March 07, 2011

"Living in Truth"

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Sol Invictus this is not! 

What is presented here is not as the ancient sun religions like Ra, Amon and Amon Re - Zoroastrianism and Mithraism, where the Sun was essentially a "personified" God and the object of formal institutional worship supervised by organized and 'ordained' priests which extract their costs for service, but as the Sun, being within, its radiant energies, its internal heat and light, the Truth of life; the radiant source of all life. 

What the belief system must grasp is the core truth that we are and all life is the direct result of the Sun's own physical and spiritual being; we are all suns', all unique individuals and by reflecting on this as a truth, in terms of natural physics, or physis, the dead leaves and paraphernalia surrounding life and the myriads of our junk opinions and mental garbage built on the control mechanisms of the priestly cabal of the past 3 millennium will quickly fall away leaving the shining truth just as Isis when her veils are finally raised. In other words, clearly I offer hard physics, that is to say, no "personifications", no awe, and no priests as the evidence for Truth. We are of the energized plasma of the Sun; we are an Universal Principle where this Principle is expressed in our unique environment and milieux, as a Parochial Principle. We are all the witnesses* of the substantial Truth itself. 


“But the meek shall inherit the Earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” 

The point of the argument that follows is that we are at an end of the Epoch known as Pisces and enter into the Age of Aquarius. As such, these Ages and or Epochs are represented by the Houses of the Zodiac. The Zodiac has been dated to originating about ~43,000 years ago and representative of the various types and attributes of the ruling consciousness of men during these cyclic periods. Each period of change, known, in modern terminology as a 'phase transition', is accompanied by changes in all aspects of planetary, if not galactic, life phenomenon - as well as telluric upheavals which have progressed, in the written record, from globally - very destructive, to the relatively far lesser degree of destruction, as we experience today. 


The most powerful driver of the human condition known to man is the paradigm, or the belief system that is engendered, or etched into and onto the minds and hearts of men. 

It is here stated that the most powerful of paradigms is 'The Spirit of the Truth', itself in essence by commanding presence as the golden thread in all things and it is no coincident that the greatest and richest of all ancient Egyptian Pharaohs was Amenhotep IV or Akhnaton (Circa 1383 BCE) who presided over Egypt at the beginning of the phase transition entering into The Epoch of Pisces. It is proposed within these arguments that “Living in Truth” as embraced by Akhnaton is the Prime Belief System that will be adopted for the next Age of Man and as such will bring the greatest of all things imaginable to humanity through reason, integrity and humility – as well as the pursuit of the scientific enquiry at the highest levels of qualitative integrity. 

This, to be expressed in an asymmetric socio-economic governance system of holistic rising intellectual connectivity or true anarchy. This Epoch will be known as the Age of Man, when men will be made “accomplished” to be-come Man. Gone, eventually, will be the corruptions, the vile genocides, the instabilities and the ravages and rages of impositional warfare and failed superficial and materialistically flawed socio-economic preferential systems. However, that which the following cycle and Age brings is yet to be determined but hopefully, with intellectual attainment, we will indeed be well prepared. 

The interpretation of ancient texts of the original Hebrew, utilized herein and concerning the foregoing messages from the hoary past, has been carried out at my request of an old, close friend and colleague. This work is entirely objective, original and entirely secular; a love of truth and a undertaking of the Heart. Astonishing results are revealed throughout the coarse of parsing directly from the ancient Hebrew directly into French and then onto English by this unaffiliated academic. No simple task, but note that those English interpretations that we have today have been taken from Hebrew, translated into Greek , the Coptic and then into Latin and finally onto English where at every step we can confidentially assume the widely biased tendencies and preferences of political / religious piety and priestly correctness, literalism and forgeries (Rome was known in ancient Greece as the 'city of forgeries'), and torqued at each step over 2 millennia. The formal Rabbinical interpretations that exist in English today, stray wildly from their original Hebrew caste. 

The key to this particular discourse, is the definition of the term 'meek' while my position is that the ancient texts contained qualitative levels of consciousness, thoughts and wisdom of the former bicameral Mind which exceed the superficial thinking and preferential assumptions of todays' academic quantitative and superficial offerings . Generally, 'meek' today is defined as someone of mild tendency and infers the poor, uneducated, humble in spirit and manner, cowed submissiveness , very docile; "tame obedience"; evidencing little spirit or courage; overly submissive or compliant; "compliant and anxious to suit his opinions of those of others", gentle, courteous, kind, etc., however, I beg to differ substantially with these definitions which I support with the recent interpretations and recent science. 

Amenhotep IV - Akhnaton

In the beginning the Earth and all on it was created. It was then up to man-the-created, or as it is said, man the 'unaccomplished”, to evolve by his own resources, to make, or to-be-made himself Man-the-'accomplished'; essentially, he was on his own and it was up to him.. Here 'Man-the accomplished' is the “meek”, which then is a far different definition and comprehension for “meek” from our current lexicons. In short, evolution ensures that out of the crude mould of materialistic orientated clay, man eventually, but through his own resources, enters into be-coming as a refined entity where energetic spirituality fuses or transmutes through differentiated stages as Man (the “accomplished”). Or, as it is stated, that time as when God walks the face of Earth. At this time Man, or God, is the “Meek”. 

Circa 1383 BCE Amenhotep IV, or Akhnaton , founder of the 'Religion of the Disk', Aton, or the visible disk of the Sun, the source of all life, brought, in the midst of the period of Amon Re, a new belief system to Egypt as 'the Son of the Sun'; the Pharaoh; a Man who had we assume, naturally mastered all the energies from Alpha to Bet. He worshipped "the Energy within the Disk"; the heat and light, - the ultimate Reality while “Living in Truth”; the Great Peace Maker. From what has been written about this Man, he appears to have achieved or “accomplished”, great humility without spiritual arrogance; high natural intellect, great compassion, being artistically oriented to beauty and the joy of being, as well as 'respect', all, whilst unaffected by Power – that, a priori, accompanies high position, grandeurs, riches, wealth and abundances and normally and typically weighs on and absolutely corrupts lesser men; Akhnaton was truly a unique being. 

Akhnaton, The World's first Individual: "The modern world has yet adequately to value or even to acquaint itself with this man who, in an age so remote and under conditions so adverse, became the world’s first idealist and the world’s first individual." Breasted--History of Egypt 

From each earthly cycle, and cosmic breathe en route from Unity to multiplicity and again back to Unity, we find that simplicity becomes complexity, which then spirals onwards and upwards, in opposition to the creation, to qualitative compounded simplicity whilst at all moments throughout these processes, consciousness ripens and parses spiritual transmutation into the materialistic armour that forges those chariots that we call life; it is the process of differentiation. It is the invisible hand to which Adam Smith refers to in The Wealth of Nations. And, while we move forward towards some expectation of a singing sword, forged by the hands of some high Buddhist sage of the Bushido Epoch of the sworn ethical knighthood of honour and integrity, or, indeed, some God or Druid King of those times of Caesar and Arthur, there is the slow realisation that pulses through the vibrant arteries of socio-economic transitions and dynamic intercourses, that what we contribute towards to our self organisations today, are the very foundations for attainment for those which will follow tomorrow. It is our legacy and yet, to our progeny, as before to we, also their lessons and memories. There, in the waters of the underworld our necessary and alchemy energies are stored for these folding and refolding processes enduring. 

Change is then the dynamic aeration of churn and brings the natural cross-fertilization to the expressions of universal and parochial principles; the churn that vitalises and feeds the wheat and rice; grains quenched by the waters and blessed by the sun after the nurturing touches of the dry and humid winds, upon which we survive and thrive. 

If then, the highest moral, ethical and intellectual response to today's socio-economic turmoil’s and telluric energies are those as observed being of impositions, torture, genocide, the murdering of the the old, the children and the innocent; that the transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to the 'out-of-control', 'above-the-law', risk-free seeking elite of the financial industries, thus leading to the mandatory manipulation of all essential markets and the findings and undertakings of matters scientific, Law, the MSM news media and the utilisation of profound and pervasive bald faced lies, then, that which is represented therein is nought but absolute clear evidence that such responses are neither moral, ethical nor intellectual. We today worship the lie which is personified in everything corporate and “leadership”. Here is our dilemma.

Can there be greater evidence that requires us to proclaim out loud with pervasiveness, that today's global “leadership” be all but incompetent, inadequate and incapable? Einstein suggested so. Can we deny that these of the crude materialistic responses which are dominated by the total absence of spirituality, that is, of total materiality are but living proofs of the prophesies of the ancient texts? We must dare consider then, as we cast our Mind's eye across the World today, that the days of the “unaccomplished” materialistic, non-spiritual man are all but gone, and the time now has arrived for the spontaneous evolution to be upon us for the spiritually and materialistically accomplishment, or that it is time for “accomplished” Man to appear from amongst the full spectrum of humanity,  in similar manner that the snake sheds its skin? 

“A good person thinks about virtue, lesser people think about wealth. A good person strives to uphold justice, lesser people scheme to gain advantage. The virtuous are never alone, they soon gain friends; but those who act only through self interest inevitably lose the respect of others.” Confucius 

as above, so below: we are all sons of the Sun

"Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war and until there are no longer first-class and second-class citizens of any nation, until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes. And until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, there is war. And until that day, the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, rule of international morality, will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained... now everywhere is war." - Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia 

“If people are restrained only by the threat of punishment for breaking the law, they will never develop a true sense of right and wrong. When they are shown by example how to follow rules of good conduct, they will be ashamed of doing wrong and be inspired to do what is right. Whoever learns how to refine his behavior and act with restraint will never do wrong.” 

But what of the collective paradigm that indulges in breaking the Law, in being above the Law, which build their own rules of what they alone collectively can do? As stated elsewhere herein, our current and traditional socio-economic system adopted from the corrupt Greeks, builds relationship between banker and ruler, which become sycophantic and predatory; which becomes cunning and duplicitous in its adoption of stealth and deception as the form of preferred governance of the lands and nations so designed to usurp the fruits of productivity. This is the living dead of the collective, a priori, being, and the resultant by-product of power; a power that so few men are capable to resist. The recursive looting becomes the day. 

For one singular reason, there is no other endeavour more fundamentally important, than seeking the core truth of what we are and the nature of the Universe. That reason is simply innate; we are a life phenomenon where our consciousness allows us to experience and visualize, infinity; it is our Nature. At every moment we are evoked to promote our spirituality; to learn our lessons as the World is our stage and where upon we may play out our lives.

So within the processes of living man, it is the proper energies that are dynamically “made” by man himself that facilitate the inter-diffusion and correlations of those energies that bring about differentiations in consciousness which return men to the Unity which will be defined here as the “accomplished” Man, or the “meek”. Some call it quantum entanglement; it is that which we are. 

Which brings us to the point of the power of the paradigm itself. It has 'oft been stated that there is nought so powerful as the paradigm but although this be true, it must also be stressed that the most powerful of paradigms are those that bear in their very essence, nothing but Truth. Akhnaton's philosophy and message; was Living in Truth. 

In more modern terms, validation of this is achieved through the work of Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist who presents in 'The Biology of Belief' and 'Spontaneous Evolution', the vital importance of Truth at cellular levels wherein the attributes of the man are echoed precisely in the cell. Genes or learned experiences prepare men in Truth through precise conformations. The future of our greatness is guaranteed if as grasshoppers, we learn our lessons from the past as well as from the processes of the scientific undertaking to unleash core Truth. What else did we establish the sciences for if it was not to seek Truth? 

We turn now to the rapidly growing social networking of the Internet and point out that the powers of “Twitter”,“Face Book” “SMS” and such like services, etc., etc., that are empowering the whole connected World; particularly the Youth and the revolutions of West Asia and North Africa. Yet, despite the serious threat to the sovereignty of failed powerful Nations such as the USA, and the UK, the Internet will not be turned off. Hence the time for the”changing of the Guard” has arrived. Dictatorships, and other soul destroying regimes are rapidly self destructing and indeed, many more regimes will fall before another decade passes. 

This is the spectacular evidences of the efficiencies, unequaled strengths and effectivenesses of the asymmetric function at work where anarchy is described as the organisation of individual and self-empowered socio-economic orderings at higher intellectual levels. It is the consilient and therefore the holistic expression of the mass aggregation of charged individual minds. There is no need of government by powerful, influential and eagerly corruptible groups of like minded elites. Is there any doubt of these facts since the time when the Prussian military thinker Carl von Clausewitz work 'On War', was published which made mention of the superiority of asymmetric or guerrilla warfare? Has not the US military in all of its recent wars been truly decimated by asymmetric warfare strategies? 

"Socialism of any type leads to a total destruction of the human spirit."
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
(1918-2008) Russian novelist, Soviet dissident, imprisoned for 8 years for critizing Stalin in a personal letter, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1970

Anarchy is innately asymmetric by its very nature and therefore superior in every way to that corrupt and destructive system that rules the World's nations today in its essential need of exogenous spoils of theft and war. 

And Julian Assange and the Wikileaks teams have brought to light by the publishing of various “Top Secret” governmental documents the need to manage our affairs transparently and with full accountability. This may be idealistic but it is a target or vision as to where we want to go. The bottom line is that in anarchy, there is no need of secrecy at all and secrecy in the current system of imposition by default type government practices, merely hides the shame of the guilty and sanctimonious. Assange, yesterday a nobody, an individual, holds the world's most powerful Nation at bay through the unequaled and unmatchable power of asymmetric resources; all motivated and attracted by the invisible hand of Truth. 

Another interpretation of ancient text, from the same source, is that of the term “revolution” which emerges as meaning “Glory to the Word [of God]”. The process of natural Law and of natural Justice perhaps under the persuade of Demeter and Persephone of the Underworld, and weighed by Anubis against the feather and the heart. Obviously “revolution” is measure, validating the nature and natural physics (physis) of the evolutionary cycles which we parochial products of the Universal Prime Cause, as radiated in creation and nurtured in development, undergo to impart towards our own “accomplishment”. Revolution is the ploughing of the soil in which the seed is placed, so to be watered by the energies of the underworld and given life through the energies of the Sun. 

And from the evidence on the ground in written fact as well as in overwhelming mythology, we find that our planet has had two suns in the span of humanity. The first, Saturn the creator and in modern times Circa 12,000 BCE, and Sol, or Sun or Son, that is, our current solar disk. This correspond nicely to our evidential material by way of interpretation where Elohim created all creation and man the “unaccomplished” followed by YHVH, the son, is He who will make His own “accomplishment”; all through the Christ, the son of His Father. It is so interpreted and stands consistently in validation. 

Fresco Dendera

“For such as be blessed of him shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of him shall be cut off.” 

This passage suggests again the “accomplished” through transmutation involving the telluric energies of the earth, the created self, and thus in differentiation, the intended Man, the Meek - He who will inherit the Earth. It is further suggested a spontaneity of emergence throughout the land whereby all those arising eventually become Meek or “accomplished”. There is no suggestion of murder or murderous intent and / or genocide as in the history of the usual earthly revolutions and civil uprisings. This revolution is natural and of evolution as well as being a vital and necessary functional part of the original Cause. Perhaps merely less destructive. 

“Accomplished” is of when the Cause has completed its function to Effect; when the verbe has finalized its measure and be-comes the noun; it then receives its Name. 

The reader is invited to conclude that my posit and belief is that life is the direct result of the being of an electric Sun of Plasma. An Universal Principle, where expressed on planets and other places within the Universe, a Parochial Principle. Life will only be found to exist where magnetic fields, necessary for the nurture of all life, are to be found energetically in force of the existential milieux. There is no need to believe in anything but the Truth; there is no need to personify and or conjure up other forms or Deities, as the Truth is the most powerful of all forces.

Living in Truth, as Akhnaton, will bring humanity to its greatest multiplicity of existence while empowering the individual in full intellect and qualitative reason. This alone is the precursor of compassion and integrity; morality and ethics. The Truth will unleash the infinite and wondrous beauty of all creativity, the infinite possibilities of Mind, in Heart, while the discipline associated with core truth which will become encoded into the genes (learned experiences – Lipton) of humanity and will direct the intuitions of Man to drive and accelerate the intellects of all men to manhood of the “accomplished”; the Meek.

Putting the Sun to rest

The reader must finally but also consider after concluding this brief overview, if our current global socio-economic system, which at this moment, is in a state of total collapse and revolution not only through the Far West of Asia and Northern Africa, but also in China and indeed the United States, can continue in the manner in which it is in, where Bankers are the recipients of the wealth of the peoples upon request and by demand, without productivity, permitted to foreclosure under Law, on family homes in fraudulent frenzy and all this by declaring through the Law, that Banking and Business will fear no “Risk”. But, it is fact that there can be no life without Risk. This is Truth. 

There is only one answer to the degraded state in which we find ourselves and that is to not only embrace the Truth, but to Live in Truth. 

"Thou art in my heart; 

There is no other that knoweth Thee, 

Save Thy Son, Akhnaton. 

Thou hast made him wise in Thy designs 

And in Thy might." 

Akhnaton--Longer Hymn to the Sun 

(Translation by Breasted) 

The Truth cannot be destroyed as it is as eternal as the Sun. 

*An interesting etymological fact: 'Aton' is derived from 'Aten' which is derived from the Egyptian 'itn' and where 'witness'; from the old English witnes - "attestation of fact, event, etc., from personal knowledge;" also "one who so testifies;" originally "knowledge, wit,". 

IOW, the Truth is a self-derived and self-determined belief through one's quest of experiential knowledge, It is natural physics through the senses and consciousness of the observer and not the manipulated opinion and or propaganda of a third party - priest - who represents an institutional fascist organization with a separate agenda of social and financial control over major segments of the population. The Sun gives life to You, not to be abused, controlled, harvested and enjoyed by others, but for your own individual, private and personal  'pursuit of happiness'.

Truth is pervasive and the food of intellect, which are of the Heart.

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