March 18, 2011

Operation Death Star Australis

Preparing for the last American War

Death Star Australis
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Arab saying: "It is more dangerous to be America’s friend than it is to be its enemy."

New 29 August 2011: Not long now to the demise of the USA as Empire.

"I was merely an automaton endowed with power of movement, responding to the stimuli of the sense organs and thinking and acting accordingly."

Man does not inhabit Earth, men do.

Empty words from hollow little septics with F-22 guns 15th. Dec. 2016 Here Ok... now they want to lose to China?

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USA B-1 Bombers to be based in Australia for China attack: May 14, 2015

60% of US fleet to be based in Australia? February 11,2015

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May 10, 2013

"The entire Australian political and media establishment is collaborating in this conspiracy of lies and diplomatic double talk, blinding the populations of Australia, the US, and the region to the fact that they are being embroiled in the drive to a war with catastrophic implications." HERE

Australia is the front-line command post for the USA State in its never to be won and never ending wars on humanity and it is aided and abetted by its obedient vassal State pusillanimous  politicians that refer to themselves as "leaders".
HERE and Here.

"US Military out of control". Here.

August 1, 2012
US bid for multibillion-dollar nuclear aircraft carrier strike group in Perth HERE

Remembrance Day November 11, 2011

Despite the assurances of the Australian Fabian leadership, the US Military Occupation of Australia has today become permanent. The hard cold truth is now public domain. Julia Gillard and her Fabian colleagues, are nothing but scheming liars.

Now expect US military presence to quickly spread its tentacles throughout all States with full  command over all Australian Military personnel, weaponry and Bases.

Words of sanity but in an Insanity driven World dominated by the insane; here. Sanity is fine but the wild cards in play must be taken into consideration or at least given the light of day. The USA has become a rogue nation and those driving its policies are fear driven for themselves alone. It is clear that the Australian Labour Party, especially in the hands of the congenital liar and inept Julia Gillard, attracts death and destruction to every Australian, including those yet unborn. There is no linear constant in our near future, only extreme volatility and constant shocks from high density variable events all of which is accelerating rapidly,

From the Wall Street Journal.

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama will announce an accord for a new and permanent U.S. military presence in Australia when he visits next week, a step aimed at countering China's influence and reasserting U.S. interest in the region, said people familiar with his plans.

The agreement will lead to an increase in U.S. naval operations off the coast of Australia and give American troops and ships "permanent and constant" access to Australian facilities, the people said. While no new American bases will be built under the plan, the arrangement will allow U.S. forces to place equipment in Australia and set up more joint exercises, they said.

A US Nuclear attack on China launched from Australian soil, is now imminent. Was there any doubt?

What is the Measure of man today?
The answer to this question is that 'man' prefers to remain in Plato's Cave
ignorance and superstition.

Leadership has clearly been captured by the "camp followers",
a plague of cowardice, betrayal, deceit and theft
- the Fabian craft -
upon civilization
before the times
Alexander of Macedon and Aristotle.
The ancient Worship of collective Cannibalism,

Dateline: The Ides of March: Year 2011 

The Prime Minister of Australia M's Julia Gillard has declared her loyalty and Oath of Allegiance before the US Congress and has arbitrarily submitted that Australia is to become the next vassal state of the United States of America. And forthwith, Australia will become an occupied Nation by the US Military - for purposes of “jointly confronting China and bringing stability to the Asian Region"

With this act, Australia has now become the “Death Star Australis” of the US Empire

In 2005 we knew of the Joint Rapid Construction Project Bradshaw Field Training Area Timber Creek, Northern Territories as well the quiet upgrading of those other facilities between Timber Creek and Alice Springs, the Giant listening stations scattered throughout and across the North of Australia, from West to Eastern coast lines. Well a few of us knew, but it rarely got mention by the Press, as least not the subservient mainstream press. The term “joint”, oft' and so easily used by M's Gillard in this context, merely means Property of the USA.

From the Free US Press in Y2005 - (and no mention of "joint")

“July 13-15, 2005 — New U.S. air base under construction in Australia 

Our Australian sources report that a new U.S. air base is currently under construction in the Northern Territory of Australia. A new air strip is reportedly under construction in the Bradshaw Range in the sparsely populated “Top End” region of Australia. An air training and bombing facility in the Delamere Test Range is also being upgraded for American forces.” 

The US Foreign Policy 

The Project for The New American Century (PNAC), drawn up by that group of self declared intellectuals but in reality, dangerous and deadly psychopaths, ie the "neocons", that prior to the Clinton Administration were known throughout the World and particularly in Washington DC and the Pentagon, as the “f*%king crazies”. It is this fanatically fundamentalist group of Zionist ideologues, which today is driving the desperate and final attempts of the US Empire to maintain its global reach and influence. Biologically, this behaviour is normally and typically referred to as “extremis”. The final involuntary hiatus of sheer panic prior to death.

Essentially, the PNAC calls for 100 years, or thereabouts, of continual warfare by the US upon every other Nation. Ideologued to create a new set of geo-politically defined small and manageable 'feeble states, out of the existing nations, that can be easily controlled by the USA and that will allow the US to deploy its commercial interests and maintain full control over the World's resources; non-renewable and renewable, with a minimal of resistance. The United States of America today, sees, as its only option in order to survive as an Empire, global warfare. This writer has no doubt that the US definitely intends to attack China and will now attack China from Australian soil, thanks to M's Gillard... 

And just who and what are these "neo-conservatives"? Plainly and simply, nothing more than religiously insane and innate of superstitious tendencies founded in false and manipulated dogma; and, with the curse of the black-Gods and lust for supremacist glory and self-agenda; the carriers of the 10 plagues who are prepared to murder and genocide all of humanity in order to sate their appetite for blood.. HERE. 

As a result of the driven initiations and warfare continuances of the PNAC policies, today we observe the revolutions arising throughout S. W. Asia (Middle East), Northern Africa and Eastern Europe, while at the same time, hearing  odd mention of instabilities throughout Africa at large. The pieces can be easily connected into a larger phase-space (Big Picture) utilizing the economic glue of the United States, its actioning and its PNAC Foreign Policy. The bottom line is that today, America has now become a desperate and frenzied out-of-control, morally degraded, ethically decadent, industrially dysfunctional, socially broken, politically degenerate, and financially bankrupt echo of its former self; then, the World's bastion of freedom and the light of liberty for all mankind. Now, but a massive lawless Ponzi scheme backed by fire-power; IOW a fascist state and banana republic. The US Dollar, once the World's Reserve Currency, is now done. It is losing its support dramatically in global transactions and sovereign deposits - to the point that this dollar collapse has formed a solid prime trend, mainly because of the flawed and failed PNAC strategies, but also due to the initiatives of the US Federal Reserve and the US Treasury, in the transfer of wealth from its peoples to the Bankers. There is no confidence in US or global "leadership" anywhere.

The PNAC strategy is focussed on the former USSR states of Eastern Europe, the whole of Asia, which includes the Middle East, Northern Africa and what they term as East Asia which is in fact, the Far East. In other words, the whole of Asia is to be restructured and re-organized into manageable feeble states. Africa Proper and South American gets the same treatment but by other specialist US Agencies, just as warlords, that hold 'a priori' inter-agency claims to the control of event horizons in these particular theatres of operation. 

Part of the Feeble State Plan

The Gillard led Federal Labour Government of Australia have confirmed their invitation for the US Military Occupation of Australia. There has been nothing secret about the announcements as stated herein. It was of mention during the recent visit to Australia by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and further, arising from M's Gillard's recent visit to the USA.

Here, in this Blog, the details and what the currently underway imminent US military occupation of Australia means and how it ends.

How Australia fits into the US Death Star strategy: 

Australia’s sparse population and wide expanses of unoccupied and infertile lands from its Western to Eastern shores is the ideal launching vehicle for the US military confrontation of the World. This whole Northern area of Australia is mainly occupied by large international mining corporations mostly controlled by major US and foreign shareholders, a few Aboriginals and wandering tribes, a small number of property managers and the odd bloke or two. All of which presents no security or risk problems to the occupying US War machine. State governments will co-operate as will the mainstream media. The latter being under complete subservient and voluntary control by Federal Government Policy. The risk of the US public becoming aware of, involved with – or attacked on their own soil, is totally minimized. Security presents no problems to the US Occupation forces, while Australia accepts fully, all the risk of total nuclear annihilation.

The Western and Northern coast lines grant ideal conditions for listening posts and submarine communications, fuel storage and bunkering, ship and warship maintenance, dockyards, air-bases and attack collection points for Africa, South West Asia and Northern Africa (Middle East) while being a major support facility to the US prime Diego Garcia base in the Indian Ocean. Perth will represent the facilities for the housing of the required shore support personnel and corporate communications with the global mining and security corporations. US in-house and contract “wet” operations will remain head-quartered in Thailand, in convenient reach of just a few hours, for the Region.  Update: It has been recently rumored that the US Military will take over / are in the process of taking possession of, the Garden Island area just South of Freemantle and Perth on the WA coast for a major US naval facility, and housing for more than a significant amount of support personnel and their families. This pristine coastal  bay is an area of protected waters and beautiful sandy beaches.

The Central – Northern, Central and Southern coast lines represent ideal locations for isolated airbases, training and firing ranges, underground hanger facilities and as well as nuclear munitions and normal armament safe dry storage, while permitting ease of road and air infrastructures with high speed and heavy lift access for servicing and operational logistics. Listening antennae located across the Northern frontiers of Australia will provide the US Ear Arrays access to all global traffic into, out of. and between all Asian nations while the Southern facilities will provide submarine and US strike base support and control for the US bases in Antarctica. 

The Eastern Coast facilities will provide full air and sea support blanketing the Pacific Ocean Region as well as the Far East – Japan, Korea and Russia while monitoring all sea and land movements to as far as Vladivostok . 

The Australian Continent represents to the US Military a completely safe, invisible, quiet, controllable and maximum security zone from which to launch its weapons and strike forces onto any part of the Region, without notice. It provides a secure communications headquarters for listening to global chatter, maintaining force communications and co-ordination and a location that will not be confronted at any cost to the US Taxpayer. And yet another bonus for those of the US elites and US citizens is that any destructive fallout due to nuclear warfare will be fully paid for by the Australians. 

A perfect US driven “Death Star” handed on a platter by the Prime Minister of Australia M's Julia Gillard, in order for the USA to effect its aspirations, hungers and Policy of Global war, genocide and nation restructuring. 


The US Occupation   from Greg Davies

"And enfant terrible John Pilger has observed" 

"As the Washington historian William Blum has documented, since 1945, the US has destroyed or subverted more than 50 governments, many of them democracies, and used mass murderers like Suharto, Mobutu and Pinochet to dominate by proxy. In the Middle East, every dictatorship and pseudo-monarchy has been sustained by America. In “Operation Cyclone”, the CIA and MI6 secretly fostered and bank-rolled Islamic extremism." 

“The real objectives of US foreign policy have been wealth and power, specifically the wealth and power of its own wealthy and powerful. In that pursuit it is following a path well trodden for millennia. In that pursuit it is the imperial power, operating more often by corruption and intrigue than by outright military conquest, but an imperial power nevertheless. In that pursuit the modern United States governments betray everything their forefathers fought for, which was freedom from the yoke of a remote imperial power acting on behalf of its concentrations of wealth and power. “ 

“I heard no words from Gillard about the need for the fundamental reform of the US financial system, access of Australian beef and other agricultural produce, of the need to withdraw from Afghanistan, of Australian determination to protect the rights of Julian Assange and of concern at US prevarication over the unfolding events in North Africa.” 

“We do not need to blow our trumpet over our escape from the GFC. Our saviour was China, not the Australian Treasury and certainly not the USA who caused it.” 

“It was the speech of a leader of a vassal sate. It was a speech Harold Holt would have been proud of, "All the way with the USA". Why did she make it? It was an unnecessary suck, unless of course we are being softened up for an announcement that the US will station increased military assets in Australia and this was an attempt to show a close relationship in order to justify an bolstering an American military presence. Are we about to become a pawn in the evolving competition between China and the US?” 

Global “leadership" is in crisis. The USA is a leaderless spent force of an Empire in its death throes

radioactive hot & total desolation  for 1 million years - lifeless

Is this what M's Gillard has in mind for the future of Australia when the Americans' finish their wars? The above is the most likely scenario under the "joint US Australian" military initiative. Just who does M's Gilard think will believe such a ludicrous statement?

Domestically, the USA has completely degraded with all its socio-economic programs in total disarray, revolutionary encounters and confrontations between state governments and the people - are now a daily occurrence. Unemployment is well above 23%, there is only a shadow of its former on-shore US industry now remaining, Wall Street and the Banker community are the full beneficiaries of the wealth of the production population – and x2 generations into the future, while its Congress is fully obedient to the AIPAC Lobby. President Obama has become, as predicted before his election, naught, but a fluff; a toothless tiger who has reneged on all of his election promises. 

Obama having been awarded the coveted Nobel Peace Prize early in his Presidency, has not only extended the US war front-lines and troop inputs but has created new fronts while re-opening the Guantanamo Bay Program where incarceration without charge or trial and daily torture has become the norm of this President. The whole of the Mediterranean region that were the former vassal states of the US Empire are in various states of decay, revolution, including Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia to name but a few. The inference is clearly a massive uprising that is about to reach its critical mass towards a new preferred paradigm of Pan Arabia; at least an Arab based uprising which is finding its support in mutual interest based contagion, despite religious divides. In other words, the US has lost its influence in SW Asia apart, of course, for Israel, the days for which, also appear to be numbered. 

In recent days Japan, a strong supporter of the US has experienced a massive earthquake, a resultant Tsunami which have further resulted in irreparable damages to its Nuclear Radioactive Reactor Energy Generation infrastructures. These reactors were supplied by the US based General Electric Corporation (GEC) which brings to light that a number of physicists working on these plants originally had resigned out of professional concern that the plants were dangerous and flawed. The US at the first notice of Japan's exploding Nuclear facilities made a 'conditional' offer to help. The conditions were found unacceptable by the Japanese so the US have not concerned themselves in the Japanese Nuclear humanitarian disaster, which has killed over 10,000 people to date, destroyed whole villages, town, and homes etc,, etc. These events have created the emissions of radioactive outputs which will guarantee for all those exposed, death by radiation poisoning or cancer.

Radioactive Warning

Japan's economy has been delicately stagnate for at least 2 decades but this major nuclear disaster brings further socio-economic stress to Japan that need to be immediately addressed. Re-building, revival, jobs, business, markets, employment, health issues, alternative power generation, new infrastructure, replacement housing and many other issues. From here, Japan can re-invent itself through finding its own roots by returning to being Japan again - for the Empire is done.

The question then begs: Will Japan now forget easily the US conditional offer of help? Will Japan now finally realize that being a vassal state to the US Empire, serves no significant or good purpose for Japan? Will Japan now become a full and integral member of the Asian community? The answer is clear and affirmative. No good comes of total US influence and imposition over your Nation's affairs. US influence is all but done here.

US Debt: US Treasury Bonds. China has been on hold from buying further US Debt and holds about ~20% of US Treasury Bonds while Japan and the Arab Oil Producing States hold about ~25% of US Debt – one easily sees the advantages if China can easily and profitably open its markets to Japan – and where, of course, if Japan accepts. The pragmatic Asians are more likely to make profit from this unfortunate and horrible disaster and while Japan will need to generate funds for its reconstruction programs, it will obviously sell its US Debt, among other options available. And the Arab States will likely also at least desist in the purchase of further US Treasury Debt, thus leaving the US Federal Reserve the last and only buyer of choice for US Debt. The US is also plagued with its collapsing “munis” which are tanking far beyond mainstream economists' expectations, while Pimco, the world's largest bond dealer, have recently dumped all their US Treasury Holdings. This leaves really the only other significant and potential large scale buyer as the UK, but it is engaged full time buying its own debt instruments. So, we can strike the UK off the US T-bond buyer list as well. IOW the US Bond market is about to dump and dump heavily.

Source: Leap 2020 GEAB No. 53

Australia remains today a Colony of the United Kingdom where to the US, we Australians, like Pavlov's dogs, are an ideal "US friend", especially with "leadership" that only harks the word of the Queen (until recently), and of course, self agenda, a priori. Now, they 'prey' loyalty unashamedly to their US pay-masters - avec des larmes de joie. A population of ~20+ million people huddled around the coastline in select and isolated areas where water is available, with poor communications and an highly expensive cost of living standard. - plus an, as usual, eager-to-please - for foreign despots, bankers and foreign CEO's; opportunistic, but typical,  political hive. No possibility of a revolution, no guns, no recourse, just docile believers in Queen and Her (God Save The Queen) golden Southern shores of the Penal Colonies where all citizens crave their TV, getting drunk and looking forward to taxation beyond death for their children's future. Looking on the good 'bright' side, any radiation that escapes the Northern hemisphere’s nuclear radioactive power generators will not reach our sunny shores. Australia is indeed the “lucky Country”. 

The Future Outlook 

The global prime trend is toward socio-economic collapse; toward a Dark Age, demographically expressed, of this there can be little doubt. By this US Summer this will become clear to even the most naïve and gullible. By the end of 2011 and the start of 2012, the US collapse will be in its final phases; the US Dollar fully collapsed as the Reserve Currency, the US influence over global resources, in particular oil, gone, Its Financial Corporations and TBTF organizations will have simply moved off-shore leaving an empty shell; and, a socio-economic mess of unemployed, unemployable, broke, sick, hungry and angry population with a foreseeable future of uncertainty and lack of hope. These will be the lucky ones. 

Yet, the US Military might will fight its last battles, presumably Nuclear, by lashing out at any nation, all Nations from the continent of Australia - the Death Star Australis. The military orders will originate from the ivy clustered walls and mahogany furnished halls, lush homes and offices of the pseudo-academic maniacs-in-charge, the neocons, as they remain faithful to their plan to restructure the World’s nations into “feeble-states” from the safety of North America; the "Home of the Brave". The Trotskyites, those of the crazed and insane leftover legacy of Genghis and Kublai Khan's slavery on Europe's steppes, will have destroyed yet another Nation of humanity, like a plague of locusts.

The All-Nation Flag of Australia

Australia at the hands of the political “leadership” will become, as Nevil Shute wrote in his novel 'On The Beach', a flattened wasteland, red hot and covered by a radioactive cloud that kills every known form of life known to man. Australia is destined to become that place which is dead. While scattered everywhere across this former Nation will be the remnants of US war machines inter mingled with the dust of an humanity that will be remembered no more, and the whitened dried bones of the naïve and gullible; that 'ship of fools'. No more laughter; no more dreams; no more. 

Arising questions 
  • At that time when Australia and the US "jointly" attacks China, have you taken into consideration how long the resultant counter attacks and its associated nuclear fallout will take to wipe out the whole of Australia's population, or not? Will it be days, weeks, or a few months?
  • Will Australia's children need to undertake the Pledge of Allegiance (to the USA) when at school?
  • As China is Australia’s largest trading partner, why does the government and M's Gillard find it necessary to make a joint alliance with the bankrupt, failed but desperate state such as the United States of America, in order to confront China militarily? 
  • What is the real issue here?
  • Can you not consider telling the Americans to attack China from their own soil? 
  • M's Gillard are you totally insane? 

Oscar Wilde: "the true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity." 

“Let the dead bury their dead”

- Year 2015 Perth, Western Australia: When the last of the US nuclear wars were done and the radiation clouds had almost completely blanketed  the Death Star Australis, the final US Nuclear Submarine with the last Americans on board, slowly steamed out of Freemantle Harbour and submerged to set course for its home Port; the United States, the Sun of Ra set in the Western horizon to forever rest. The American's have no further use of Australia or its  inhabitants. And, nobody but the Americans know the full extent of the war damage or the full implications of the radiation that covers Australia or even how long remains before all life is totally extinguished and before the cancer completes its deadly work. Nobody needs to know, as intuitively it is felt that all is lost and there is nobody left that cares; it is a hard fate for all that remain. 

They are right. 

Most of the important Australian  government members, including Prime Minister M's Julia Gillard, and their families (and their pets) were already secretly airlifted many months ago to the US and the UK, in order to establish the government in exile, so as to ensure a "joint stability and continuity" for future Australian generations as a matter of "National Security". 

There will be no future Australian generations.  

Certainty ensures that Australia and all remaining souls, will soon die the death of a thousand cuts and will fade forever from the memories of all men. No person will dare visit these shores again for 1 million years, or more. But, we, the dying and dead, are content in the knowledge that the Australian government, the Prime Minister and Australia's National Security are safe in the UK and in the USA. 

There will be no more laughter and no more tears on these 'sun radiation burnt shores'.

The game of madmen & cowards

"In war, truth is the first casualty."  - Aeschylus

UPDATE: April 27, 2011
Reported by the Australian Newspaper from Beijing

"Our policy is not to contain," the Prime Minister said. "Our policy is to engage, to positively engage with China. A China that's fully engaged in our region is good for the region, it's good for Australia, it's good for China."

Comment: This matter appears to have been the Prime contextual diplomatic issue at this meeting between Australia and China? Most interesting indeed and not the first time for this Lady to change her position.

It is good, as it is 180 degree shift in position from that which arose from the recent meetings between M's Gillard and Hillary Clinton. Now M's Gillard must refuse further US military occupation of Australia as well and dumping the Carbon Tax scam while re-introducing the Mining Rent Tax.

Another more interesting Update: Added May 5th. 2011

Comment: Nothing new here but the validation of ideas and references that add support to the bankrupt state of "leadership" that Australians have imposed upon themselves. This date appears to mark the final moment of the US Dollar where the markets are not reacting in a predictable manner at all - especially to all that manipulation. These days it is a time for all good men to believe the insanities that are, and have been unleashed on the face of the Earth

New comment: I have included some new links which confirm my observations and the treasonous activities of the Australian "leadership" where now it appears is clear that Australia will not only finally become, NOW - not just the proxy USA Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump site that will receive ALL of the USA toxic production - past and present and forever, but, the Nuclear Waste Dump site to serve the whole World.

Just lovely and how nice of them.


blindman said...

here a link if you haven't already
seen it. wonderfully hellish post
my friend.

blindman said...

"The Royal Scam" by Anonymous Correspondent

rp40 said...

i admit it, i have always taken
everything in my life personally.
" we are all of us in the gutter
but some of us are looking at the stars."
oscar w.

Anonymous said...

PeterJB said...

I hope everyone who visits this Blog, reads and views the information links that you have submitted here.

We are at a critical point in the evolution of humanity: people need to seek the knowledge beneath their feelings and to avoid the offered sophistry and propaganda to seek the Truth - thank you b.

b.... said...
radio bikini

blindman ... said...
"*Congressman* Ezak[?], what was your first general impression
of the explosion of the atomic bomb a few moments ago?...
It was one of *keen disappointment* I'll say. It looked to me
as if the Navy department thought members of congress would
get too close and that they do not consider us expendable."

"It struck me as the most awe-inspiring and magnificent man-made
spectacle I have ever seen in my life."

"It put me pretty much in mind of the, uh, setting sun."

"It seemed like a huge, giant firecracker."

PeterJB said...

"A Man has got to do, what a Man has to do"

Despite being emotionally disturbed by the manipulations and machinations of current "leadership" where betrayal and cowardice are the prime attributes,, I remain optimistic in the long term future; irradiated or not ;-)

Do you notice how these, our esteemed "leaders", are now murdering their constituents, us, in cold blood?

Nice, eh?


b said...

here the right link.

Anonymous said...

that last link, speaking of ship
of fools

Anonymous said...

wow, that was great.

Anonymous said...
nest cam

PeterJB said...

There is always hope

Average Jane said...

Phenomenal rant, PJB. Left me breathless. And ashamed to be an American.

PeterJB said...

Greetings AJ
Thanks the comment,

Time as he grows old teaches all things.

blind man oh man said...

is it me or does the reading on
the attentional deficit meter seem
to change from time to time?

PeterJB said...

To answer your question, you must know that there is not just one race of beings on the Planet but 7 and the mixes races thereof.

In the end the sapean race will take the lead so it is heavy currently on attention, whereas the other main races are inattentive and therefore in decline.
Hope this help but I am fully optimistic.


blindman oh man said...

i never thought about that but
now that you mention it i imagine
that could explain more than a few
of my own personal failings.
by the way, as the author, do you make up these pictures that i need to transcribe to post here or is this the job of an underling or the
work of a program of some kind?

blindman oh said...

you may or may not know but this
attention spectrum meter you have
is a very powerful instrument?
it may sound funny but i am very
serious about this. often humour
is a key component and feature of
truth. this i know you are aware.
anyway, this meter is unique to my
knowledge and as such is a metric
that has potency. just sayin'.
i realize it would be an abomination to
exploit such a thing for undue advantage
but still. i just thought it prudent to bring
it up for open consideration and acknowledgment.
i have been using it myself for some time now. i hope you don't mind.?

PeterJB said...

The 7th Race is emergent and will carry the full potential of the Third Eye. The other Races are in decline. The 7th Race is Man; Spiritual Man - at last - but remember, all prior races, evolved into the 7th. Race. It is the redundants of the former races that fade.

The cycle determines - while the 7th. Race is the Parochial (of Earth) expression of Universal Intelligence. - the evolution.

It will start again and will evolve again. The attentional bell curve is constant fro all emergent life and the only variant is the measure of the Bell. 'Time' is the unique temporal signature of each and every life form; nothing less but that's enough as most cannot understand.

Everything is important - to the 7th, Race. You will see,
@ blindman, but then you are not so blind.


PeterJB said...

@ blindman

No underlings as I am at the deep bottom, like Atlas. I lift them (the pictures) from the sites that I peruse and hopefully acknowledge my appreciation for their greater skills - than I.

The Bell Curve (attentional) has been with me for many years: magick.

No I don't mind - Wisdom should be freely available to all - This is the way of the 7th. Race.

Ho hum

PeterJB said...

@ blindman FYI

I have just received my first copy of my Book which consists of all the 242 pages in Verbewarp - in colour and with an Index.

I use this for editing and give this copy to my Daughter.

It has a black hard front and back cover with the image of the Goddess Nut in blue and gold on the front cover. The quality is superb.

Size about 12 x 9 1.5 inches

I am looking for a printer publisher and propose to offer it for sale from my Blog if I can get a reasonable pricing arrangement.

Any ideas?

blindman said...

i will take three copies. i don't
know the printint business but
i have met a few printers. there
are a few / maybe two that haven't
gone out of business yet here on
the island. i could get their contact info. or make an inquiry if you like.

PeterJB said...

Thanks @ blindman

I am working on it at the moment and have some enquiries out into China and have some help busting codes...


x3 copies eh? I will have to get the price down a lot then


thank you - leave it with me for awhile

and hen I need to do about a few days editing only...


blindman oh man said...

what is the title? verbewarp.
this is exciting!

PeterJB said...

@ blindman

Don't get too excited as it is a print version of the Blog - mainly because:
1. People complain that there is too much to read on the Blog
2. They can't be bothered to read anything but the last post
3. I wanted to see it in a book format to give to my Daughter - who loves it - (she is 14)

But if I can get the printing costs down - maybe I can see a few copies which will be read. It could allow me to buy a bottle of Good Scotch every now and then too ;-)

Title: Discourses in the philosophy of natural physics (physis)

Be assured, I do not believe that there will be many copies sold - probably less that 50 - that's enough though - actually I am happy to see my daughter's face reading the ONLY copy

blindman oh man said...

if you like i'll put a post on my
utube page to direct for preorders.
you could collect preorder payments, no? i could make a video
advertisement if you like as long as i get to play the banjo! i'll
let you write the lyric if you must

blindman said...

like i said i'll take 3 copies.
tell me how much and where to send the money. i'll hawk this thing
if you like. sight unseen

PeterJB said...

I once played the banjo,
but I feel the lyrics would be best left to you


muchas gracias Senor

but as aforesaid, I am at this very moment working on price and printing - it will take awhile, I'm afraid

but please do what you will - it all helps

and three it will be ------------^^

PeterJB said...

I would like a pyrate song perhaps ^^? ;-)

PeterJB said...

@ blindman

You're mention of the importance of the attentional bell curve, but really is there any difference with the Zodiac?

Obviously the Zodiac goes back in time to somewhere around the mid 3rd. root race -= as the cyclic expectation measure of the cyclic mentalities of consciousness that will impact - or do impact all karmaic races - from that time forth.

We are in the same pattern and now entering Aquarius opposing Leo - significant of the 7th race that will entreat to the 9th, through the 8th.

Are they not the same?

blindman said...

@ ..."Are they not the same?"
i'm sure i do not know. but,
the bell curve shape certainly
correlates with half of the circular pattern used to represent the zodiac. that being an artifact
of our capacities to represent these things on a two dimensional surface. so they are symbolically
identical but one has been transformed and truncated, the bell curve. but that is not what you're saying me thinks.
attentional stability seems like the key to the room, the zodiac is the contents of the room and it just so happens by another fractal miracle, majic, of creation that the two have the same signature?
we have seen this before in everything and i think you have made another powerful observation and correlation here. these both
are based on an illusion of time that can be experiencially and symbolically verified, (truth ed).
and then united thereby tuning the
instrument. ?
regards the races and entreatment
i don't know how to approach this
idea other than to say i will keep
my eyes open for any signs of further developments regarding intelligent life on earth.
in case you didn't see this link ..
from cd's recent post.

by TheAkashicRecord
on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 12:14

Check out the documentary Human Resources, watch for free here

I would also recommend Century of Self

And The Kogi; “The elder brothers’ warning”
Tierra y Vida
"Everything about their history and religion is passed down through oral instructions and their lives are run by the spiritual leaders or Shamans named "Mamas." The Kogi Mamas are chosen from birth and spend the first nine years of childhood in a cave in total darkness learning the ancient secrets of the spiritual world or Aluna."

PeterJB said...

@ blindman

" i will keep my eyes open for any signs of further developments regarding intelligent life on earth."

If you find or see any evidence, please let me know.


Cut the Zodiac so it lays flat and with all the division in proper order.

At the beginning of each Epoch, lay in the Attentional Bell Curve (ABC - hey, how about that? Alpha-bet)
and at the end of each Epoch, the end of the ABC. (x12 in all - but ad continuum).

what you need now is to input the attributes of each Zodiacal period, in terms of the recorded and written - experienced, ruling levels / measure / weights, dimensions, of human consciousness - in a contrived spectrum.

My bet is that we will see rises and falls (variations) consistent with the Sun's energy levels.

Tks the links - I will follow.


blindman said...

[KR138] Keiser Report – For a Few Billion Dollars More
April 15th, 2011 by stacyherbert
We talk to Cory Doctorow
stacy and max report phenomena consistent with this idea concerning attentional stability and zodiac energy development and associated destruction of manifest attentional manifestations, systems, structures, , materials and elements. the stories of dismantling wiring systems for the copper and the story of financial dismantling of trillion dollar systems for the cash amounting to
mere billions in bonuses. the falling off the over focused end of the curve nearing the end of the epoch.

blindman said...

"are they not the same?" yes.
meaning man's attention is his
universe, experience and consciousness and it is within his
will to arrange it, create it or
reform it within the limits of his vision and imagination.

blindman said...

but every point on our contrived
spectrum contains everyother point,
kind of like on the bell spectrum where the peak / maximum is broken
down to be composed of the same basic spectrum. just systemically
accumulated in time and space. or
localized. changing the color.

PeterJB said...

@ b.

"of the same basic spectrum. just systemically
accumulated in time and space. or
localized. changing the color."

But each phase of the Zodiac represents a different level of functional consciousness which implies that the variates or attentionals within each periodic phase (Epoch) would be wonderfully variant. As well, each new Epoch is entered into as a differentiated state (non linear) by those energies prior to - arising out of - and the syssion with the pull /attractions of the karmaic energies /forces, so there would be wonderful multiplicities of potentials and probabilities - albeit is a known spectral format.

Just beautiful, methinks.

blindman said...

i'm working on it. it is not
so easy.

PeterJB said...

I added two (x2) U-Tubes that should be of interest.

- Getting it -

. Karma is an attractive force - a channelling force.
. Life is of the cycles
. 7 Root races
. 7 sub-races
' 7 Cycles

Obviously the result is a singularity or IOW a qualitative simplicity.

blindman said...

that was a most enlightening
interview with terence mckenna
to start off this easter sunday.
what comes to mind is the "cycle"?
or/of balancing forces of gravity
and electrical forces. in that
matter under varying contexts, levels of communication or association with matter produces
both gravitational and electric forces and these two in varying concentrations and distributions
start the wheels turning.
we are pinned to the earth by gravity and at the same time compelled upward due to the senses
being assaulted by the electromagnetic spectrum. finding
moments of balance between the two
in a virtual perspective which is
our self in time.
just had to put that out for
the spiral arms seem to be a dynamic compromise, a form of
celestial balance of gravity and
sensitivity to distant electrical callings, or karma. novelty tunings.
everyone should have the opportunity to see
this interview.
thank you, once again

Anonymous said...

Interesting blogsite. You might want to do some editing: Nevil Shute, not John Steinbeck, is the author of On the Beach.


PeterJB said...

@ Anon
"You might want to do some editing: Nevil Shute, not John Steinbeck, is the author of On the Beach."

Whoops... Freudian slip

Thank you

PeterJB said...

@ blindman

Happy that you enjoyed the great Sage as much as I did. It was serendipity in falling over these two gems after all these years. A Man of great courage and humility and Yes, I agree with his message.

Like jelly fish and their enormous hanging tentacles ^^?

I am always considering that fact that the truth always lies hidden - right in front of one's face. And the best way to mislead a person is to tell him the bare truth - as then you are never believed ;-)

Happy Easter and the accelerating ride on Draco... while rumination on the current rapidly - as in extremely - accelerating advances in technology that we are achieving while at the same time, the established houses of sciences being exposed as little more than bureaucracies (v. Mises) or at best, Freudian sleep (Blake?).

blindman said...

@"And the best way to mislead a person is to tell him the bare truth - as then you are never believed ;-)".
that is funny and the source of humor, the bare truth. if you
think about this you may get wrinkles, eternal wrinkles.
never ending wrinkles.....

PeterJB said...

@ blindman

I sent the file to you by email
I need to rest before I attack it in editing mode

any comments appreciated

b said...

1:08 AM here,
no email? will check in later am.

b said...

metals in warp overdrive.

PeterJB said...

1328 here

I sent the email and attachment again.

Let me know

PeterJB said...

Thanks for the heads up on metals - I forgot as it is a holiday here as is tomorrow - ^^ ;-)

blindman , b said...

pardon but, no email. i think
you may have sent to another
address, not me. rp here. or
there is some problem with the
size of the transmisson?

PeterJB said...

sent again rp cc t.v - size very small 48k

PeterJB said...

You have it - so send me please an email address that works - in due course - i hope you enjoy the encounter

PeterJB said...

@ b
revelation ;-) Oh aye, I had, I believe sent you a number of emails Yes, and I do remember. Go to Help and search for security or block in your email client.
I am thinking that I might just mount this on the Blog as it proves a point. Let me know when I can email you...

blindman said...

i found it under "options". i'm
sure that this was not available at the time when the block went
into place. this is an upgrade.
anyway, the line is now clear and
if there were no responses in the past it was due to my inability to
master the medium, and that is
a truth that applies all around
i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Australia is under military occupation from the US – Incorrect!
Military occupation occurs when the control and authority over a territory passes to a hostile army. The territory then becomes occupied territory.
Hostile army being the key term, let’s remember that we are friends with Americans and we are the beneficiary of a ‘Huge’ amount of Military technology.

US Attacking China. Extremely unlikely! <10%
Standing Army Size.
Peoples Republic of China 2.285 million
United States: 1.5million
All the technology in the world will not occupy a country with 2.2million soldiers on the other side of the world. Projecting power over such a large distance against such a large country is logistically impossible, even with the help of all your allies and bases scattered worldwide.

Australia Backing the US in this war against China: Unlikely <20%
It’s no secret that Australia is a proxy for the resource boom fuelled by china, we are not about to cut the cash cow for the sake of US Neo Con agenda.
China launching a nuclear weapons at Australia. Extremely Unlikely <1%
Not going to happen. The odds are extremely stacked against this theory.


PeterJB said...

@ Anon - aka Frank

Thanks for your post and please be assured that I hope that it is you that is correct because a country occupied by the powerful military in the World, is a country lost forever - nuclear war or not. Greek gifts come to mind.

Read here:

You are thinking as a nice person thinks, linearly but I am telling of the probabilities as Americans think.

I am also well aware of China and the protection it affords Australia in terms of business but please note that M's Gillard has just visited Japan first and for what reason may I ask? And then South Korea, for what reason I ask again - and she may now push onto China now, as an after thought? And then as if she has not accomplished - not enough, she runs off to a wedding of our Colonial powers to make up the numbers? Just who is M's Gillard meeting on this trip?

The US has no friends Frank, for a reason as it takes fear wherever it goes and it destroys Nations (read the detailed materials provided by the links.

As I said Frank, I hope you are right, but I know in my gut, that I am not wrong.

Thank you again.

PeterJB said...

@ Anon aka Franl

I just realized that you have identified correctly my very point and I apologize for my oversight:

You said: " we are the beneficiary of a ‘Huge’ amount of Military technology. "

Indeed Frank, and it is called a "faustian bargain" and the deal that ousted Mr Rudd through the good offices of Mr Arbib in favour of a more appreciative and pliable (read: useful) M's Gillard.

From v Mises Bureaucracy I quote from Chapter VII page 110 onwards:

"All the others are merely
repeating what they have picked up by the way. They are an easy prey to demagogic swindlers and idiotic quacks."

"Their gullibility is the most serious menace to the preservation
of democracy and to Western civilization."

PeterJB said...

From the Australian newspaper this am comes the news of an interesting exchange being attributed to M's Gillard in Beijing.

"Our policy is not to contain," the Prime Minister said. "Our policy is to engage, to positively engage with China. A China that's fully engaged in our region is good for the region, it's good for Australia, it's good for China."

This appears to be a 180 degree turn from that when in the Hillary Clinton zone of comfort.

We shall see but it is very interesting that this context appears to have been the prime place of China - Australia concern at this meeting; very interesting indeed.

Now she needs to do a rethink on that US military occupation. - dump the Carbon Tax - revisit the Mining Rent Tax and act like a responsible person with "governance" as the top priority.

It's a positive step.

PeterJB said...

Note: I have added a few links to this article which will be of interest.

PeterJB said...

May 16th. 2011

I have added more links at the bottom of the post which suggests that Australia is about to become the Nuclear Waste Dump for the whole World.

Death by radiation poisoning appears to be Australians destiny.

Just lovely.

PeterJB said...

For those of you who do not believe that the US Military will not permanently occupy Australia, think again:

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama will announce an accord for a new and permanent U.S. military presence in Australia when he visits next week, a step aimed at countering China's influence and reasserting U.S. interest in the region, said people familiar with his plans.

The agreement will lead to an increase in U.S. naval operations off the coast of Australia and give American troops and ships "permanent and constant" access to Australian facilities, the people said. While no new American bases will be built under the plan, the arrangement will allow U.S. forces to place equipment in Australia and set up more joint exercises, they said.'

This is Fabian stealth and has been the intention from the beginning: You have been lied to, again. And you believed their lies, again.

Aussie Rod said...

So what do we do now?

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