April 26, 2011

The Condensation of Tacit Knowledge

Source of the Esoteric and its translation to the Exoteric through 'self'. 
Cause and Effect. 

'Transcendence means beyond where words and thoughts do not reach; to where the tongue has never soiled it with a name – that is what transcendence means.' (Joseph Campbell, paraphrased)

A philosophical commentary in natural physics. 

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The Laws of Cause and Effect as suggested by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz indicate that Cause only impacts on phenomenon of similar nature, or phenomena that reacts, and or is receptive to / but with the proper /appropriate resistance (experientially) - this is the creation of tacit knowledge (unique (self) experiential knowledge). And it is a vital energetic actioning /moment. (This is the resonant moment symbolized by Einstein's E=MC^2 - which is a Universal Principle found in all aspects of physics).* 

Analogy drawn from telephony protocols: One dials a phone number and only that one phone rings as only it has the recognizable code of the causal principle in the initial dialling. Now imagine when a team of people have their numbers inside a single global number and where only all those numbers will ring as the result of a single cause (dialling a number). 

Symbols (everything to the unique individual is a symbol of something - even forces – other people – dogs, tree, clouds, movement, attitude, smell, etc.) are to be considered the route to the source of the esoteric, but in all but only the 'stimulus' aspects of Cause - as such, symbols do not hold or bear any emotional knowledge or connection to that being Caused - via the energetic linkage that actual evokes – if they do it will be more of serendipity. This is the link between Esoteric and Exoteric, ie via the vital stimulus of evocation. 

As such, the Cause evokes in the receiver the initial and demanded (by the protocols) appropriate response, or reaction, if you will. This reaction is in the form which must be described strictly as a resistance - as signal is sent back to the point of initiation (the source origination of the Cause), and registered thereupon to allow the procedure to initiate fully to its fate of finality and destiny. The protocols established by electronic engineering standards in telephony provides the correct analogy again. By acknowledgement and hence the necessary adjustment for / of Cause to create /continue its creation of its algorithmic Effect. 

Therefore, by comprehending this Universal life principle, religion and science are identical, for that which you want to believe should, a priori, be the Truth. Others may wish you to believe lies – their lies – but the individual prays and trusts that what he/she believes is the honest concrete Truth. Evocation is a auto-self reaction – an involuntary natural, physiological and neurological reaction / response mechanism to the environment (read: milieux) which permits information to be drawn from that environment; that information and data that only a phenomena of your nature, your self, is sensitive to /with; and can become aware of in its esoteric state.

The esoteric, that is to say, the eternal raw potential data and information then exists, albeit in quiescence, whereupon this surely invokes the spontaneous nature of unfolding evolution and the reliant connectivity of all things. It is Mind then that appears deficient in not being fully aware of the esoteric and therefore it is Mind that must seek out that which it senses – for it is Mind that is need of development. This is the experiential aspect; the energetic creation of tacit knowledge or experiential knowledge. IOW, the building of the gene pool (Lipton). 

Once new information is sensed it is made coherent by the examination of reason behind the internal evocation and so then described, noted and named; and then thrown to the profane for consumption. This is then Revelation. By natural Principle, the Truth is what is sought and as such this is to be believed; this is science and science relies best in 'self' (“know thyself”) and the Principles of Cause and Effect. Initiated by evocation of a sensitive and fully aware 'self' on its path to the accomplished state. The most natural Christ Principle (the ancient Third Eye Principle) resides awaiting to be released in a functional differentiation – or IOW, by a naturally spontaneous biological, neurological, physiological and evolutionary thresholding process event. In transmutation Principle. 

This makes understanding the unattached esoteric nature of the symbol in its role of evocation-of-self important but we must always understand that this is the “Master” within, the “Teacher” within, the “Healer” within, your personal God; and indeed, what you are to be, so that you may be named. It is a natural Universal Principle. "Thus I Have Heard." 

Esoteric is that beyond human understanding (exactly as magic – mysterious, but in existence nevertheless) at some point in time - so the symbol evokes a reaction (as explained above) which in turn, develops, or which is generated into a coherent idea that is eventually then understood (comprehended) and translated into the Exoteric or language and / or speech, that is understood, sic, by the cultures of society. 

All men are unique; there are in all x7 Great Races - each with x7 sub-races all in turn that have evolved and are evolving into the final Great Race. Soon it will soon be the time of the 6th Great Race - that time to come forth and show itself, as it is already present. And, note, the manifestation of the next 7th Great Race has long begun. 

But, have we erred in this writing -- as we call the 'condensation of tacit knowledge' before the esoteric to exoteric translation? 

The response is clearly that the numerical ordering of 'accomplishment' comes as high cost, ie, perhaps hard suffering - which conditions the necessary resistance to the causal force onto and into - scission - the harmonizations of the forces of reality – which we shall soon show in ancient image or mosaic; this reality being the objective experiential meta- (read: beyond) -physical unfolding, necessary to tease, and or to condense the charged energetic but innate intelligence from the seed, metaphorically, the acorn of the oak; or, that which is not apparent or visible, but nevertheless, substantial and of causal necessity - qualitatively speaking. 

That which must, and will be attempted in these writings, are the principles of 'personifications' whereupon the the esoteric condensations are translated into language guided by culture and more importantly, environmentally, and demographically geo-located and or orientated within the ambiance of milieux. For sure, Pythagorean numerics and numbers play the most significant role supported by Kabalistic record; that is to say Arabic numerals – and their energetic inter-relationships - those fundamental symbols of the esoteric, upon which, unfortunately, modern day education is ill-founded - in quantitative count – as opposed to the essential, necessary and originating qualitative volume; that is to say, the necessary qualitative value. 

And then, the role that 'space' plays to the emergence of the trinity – the Holy Trinity – must be adequately displayed when 'time' is withdrawn from the algorithm or “model”. Below is the Pythagorean or numerical and Occult version of the Holy Trinity mathematically expressed and in a priori terms of qualitative and issuing quantitative divisions, additions and multiplications which lead to all life and its energies - from Unity through multiplicity to achieve the accomplished Effect that is named Man. 

There are many learned works on the alchemy of the natural sciences including Steiner, Kuhn, Schwaller et al and for further study the interested reader must source directly from these and such like references. Notwithstanding the Ennead is here as is God the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit that is to say, the genre or artistic qualitative compositions including their binding and potential energies. Here then, following, is the Prime Principle in numbers originating probably well before 6000BCE. Then as 1, 2, 3.

I      I 

From Schwaller (A Study of Numbers - page 44): “In its absolute nature, the absolute state is not understandable. From the moment, however, that we observe its double nature we have already provoked scission – for then One (the unique irreducible cause) is recognized, by its double nature, to be Two. 

Thus we may add a new Unity to the causal Unity, and this new Unity is Two.

  • I = Irreducible Unity. Absolute nature.
  • (II) = Reducible Unity. The manifested nature of the irreducible One. 
Successively, then, we obtain Three distinct natures.

  1. The irreducible One, active and passive in one. (Protoplasm) 
  2. Passive nature (feminine) 
  3. Active nature (masculine) 

In actuality, the manifestation of the active nature necessarily precedes that of the passive nature, since the irreducible I, having to manifest itself, becomes II (the irreducible I) and is above all 3 (III) and hence is the values 1 & 2, without which there would be no creation, as we realized in the previous chapter. 

This fact is explained in the Bible in the words: God created man and made him a companion from one of his ribs so he would not be alone. 

Indeed, from the moment that there is activity, there is already opposition to it: The infinite circle is broken; scission has provokes the first polarization.

end /quote

“The philosophers have put the study of the science of numbers before the abstract sciences, because this science is strongly embedded in the essence of all of them. Indeed it is necessary for a man to reflect deeply and sufficiently on it, without taking an example from another science, but rather taking an example for other scientific subjects from it.” The Ikhwan al Safa

Lipton suggests that this  philosopher in natural physics (physis) is correct in that life seeks to merge into, with and fill space, a priori, and innately. This unfolding satisfies both universality and parochiality and is adaptive to “environment”. It is space then, that is eternal while time being no more than the nature of each Cause which is transmuted into each Effect through that measure.

Is this not multiplicity, infinite possibility and probability-subject-to-conventionalities and circumstantial relationships? No doubt, “time” can only exist as the temporal signature, that is, as innate and inherent nature as charted by each unique attentional-bell-curve of all emergent phenomena. Therefore filling space satisfies not only functional possibility, but also, functional intelligence when all phenomena obey the underlying Universal Principle of “accomplishment; translated as survival, and measured qualitatively, as Causal and as function. But then, environment, or milieux, defines accomplishment through its variants of energies; energies which are of the waters; mixed anodic and cathodic; polarized - what else to expect in an Electric Universe where energetic vitality is the channelled expression of the fecundated accomplished nature at its moment of final achievement - the rapture.

Allow me to introduce here the term “complicit' – whereupon a complicit event is a unique, even an arising form of an energetic event, from two differing unique events, or phenomena - both of assimilated or pre-correlated contradictory complementation, through, a priori, resonance and or harmonic moments/horizons; but nevertheless, a resultant event and or phenomena. All life are unique or complicit phenomena. Complicit events involve both endogenous and exogenous energies necessarily.

For the lower consciousness then, no 'time' exists, nor is it necessary. For the higher consciousnesses, it is a matter of convenience as imposed by the milieu, or preference; but nevertheless, an intellectual choice. Notwithstanding, 'time' remains a synthetic; a technology; a scale of measure.

But, the point - personifications of “myth” or the esoteric translations cum interpretations, in the past (and shall always be) are influenced by environment (milieux) first and foremost  --- for it is environment that dictates the parochial state, through the natural physics of Universal Principles (read, if you must: chemistry). Pre-cursors are normally and typically of necessity arising out of environment and emergence, while innate drivers, arising from pre-state genetic learned experiences – genes (Lipton Biology of Belief) – subtly inject the nature of the Cause into the Effect, a priori. Effect is the child of Cause and carries its genres; as qualitative composition.

Here now, some unique and ancient examples of the personifications of the esoteric but in artistic and decorative fashion from a peoples of mastery and of the sea. From ~2000 years ago -Tunisia and near to ancient Carthage.

Images and comments courtesy of  Dr. Pierre Engel - Scholar and friend: 

Man and Woman hold the horses: they have their destinies in hand. The Man has a crab crown (Cancer: diminishing solar force in the zodiac, and strengthening of the lunar force), horse legs (the "walking") and a trumpet In his hand (solar rectitude, and mastering of the world). The Woman holds a grain stand (growth); the couple and the horses stand in the waters (Waters from below). The horses have a trident tail (image of flux, Neptune is the god of aerial (horses) and aquatic flux). The horses look at: the Man's legs, Neptune's belly, the knot opening Neptune's shield (zoom for detail), and then the head or the aura of Neptune: each of these elements can be linked to the themes developed by the 4 rivers of Eden: walking Hideqel / belly Gehon / Opening knot fructification Perat / god's head or aura: access to unity and eternity Pishon. Neptune holds the dolphin (promises of kinghood) and the trident (spiritual quest) in his hands.

The images above are floor mosaics from the middle of 2nd century AD, (excavated from La Chebba, about 200 km south east of Tunis - Tunisia. Tunis better known as ancient Carthage (a few kilometres North) an extremely powerful and wealthy Nation of sea-traders. The mosaics escaped destruction and are now displayed at the "Bardo Museum", in Tunis. The medallions are from a large floor mosaic, end of 2nd century AD, found in Sousse. It belongs to the House of Sorothus, who was a horse dressing / raising man [Dressage Stable & School of Riding] All emphasis mine.

It must be noted that today all full meaning of scientific observation is lost due to our adoption of the quantitative form as our, a priori, belief structure. Where in these ancient times the rendering was artistic and therefore qualitative, which is fully supported by the Pythagorean mathematics and or Occult sciences. The Greeks and Roman erred; we erred and remain so. The systems that society today hold as fundamental can be traced back to our adopting the singularity of point, and line, that is to say, the surface; the superficial and the two dimensional as the ruling fundamental. The proper nature of the Universe is x3 dimensional and as such demands that our sciences be founded in a priori principles of volume and hence qualitative 3 dimensional structure - at the point focus; the artistic which is to say, that no point can exist even in the Prime singularity of creation. All phenomena contains structure upon which is built organizations.

The consistencies across the ancient texts (revisited in a scholarly Gnostic and philosophical manner, that is, without agenda) are clearly self evident. We have lost the truth for some 2000 years which explicitly implies that we have been wrong in the fundamentals of our structured belief systems which include our socio-economic organizations via our arrogant assumption that the Universe is about humanity alone. And our superficial literal interpretations -- designed for political agenda and control -- and condensations of ancient knowledge as well as similar applications to later philosophical offerings has condemned us to the coming socio-economic Dark Age - demographically expressed; we have not only failed to comprehend our milieu - we have chosen to ignore it in favour of materialistic worship.

The following is my account of the above two images, or better, symbolism – woven as mythology from an ancient time. First there is – ie, coming before - Genesis where the Universe is created and within this creation is 'man-the-unaccomplished' – Adam, this is the realm of, or under than hand of, Elohim. There is now an evolutionary but subtle shift as Adam is told that his destiny, that is to say, his destiny or accomplishment will be achieved only through his own hand and where the evolving realm now belongs to YHVH. At this time God will walk on the face of the Earth.

We are supplied with instructions for this end as to just how the accomplishment is achieved which is through Adam finding and activating his male (anodic) and feminine (cathodic) functions – the man and the lady (spouse function) holding the horses reigns (their entangled destinies as a singularity) in the images – through the conquering of the furies and the fates arising out of the energies – the (x4) horses (x10) legs and hooves – of the energy carrying waters of the underworld. The necessity of the completeness of the whole of the activities to arise to kingness – to Man the Accomplished / Man / God / Effect / Cause / Simplification-out-of-complexity / qualitative tacit singularity – is indicated by the crossing (knot of fructification) seen below the man on the shield (zoom to achieve detail). 

Note the double seal of encapsulation – or the separation of contextual action (verbe) which contains, I believe, the manifested energies of cyclic accomplishment in integumental memory. All containing energies in flux within and which could be considered as capacitor, or analogously, an acorn metamorphosing to the Oak. The Trident held in Neptune's hand is the identical Holy Trinity as we have seen above in Pythagorean numbers and denotes or symbolizes the Spiritual Quest to King-hood or Manhood. In the words of Joseph Campbell “... a transcendent energy consciousness transforms the whole world and it transforms you."

We find in the ancient Hebrew “The Meek shall inherit the Earth” (various Psalms) - that the Meek are in fact, no less than 'Man-the-Accomplished' and in Christianity, Christ and from India, also Buddha, and so forth. In every culture and religion such is found, correctly interpreted or not.. Or, that the process will reach its intended end and we can take it that if it doesn't then, it will start again or that in the rules of conservationism, there is redundancy in this game, as risk is always an inherent and innate part of the play, a priori. This is surely natural physics or physis while being the innate religion of every man; the coloured and humid thread of energy that fires the essential, fundamental furnace of every man that has been, is, and will be. Interpretations from the Hebrew by Dr. Engel. My emphasis. 

Simplification is the arising coherent natural qualitative state which is accomplished out of complexity and is the specific reflection of evolving consciousness because of the fact that it is Mind that evolves. For example then in terms of Pythagorean numbers, x5 fingers disappear through the acknowledgement of one hand. From a fertilized egg arises a child and then an adult and every 7 years or so, a new personality arises; is this magic or incoherence manifesting toward its destiny and name?

"The wisdom of the Kabala rests in the science of the equilibrium and Harmony."

"Forces that manifest without having been first equilibrized perish in space" ("equilibrized" meaning differentiated).

"Thus perished the first Kings (the Divine Dynasties) of the ancient world, the self-produced Princes of giants. They fell like rootless trees, and were seen no more: for they were the Shadow of the Shadow"; to wit, the chhaya of the Shadowy Pitris. (Vide about the "Kings of Edom.") 

“Science is the soul of our existence, 
the generative impulse of humanity. 
If it were not for the slow progress of science, 
we would be but primitive beings clad in animal skins.” … Rene Schwaller de Lubicz


* 'resonance' is the source of all attraction; it is found as harmonics, in energy creation; as resonance itself; unique, ideal, optimized, lesser; multiple, singular, complex, simple; and, creative, vital and found as the Universal Principle consistent with the flow of consciousness from the quiescence to exoteric functionality found in all contextuality of being and its maturation through the harmonized stages of differentiation onto or into accomplishment. Resonance is the very energetic glue of the fabric of Universal intelligence that drives the filaments of energies which in turn carry the genesis of every Present Moment, ad infinitum. It must be seen that 'time' does not, and cannot, exist - except as an Earth-bound synthetic linear scale for the mere conveniences of men, which, unfortunately blinds man to that which he actually is to be-come - and, as to, where he is really at, in terms of scalular but cyclic Universal consciousness; that is to say, function.

E=MC^2  where M = mass, or the total sum aggregated charge.

It can be seen then that the esoteric exists and arrives onto our consciousness via a process of condensation stimulated by the evocation to the observer through symbols which are of qualitative nature built in x3 dimensional volumetric points which in actuality are complexity evolved into and represented as simplicity.

The personifications are numerous as shown above and may be expressed as Pythagorean numbers of the Occult sciences, in artistic rendition, in Symbols themselves, in architectures such as the Pyramids and the ancient Cathedrals of Europe , the Pagoda of China --  in languages such as Vedic Sanskrit, Upanishads, the Kabala - but always in terms of the dominant cultural consciousness of those land and times of the originating socio-economic interpretations.

And, these personifications come from within, as does the evocation, but painted with the colours of the self's consciousness that is structured in unique tacit knowledge and immersed or organized in the cultural consciousness du jour.

What does it all mean? Significantly it means that if one listens to evocations from within and one investigates these strange feelings - within - whilst of the spiritual quest, then that one is the Hero. The quiescence exists and is the transcendent; they are ubiquitous and pervasive where ISIS, like the Emperor wears no clothes, that is, ISIS is naked and the only veils that need to be lifted are those covering the consciousness of the Hero.

And then, the Hero has no further need of the collectives of lesser men.
As, the Hero finds freedom; He himself, and thereby, his name. 
He is Man-the-Accomplished. 
He is Man.

Man who is free of the chains and fetters of fear.

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