in the surround belief systems of
villages and folk lore.

D. The next layer appears to be a connection or analogical reference to the then current (of or around the time of originating) events of some popular importance and significance, that is to say, a good indicator of the state of the then current consciousness, both in language structure and usage, while also being a support of memory in the learning processes of men.

E. Next we see, the fable construct, that is, in the first part, the
training of memory pitch at levels easily understood at that time, the connectivity and continuance of theme; the rhythm, tone, pitch in phase with a non differentiation of mind; or if you prefer, the structure of poem or song or story assisted by supports from
significant tales and beliefs of culture and tradition. That is folk lore.
Evocation at different levels on the epistemic scale being in multiple terms being a priori. And, above all, the temples of the ancient Egyptians were 'living' schools, universities and the like for the training of men while supporting further enquiry.

F. We next see a philosophical construct being developed in parallel
now, that is from the Egyptian end of antiquity, built not upon dogma but entrenched in the continuum of the phase in which Earth and its inhabitants and the surrounding visible cosmos itself found themselves juxtaposed and analyzed comparatively to the zodiacal history of observation known to reside in the Library of Alexandria. Thus
renewal, at the time of each epochal change experienced (from what was accepted a priori as cosmic events which obviously and clearly brought significant changes to the local environments and peoples on Earth), of philosophy, though change, was a critical factor in Egyptian practice; in ritual, tradition, culture, temple and social interaction.

G. And, then we see, all within the same suite of writings (each section or block of text), prophecy and the revelation, which is being based on all of the above relevant structures and founded in the phases (cycles) measured upon the zodiac itself. The zodiac is a key, not just to that to which it refers but to that which its existence implies and infers. An historical scale, which is so hoary with antiquity, its origins have been lost, but believed to have existed further back that 25,000 years from current and should be considered as possibly originating around 80,000 years old, or far earlier. It serves as, at the time of the ancient texts and writings, the measure of phases of the consciousness in men, that is to say, the evolution of consciousness, both in men and in Man and was/is obviously, the scale that measured the location of Earth within its orbit(s) within our galaxy called the Milky Way. Of this, it is clear and that this total orbit being of approximately 27,000 Earth years, had been completed at least 12 times before today and so witnessed by men. One should expect that perhaps life on Earth, in the form of homo sapien, is probably more likely in terms of millions of years.

G. All this where, as the Egyptian philosophy goes, as below, so above, or whatever; men (the consciousness thereof) evolved, on Earth - in part (or multiplicity, that is existence), as Man evolved in heaven (in Unity, that is, in creativity). And, that men would become God,
the son of Man on Earth, that is, both the God that is created and the
creator of Man (that which both is created and creates); leaving Man (in Unity now)God on Earth.

This is called the Osirian Cycle which clearly applies purely and specifically to the basic logic of the functional universe. In terms of cause and effect, as above so below and indeed to all matters,
functions, processes, logics, mathematics, correspondences, relationships (Time), both on Earth and throughout the Universe. This prime Universal Principle was later called Kristos and then later, alternatively Christ. It originated in Horus and the variety of the Horian phases. It was then humanized by the Greeks and then by Rome, it was personified. Then, this Universal Principle, scientific law (found by scientific observation and deduction over thousands of years), was immediately henceforth crucified on the cosmic cross, that relationship between cause and effect itself, i.e. between acorn and oak, so as to support the Church of Rome in its inspirational incorporation as a dominant force of hierarchical political dependency (read: ruling institution by a mandate from heaven), that desired to subjugate all men on the basis of 'fear' alone. These were the new priests, those of a new emergent type of mentality belonging to the Age of Pisces; that is the ones that represented the emergent mentality of the analytical, static, quantitative, or technological (not scientific) and destructive function in men. The unlearned ones of the outer temple.

H. That which leads us to the final layer, that few see, and that which represents the essential, a priori, science of all this whole sagacity and its deterministic construction; that is, the scientific observance of the Laws of Cause and Effect; how it impacted humanity and how it could be taught to all, whereby, each individual, according to his/her place on the epistemological scale, could absorb the realities of these multilayered methods of teaching offered by a responsible central government. It is clearly indicated evidentially, that the teaching methods as well as the social definitions of 'values' and the application of ‘value’ economics, that is social rendering, through the instilling of innate and essential values, a priori, were contained in all matters before the men of the state. Much of this we see, albeit misinterpreted and totally misunderstood, perhaps in oversight, still contained unimportantly within the three main religions (read: political binding mechanisms) today.

So you ask why it is that only few may see.

It is because that mindset, that epistemic nature, that neurological structuring, that evolutionary stepping in men, the analogue, needs to be instilled and put in place, by each individual, and with analytical, that is conscious self-acknowledgement prior to its further development; call it a level
of self imposed and acceptable maturity. Those of ancient times developed this ability, and taught it in their temples and those skills were obviously maintained for many millenia.

This unique mental state is highly qualitative as well as being also quantitatively developed (to a biological and neurological level). It is the starting point for a new functional mentality whereby the left hemisphere (today's dominant) is ensyssioned synthetically and synchronistically, that is functionally and holistically enhanced, with that conjoined right hemisphere in a fully functional and naturally evolved neurological operation system centered upon the human heart. This is the next step; however, it is in play!

What can one expect the view from here to be you may ask?

As you look back down/back the view will not pretty! Ignorance: evil: stupidity: wonderment: confusion. The view ahead will be clear, stable, wondrous, compelling, simple, revealing, and logical (a new logic). There will no "divine" or "holy" or "hallelujah"; no elements of ‘awe’; no understanding, just comprehension and no complexity. For here, the individual, being respectful and compassionate, is connected to the whole and as such vibrates and resonates as an impulse in harmony with the vital energies of the whole Universe as he becomes aware that the parts (multiplicity) always are one with the Unity - this is real science. This is how we will speak, and act; with values. This is awareness and functional consciousness. This is Man.

Suddenly you will see that 'words' are vital and whole and hence important; imperatives. You will see that everything is energy; that you are energy; that today's fashionable morality is ignorance and can never be justification for judgment or condemnation. Suddenly you will find simplicity; qualitative simplicity that arises from infinite complexity to a temporal singular 'value' term (logos) known to be known, by experiential processing within the governance of the heart.

And you find the difference between qualitative and quantitative or the difference between a good wine and a lousy vinegar sold as an excellent wine; you will see that today’s "excellence" is purely ‘spun’ mediocrity; you will see that lies are lies, war kills our children, and that death is the solution of ferals; fools and "evil doers", "war presidents", politicians, bureaucrats and priests.

See with your heart and not just with your eyes. As memory dies as your body rots and decomposes, memory is no longer important; what is important is that you become that which you were destined to be-come, before you die, that is, the completed process of a part of life.

Our future is in our hands; the past lessons to be learnt and not for dogma to become of the ideologue. Life is for living but not for living in fear, as fear is death.

Every man has his own destiny; his own function. Reach out and live your destiny and do not become the vassal of any man that tells you otherwise as consciousness in general is imposed upon us by virtue of the cyclic energy field in which our planet is captured. The objective being to escape to freedom through Mind where body is of little long term functional importance.

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