January 18, 2011

Shedding the Skin

Paintings by Thomas Cole Course of Empire

The 1st. Global Revolution 
The Future vs. Fascism, vested interests, and Incompetence 

"Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice": John Adams

Dateline Australia: December 13, 2010

A young Australian, Julian Assange, has brought the whole World's leadership to a point of gob-smacked panic and desperation by his publishing US official cables which some source(s), presumably US, has made available. Through his organisation known as Wikileaks, some 250,000 cables have been distributed to major international media outlets which are slowly but surely (perhaps?) placing contextually oriented articles and editorials in the World's newspapers and Press. The global power-base of the US leadership under a serious threat as to its existence, has gone irrationally viral calling for the assassination of Assange, his murder and other such like violent and illegal ends - for this man who practices free speech & by the USA, which was once known as the bastion of free speech, ie, the former Constitutional Republic known as the USA; no more. 

Anarchy: Either the State for ever, crushing individual and local life, taking over in all fields of human activity, bringing with it its wars and its domestic struggles for power, its palace revolutions which only replace one tyrant by another, and inevitably at the end of this development there is ... death! Or the destruction of States, and new life starting again in thousands of centers on the principle of the lively initiative of the individual and groups and that of free agreement. The choice lies with you! [Prince Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921)] 

America's dictionaries now define 'anarchy' as being essentially as “chaos”, where this term once was revered globally in the English speaking community as the desirable higher objective state of consciousness of the population, where leadership, per se, was no longer required due to the naturally aligned higher levels of integrity, awareness, responsibility, understanding, comprehension, compassion, reason, honour and courage, to note just a few examples only, within the populace. The physics, philosophic and mathematical determinates surrounding anarchy are of a far greater social volumetric mass, than the imperium hierarchy preference - so much so, that the resultant socio-economic beneficial impacts will energize humanity, and possibly so, to the heights of the gods and beyond the boundaries of this Universe; the next Epoch of Man... 

The state of anarchy is actually viewed as a reality of an enlightened intellectual democracy.

And, the next generations – youth, are be-coming of this holistic state through their higher intelligences and intellects being facilitated by high-speed Internet communications and highly accelerated scientific advances in technologies, electronic innovations and more importantly, mega-speed interchanges of peer to peer blast-exchanges of human intelligences, such that it is driving the emergence, at last, of an intellectually based society.

Professor Long stresses that the state is just a bunch of people, not supermen. Its power is an illusion, coercing us only because we consent to be ruled. But education about the State, and alternative networks, empower an ever-greater number to withdraw their consent from the power-hungry, tax-eating, violent apparatus whose abuses result in many evils, including piles of dead bodies.

Anarchy, the absence of a ruler, is impossible, say its opponents. In fact, it is becoming ever more possible, and ever more necessary.

In the hoary past, our ancient sages from Egypt, Greece, India, China, etc., the wisdom of which weirdly, is the foundation of our current society, flourished from time to time when close relationships were established; and again, since the '80's, we experience this necessary close relationship scenario being delivered by wireless technologies, broadband, fibre-optic, etc.; the Internet for the main, brings that which evaded Aristotle's inquiry; ie, Intellect. Complete human intra/inter-connectivity is on the way, as is civilisation, growing out of Circa 3 millennium of barbarism, greed, sophism and the failed integrity of “governance” which is today termed “leadership”.

The youth of the World are now uniting, have united, and have issued a volte-face challenge to the hypocrisies, genocide, murder, corruptions, theft, lies, secrecies, incompetencies, inadequacies and crasse stupidities of the establishment Barbarians inside the gates, that is, those that posture as “leadership”, which remind us of the Seth worshiping Hyskos invaders of ancient Egypt Circa 2000 BCE. It is time again to dump the garbage and then move on.

Today we find that “Economic Theory” is driven by nothing more than numerous preferentially orientated, groundless, self-serving, faith based religious biases with headquarters established in a large variety of Universities, all competing for a Nobel Prize or two and where all of which, misses the mark. And, “economic theory” is just a suite of faith-based beliefs piled on top of Usury or, the lending money for interest which has been around for some 3 millennium and banned and shunned in many countries of the World at different times. And, for good reason, as it builds a parasitical symbiotic relationship between ruler and banker and corrupts absolutely. Our failed and fatally flawed socio-economic system, which is today driving a complete global economic collapse, can be easily and simply modeled in a graphical algorithm, which clearly indicates a rapid centralizing of wealth, being derived from the productive elements of societies as its prime feature. Nothing new here as this was well known in written history and chosen to be ignored by the modern pseudo academics and todays' wannabe leadership. Banking is non productive, or without work, production, sweat or tears; to give the appearance of facility and function, it needs mere collusion, pretense and sophistry. Confidently and without risk, the accepted socio-economic state driven by this “economic theory” always ends in the Course of Empire, as massive devastation, and the destruction of society; and it is here that we are today. Working for the “man” and his “company store” - is not to be for the Youth of today and nor should it be.

In the past, as is written history , a bankrupted Nation just kept going to War with its neighbours so as to refill its treasury through exogenous spoils and where England was a prime example that this convenient trick was oft' utilized to cover the self-serving incompetences and inadequacies of its governance. This could be the origin of “covered-bonds” which is the last desperate measure to prop up failed banks. More importantly, consider that in the times of the Clinton White House, Alan Greenspan, the then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the privately owned US central bank, spent his time both in the cocktail party circuit and in the very early mornings, at the White House, openly and enthusiastically promoting the second invasion of Iraq. This activity he continued during the George W. Bush Presidency, such as it was, until US forces commenced the war with Iraq, which still lasts to this day in a much larger geopolitical expanse. 

Why would a Central Banker undertake such a strange commitment? Simply put, Greenspan saw the US demise coming “economically” (not so difficult) and decided to fall back on first principles of inept Empire. That is to say, war! And war, and wars and more wars – which are great for the opportunistic that are insiders to the Lords of Hanlon's Razor and as such, from stage left emerged the crazies” aka “neocons”, and their 'Project for the New American Century” (PNAC), which called for a hundred years of war, death, destruction and genocide (at least). The US had given birth to the ghouls of the final moments of Empire which held forth their flag of dark tortured and haunted ideology which had originated centuries before with the Eastern European slaves of Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan; twisted, delusional and distorted Freudian sexually driven repressions.

The Internet since its availability to the public has permitted any seeker to educate themselves in qualitative and holistic terms and, as is well known, the higher level of integrity in one's persona; where, the higher planes of moralistic attitude such persons can attain a natural result of higher intellectual development. And, as one moves at unrestrained and achievable high mental speeds into and through the vast mysteries of consciousness, one soon realizes that “leadership” is not only unnecessary but corrupting, onerous, static (as best), a recursive play for the profit taker (leaders) and downright too costly for anything preparing for the next Epoch of man. Or, it is far more efficient and effective to educate oneself and far more self-enhancing by being able to have unrestricted access to not just one opinion but multiplicities of opinion across a full spectrum of the contexts, sciences, philosophies, and the humanities. Where, with these parameters, we suddenly see that by casting off the chains and barbarism of today’s social paradigms, and its ghoulish leadership, society can, by being in a complete mode of communication at all levels, effectively, efficiently and cleanly race into the 21st. Century. In simple terms, the youth of today are far, far more intelligent than their “leadership” - and they have to be in order to deal with the massive debt burdens and bank losses that have conveniently been dumped on them to bear by we barbarians. 

The Youth are and will be our saviors and have no doubt, they will win the War with the Barbarians, which of course, will not make our utter shame disappear. This Global Revolution rises out of the French Revolution but the outcome will be indeed an epochal impact on the current course of humanity. Electronic systems (that work) will be established for all aspects of government and commerce; control and regulatory systems will be built on the principles of concordant biology and other universal principles of accord that have scientific credibility and integrity. The old paradigm of integrity, honour, courage will be revitalized and compassion will be a right, as being housed, as being educated and as being connected. Socialism per se, will not be the order of the day but enlightened reason, accord coupled with applied mega-speed consciousness directing both the terra-based sustainable civilization-with-a-future, for all, and the drive of intellectual humanity as the pioneering quests and adventures of outer space.

In conclusion, it is suffice to say that the outcome of this Global Revolution is already written. Today's “leadership” are all but done and will soon wither on the vine. If Wikileaks and or Julian Assange is assassinated or imprisoned, millions of youth around the World will rise. They will rise anyway. The message to this “leadership” is that we recognize, a priori, that you are of us and are of humanity, and we ask of you naught but integrity and that you cast off the hypocrisy and arrogance; and the pretence, the charade of ability and facilitate peacefully your current mandate to govern professionally, without treason, without lies, and without corruption. That is to say, with elements of responsibility. 

Australia leadership must:

Stop any attempt by the US to extradite or assassinate Julian Assange 

Stop the “invited” US military occupation of Australia. 

Immediately stop any further secret disclosures of Australian information to the USA and its representatives and investigate all known sources of direct and indirect information leaked to foreign powers. 

Advise the Attorney General that if it takes the AFP 12 months or more to establish if a crime has been committed, then he should resign, as well as all the AFP. Note: Assange has not been charged in any jurisdiction, with any crime. Hell, the AG should resign anyway as he is obviously far out of his depth. 

Advise the Prime Minister that she must immediately resign her whole government, such as it is.

Request of the Governor General of Australia to immediately form a care-taker government to remain in place until after all criminal and treason investigations in the current politico-bureaucratic body have been properly completed.

Make it publicly clear that Australia does not intend to go to War with China together with the USA from Australian soil. 

Request of the US Congress to investigate under Law the incitements of US public figures including Congressman/Senators to murder, kill, and / or assassinate an Australia Citizen 

That the USA is a dying and failed Power / Empire is consensually acknowledged, albeit in private, by serious minded thinkers around the World. Australia is not to be given to the mad, crazed and violent leadership of the USA in order to destroy us, which it needs to, in order to survive. Let it die! 

This Author does not assume that all parliamentarians and / or bureaucrats are loyal to and hold their first allegiance to Australia. Those Judas that do represent foreign powers in their privileged positions with the Australian Government, we remind them of the existence of provisions under Law for such occasions.

Some referenced extracts from recent MSM articles: 

1. The top law officer has warned it could take a long time for police to decide whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had broken any local law. Attorney-General Robert McClelland said those seeking a quick decision on whether the 39-year-old Australian should be charged needed to take a reality check. Mr McClelland said the issue of charges was a matter for the Australian Federal Police and ultimately for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

2. The flow of embarrassing material continued yesterday with a US embassy cable dated October 2008 and published in Fairfax newspapers quoting the then prime minister Kevin Rudd as saying that while he had always supported the war against the Taliban, "Afghanistan scares the hell out of me". 

3. Mr Ferguson took a veiled swipe at Sports Minister Mark Arbib, saying he was glad it was now well-known that the right-wing Labor frontbencher was a secret source for the US government. His comments came as Attorney-General Robert McClelland was yesterday unable to explain how Mr Assange had broken Australian law. Mr McClelland indicated an Australian Federal Police investigation into whether WikiLeaks had committed a criminal act could go on for more than a year. 

4. Criminal lawyer Rob Stary told a Melbourne rally the Australian government was a "sycophant" of the US. He compared Mr Assange to fellow Australians David Hicks and Jack Thomas, saying their conviction on terrorism charges were helped by the government's "propaganda machine". 

5. In Brisbane, lawyer Peter Russo, who defended Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef against failed terrorism charges, told a rally it was important to understand that the real issue at stake in the WikiLeaks case was freedom. "It's not only the freedom of the individual, it's the freedom of all of us." 

6. It was the government's job to ensure Australian citizens were given full legal protection, Mr Perrett said. "I would suggest we need to look after all of our citizens abroad, irrespective of what they are charged with," he said. "We must preserve the rule of law, and a fair trial is an essential part of this." 

7. Jeffrey T. Kuhner wrote in The Washington Times that WikiLeaks' Julian Assange should be treated "the same way as other high-value terrorist targets: kill him". Sarah Palin also calls him a terrorist and says he should be "hunted down". Julia Gillard, not one to miss an opportunity to ingratiate herself with the US, has declared Assange guilty of illegal action but hasn't come up with any evidence. Attorney-General Robert McClelland is going through the farcical motions of sooling the police on to Assange for crimes he cannot specify and that certainly were not committed in Australia.

8. According to Le Monde in France, WikiLeaks is releasing nothing it has not made available to it first, together with The New York Times, The Guardian in Britain, Der Spiegel in Germany and El Pais in Spain. Nor is it issuing anything the editors of these papers are not prepared to publish because of a possible risk to national security or to individuals.

9. FEDERAL Labor powerbroker Mark Arbib has been outed as a key source of intelligence on government and internal party machinations to the US embassy. New embassy cables, released by WikiLeaks to Fairfax newspapers today, reveal the influential right-wing Labor MP has been one of the embassy's best ALP informants, along with former frontbencher Bob McMullan and current MP Michael Danby. The documents say the Minister for Sport had been secretly offering details of Labor's inner workings even before his election to the Senate in 2007, dating back to his time as general secretary of the party's NSW branch from 2004. 

In last month’s AUSMIN talks with Hillary Clinton and other US officials, Gillard also invited a larger US military and intelligence force to be based in Australia. One of the most powerful American military chiefs, head of the US Pacific Command Admiral Bob Willard, is now touring the country to identify defense bases where American forces will be stationed. These bases, effectively new joint US-Australia facilities, will no doubt play a key role in any American confrontation with China. 

"I define anarchist society as one where there is no legal possibility for coercive aggression against the person or property of any individual. Anarchists oppose the State because it has its very being in such aggression, namely, the expropriation of private property through taxation, the coercive exclusion of other providers of defense service from its territory, and all of the other depredations and coercions that are built upon these twin foci of invasions of individual rights."

Murray Rothbard, the man credited with having coined the term anarcho-capitalism, expressed in Society and the State

"World bankers, by pulling a few simple levers that control the flow of money, can make or break entire economies. By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends, the power elite are able to not only tighten their stranglehold on this nation's economic structure, but can extend that control world wide. Those possessing such power would logically want to remain in the background, invisible to the average citizen." (Aldous Huxley)

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