October 28, 2011

Beyond Genesis – The Revolution of the Mind

Self, the Destiny of Humanity, and the Choice


Sef and Tuau

'yesterday' and 'today'

The Present Moment aka Genesis, which is 'time' the Eternal and Invariable

Seth and Horus
the vital duality of Being
Man of the holistic sum of Life
that complementary contradiction
in the innate duality of all Life
all life is the polarisation of the energies of the vitalities
of those essences that are the differentiations of charge
in that polarization
the cathodic and anodic Principle.

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge ~ even to ourselves ~ that we've been so credulous. So the old bamboozles tend to persist as the new bamboozles rise." - Carl Sagan 

This narrative is about the very heart, essence and innate nature of humanity while proposing the major question that must be confronted today by every individual on the planet. The question regards the Prime Universal Principle related to life and consciousness in the temple of that mammal, called man. The question is specifically about Man. The question is comparatively about Man, man the individual and man the accomplished. The question calls to the Heart of Man. 

The question: Is man an individually unique phenomenon of a potential of infinitely higher intellectual power, or is man just another unimportant biological cog that is maybe, perhaps, evolving towards some future functional collective existence in the unknown scheme of things, which today, analogically could be compared to a single celled amoebic, cancer producing, fungal parasite? 

The answer, drawn well from aged and hoary Gnosis, is indubitably that man is destined to become the individual 'man the accomplished', or Man, as prophesied repeatedly in ancient texts. From what we have observed, as is so written, the measure of man's causal journey began as 'man the unaccomplished' and evolves to Effect and there, arriving as Man, or 'man the accomplished', a complete individual; a God. Alternatively described as a King amongst men and thereupon the biological equal to the accomplished metal Gold, of the mineral kingdom, and being equally so redundant, in the state of final achievement.

It is argued that even if man was destined to become a cog in a higher functional collective, then that cog would also need to be of functional integrity, otherwise, the whole “collective” would itself be without integrity and would soon become dysfunctional. It is clear in natural physics, that for man to become a functional part of the “collective” as defined within our own current socio-economic arrangements (such as a corporation and or institution, etc.) , he/she must sacrifice part of their own integrity and unique innate nature, a priori, in order to acceptably meet the entrance requirements. Hence, the idea of this “collective” such as, in our socio-economic context, corporations, bureaucracies, political party', religious body', guilds, military and institution' and clubs, and or associations of any similar ordering, is primarily an invalid physical as well as intellectual approach for the foundation of the socio-economic ordering of humanity.

The idea of the “collective” is therefore irrational and ill-founded as a physical functioning tenet upon which we should stake our future dependence as a vehicle for confronting the dynamics of the future unknowns.

"Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure there is one less rascal 

in the world."  -- Thomas Carlyle 

(1795-1881) Scottish essayist, satirist, and historian

It must be seen then, that to give these body collectives the full rights of Law, of, and ahead of, the human individual, as well as communities, as human beings, a priori, as well as the State's resources in service in order to capture the individuals' future productivity, and to milk this beyond death by the extension of legal jurisdiction to all heirs and assigns, is not only presumptive negligence but criminal folly. And this, in return for debt, which is created ex nihilo? Yet, this is what has been declared legally idealistic today, together with the full protection by and participation of the State, the Police, the Military and the Courts. Now, as these failed institutions (collectives) are being seen for what they are, that is as parasites, due to their obvious inadequacies and total lack of integrity, our “leadership” transfers the results of our human productivity (past, present and future) to these collectives (Banks) so that they may survive to thrive? And all this, while removing all regulation and constraint so they may profit even more and grow exponentially directly at the cost of individual society as a whole.

Surely, we must question and confront the sanity of these events.

It has been stated elsewhere in this Blog, that there are no conspiracies but there are powerful forces of numerous special interest groups and these groups compete with each other for the spoils and the looting, in the same manner as with the human individuals. In other words, our whole system of socio-economic ordering can be captured. Indeed, it has been captured by these competing collectives of our creation, and where these collectives corrupt completely, and thoroughly, they effectively dredge all resources and asset classes for themselves. The Lords of the Realm are the Bankers, those that create debt from nothing and reap our future productivity in return.

Let us be clear, the primary driving force behind all these collectives is money and power and their territory of the hunt, is the human expression in its socio-economic environment. This is in reality, the self destruction of humanity in return for material control – which oddly, has no post value without that humanity that is being destroyed and enslaved. For, it is humanity itself, that sets value. 

In the previous post 'Delusional Economics' (here) I have defined “The Unholy Alliance” as the symbiotic relationship headed and controlled by the banking system and comprised of the captured, addicted and faithful; the eagerly corruptible elected political leadership, those that blindly comprise the disease known as bureaucracy and the mercenaries of money, those knights of industry aka the body corporates.

"It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime." -- Thomas Paine 

Collectives are created as unnatural entities that openly and fiercely, compete with humanity for resources, despite the fact, that humans make up these collective structures and organizations. The collectives are winning because the individuals do not yet see that their strength, that is, the strength of the individual, is in understanding, nay, comprehending the nature and composition of the collective of human creation. The collective can exist only in the milieu of the individuals' self-sacrifice of his/her own integrity in self but when seen and named for what they are, the collectives cannot survive, albeit in truth. None understand this value; it remains covered as it cannot survive the light.

"A half truth is a whole lie." 
-- Yiddish Proverb 

These collectives develop, consolidate and harden their own personalities, agenda and priorities, which no man can match, equal, nor control, not even the usual psychopaths which normally and typically occupy the high rungs and offices. Each collective is made up of individuals that have sacrificed part of themselves; part of their own self; part of their own integrity, and essence, so as to belong to the collective. Therefore, no man within is whole - as they live to serve and yield to the will and wants of the collective.

The rigid paradigm of the collective controls and rules through the leveraged diversity of the strongest of the human chattel of which it is comprised and whereupon bestows upon such interests, the plunder and rewards of corruptive power in exchange for its existence and well being, ad continuum. And, as such, what is seen in the USA and around the World today, is the rule of these unnatural collective powers where the individuals within, have been lost to humanity. This is unconstrained devastation.

“The kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred sheep. One of them, the largest, went astray. He left the ninety-nine sheep and looked for that one until he found it. When he had gone to such trouble, he said to the sheep, ‘I care for you more than the ninety-nine.' Nag Hammadi Library: Sayings of Jesus. 

Surely the above message from the hoary past, one which had aroused the wrath of the Church of Rome and, as a consequence, that Papal Bull that directed the whole collection of codices that make up the Nag Hammadi Collection, as we know them today, destroyed, tells - of the priority and the will of God? Is there any doubt that it is the individual who is the objective salvation and resurrection of life itself?; was not Jesus an individual? Are not all the disciples individuals; yes, and also Judas? 

The story begins to unfold in ancient Myth: 

God demanded of Abraham 
(Abraham: the "father who raises" (his son): the word 'Ab means "father", and the verb "raham" is "to raise") 
that he sacrifice his son to God (Elohim) 
(The son was "Isaac", which means "the one who laughs")
to prove his faith
which, as the story goes
Abraham begins to prove his faith, and to sacrifice Isaac
and lifts his arm with the knife in his hand to plunge into Isaac
who has been placed on a prepared alter 
for sacrifice
God (YHVH) intervenes and stops Abraham, and
instead, a Ram is sacrificed in lieu of Isaac.

The biblical myth tells us that the hero of the exodus are those 'peoples', who cross the waters to arrive in the desert, and then die, and only then to resurrect as a new 'clean' people. Here, it is clear that a new age (change) has arrived and there is a need to adapt from the old and done, so as to be able to cleanly embrace the new. However, it is posited here that a remnant of the old ways still remain to this day and has become a preferred artefact of behaviour and belief – for many. This legacy is that of this primitive collective Principle. Or, were such myths prophecy?

Abraham's story sees the father hearing the voice of the Universal Principle (the primitive legacy) and so he obeys without questioning and putting his human consciousness (the way of the change) in the balance - until his arm is stopped by YHVH - representing his rising human consciousness rebelling against the older and passing order of things. YHVH is this Principle of the birth of consciousness, the birth of the individual, the first stirrings out of Plato's Cave - and the exodus from the primitive state of the collective to the individual state - towards 'man the accomplished'. In the Christian point of view, YHVH is seen as the Jesus or Christ or the Kristos Principle.

-Cain kills his avatar/brother Abel that represents 'vanity'; the 'nothing'; 'not valuable'; and then starts his journey in the land of errant on his spiritual path (Cain is the one working the land, while Abel is raising cattle); clearly, the working the land aspect is the aspect to cherish and the message that was given when Adam was thrown out of the Garden - which is representative of 'the abyss; eternity; immobile time; the axis of the wheel in the 'middle', and playground of the Gods, into Eden, the Birth of Consciousness; functional consciousness, that ability to divide and create time to connect these divisions; 'revolving time'/ periods and towards natural physics of the birth of man the unaccomplished; the beginning of the Journey of the Hero, all in all, to walk the road to the Garden from whence he became borne emergent.

Thursday morning 0700 hours

'He was standing there as I opened my eyes.

It had been a restless sleep where I had been watching people being killed by one man, killing with a knife stabbing people consistently in the back. It was most disturbing and I was sweating with revulsion. This had been my dream.

Finally, I forced myself awake, or perhaps semi-conscious, as the dream-state still persisted. And, it was then that I saw him.

He was there at the end of my bed, standing straight; thin, tall in a grey suit; his dead eyes peered into mine.

“You need to kill someone, anyone we nominate, but with a knife. You have seen how”, he said quietly.

After I let all this sink in and had fully studied this figure, I asked, “Who are you”?

“I am the messenger”, he replied in a monotone as he watched me closely.

I was filled with contempt, but I asked why already realising and knowing the answer.

I was told that because "they" desire me to become a part of "they". He made it clear that I must become of “they”. He did not mention who or what “they” was, so I assumed that he knew that I did know just what he was referring to.

I must submit to “they” he implies and there was no alternative or expectation of a rejection. It was simply a matter of fact.

I ask, “if I do not, then”? 

“Your daughter will be killed after much suffering”, he explained unemotionally. “You cannot escape. You shall be both destroyed, and painfully” in the end.

I responded after an indeterminable period but I had known my answer immediately; I believe that the messenger also knew.

“No! I will not be a part of "they"”, I said calmly, but with forceful certainty.

He asked me to explain why I chose my daughter’s death and suffering.

I responded with full clarity that I could not suffer the contempt that my daughter would have for me, nor she the pain of knowing her Father was a coward, if I murder another in order to satisfy a blood lust of death itself. If I surrender myself, and her, to "they" we are both already dead and, to kill another, for no reason, is a revulsion and unacceptable.

I told him for the sake of clarity that we both would prefer to die – if the choice, than to be part of the collective; the “they”. But I would fight and resist. 

“Be clear, the answer is no”, I repeated. Then, I like Adam, found myself at the dawn of a new day.

Comment: This dream is very similar to the choice between life, in the biblical context' - it is 'spiritual life', and death, that is, spiritual death; being a creature governed by the order of things in the nature and cosmos, without consciousness'; the undifferentiated animal.

The dream does not state the end of the story: as, obviously, my daughter ought not die as she is the next generation, and if she dies, it all, I repeat, it all stops there.

But, the myth says that as soon as one become conscious of the power of differentiation, and of the need to differentiate, the daughter cannot die, since one is thrown on the path from which she is the fruit. The myth tells about sons rather than daughters, because it is the sons who are the ones penetrating and fertilizing before the daughters (aka women) grow the fruit, once they have been fertilized. But, in my context, it is fair to say that the daughter is 'the unique, ie that one I love' referred to in the Abraham story. And then by emphasizing the cost of getting through the barrier between the acceptance of the order of things and the rebellion against the order of things (the mountain where Abraham takes his son Isaac is the Moryia mountain; the "rebellion" mountain).

The dream also plays on the meaning of the word 'dead': the dead man talks so he is not dead, but he represents the dead spirituality of the 'common', the 'undifferentiated' and of the primitive time, before yet; the time of the “collective”; of the soulless without consciousness.

The battle is now between "Us & They" where "they" is the agenda driven collective - the fungal mat - the single celled amoeba known as fungi Candida, in biophysical analogy and "Us", the individual - the seeker - man the accomplished - Man of intellect - the qualitative emergent phenomena – an evolved qualitative simplicity; Man. Man differentiated physiologically to the knowledge of the higher Laws of physis. That is, the destiny of all humanity. I speak in terms of universal Principles and analogy.

Our "Masters"? and retort, here.

“I have heard every excuse expressed, from PUBLIC IGNORANCE to PUBLIC APATHY, concerning the deterioration of FREEDOMS in our United States. I cannot accept IGNORANCE because the public would have TO KNOW to ignore; nor can I accept APATHY for the same reason. It is my opinion that very few people would IGNORE or be APATHETIC towards the fact of their being slaves, in the positive sense, if they were ever exposed to that truth. It was introduced so gradually and with such surreptitiousness no one understood the change or was exposed to the significance of what was happening as truth became a scarce "commodity."” 
Merrill M. E. Jenkins Sr., M.R. (here)

The only conclusion that can be reached in the best interests of humanity at large then, is that collectives in power must be, a priori, abolished from power. And where man engages in his socio-economic organisations, the individual must be allowed the reasonable right to be self nurtured towards his individual self, albeit in full risk – to succeed, if he can – that is to say, all men must be given the opportunity to the trials of the journey towards accomplishment of self and thereby if arriving, become so named.

The pursuit of happiness is, the pursuit of self.

Nietzsche expressed the evolving man as this: 

"Man is something to be surpassed." 

"Man is a bridge and not a goal." 

"Man is a rope stretched over the abyss between the animal and the superman." 
F. W. Nietzsche - from "Ecce Homo": 

"And life itself told me this secret: 'Behold,' it said, 'I am that which must overcome itself again and again." 
 Zarathustra in "Thus Spake Zarathustra" by F.W. Nietzsche:

The battle is between 'man the unaccomplished' who represents the ~95% of humanity; that part that forms that which is the undifferentiated, mainly comprising the support of collectives and the un-ready, and the ~5% ratio of humanity; the potential. The latter being those individuals with the capacity of competence when circumstances permit spontaneous possibility in probability; of those individuals who feel their sensitivities and awareness's of self and who silently draw away from the collectives and their dogmatic paradigms of lust and blind ambitions in unproductive pursuits of their harvests.

Be warned. The collective does not not deal well with those individuals who are the ones who seek within themselves; those that reject the dogma of the collectives and attempt to rise to a self state of intellect by discovering the higher Laws of natural physics; that state where morality and ethics are natural and where courage, honour and virtue fuse well with spirit, vision and compassion in humility. Today we witness this in thousands of cities around the World.

"Gold in the hands of the public is an enemy of the state." 
Adolph Hitler 

Does not the foregoing sound familiar? Is it not the Christian belief that Jesus was an individual that was crucified by and on behalf of the mob, that is, the collective in its judgemental consensus? Is not Jesus portrayed as 'man the accomplished'? Is not Jesus the son of God? Is this not the message of Christianity? Is not resurrection the same natural Principle as differentiation? 

So, this state of Mind is clearly a natural life process of stepped differentiation, which has been identified in earlier Epochs and written in the words and syntax of another language as well as another mindset in functional consciousness; yet, the words resonate as we approach the boundaries of the new Epoch. There are no coincidences; there is only ignorance as magic, paradox and miracles defy our understanding of tomorrow's science. Ignore the random idea, consider only the spontaneous, for all actions.

The battle field is being readied where in the East the son rises as the individual and in the West, the barbarian amongst us, that artefact and legacy from those times of darkness, the collectives, play out their dance of “extremis”, the final throes of death in the Act of the setting sun. 

"You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain -- but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life; that there's something wrong with the world; you don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?" 
 The Matrix - 1999 

The Message: As we watch, seemingly helpless, while our whole global socio-economy dissipates into officially sanctioned endless wars, death, murder, torture, genocide ,and the transfer of wealth from productivity of the individual, aka organised and sanctioned theft – is openly and eagerly facilitated to the collective, there is only one single glaring and obvious conclusion that can be reached. This conclusion is that the consciousness of Man is not in control of his affairs but he is mesmerized in a state of consciousness which Jung described as a dream state. In truth and reality, men have simply and thoughtlessly sacrificed and sold their souls to the corruptive influences of the collectives in return for mere trinkets and glass beads. And it is these of the collectives' parasites that are in control of, and are running humanity on a day to day basis; not for humanity but for the collectives aka corporations, institutions, political parties, etc., etc., which we created, and they serve.

“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

And, it is we humans that have created not only these unnatural daemons called corporations but it is we humans that have granted them authority over humanity as enacted in Law, and it is we humans that have created the ideal environment in which they can survive and thrive unencumbered by risk or predator. Where, it is they that are the predator and they are today, feeding upon humanity in an uncontrolled frenzy.

There is a solution, but one that will not be welcomed, to be sure. But we must accomplish this agenda. 

The solution, simply, is that we humans need to change the environment; the milieu. Or, in other words, we humans must withdraw our support for the collective corporations, etc., and banish them from Power. Withdraw their access and remove their legitimacy and authority granted them under Law. We humans must take our destiny back, that which has been given to these unnatural ghouls - that we have created, and, it must be done now, before it is too late.

We must fight to become the empowered individuals which we were created to become. It is that time. The collectives must be disfranchised, dismembered, de-legitimized and destroyed, quarantined and then harmlessly removed to the historical record categorized as a deadly warning to future generations.

Otherwise, it will be these collectives that destroy humanity; it will these collectives that burn and destroy all life from the face of the planet.

"Destiny waits alike for the free man as well as for him enslaved by another's might."
Aeschylus The Libation Bearers 

Some Recommended reading:

A Book of the Beginnings by Gerald Massey 
The Birth of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes
Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton 
Temple of Man by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz 
Entropy - here
Autopoiesis - here

Concluding remarks: If then man is successful in his defeat of the collectives and casts them from the steps of the Temple, then a critical mass will have been created that will engender mankind back along his true road of Universal order and harmony. Of course, there will be many other challenges and struggles, but man has the Godhead within and he will always be in grasp of his destiny. The decisions belong to man. 

“There is only one thing in the universe more powerful than money, and that is truth. Money in huge quantities can keep the truth hidden for long periods of time, but in hand to hand combat the truth wins every time. We must remember that although the contractor (banking 'elite') have SUPERPOWER through money, they are only able to use it SECRETLY to control the mechanics. There is the ACHILLES HEEL. No amount of money could bribe a healthy man to kill himself: once he knows the truth he will not act against his own best interests. The methods employed by the banking 'elite' to manipulate the population cannot stand the light of day. Once the method of control is exposed and understood, by those controlled, they would know their own power and act to return to the system of free enterprise in a free market.“ 

"Know Thyself"

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am for myself only, what am I? 
If not now— when? 
Talmudic Saying Mishnah, Abot

Fromm, Erich (2013-03-26). Escape from Freedom . 

"When a political system authorizes plunder and when a moral code encourages it, moral degeneration follows swiftly after." Pallas Athena

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