May 11, 2006

Weather Theory - Clouds & Science

While mainstream scientists spend millions on cloud research, it is penned herein a few relevant facts and revelations in order to illume the reader as to what is going on in the clouds above our heads - but not free of charge (pun intended - see later:).

Firstly, the water molecule as seen in the image on this page, is fascinating because unlike the nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the air, it is electrically polarized. The oxygen (blue) side of the water molecule is more negative than the hydrogen side (red), forming an electric dipole.

In an electric field, the water molecule will rotate to line up with the field. When it condenses in a cloud the average electric dipole moment of a water molecule in a raindrop is 40% greater than that of a single water vapor molecule.

This enhancement results from a larger polarization caused by the electric field induced by surrounding water molecules. In the atmospheric electric field the water molecules will be aligned with their dipoles pointing vertically and in a sense that is determined by the charge polarization in the cloud.

It is interesting to note that the tops of storm clouds are positively charged and the base is negative. That is, the reverse of the radial charge polarization within the Earth itself.

So it is posited that water droplets in clouds experience an "anti-gravity" effect which appears to be related to the Biefield-Brown Effect where a charged high-voltage planar capacitor tends to move in the direction of the positive electrode. This effect may explain how millions of tons of water can be suspended kilometers above the ground when cloud droplets are about 1,000 times denser than the surrounding air.

Now what puzzles our mainstream scientists is why only the bottoms and lower areas of clouds are dark or black, as seen by the naked eye.

It is a well know fact that as water freezes to become ice, the water purifies itself by a peristaltic motion that forces impurities downwards in the direction of gravitational attraction. And it is also well known that clouds collect and carry microbes, aerosols, dust and other impurities in their atmospheric meanders.

Add a not so well known but scientifically established fact that when water vapor condenses the liquid organizations behave more like solid ice than liquid water even, at room temperature.

The Law of Analogy suggests then that the darkness in clouds as viewed in the heights above our heads are merely impurities forced downwards in the same manner as water behavior when being frozen to ice and which further suggests that this is due to the effects of polarization emanating from the Biefield- Brown Effect.

Scientific theory is founded upon the principle that 'theories' must be established through their predictability in demonstration and as such where modern weather theory has never been able to and cannot predict our weather today, even to the order of 24 hours, the foundational principle of science itself, directs that today's "weather theory" is incorrect and invalid.

Or, and in other words, in order to establish a theory for weather one must first know what causes 'weather' which clearly appears to be totally not the case by our mainstream "experts"..

The cause of weather, of course, lies essentially in moving electric charge in our planetary atmospheric plasma volume which has been scientifically established many decades ago (but today is ignored) as being a leaky spherical condenser bounded by double layers (DL) in the ionosphere (and elsewhere).

The plasma on one side of the DL (the side towards the anode) will have approximately the same voltage as the anode. The plasma on the cathode side will have essentially the same voltage as the cathode. The two halves of the plasma are then electrically isolated from one another by the DL. No electrostatic force is felt by the particles on one side of the DL due to the other side of the DL.

The total electric current, however, is the same throughout the plasma (on both sides of the DL). Plasmas are excellent electrical conductors and therefore there will not be a significant voltage drop across them while they are carrying current - thus the need for the presence of the DL that "takes" most of any externally applied voltage. In other words, the DL is where the strongest electric fields will be found and they are radio noisy. The DL is defined as " two thin and close regions of opposite charge excess which give rise to a potential drop.. ". The Physics of the Plasma Universe - Anthony Peratt

Earth is a charged body that continually transfers charge from space to maintain equilibrium with the solar electrical environment. Thunder storms are generated by a breakdown of the double insulating layer (DL) between the earth's surface and the ionosphere. Leakage currents "cause" the vertical winds in a thunderstorm and the charge build-up in the cloud.

Occasionally, a bolt of mega lightning streaks from the top of a storm cloud instead of its base. This 10 kilometers-high short-circuit throws the switch for a further powerful discharge to the ionosphere. The result is a towering diffuse discharge at very high altitudes indicated by a red sprite or blue jet.

Available: A x32 plate PowerPoint presentation on Weather Theory and the causes of Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions and other such episodic events as well as the method of prediction and which is entitled SEER.

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