November 17, 2016

Skepticism in Risk ("to be being")

Lies: How "we" are Destroyed.



"[We]: Those who the Gods would Destroy, First, they drive [them] Insane" 

Pallas Athena

There is only: "I am".

"The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls."
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Men become civilized, not in proportion to their willingness to believe, but in their readiness to doubt.

H. L. Mencken

Squealers - Snowflakes - True Believers

A great American, in fact, a giant amongst men; a humble man, a Human Being, a rare Man in the USA, one that comes once every thousand years or so; a perennial man by the name of Eric Hoffer wrote many great works and I refer to one here: The True Believer. This Man understood. Amazon

It is my considered Opinion:

The  small business is the strength of a nation; people are a nations' greatest resource. There is no acceptable scientific nor valid argument to the contrary.

I have been saying for some 10 years (and more) that the Global wealth line will shift - has shifted, now being set along the UT +8 Date line (longitude) which runs through Vladivostok and Perth. The main emphasis / function / activity along this axis, will be Global High Speed Rail and its construction. Some 100 to 150 years of global infrastructure design and construction will engage Humanity in this and associated endeavours. (As I pen this missive, the TPP promoted by the USA is reported as dead, and Australia has now committed to China's Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific Pact, aligned with the“Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership”, with the 10 members of Asean and other countries including Australia and India.)

The so-called West is in its last throes and the current organization, known as the USA, breathes its last desperate moments of despair in its death state of "extremis". Assimilation evolves throughout the face of our planet. There are no seperate races in Humanity, only cultural orientations founded in variations, or shifts in Geo-electromagnetic  radiation (environment) upon asssimilative evolution. Humanity is one race - on this Planet and all elsewhere throughout the Universe. Humanity is Mind driven by Heart.  All the rest is Entropic.

"Pavlov's dogs have become Pavlov's Children." 'Babel' being nought but empty Pride. This is the real war of Humanity; stopping / minimizing Pavlov's methods being imposed onto our youth, the trusting and the gullible.

The Death of Empire. Here

The Cultural Embrace of Lying has killed the USA.

Lies, as the Source of meaning, 'Political Correct', and the destruction of Society, all of which means, that the term "Leadership", in terms of political / governmental ' affairs, is nothing, in itself, but a Lie.

90% of all children in the West are liars by the age of 4 years old, is the tell of many studies from academic institutions, and by the time these children are teenagers, they have perfected the art of Lying. As adults active in the community some ~86% have adopted lying as their chosen and preferred social behaviour and Social Belief System. Lying has become the embraced and adopted cultural fabric of the USA.  Competence and responsibility has been replaced by the applied technology of the Lie.

Learning by 'rote and imitation' in the "Generational" evolution schema, maintains this hold onto the proto-Human proletariat, as Aristotle pointed out more than a few years ago. The question begs, if one lies all the time, as the evidence suggests, and lies are the expectation, how does anybody know anything that is equated to reality or even truth? Where is the baseline?

Foreign leaders can get in front of the US Congress and just lie blatantly, and continually, and expect -- and get, 29 standing ovations. Important Generals and Public Figures can go before Congressional Committees of Inquiry and Lie about anything with full acceptance. Presidential Candidates can, from the Hustings and on the Media, lie outrageously and repeatedly, and the audiences scream their approvals and acceptance. The MSM under Law has no obligation to do anything but Lie and misdirect, as it is classified as entertainment. Deception is the way of life for the West.

Lying, and Stupidity, is the Expectation, and the Truth - inconvenient, and, it seems, a felony, if not an offense, punishable by ex-judicial assassination - at least in the USA. The President, by Presidential Decree, has a "Kill List" and had been reported in the MSM as saying that he is very good at killing 'folks'. He is, the current POTUS, also an exceptional Liar, and has done little else, apart from playing the liars' preferred game, that is Golf, since infesting the White House.

The proto-Human is purely and aggressively Subjective. This means at all times, this proto-Human is in survival mode; such is Intelligence, which all life shares. Intelligence is a technology: Lying is a Technology; Nobody can be trusted - and this ironically, ensures the survival of humanity.

The US has dumbed down its whole population. The "Political Correct" is the Defense Mechanism Policy of the Institutional ("elite") Liar, as it seems, that humanity actually has a threshold to lying, at which time violence rises to the fore. Liars don't like to be called out for their lies; so they need the protection of the Policy of "Political Correct".  Is this not what is being prepared for?

Governments Lie; Bankers Lie; Politicians Lie; Bureaucrats Lie: Corporations Lie; everybody lies. Can you destroy this statement? If not, then can you not see what is destroying Society? Waging Wars? Genocide? Torture? Globally organized Paedophilia? Organized unnatural training through education and the MSM of perversions of the youth in sexual identification, lesbianism, homosexuality and bestiality? It is the Cultural norm. Does the reader know what Paedophilia entails?

FYI, Paedophilia is the vile sexual abuse of children; Your children.

Lies are 'negative energy' and the poison that feeds 'maximum entropy'. Today, this disease, is carried by the "neocons" and their ilk; the 'great plagues' of the current Era.

There are only Opinions - Lies and established Natural Science.

The "scientific method" was established in early Egypt. This fact being gleaned from ancient documents on empirical scientific works in mathematics, medicine, astronomy, anthropology and geology; these natural practices of the scientific method were called the Royal Science. The "scientific method" demands that, a priori, falsification, or negation, be allowed for in its procedures of validation, verification, duplication and repetitions of all hypotheses and theories, prior to acceptance and establishment.

The "scientific method" is 'skepticism'. And Human Life, that is to say, "to be being", Humanity's oldest known verbe, is an anthropological endeavour in Risk. "God" is non-interventionist, and hence, has provided for the outcome to the hand of man alone. Only 'volitile Will' is provided by Universal Nature; the rest is Providence and Destiny. "God" is not going to help - as says Moses, in His Book of Genesis.

Ideologies, are popular and static belief systems, that have been emotionally couched and manipulated to attract and deceive a numeric following from the trusting and gullible. Humanity has been engaging itself in building such political cults for thousands of years. All cults are politically oriented, all cults develop their dogma and rituals, all cults attempt to leverage the emotions of the surrounding peoples and centralize the resultant power to a few originators; all cults utilize stealth and deception (lies) . This is the trap for the "True Believer" that Hoffer identifies. Such a method is numerical in its stealth and deception for the gullible and trusting of humanity, as the Power of the Cult comes from the physics of the Collective and the abuse of Humanity's Collective Unconscious, as discussed by Freud, Jung, Velikovsky and many others.

"Ideologies" are not subjected to the 'scientific method', but are imposed so as to be taken on faith; such as the fraud of today's practice of "Economics", etc. Hence, the numerics gives the Power, the faith the emotional strength, and the manipulation (deception) by dogma, that is,  the "Opinion" for the "True Believer", to be drafted into belonging to the Cult, all of which is a contortion of the undeveloped emotional, intuitive and animistic centres of the Human Psyche. 

The manipulation and coercion of the Collective Unconsciousness has been constructed to bypass reason and the scientific method, by its intentional absence from being subjected to the questioning of man or "God". Today, children are being taught not to question; not to question their own sexuality, to accept homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality as normal to Humanity. It is not "Politically Correct" to confront the opinions of teachers, or anyone 'sensitive'; your "dear Leaders". Paedophilia has become politically accepted  with Members of Parliament openly, engaging in the sexual abuse of children at the ages of four; High Priests of all Cults; Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, TV Magnates, etc., etc.,  etc., participating in this barbaric savagery and foul, unnatural debauchery.

Summary and Conclusions

Life is about Humanity dynamically evolving in full Risk; this is "to be being"; Life is evolving by assimilation in a 'trial and error' mode. We learn by our experience, that is, if we take the time to studiously contemplate our actions and our errors. (Moses uses this verbe "to be being" continually throughout his scientific anthropological treatise that is called "Genesis", and it is from Moses that comes this verbe to us, in this form).

Skepticism must be adopted by Humanity; as this is the scientific method. Opinions do not mean a damned thing as they are not established on a scientific method and criteria and will not be / are not subjected to this scientific method due to the adopted and damnably destructive Policy of the Political Correct. The Policy of Political Correct must be ended as it destroys and devolves Humanity and civilization. Deception comes to Humanity by stealth, lies and opinions, for purposes of control and profit for the organized and criminal.

The speaker / writer must be held accountable and the tool for this is skepticism, which is a natural attribute of Humanity, as no man can ever be trusted, which ironically, ensures the survival of Humanity on this planet, as aforesaid.

The Revolution has begun: Year 2016 

Your Mileage will Vary

This Post I dedicate to Julian Assange

"The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life ... A ruling group is a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors... Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same.": George Orwell, 1984

Disinformation originates in the deliberate and systemic effort to break down social cohesion and to deprive humanity of perceptive consciousness of our conditions. Disinformation seeks to isolate and divide human beings; to alienate us from our ability to use our senses, our intellect, and our communicative powers in order to identity truth and act on this knowledge. Disinformation is deeply implicated in the history of imperialism, Eurocentric racism, American Manifest Destiny, Nazi propaganda, the psychological warfare of the Cold War, and capitalist globalization. Disinformation seeks to erode and destroy the basis of individual and collective memory, the basis of those inheritances from history which give humanity our richness of diverse languages, cultures, nationalities, peoplehoods, and means of self-determination. The reach and intensity of disinformation tends to increase with the concentration of ownership and control of the media of mass communications. Professor A J Hall

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