April 27, 2006

What Mainstream Science Cannot Afford to Acknowledge

The Basic Universal Principles...

... that apply throughout... where we have not yet been ... as well as those principles or Universal Laws of physics that apply on our Planet Earth

but which we choose to ignore!

Space is a vacuum,

  • The medium of space is the aether consisting of neutrinos,
  • The nature of space is electrical conductingPlasma where similar elements are grouped (an earthly paradox),
  • Motion creates vibration,
  1. Vibration creates resonance,
  2. Resonance creates nuclear transmutation,
  3. Resonance creates energy through its "damping" effect at varying resonant (harmonic) states,
  4. And, where all elements have differing resonant states (one element will resonate at the harmonic state of another or other elements),scalar nuclear transmutation creates fully scalular energy at all scales (on all scalular levels),
  5. Intensities of energy creates thermonuclear reactions,
  6. All, which create electromagnetic radiation (on all scalular levels),
  7. In the form of electric circuits which form magnetic fields,
  8. And, where electromagnetic radiation is granular.
  9. All in the form of Birkeland Currents,
  10. Where the granulations are at the Z-pinch event (at all scalular levels),
  11. Thereby the granulations are stars and planets (in space),
  12. Which are maintained in their relative space / time relationship by their electromagnetic structure,
  13. Which being both in terms of relativity and scale and where scale and time differs between relativities.

Giving the probabilities that:
  • scale and time are relative to specific organization and their structures,
  • magnetic fields maintain relative form (structure and organizations),
  • Magnetic fields evolve organizations (self),
  1. The low energy Z-pinch granulation event formulates structured matter (planets) equatorially,
  2. The High energy Z-pinch transmutes through polar ejection (along spin axis) the androgynous birth mechanisms in the form of quasars at specific energy thresholds,
  3. Quasars evolve in quantum terms (jumps),
  4. Quasars give birth to gas giants, and
  5. Gas giants give birth in specific sets (7?) to solar systems which are attached to its parent.
  6. Z-pinches are maintained through energy level induction or through the universal energy level balance mechanisms inherent throughout the Universal and variable in terms of scale and time.

Or, in other words, orbital organizations of galaxies and solar systems are maintained in spatial reference, by the point of electrical discharge of Birkeland Currents - in universal circuitry, and not by invisible "sky hooks" or gravity.

Structures evolve to be maintained by magnetic fields and gravity or its combinations and interactions of their mass comprising of the unique affinities and specificities of the composite nature of their elements, as well as the universal cycles of fluctuations of induced energy levels through a consistent evolutionary quantum process set as a Universal Principle.

  1. The full spectrum of electromagnetic energy is unknown to science,
  2. Man is foremost an evolving universal "function" (Effect) at parochial levels induced by "Cause" or by Universal Principles,
  3. Where "parochial" means the unique specificity of environment and milieux where that life is engendered,
  4. Intelligence, the innate Principle and default nature of the Universe, can only exist, thrive and grow in diversity,
  5. "Global Warming" is the "effect" of a cyclic Universal energy fluctutational "cause",
  6. The pollution of the Earth's water and atmosphere is a direct result of man's irresponsible stupidity and ignorance of Universal Principles,
  7. Man is most likely unique throughout the Universe.
A Question to Consider:

How could anything within an Electric Universe be otherwise but 'electric' by Nature?


blindman said...

another question. how to direct the
current of the universe without creating
a short circuit? and what mechanism or
modification insulates humanity from that
short circuit?

Peter J. Bolton said...

1. good question but I haven't tried it yet but with a bit of luck, soon.

2. humanity is electrical by its very nature and as such is empowered in risk, and infinite possibility, a priori, hence the risk of total destruction is always real but not probable.

2. Earth is insulated by its charge and... accordingly it develops its double layers (DL)and... there are many sets of DL's but the final set are at the ionosphere.

Note: the total mathematical sum of charges within the Earth's body is its mass!'

Lightning is the mechanism to bring charge into a relationship of proportion for countenance and stability

Man is empowered plasma (instabilities) energized and thus an emergent phenomenon where the sub-infinite particle is probably merely 'information'.

All entities in the Universe emit / radiate information some coherent and some incoherent however, incoherency only means that a coherent receptor is not available to that claiming incoherency.

Cause can only act on similar states of matter which includes information.

PeterJB hoping this makes sense.

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