August 15, 2011

Delusional Economics

The Global Economic Crash of Year 2011

Universal 'time' is an illusion created by consciousness so that it can disseminate the natural order by the division of all things. All phenomena hold 'time' and 'time' is a variable. Philosophy is the King of the knowledge process – Gnosis – and comes first in all matters of that conversion of the esoteric into the exoteric; this is science which is followed by technology and then by quantitative complexity which differentiates into qualitative simplicity - this is the resonant moment - here it then becomes a Noun and is named; an Universal dynamic process. Complex systems are evolving  quantitative extrapolations. This is the process known as Pythagorean Magik.

From ancient Egypt, the two lions making up the Akeru were named Sef and Tuau

As such, all is a 'phase space' (Jules Henri Poincaré), that is, the point of phenomenal emergence; the Present Moment; Eternity.
Three Australians buried in France killed in 1944 - fighting Fascism. 
The one in the centre is my Father, whom I never knew.
But now, as the Western World's "leadership" has fully embraced Fascism,
the question begs. Just what did these men die for? 

This missive is about the situation in which all humanity finds itself, globally, today. A state of desperation and a collapsing socio-economic order that will impact many of the people on the face of this planet, with hard fate and much pain. Our "leadership" are not intellectually prepared and are in denial and believe that the status quo of statism can be maintained  It cannot. War is not required or acceptable but there are many of our "leadership" and "Economists" that are openly calling for more war and many shill for nuclear war. These people are insane and know not that which they promote.

It is time for mankind to shift its consciousness through an awareness differentiation, in order to resist the devastation that is now fully predictable; Global Chaos and Genocide.


'Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers.

These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system [Republican/Democrat], we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.'

Montagu Norman, Governor of The Bank Of England, addressing the United States Bankers' Association, New York, 1924.

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The Monopoly of Banks - here and here

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How Usury Kills - an excellent  x4 video set - here

” bodies without souls will,
 with their judgments,
 give us rules
 teaching us
 how to die well. ”
 leonardo da vinci

I hereby openly declare to the whole World, and state with full conviction and full responsibility:
  1. All human affairs are controlled by the system of Usury which is in the hands of the oldest of the money lending diseases of humanity. I speak of the Banks.
  2. Economics is a fraud! A profession of irresponsible pseudo-academics whose cognitive abilities remain, a priori, strictly within the confines of the superstitions of the Stone Age, albeit by preference and intent. Here, there is no coherency.
  3. There is no "Economic Theory". It is all a pretence; a sick falsehood perpetrated on humanity. There is nothing but, unfounded opinion, without any responsibility! 
  4. Bureaucracy is an extremely nasty torque-wrench that destroys our societies, which has been clearly and repeatedly proven beyond any doubt, throughout written history. The supporting evidence is overwhelming, damning and unquestionable.
  5. The Usury system of Banking is the global system that drives all the financial, fiscal, monetary events and Policies in our World today and it corrupts everybody from early youth onwards -- to and beyond the grave! It sucks humanity dry.
  6. And, by default, effectively, all decisions - I repeat, "all decisions", - are made by and for the Banking System - fully and wholly corrupted by Usury - and everything and everyone else, is subordinate. 
  7. Where, the Usury cum banking system is a symbiotic parasite which is about to kill its host, ie humanity (your mileage may vary). 
  8. I have not the need to enlighten the reader, that, as Einstein observed and remarked upon, and I paraphrase, that our global political "leadership" is not qualified, not of the mental acumen, nor facilities, nor of cognitive ability, interest, or integrity, to confront and deal with the challenges that are now destroying the World, as we know it.
  9. Our civilisation is, in reality, a nightmare that may at any moment erupt into a Global Nuclear War, merely, in order to cover up the incompetences of our failed "leadership" and to maintain the status quo of statism and recursive scamming.
  10. The choice is to educate yourself; it is your choice, but please note, that you will have no choice in the impositions of the madmen that are now intent on global destruction. They, wish to preside; they, must preside; they, are insane.
  11. Enlighten yourself now by independent research. It is called responsibility!
  12. The Banking system is feeding on the blood and energies of humanity; ignore this at the cost of all humanity! 
  13. We are, all, now, on the edge of the abyss! It is now "us against them".
  14. Where pray tell, is coherency, homogeneity, logic, reason, accord, harmony and sanity in anything that is happening globally throughout the World today - in Economics? In "leadership"? In our society behaviours and values?

This declaration does not suggest that there are not some good economists / bankers / politicians / bureaucrats out there at all; my position is that our Global affairs economic, are neither consistent now concordant because there is no valid “Economic Theory” - as we have been led to believe. The default decisions as to major economic issues come from the largest and oldest Banker families, which have their own vested interests, understandably, as their priority and this is due to the fact, that our political “leadership” is mostly incompetent and eagerly corruptible. And, the system of bureaucracy, is not of Public Service but is a non-productive, no-risk, life-time employment bureau and a prolific growing burden and enemy on and of, all the nation states that employs it. 

"The ultimate decision about what is accepted as right and wrong
will be made not by individual human wisdom
but by the disappearance of the groups
that have adhered to the 'wrong' beliefs."
 Friedrich August von Hayek

But after this soon coming global crash, will be another time, and those of us who see the facts as they are today, will be watching. Good men are available but the current system sucks and brings hard fate, destructively so. History tells us this repeatedly. But, there is now no integrity, at all, in our global socio-economic systems. There is no chance of a recovery. Our Debt system is the Recursive scamming of the many by the few and has been Policy for ~5,000 years or more but today, explodes exponentially as all constraints and limitations (read: Law, regulations and reason) have been removed to keep the system running.

"There are only two conclusions I can come to: Either the entire economist membership is totally incompetent, or they are united in their efforts to prevent the panic that will surely come when the public finds out. In the words of Jacques Rueff 1961:

"It is the product of a prodigious collective error which will remain in history and, will eventually be recognized as an object of astonishment and scandal:"

But, it is clearly our “elected” and representative” “leaders” who have failed us and have allowed the system to destroy us through their gaming and recursive scamming; so,the way forward will be forced onto us, to arise from the ashes. Do not make the error of judgement of re-employing those that imploded our socio-economic society. But, in the same instance, it can be correctly proclaimed that we elected lesser people than the positions of leadership demanded, so the fault lays with the electorate. They are of us, and we are of them; let the system be changed; let it be so.

“Most people exhibit a healthy lack of interest in the United Nations and its endless round of activities and conferences, considering them as boring busywork to sustain increasing hordes of tax-exempt bureaucrats, consultants, and pundits.

All that is true. But there is danger in underestimating the malice of UN activities. For underlying all the tedious nonsense is a continuing and permanent drive for international government despotism to be exercised by faceless and arrogant bureaucrats accountable to no one. The Fabian collectivist drive for power by these people remains unrelenting.” Murray Rothbard

The Profession of Economics is an imposed Fraud – Economics is but a failed Religion – Banking is Moral Hazard – Central Banking is stealth Taxation through Inflationary Manipulation – Democracy in all its variations is Recursive scamming by the body political controlled by the Banking system – Government Policy is Bank Policy, a priori, at Banker Direction.

"Rising inflation and rising unemployment have been mutually reinforcing, rather than the separate effects of separate causes." Mr. Milton Friedman -­ Nobel Prize Page 3 N.Y. Times 1­30­77

"The rules of economics don't seem to work like they are supposed to." Mr. Arthur F. Burns, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Page 3 N.Y. Times 1­30­77

"One reason why economists are in such disrepute is that they have pretended to understand inflation and to know how to control it, when obviously we do not."
Mr. Wassily Leontieff ­- Nobel Prize.

If you believe that “economists”, the profession of Economics, and Economic Theory (singular) are providing the functional efficiency of our global economies, then like most of us, you are wrong and suffering from induced and instilled delusion which has been created and perpetuated through the manipulation of our education standards by those favoured by the hierarchical systemic impositions; otherwise known as Usurers; money changers and Bankers: or, the finance industries.

"It's the height of criminality." Here

Economic Theory is, at its very core, quackery; a fraud, a failed religion which refuses the established scrutiny of scientific procedure; an unholy can-of-worms where theory after theory is presented as magical mathematics; where under analysis, unfolds as mere unfounded opinions which normally and typically contradict the opinions (Theories) upon which they rest; suppositions, speculations, assumptions, pretence, confusion, misrepresentations; If economics were put to the scientific process it would be thrown out in disgust. Economics is nought but a discordant cacophony of ill-founded opinion!

Economists cannot even agree as to what is “money” - it seems nobody knows? Economics believe people are statistics, are collectives where no individuals exist. Most economists apart from Steve Keen and maybe a few others, do not understand that life and all in it, is a dynamic and as a consequence most theories revolve around sticking round pegs into square holes. This is statism – the realm of the dead. There cannot be ideologies; nothing is static, nothing obeys economists and their pretensions. Most influential economists are “snake-oil salesmen” like e.g. Summers, Krugman and Roubini flaunting rubbish and nonsense in self-service; and of Bernanke, Trichet and Stevens; all lost – all bureaucrats and all arrogant frauds.

"What a government of limited powers needs, at the beginning and forever, is 
some means of satisfying the people that it has taken all steps humanly possible to stay within its powers. That is the condition of its legitimacy, and its legitimacy, in the long run, is the condition of its life."
Charles L. Black, Jr. Source: The People And The Court, 52 (1960).

There are numerous schools of economic thought (speculation); in excess of thirty (x30++) Main Schools of Thought in reality (and innumerable other sects), all accepted and emanations from the ancient Egyptian times; the Merchants of Venice, Mercantilists, the Austrian School, Keynesian, Neoclassical, Neo-Ricardianism, MMT, Scholasiticism, Islamic economics, Chicago School, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. Most Economists claim to belong to one school over another but publically opine and lecture otherwise. Students of Economics are told to learn the material presented and warned off venturing from the adopted dogma of the classroom and lecture halls. In economics, there is only competing arrogances and pseudo-academia in a state of fore-play. I think more appropriately that Economics should be rightfully, or more properly, be called “Delusional Economics” as it best describes the state of this arrogant profession of the self-opinionated in a precise manner.

Is it any wonder that the whole World is about to enter a demographically expressed Dark Age?

So, if solid and sound economics is not being used to run our monetary, fiscal, financial policies, then what is the driving the system and what is creating the coming total meltdown of the whole global economy? 

I quote:

“Economic theory development has been driven unfortunately, largely by rhetoric and by political and financial support of the rhetoric. This then distorts the education system, which is mostly a meal-ticket purchase system, where regurgitation of material is a low-risk approach to meeting the job objective.” Lyonwiss August 13, 2011 at 2:52 pm |

x6 blind economists gathering data upon which to create all their own versions of 

"Economic Theory".

Indeed; fraud, manipulation, corruption, theft, leverage, lobby, propaganda and lack of competence of leadership, the blind bureaucracy and the ignorance of the electorate; just to name a few drivers.

This writer is not an economist. I have a science degree and have been reading macro-economics for over 30 years. 

There are numerous works of great integrity in economics but nobody has ever been known and proven to be 100% correct all the time: v. Mises, v, Hayek, Lord Acton, K Marx, H. Minsky, Adam Smith, M. Rothbard; the list is long, but... so, I repeat for emphasis. There is no “Economic Theory”, but there are a myriad of and confusion of economic theories – and, where the applications of these theories are applied through naught but “opinion”; convenience, compromise and preference of the most influential and by the most powerful; at any one particular time and place. But, today, numerous of these so-called theories are all running at the same time just in different places and in differing circumstances. A recipe for disaster. These economic theories that are applied are done in a confused state, in an a priori compromise and torqued and biased to political priorities dictated in the main by the Lobby of the largest and oldest of the World's Banks. Confusion reigns supreme, for it is in this state of unenlightened statism, that the now unregulated Banking system, like a cancerous parasite, kills and destroys its host. There is no need to supply the evidence here for such a statement as the written history of the last Circa 3,000 years is pregnant to fruition with the facts; which conveniently, remains ignored.

As to a description of what is then running the World, we must present the first factor of the puzzle. 


Usury is the lending with interest. And, the payment of interest upon that interest. Usury has been banned in many nation states over the past ~3,000 years, controlled, regulated and known to be a system of productivity capture, wealth transfer and a weapon that can destroy the very soul of humanity; such as now. 

 the ultimate 
Weapon of Mass Destruction 

There are many excellent books written on the subject, all with the exception of one, describe the many destructive attributes of this accursed productivity wealth collection system (PWCS) as opposed to a credit distribution system (CDS). Usury, or banking, as is now the more politically correct term, granulates the results of productivity and centralizes its collection, that is to say, monetary wealth from human productivity is enslaved or captured directly by the banking system, exponentially. This is the monopoly of money; a monopoly which now also controls productivity through the eradication of the entrepreneur and replacement with, those of its own ilk; the CEO and CFO; the mercenaries of money.

The Bankers themselves gain power through centralized money collection and as such, simply attract eager servants and happy slaves: enter stage left, the politicians of democracy, of democratic socialism and fascism; and all the shades of grey.

These “leaders” are drawn from the “lowest common denominator” of society and normally are of the 'common stock'; typically intellectually challenged; opportunistic, useful fools, at best, cunning and always willing to “compromise”. In other words, buying politicians is merely a low cost recoverable overhead for the Bankers, which easily and frequently prepares Government Policy through their legacy of symbiotic relationships with those pathetic political pretenders that would be kings.

So, human behaviours play a huge role in socio-economic manipulation, abuse, theft and destructive processes in the application of Usury. And this, what can be best described as a single celled Amoeba; a fungi; a parasite and a cancerous agent which by default, also controls the education system, particularly and in the most relevant regard, the Study of Economics.

And the last - but not least - of the daemons: Bureaucracy.

Here is the most prolific disease on the face of the planet. Evil is best described as 1,000 efficient and thoughtless Bureaucrats. Here, there is no accountability, no transparency, no reason, no integrity, no understanding, no compassion and no honour. Scientific and technical people entering the bureaucracy are soon fully indoctrinated into this fungal mat of humanity and fully compromised of Ethics and in service. What is ordered, will be done and where no matter what has been done, it shall be fully protected by the manipulation of Law or whatever, as so necessary. Such is the nature of this beast.

Beaucracy is an army of defenders of the myth that leadership and Government is of the Holy Order of God given by His sacred Word to those chosen Sons of the Lord. Where in the cold clear reality and harsh truth of full light, governments are the invisible and heavy hand of the system of Usury banking, and bureaucracy is its "true-believing" front line troops, with its officers and generals, our politicians and bankers respectfully; all, supported by the mercenaries of money, the CEO and CFO classes.

 The Fabian window of "creative destruction"

Bureaucrats are the defenders of 'totalitarianism', the apologists of the Banking system and the destroyers of any and all attempts to establish a "Science of Economics". For, it is an established 'Science of Economics' that will bring in the end of the Usury Banking system, and its faithful servants, the bureaucrats and the politicians. A reasoned and coherent Science of Economics will bring Peace and Prosperity to humanity on this planet and usher in an epoch of human evolution and space exploration. This is what today's system of Usury, and that unholy alliance of banker, bureaucrat and political snake oil salesmen fear.

The Peoples of the World, are their Enemy.

Risk is best described as acceptable uncertainty; some have said that it is computable uncertainty but in economics, everything is a lie – or a compromise; just like politics. Humans are risk-wired, ie 'flight or fight' is our very innate on-off switch; our Innate Response Mechanism (IRM). Bureaucracy attracts the risk adverse. Banking attracts the risk adverse. There is no such thing as a no-risk free lunch and accordingly, 'risk-free' needs to be paid for. 

Risk-free environments unnaturally contort human behaviours.

As a consequence, we, the masses, pay for the risk-free environment for both the Bureaucrats and the Bankers. As a direct result both bureaucrats and bankers abuse their privileged positions of power; the bureaucrat through its exponential proliferation and eager suppression of the peoples, and the banker through thoughtless greed and the ever expanding need to control global assets of all classes.

It is far too late to stop what is coming where the reality of circumstances dictate the high probability of much more war, revolutions, civil unrest, mass migrations, geopolitical dislocations, rioting, genocide, piracy, starvation, hoarding, a breakdown in fiat currencies, private armies, telluric events, disease, food shortages and other disastrous socio-economic effects. The major fear is the use of the nuclear weapons; nuclear war. This is all “economics” at play, that is to say, the correct, the expected and computable outcome of our contorted “Economic Theory” as it is practised.

The European Union (EU) is finished in its current membership while the USA is broken at its central socio-economic structure while its societal organizations are becoming increasingly dysfunctional with cities being deserted and declaring bankruptcy. Governance today, is in the hands of madmen. “Forgive them, as they known not what they do”.

Enter the Fabian cult:

Today, Australia stands as a Marxist state for the peoples and run by a fascist driven dogma of a Fabian socialistic ideologue of elite cultists who manipulate Policy through deception, stealth and lies; they are indeed the wolves in sheep clothing. Small business has been almost totally eradicated in favour of selling labour to foreign corporates. This is Banker system expediency expressed and imposed for the convenience of taxation collection; captured totalitarianism and the ease of productivity exploitation in the destruction of individualism. If China stops buying Australian dirt, the foreign controlled Corporates fire the workers and the Bankers repossesses their homes and society breaks down. This is the predictable system of Usury which generates its natural means and nature to control all assets classes. 

Meanwhile China is buying the farmland (and most other things) and Australian peoples are unknowingly defenceless and disenfranchised. Australians are also all almost completely anaesthetized thanks to the captured but franchised press and the inherited, now innate, Stockholm Syndrome brought forward from, and due to, our originations as Penal Colonies; as convicts; nothing much has changed and nobody wants to take the red pill.

The elites play out the role as Jailers. This is what Usury does. This is its very nature. We are controlled by a parasitical and predatory system.

We need to reinvent Australia and eliminate our jailers.

It is my strong conviction that the individual citizen is the priority of governance but in the nature of the risk milieux. Governance must be of intellectual reason and in accord with natural physics (physis) and natural Law to make that which can be strong, to be strong. A country of strong peoples, through education and respect plus responsible governance, makes for a strong national state. 

I am also of the firm belief that the political cum banking system as outlined herein and elsewhere is uncontrollable by its very nature, while being totally centroid and corrupting. If a nation's citizens do not partake of a high level of educated interest in the governance, then, it will again be naturally destroyed, from within. The Parliamentary, so-called “democracy” based system has been totally corrupted by the gaming by its elected participants and it is time to move on to prepare a totally new governance and socio-economic system.

It is my much considered opinion that the following actions should be analysed and evaluated in depth as necessary to be implemented as the global implosion begins in full force, which I believe will be from late October 2011. It has already begun but only a few see; the rest are in warm denial.

Major socio-economic Changes that will soon be Necessary: (in brief)

  1. Bureaucracy must be de-commissioned and deflated by as much as 80% across the board at all levels of Government and replaced with Public Service. Taxation systems are to be completely revised. Government spending is to be re-ordered. 
  2. The relevant Laws and Regulations much be stripped and de-regulation instigated for the stimulation of massive small business growth. The entrepreneur must be brought back into commerce and the mercenary public company system (CEO) abolished. A CDS must be made as a regulated utility. 
  3. The Education system must be over-hauled to include from Primary School through into University the mandatory inclusion of Economics and Governance into all curriculum. We must attempt to construct a coherent scientific economic theory;  this will take much time but the effort must be intense and functional.
  4. The phenomena of Economic dynamics must be rationalized as a priority, and be placed for scrutiny and reorganization under the Maxims of established scientific process. This must be carried out by wilful intent with the intention that our current political system be replaced by sound to be established economic criteria. Lobby is to be abolished, access is to be denied and the Parliamentary system partly abolished. 
  5. A new Credit Distribution System (CDS) must be devised, tested and implemented; that is to say, that the currently accepted system of privileged banking through monopoly and usury must be immediately decommissioned and re-organized. 'The 'money-lenders' must be again cast from the steps of the Temple.' 
  6. Housing must be rationalized on the basis that 'to be housed, is a Right'. The emphasis is family “home” - and not investment properties; this rationalization includes rental properties. Repossession of family homes must be forbidden. 
  7. The Stock Exchange markets must be returned to investment status without High Frequency Trading by algorithm (HFT), but under answerable and strict regulation. 
  8. There will be two levels of compulsory service training: The first will be economic governance and the second will be military. Both will be synchronized. 
  9. Service: All citizens will be called upon to perform 10 years non-continuous Public Service in areas of expertise, requirement and interest without statism of office.
  10. No foreign military bases or foreign military presence will be permitted on Australian soil. 

Brief Notes of Explanation:

  • Eliminating the scourge of Bureaucrats breaks down the power base of the political and banking cartel /crony system. It stops the cancer that eats at civilization and reason. The idea of Public Service strengthens a society, whereby Bureaucracy weakens, undermines and destroys societies... a priori.
  • Forcing 'economics' into the sciences should bring about a radical and accelerated impetus to gaining a working comprehension of functional dynamic credit flows, while backstopping this pursuit with more economically minded students and awareness through education. 
  • Having economics and governance as mandatory education classes /courses will create a greater awareness of the machinery of governance at grass-root levels; people will begin to see governance, as it should be, whereupon educationally aware and astute peoples will be available for senior Public Service positions of heavy responsibility. We must build a system of Public Service Gatekeepers. There are far too many Lawyers and Accountants in Government. 
  • Compulsory Service Training brings discipline to our Youth while instilling respect and responsibility. The Youth of Australia have been in the main disenfranchised, as in most of the World. Australia is a tough country and it needs strong men while the innate and natural needs for the “Journey of the Hero” must be satisfied. The natural and innate functionalities and abilities of our peoples must be allowed to be evoked – not suppressed as is the Policy of today's “leadership”. Youth must be granted full access to the risks of the living. 
  • Our society needs entrepreneurs and we need them to be strong to thrive. Women are great entrepreneurs and the road must be opened to the entrepreneurial spirit and this barrier that has been erected, must be permanently opened. We must eliminate the protected and privileged mercenary executive management and return to intellectual innate management in full risk. Intellectual governance will provide an open environment for full possibility, in Risk. 
  • Obviously, such an enterprise will need a major investment directed by the body governance; this must be prepared and it must be a huge investment into Australia itself. No bailouts and no guarantees excepting of integrity and honesty. No wars for the US or any other nation state; Australia will be a pure defensive Nation; fully alert and strong. 
  • Implementation of a real rail, communication, water infrastructure* corridor from the Northern to the Southern latitudes designed with free-enterprise targets and National Food Security interests as the priority. Full backing and funding for a massive explosion into the Philosophies and into the Sciences 
  • The development of a 100 to 150 years socio-economic Plan to develop Australian interests. We must eliminate the nanny state and breed dignity and respect.

During the next 12 months the Global Systemic Collapse (GSC) will take its heavy toll. Your mileage will vary. The root cause is the incompetence and corruptibility of our elected “leadership” in association and conjunction with, but under the control of, the banking and bureaucratic systems. There are answers, see here.

We need to face the facts and embrace change now.

* Infrastructure:

Infrastructure does not mean government planned, designed, built, owned and operated.
Real infrastructure is the backing by meeting or supplying the means for heavy up-front capital costs of a civil structure that will be amortized by the building out of and upon this structure by free-enterprise, commercial organizations. Infrastructure is structure. Enterprise is organizations.

It is that time to grasp firmly our humanity and become consciously aware and active.

Sadly and with deep regret, I fully understand far better than most, that there will be nobody in high positions of influence and power, that is to say, those which are considered as “leadership”, interested in the implementations of such a scheme as briefly outlined herein. There will be no economists that will admit that their Profession is delusional, fragmented, failed and contorted, and no Banker that will admit that it is they alone that make all the rules so; for their profit alone, for, that their system of privileged credit distribution, is the problem. And, no politician that will admit that the coming societal burn was by their hand. Denial is pervasive, which means that the worst is now due, and, it will be very bad for the gullible and trusting.


Murray Rothbard's- 'The Mystery of Banking' 
Ludwig von Mises -  'Bureaucracy'
Friedrich von Hayek - 'The Road to Serfdom'
Gary North's work is a must for looking into the US spectre - e.g. here and here
The Guard Dogs - The Bank's "enforcers" - Debt Slavery by Michael Hudson
A Brief History of Interest: here
Treadmill to Oblivion: Merrill M. E. Jenkins Sr., M.R. : here

There are many other excellent links to relevant material in the sidebar of this Blog.

New: John Mauldin posted an extraordinary interview by Kate Welling of Dr. Lacy Hunt, the chief economist of Hoisington Investment Management. Some of these points will raise the eyebrows; h/t Mish. Here. 'Face the Music': x29 page PDF John Mauldin | February 13, 2012


“I have heard that no noble person will join a party.” 

“In order to help each other to cover up bad deeds, one forms a party.” 

The irrefutable evidence of the systemic looting by the elite: 

“An accumulation of wealth at one pole of society indicates an accumulation of misery and overwork at the other”. Karl Marx

"I join others who throughout history have recognized that an individual in this country has a protected right, within the confines of the criminal law, to guard his or her home or place of business from unlawful intrusions. ... Surely nothing could be more fundamental to the “concept of ordered liberty” than the basic right of an individual, within the confines of the criminal law, to protect his home and family from unlawful and dangerous intrusions."
Circuit Judge Coffey
Source: Quilici v. Village of Morton Grove, 695 F.2d 261, 272, 278 (1982) (dissent) cert. denied 464 U.S. 863 (1983).

"Let the Dead bury the Dead."
Corpus Hermeticum

"What has happened, is happening and will continue to happen is founded in the opinions of unelected bureaucrats that control the government(s) machinery and these parasites have, are and will break every Law, every back, every neck and every common sense point of reason to fulfil their own self-agenda.

The point? This is all there is to "Economics". There is nothing else; it is a hollow façade.

In the US the FedRes carry on accordingly - as they fear that they, and their ilk, such as the RBA in Australia and the Bank of England, indeed, all Central Banks and all Banking and Financial Institutions, are under siege and threat: They are indeed under threat but continue to fail to see that their "Economic Theory(ies)" is/are naught but a fraudulent front for a parasite sent from Hell that captures the souls and energies of humanity.

Or, there is no "Economics" per se, here, unless you deem it to be so!

So back to "spontaneous".

Indeed, for when the circumstances present themselves to the state that meets the criteria of emergence, then the EU will implode - followed by the rest of the World.

Call it the "Bankers' Moment".

And then, followed by years and perhaps decades of a demographically expressed 
Dark Age. 

Your mileage may vary. 

So let me now recap as to what "Economics" really is:

Economics: The Definition:

Economics is a superstitious remnant religion of opinion based manipulation and a systemic recursive scamming of productivity (human labour) and everything else that can be tapped for profit.

It is carried out through Usury in the hands of the protected and privileged Banks; defended and extended by Bureaucracy and aided and eagerly abetted by the elite political classes. The field of Economics is a diversion for that which is the preferential manner to hold and wield Power over the asset classes.

Economists, as they are so defined, merely make up the numbers: the masses of the ever faithful, true believers and consensual ignorati. Economists are complicit in the socio-economic crimes imposed on humanity which arise out of self-agenda, arrogance and the preferential of complacent ignorance in statism.

Economists add their support to the crimes of Power with full complicity; that Power for which they serve with utmost consensual loyalty and by which they are all corrupted and blinded. Economists are but convenient fools that serve a false God through Dogma.

Economics is an illusion which deludes; it is the optimum tool of mass fraud and the optimal Weapon of Mass Destruction and it is the proxy of the underlying predatory parasite known as Usury, which is accelerated by Fractional Reserve Banking and managed in collaboration by Central Bankers and which is driven through the body politic by applied influence.

The rest is merely leverage. There is no "economics" per se. There is only opinion.

Until Economics is subjected to the established processes of scientific scrutiny, the planet will continue to be ravaged by the cyclic destruction of "leadership" wealth re-distribution, the systematic rape and pillage by the Bankers and, bureaucratic devastation. 


... of "money"

In my search to define ‘money” I have found that it seems to originate from the term ‘tributary’ being the definition etymological of small watercourse flowing under the attraction of gravity to larger water courses; 'from the smallest to the largest flow the waters', whereas this was to become the practice of paying off kings and rulers larger than oneself – that is to say, the paying of ‘tribute’.

In other words, here were the origins of the protection racket, of course, nuanced, refined and made efficient for the centralization and collection of the collective Labour Hour, over evolving time, whereby, dynamic recursive scamming is always, a priori, under consensual franchise by those of the chain.

The whole global monetary system is designed to enrich a few by capturing the whole and it is indeed criminally unstable. And at worst, it controls our education systems so as to keep the game alive. The secret innards of the so-called Profession of Economists can be held similar to the darkness and crudity of Bangladesh's Brothels.

However, despite the recent disingenuous statement from Mr Bernanke on Gold, it is Gold’s value that never changes, as it is all other values that change, in spiral variation, in comparison to Gold. Gold is the only natural Universal Standard known to man. Yet few in command can see this and thus humanity is condemned by our invalid criminal but consensual paradigms.

"He who learns must suffer, and, even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."


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I am now considered too old to be of further threat but I have survived three institutional attempts to prematurely end my life during my career. The current Global Systemic Collapse (GSC), better described as a 'global leadership collapse' (GLC), is a socio-economic phase-transition brought about by the total failure of global "leadership", to find even the most basic of foresight and compassionate sensitivities to balance the imbalances and injustices that they have wrought on the World. Governments' are now attempting to create an exclusive risk-free corporate environment. This delusional ideology of pure insanity, cannot sustain. This sought "risk-free' corporate banking environment is to be achieved by transferring all risk and all financial losses to the tax-payers (“Main Street”) while maintaining a highly secretive cabal of global elites and ruling politician and bankers. The simple truth is that our "Economic Theory" is a fatally flawed, faith-based farce, and "leadership" do not have the necessary intelligence nor intellect to confront the issues du jour. There are now only Heretics and Fools, but, there is always a “choice”.