April 30, 2006

The Ultimate Power of Faith

The surviving ancient texts handed down to the modern age, some of which are contained in various bibles but many others available from global sources (and many freely available on the Internet) indicate to us that "God" is within and to find "God" one must "know thyself" or look within. This message must not go unheeded.

The incredible modern work of Professor Julian Jaynes indicates that around 3000 years ago, men lost contact with their "God" and an era of frenzied insanity emerged initially causing the migration of totalities and masses of peoples from their traditional homes and cities to other locations. During such locust like marches the indulgence in genocide, murder, theft, and destruction on massive scales was manifest and complete. We still remain in this Age but are emerging into a new Age; an Age of the Cosmic Spring of Consciousness; the Age of Man.

What could cause such an event is clearly stated in simplified terms by Jaynes as being the single fact that men had lost contact with their "God". This infers that man had become to know fear or men had lost their "faith". Or, men had lost their confidence in their religion; that is to say that they had lost contact with their innate belief mechanism and as a result they became crazed and so entered the materialistic technology Age.

The Roman Empire began its extension through domination utilizing its military offensive, strength & might, it conquered country after country; region upon region but even with the presence of its military occupiers, Rome could still not control the people; those rebellious elements that rose continually throughout its borders of influence. A lesson that has been ignored by modern leadership.

The young, unstable and warring Greeks under Alexander conquered Egypt thus allowing Aristotle to usurp the philosophies and sciences of the Great Egyptian library, which through the Greeks' active plagiarization became the foundation of today's civilization. Yes, the foundation of our civilization today's came directly from the Egyptians but was bastardized through CoR agenda, ignorance, literalism, politics, humanization and forgerous editing by the Greeks, the Jews and the Romans, et al.

The Romans then took Egypt and moved the Holy Catholic (universal center) Church (one of the Mystery Schools) to Rome., where today the Church of Rome (CoR) imposes its Grande superstitions on the World utilizing its literal arrogance of the ancient Egyptian texts and its agenda of continuity of ignorance via the static control mechanisms of binding that is to say, applied fear. Simply put, Rome needed a "lowest-common-denominator" mechanism to politically control the rebellious people of its empire and it saw an opportunity to "bind" all its peoples through one belief system ("the opiate of the masses") that was honed and couched to its own political convenience; control.

Indeed, all men innately are driven by what is called "religion" or "belief" and thus the control of this single prime a priori attribute of men, grants the one who wields this sword, ultimate power over mankind.

The Arabs then entered what was left of Egypt and took that which was left and then burned and razed the remainder and which in around 600CE one part of Egyptian philosophy (Mystery Schools) became the religion of Islam in the form of a complete written work known as the Koran.

The etymological root of "religion" means "to bind" an interesting fact in itself. The Jews of Israel of course were uncontrollable having already founded their political belief system, which had been introduced and derived much earlier from an earlier evolving Egyptian philosophy and which was merged with the tribal worship of Bal (Saturn) and as a consequence had become a binding mechanism of fear and intolerance over many generations. This religion was so strong and powerful it caused great irritation to the Israeli occupier government , and thereby attracted the wrath of Rome whereby all Jews of Israel were eventually militarily forced to migrate to other countries (I refer here to those of the original Jewish religion and not to those of the current ruling Zionist Jews of Israel from Eastern Europe).

However, what all these binding mechanisms had in common was the belief in one "God", a "God" that resided "outside" (please note this point) of men in some mysterious locale said only to be known to the elite of the temple. A strategy imposed to control men through fear and of course, where such fear was reinforced through the sword, threats of excommunication, death, murder, torture and the imposed fear of being cast into the fires of hell and damnation upon the prayer of some fat and lazy papal elite and faithful sword wielding servants warriors of the political center, that has been deterministically continued until this modern day.

The Western "Christianity" version of belief-binding adopted the Egyptian principle of the KRST, or the evolving and adapting principle of Horus of hoary antiquity which then became the Christos, Christ and eventually, Jesus Christ which understandably has many ancient parallels in Asian philosophies. However, the Church of Rome applied the KRST principle in a humanized form for the creation of "guilt", yet another binding mechanism of the human emotional system in the toolbox of leadership.

And, now to get to the point of this writing and to bring to the readers' notice, where the principle of "faith" or the belief in "God" is the a priori single source fear of the controlling elite and is the very precise reason why, "God" is placed by all mainstream, institutionalized corporate religions as being located "outside" of men.

Faith can move mountains! Faith is a qualitative and individual capacity within all men where "control" (read: political control) is a quantitative pursuit, that is unsustainable, by the corruptible and corrupted.

"Self-Faith" within an individual is what all control freaks (priests, pimps and politicians) fear the most. Faith that "God" is within, and that faith when unshakeable and so finally resolved in the unyielding foundational belief that religion is the individual communion between self and "God", that is to say, when self binds the exoteric with the esoteric intellectual processes of the heart in an inseparable fusion of nuclido transmutation within the energetic infrastructure of the mind man, the Christ Principle is invoked - and is unconquerable.

Or, where faith is the innate functional driver of man and where science (read: physics) is the intellectual (intelligence of the heart) path to functional manifestation on Earth, that is Man, the Christos - a principle of life.

This is the future for men to aspire; to evolve; it is when men conquer themselves; it is when happiness and love; music and song; when fellowship and respect return to this Earth. It is the time when "God" will walk again on this planet. It is the time for which the Bells' now Toll.

The Christ principle is indubitable biological, intellectual and energy truth. It is the realized result of resonant energy. It is Universal knowledge manifested in the Earthly vessel (bodily volume); it is the unquenchable thirst to manifest throughout our Universe; it is the brilliance and purity of the garments of light; reaction and effect; it is indeed the power of natural evolution. It is the mover of mountains, the divider of waters, the maker of wine from water and the maker of many from one.

Mathematicians or those who control mainstream science (read: physics) through religious hierarchal methodology and pompous propaganda, tell us that science can only be understood by highly complex mathematics or, in others words, only by mathematicians which of course is merely a slightly different form of the Pope telling us that "God" only communicates through him (and of course, George W. Bush who also states having regular communications with "God" ) and is naught but a prime imposed falsehood based on instilled Freudian suggestion imposed a priori upon the uniformed, the gullible and illiterate for the agenda of control. As Bush says tell it [the lie] often enough and they will come to eventually believe it… or words to that effect ( a legacy from Hitler's Nazism).

There is no difference today between the methodologies, structures and organization of church, science, bureaucracy, education and fascist corporations or in fact any organizations on this planet which all have their popes, their priests and their obedient and willing "true-believers". Belonging to any organization demands that one must compromise one's integrity… think about that please!

From George Orwell's 1984: "All the beliefs, habits, tastes, emotions, mental attitudes that characterize our time are really designed to sustain the mystique of the Party [read: mainstream religion & science] and prevent the true nature of present-day society from being perceived. Physical rebellion, or any preliminary move toward rebellion, is at present not possible. From the proletarians nothing is to be feared. Left to themselves, they will continue from generation to generation and from century to century, working, breeding, and dying, not only without any impulse to rebel, but without the power of grasping that the world could be other than it is." (My emphasis)

But now, rebellion (intellectual revolution based on faith-in-oneself) and the perception of reality is possible by the proletarians. That is to say, not a revolution based on some flawed ideology where all ideologies are flawed a priori but a rebellion entrenched in intellectual (intelligence of the heart) integrity and founded in "physics" (read: philosophies of scientific realities) or Cosmic Principles.

Faith can be explained in scientific terms through perceptive resonance whereby when the cells within a human entity are perceptively and correctly aligned (with truth) or when the innate religious state of men, that is, the innate esoteric state, fuses with the exoteric tacit state, that is the experiential state, in a complicit manner whereby creating a transmutation event resulting in the reborn principle ("born again") thus creating Man; where Man is the manifestation of the Christ Principle. It is a vital and impulsive electrical effect through the characteristics of resonance that can be explained in physics by those who do not fear; by those who have cast off the garments of fear; the garments of animals and have chosen to embrace the "God" within, or "God". "Where is "God" not?"

If you become knocked down; get up! Always get up and try again. Nothing can defeat "faith". For with faith it is said, one walks with "God".

Faith doesn't mean that you can afford to be stupid or complacent; it doesn't mean that you can trust your fellow man, as obviously today one cannot, particularly those of the ruling elite, but a society entrenched in self-faith is a society that will be of strength, responsibility, integrity and of respect. Yes, the corporate animal that hides and cowers within the strengths of numbers and ranks of similar cowards and ilk can still have you murdered; can still murder your family; can still steal that which is yours but they cannot take your faith and your self-faith carries you forever beyond the grave of your bodily coffin in which you, the real you, resides, albeit temporarily.

"People shouldn't be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people."

It is posited here, that today Government's are indeed in the state of cold and icy fear of the people and this fact alone is the sole agenda of the US and British Governments (as well as others) in their military impositions of murder and genocide throughout the World today. There is a simple reason for these cowardly and unlawful actions by the governments of today and that is that those in government feel the growing intellectual 'self-faith of the heart' that is now rapidly emerging throughout and within the peoples of this planet.

People with unshakeable self-faith can take their governments back legitimately, legally and peacefully and oust those criminally insane elite, warmongers, whores, a priori liars, cheats, cowards, pimps, priests, thieves and the corruptible "camp-followers" and replace these false pretenders and their contorted paradigms of ignorance with dynamically adaptive systems of integrity and with accountable professionals - and laws; laws that are in accordance with Universal Principles and a common-wealth agenda.

Faith in yourself needs to be obtained and this approach is considered today as being heretical (by the priests & politicians). One must question everything and become sentient. Faith will bring to you "God" and your self-faith will make you Horus or Christ (principles), the next level of evolution for men. As it is so written, this is the "poisoned apple" which the Church of Rome doesn't want you to eat for when you do, you will be set free and they, the priests', imams' and rabbis' will be out on the streets where they belong, begging for money. "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

To know pain is to have tasted pain - to know depression is to have tasted depression - to know death is to have tasted death - to have tasted and survived suffering is to be well on your way to achieve self-faith.

The route to self-faith does not mean that one needs to be a highly credentialized scientist of Nobel Prize standard and fame. The route to self-faith means that what you do know, however so slight, is truth or unknown. Validate the unknown The route to self-faith is through the active and deterministic examination of every memory, every thought and every word and / or idea within your neurological memories; every situation and every experience and every action that you have taken since birth in order to establish that which is right, valid, correct and true. This is not a confession and no guilt for some wrongdoing in the past or some lie is the objective. The objective is the confrontational subjectivity for one to correct within one's own belief system the incorrect perceptions that exist and remain within you. It is the Buddhist Principle called "Purification" and it is for you alone and not to be confessed to some money grabbing priest or friend. It is an action of self-confrontation.

When you have finished the first review (you need to be totally honest and candid with yourself), it needs to be repeated and then you will suddenly realize that you can recognize truth and from here forwards and onwards, you will begin to develop faith in yourself and to see things that you have never seen before and remember things that you thought impossible. You will amaze yourself and begin a new life. It is called the Life of the Heretic.

Over time you will change; you will become sentient; you will be shocked by the state of the World; you will become intolerant of the lies and corruption but you must remain focused on and within yourself. Do not become a "Master" for to do so, will compromise your integrity. Do not believe anything without a complete self-analysis and appraisal. Understand the ways of men and become strong within. And, be deterministic about your self-confidence and be positive in your faith that within lies a "sun". Faith also bears a hefty responsibility which is called "respect". Self-Faith is a natural higher state of being.

From then on the esoteric thoughts will come to you which need to rapidly validated by the conscious or exoteric mind - this is realization. Do not try to remember the realizations and revelations as your truths will eventually become you, from within. Be simple and honest in all things.

Faith is freedom and as our solar system now enters cosmic spring, it is now that time to wear new clothes; it is time to find "faith" and to action that faith for the coming generations.

"Know thyself" means faith in yourself and NOT in some obscure and deviate ideology. And self-faith, which comes from correct perception also brings you good health, excellent health in fact! So much so that one soon achieves the realization that this present life in which our bodies return to the soil, is merely a step towards another level of intellectual pursuit and more interesting challenges of the most wondrous nature - for some :-). And hence, fear fades with the dawn of the morning sun.

"The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for."

Oscar Wilde

And, ;-) which brings me to this: … there are many levels or planes of existence or manifestation." There are terrestrial and celestial worlds (as Paul says), noumenal and phenomenal realms, physical and ethereal planes, material and spiritual bodies, heavens, fairy-lands, underworlds, hells, limbos, Isles of the Blessed, Elysian Fields, the meadows of Aarru-Hetep and homes on high. And the beings on the ranges from high divinity down to man are the gods of ancient mythology." The materialist world view completely misses all the other worlds that exist, and only knows a dead mechanical world. William Blake called it "Single vision & Newton's sleep". Single vision has crippled our life, turning it into a bleak vale of tears. We need to open the third eye and have multiple vision, then we will know the glories of creation.

"Life is not static; it is generative, reproductive, forward-moving. It creates anew, in its turn, at its level, and passes the stream of creative forces on down the line. Thus the succession of waves of projection runs down the scale, each one carrying the formative force one surge further out. On and on it goes, establishing the kingdoms of nature and the living citizens on them. The contiguous planes form a link of connection from top to bottom of the series, and this is the golden chain of life. And each level bears a definite relation to its neighbor on either side....It may be called the great Law of Incubation."

"Under its terms each plane is mother to the life on the plane above it and father to that of the plane below it. It receives from above the seed germs of higher life and harbors them in the womb of its soil, or matter, gestates them and eventually gives them their new birth. This is the function of motherhood. And matter (Latin mater, mother) is the universal mother. But, having received from above, it also gives the impulse to the order below; and as giver it is active, aggressive, generative-the father function. Feminine to life above, masculine to life beneath, it is the link and bridge between two worlds."

At each stage of descent the primal impulse weakens in its force. Each lower level is more dense than the one above it, so the power of the voltage must be lowered. The living bodies at each level act like electric transformers, changing a high current into lesser currents." The Greek philosophers say in this connection that 'the gods distribute divinity', scattering its higher units abroad from plane to plane, the units multiplying in number, but diminishing in power, as the stream flows on. This is what the ancient theology connotes by 'the river of life' ".

"The gods pour out their life for the vivifying of all lower beings, and the latter partake of this bounty or 'grace' to the measure of their receptivity. Nothing other than this is meant by the 'shed blood' of the gods, given for the life of the worlds. All old theologies of the world aver that the blood of the gods, or of God, mixed with the clay of earth, makes the 'red earth' which is given as the etymological signification of Adam in Hebrew, i.e., man....Deity mixed together spirit and matter to make man."

By the Law of Incubation, the lowest ranks of gods must plant their seeds " in the bodies of humans and win their next cyclical generation of divine life in that ground!" The soul of man is the seed of divinity, gone to its "death" in the soil of the human kingdom." The greatest truth that can be told to mortals is that their bodies are each the gestating womb of a god. As said St Paul, the Christ is being 'formed within' each mortal body." "Plato reports the Demiurgus in the notable speech to the legions of devas in the Timaeus as saying that 'whatever is immortal and divine' in the human makeup, 'of that I will furnish the seed and the beginning. It is your business to do the rest; to weave together mortal and immortal natures.' "

"If, in sum, God is to multiply himself, his tree of life must reproduce on its branches a numerous progeny, each child bearing the potentiality of renewing the parent life in its fullness, and of carrying its eternal unfoldment one step ahead....God is everywhere, within and without; but his son, the Christos, is only within. If he is not sought there, he will not be found."

The scraps thrown to you from the doors of the Vatican by the dead and vain priests are for the dogs and rats and not men; rise and grasp firmly self-faith with the knowledge that "God" is within as the KRST principle that is to say, the biological principle of potential and all can be yours. It is only a basic requirement of each individual to open your eyes and look within.

My "God" is greater that your "God" is the blood lust cry of the General (US) overlooking the fact (perhaps), that there is only one "God".

"It is his [the human] function to complete cosmic evolution." [Pierre De Chardin]

"For as such minds as are no longer bounded by ancient horizons and have thus become a mystery unto themselves, the totality of life is present in action. It is the Soliloquy of the One. This is true Revelation, plainly visible to all." [Carlo Suares--The Cipher of Genesis]

Acts: 17:6--These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;

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