April 11, 2006

Murder - Corporate Crime and Terrorism

Justice Now and Then - Ashville Art

"Justice is indispensable for the conduct of business. Its importance is so great that not even those that live by wickedness and crime can get on without some small share of justice."

Cicero 106-43 BC

An attempt to take my life (of this author) and I assume the lives of my family has been made by what has been described as two professional "hit contractors".

My family and I are now as secure as anyone can possibly be but we understand that the perpetrators have unlimited resources.

Two extremely large (huge) black persons speaking English with American accents, dressed in black coats driving a black "suv" type vehicle with Thailand license plates arrived at my mountain home in a remote village in Asia on April 3rd. at 6:30 pm looking for me. My family and I were fortunately, not in the home at this time.

A most unusual event indeed and one that hardly went unnoticed for there are few such people in the part of the country where I reside and few vehicles with Thailand license plates.

My address is not of the public record but is known only to my former lawyers and the ICC International Court of Arbitration Paris, France, the latter in which I have been involved for almost 4 years defending my contractually registered Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from Corporate theft, violation of Agreements, blatant perjury, lies, contractual violations, a witness of convenience and all the other devious and deceptive practices and tactics available to the unscrupulous types of the legal profession.

"Oath", the Principle upon which Law, the foundation of civilization stands so precariously, is meaningless to these types of corporate parasites and their desperate minions and the "ticks-of-the-trade" take precedence, a priori.

The black "men-in-black" departed at 6:50 pm after illegally entering the property, breaking a few windows, searching the premises and surrounding lands . According to neighbors who observed them these people were of a military presence, apparently armed, cool and professional and of deterministic intent and purpose. Their conversations that were overhead by neighbors included references to contacting Canada and not knowing what to do next - thus leading me to assume that they had only one address for me.

My neighbors have also taken precautions.

My family and I are now in another location not known but to a few trusted friends. The police have been alerted and a nationwide scan has been made for these persons and their vehicle but to no avail. They appear to have fled after I took some precautionary action!

I have now been forced to issue a Last Will and Testament and to appoint an Executor of my Estate - a very old, experienced and trusted friend, in order that the battle will continue without me. I have the support and understanding of many dear friends around the World all or most of whom are in consensual agreement with my conclusions as to those behind the contractors of death. A letter to be opened and actioned in event of my untimely death has been sent to many people across the World which includes my opinions as to the motivations, the parties involved, who benefits, why they benefit, their past actions and to point the finger in the most likely direction as to the real criminals behind the assassins and my demise.

I have recently read of the rise in corporate crime being perpetrated around the World. A crime wave of alarming proportion; a desperation of inept and insane corporate "wannabees" defaulting to the most basic of the human animals' instincts to kill their fellow man when faced with their own inabilities, lack of ethics and skill in running a corporation professionally and knowledgeable. We have seen many of these examples in the Press around the World. Huge organizations built on deception, fraud and murder are collapsing around us while their executives run to embrace their regulators and lobby their most compliant politician for mercy and another chance to defraud the public. Read the Press.

What are the stakes?

The stakes of the commercialism of this technology which will benefit the whole of mankind in terms of Global Worming and crop failures and climate change or food production and efficient, rational and effective food distribution thus alleviating hunger, poverty and starvation - food security - environmental management just to name a few areas where the technology can be utilized are high. The global real-time management of global food production is now the highest priority of governments around the world and this technology cannot be allowed to be controlled by irresponsible, and inept criminal deviates. The evidence is with the ICC Tribunal Paris and most interesting it is indeed, as it highlights a global conspiracy of mind-boggling proportions and indicates the players of the game of IPR relief which will shock the World. Value? Billions!

On the 18th. and 19th. of April 2006, I need to present myself before this Tribunal for the last two days of taking evidence. Here will be the fine opportunity for the expiration of my life for the mindless contractor.

My family will not accompany me and I hence have no fear.

Fear is that which corporate crime thrives upon. It feeds the corporate animal and it grows stronger and more confident the more we cower, say nothing, see nothing and hear nothing; do nothing.

The corporate animal of the criminal persuasion is a coward and be sure that it will run when the cold icy finger of the stink of its own stench strikes its corrupted soul.

Perhaps my time is now; perhaps it is not but we shall see. Do not let it be said that I feared or have not placed the safety of my family as my highest priority.

I will perhaps add more to this page and events roll out.

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I am now considered too old to be of further threat but I have survived three institutional attempts to prematurely end my life during my career. The current Global Systemic Collapse (GSC), better described as a 'global leadership collapse' (GLC), is a socio-economic phase-transition brought about by the total failure of global "leadership", to find even the most basic of foresight and compassionate sensitivities to balance the imbalances and injustices that they have wrought on the World. Governments' are now attempting to create an exclusive risk-free corporate environment. This delusional ideology of pure insanity, cannot sustain. This sought "risk-free' corporate banking environment is to be achieved by transferring all risk and all financial losses to the tax-payers (“Main Street”) while maintaining a highly secretive cabal of global elites and ruling politician and bankers. The simple truth is that our "Economic Theory" is a fatally flawed, faith-based farce, and "leadership" do not have the necessary intelligence nor intellect to confront the issues du jour. There are now only Heretics and Fools, but, there is always a “choice”.