March 09, 2006

A Warning to the East

Western Civilization is in a rapid State of Decline
and therefore
Immitate them at your Own Peril

The Bicameral Mind of global humanity is again changing back from a dominant technological oriented 'conscious mind' to a more balanced condition of co-operative interaction between the 'conscious mind' and the 'subconscious mind' or, that is to say, it is reverting to its higher natural state of a balanced Bicameral Mind. Professor Julian Jaynes (The Birth of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind) wrote in his staggering opus that around 3,000 years ago the
minds of men started to experience and go through a dramatic neurological change that drove them from their homes and cities to venture across vast lands in a frenzied rampage of killing and destruction.

The end of that Age is now upon us.

It is well known and has been expressed by many great thinkers and writers of note over the ages, that 'change' in the state of civilizations of men has come in quantum jumps (or leaps) and it has been noted by more than a just a few that these changes in neurological states in man have also be accompanied by significant or major telluric events, the latter which tends to cause serious damage through earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other such electric effects.

We cannot argue against the fact that during the last 2000 years or so to date, that we have been dominated by the inflicting of death, genocide, wars and destruction upon our own kind globally while at the same time, making vast technological advances. It is posited here that this period of time has been due mainly to our unstable mental state in a broken down or dysfunctional, Bicameral Mind, while stating again without argument, that our dominant mind set throughout this period and still of today was and is our 'conscious mind'. (Sir Francis Crick:
Astonishing Hypothesis).

Recent research has found that our scientific capacities and functionalities reside within our 'subconscious mind' and that this capacity is rising in men throughout the World today to claim again the "reason" or intellectual accord functionality in humanity of that of the early Egyptian epochs. At least ~ 8000 years of uninterrupted rule.

In the United States of America recent research has found appalling educational attainment amongst its students (amongst other similar degraded standards including poverty and health) indicated with much concern (see article by By Lois Romano, Washington Post Staff Writer.
December 25, 2005 - A12). The USA could be said to be in a state of frenzied denial as demonstrated by its leadership and one could be forgiven to conclude that what was once the most powerful and dynamic nation on the face of the Earth and the symbol of freedom, is now in a state of rapid decline. The American system of civilization is now rapidly devolving beyond correction and the refusal of its leadership to restructure its social and educational imperatives and to acknowledge its domestic turmoils and social stresses indicated by its own valuation
critiques of its human resource and energies, is hastening this decline.

While in the failing and bankrupt economies of Europe, its governments have focused their full attention upon the creation of vast networks of grande Ecole elites. credentialized non-responsive bureaucracies throughout most of its nations particularly in France where commerce, science and government is run to rule in fascist ideologies that respond to political whim rather than intellectual reason d'accord. Leadership of the West is desperately trying to "prop-up" their failed economies with any measure that keeps the status quo for individual agenda. The center will not hold and this strongly infers that the dominant 'conscious' mentalities of men of the West have reached their zenith and where power is being centralized in those few elite and their accompanying dysfunctional 'conscious mind' mentalities of denial and self-preference or individual agenda.

Many influential bodies and individuals have been calling for a global cull to reduce the World population to 1.5 billion of thereabouts which begs the question as to who benefits and who does not? Surely this vastly criminal suggestion from elite leadership represents a total depravity, insanity and desperation of the 'conscious minds' involved?

The global financial system is now also in an irreversible state of decline dominated by the highly preferred banking systems of debt, hedge funds, unstable derivative instrumentation and the global network of casinos known as stock exchanges.

Surely Leadership is in the wrong hands? Surely today's Leadership has run its full course?

Mainstream science is also going (has gone) nowhere constrained and lead by illusionary theoretical imaginative practices which are designed to no more than prop up the theories of unsupported dogma that cannot be demonstrated and consensual self-serving agenda.

Technology today thrives while mainstream science today, like its cousins, political leadership and bureaucracy, is mostly dead dogma and interestingly enough, as aforesaid, technology is of the 'conscious mind' and thereby quantitative, where science is of the 'subconscious mind' and fully qualitative.

It is time to turn to 'commonwealth' governmental practices entrenched in intellectual creative and adaptive strategies that must be a priori accountable and variable to circumstance and organized in radiant structures of responsibility and intellect rather that of non-meritable,
self-serving hierarchies.

The major concern now must be a priori focused upon the educational systems of our collective nations and it is here where the warning is most loudly sounded. The East must stop its fascination with and imitation of the West's educational impositions of torquing the 'conscious minds' beyond limit of their youth which can only result, by observation, in producing technical robots and bureaucratic slaves that work to rule without productivity.

Leadership of the East must back off and realize that the result of their push to make purely technical mentalities of their youth, that is to say, to focus on only the 'conscious minds' while ignoring the functionalities of the 'sub-conscious minds' will only result in their national devolvement as is happening in the West. Bureaucracies do not produce; they are an overhead of non-productive labour whereby the focus is non-responsibility and the minimum of participation in the most unproductive manner.

The passage of the dominant 'conscious mind' has resulted in 'reductionist' thinking, that is to say, 2 dimensional superficial thinking that can mainly be described as sterile, analytical, literal, ad hoc, and obedient to merely rote and imitation (Aristotle), whereby the dominant language is linear and granulated by and reinforced with corruptive and destructive counter-productive dialectic sophistry; an illusion of the non-existent. The 'conscious mind' is neurologically fast functioning at about 100Mbs but only in a single contextual mode; it is reactionary, lazy, non-predictive and incapable of creative thought. It is also short term memory dependent and constrained to quantitative contexts. It also works in conjunction only with the Sympathetic Mode of the Autonic Nervous System (ANS) of our Central Nervous System (CNS) and therefore favors imposition and destruction in order to dominate and survive, that is to say, it is the material aspect of nature. It is adverse to health, mind, body, environment and civilization where it functions in the dominant state.

Whereas the 'subconscious mind' is a multi-threading - as similar to parallel processing of our computers, slower than the 'conscious mind' (around 10 Mbs) but has full creative capacities and functionalities while being of the radiant Parasympathetic Mode of the ANC which is conducive to reason and accord with our environment and all life.

Not only is the 'subconscious mind' healthier for us, it is more constructive, predictive, conducive to happiness and fully qualitative. It allows us to visualize both 'time' and 'space' that is to say, 3
dimensionally and therefore is essential for our efforts in science and for the applications of our advanced technologies, social management and common-wealth so as to benefit all mankind. It is of the moral order (non-fashionable) and of social responsibility.

Man, unlike all other life forms on this planet, is borne into this world naked of any Innate Response Mechanisms (IRM - J. Campbell) and therefore we are forced to accept that man's functional existence lies with the development of his mind - both in the field of technology as symbolically represented by his hand and the field of the physics of science or the field of inquiry, symbolized by his mind. Children are then born fertile and malleable awakening to the evocation of the pursuit of life and existence. Children are responsive to constructive methods of teachings and these teachings should be extended throughout the first 20 or more years of the students life.Statements of fact that actually represent the unfounded or at least the unproven theories of pressure groups should never be made to a child whereby nothing should also be withheld. Unknowns should be presented as unknowns and theories for these later generations to solve through the process of evocational inquiry. We cannot afford to burden the young with our nuances, opinions and bias. Experiential learning is essential for the correct stimulations to create the strengthening of the evocation reactions and for further continuance towards higher wisdom. The young must to taught to solve the problems - all the problems with which they are and will find themselves confronted

Our teaching methods should not be restricted only to 'rote and imitation' whereby the road to wisdom or higher learning is through the stimulation of the evoked state of mind holistically impacting both the higher and lower senses; this is a Universal process. It is therefore directed herein that our children must be subjected to the vital and impulsive methods of evocation response where inquiry leads to the sense of wonderment, intellectual fulfillment and further inquiry of all the life processes or the true physics of science. This process cannot be limited to the reductionist stance; it must be completed by the inquiry to the core root of cause itself where effect is followed in its non-linear or irrational path of the life cycles themselves.

Procedure by examination and credentialization through rote and imitation is surely without merit or justification as such a procedures clearly allow corruption and outside influence through advantage or privilege. It implies that memory outweighs intellect and experiential attained complicit knowledge and is not essential in building and finely tuning the young mind for tomorrow's responsibilities. We cannot weigh down or burden our young with our ignorance for we must give them to tools to find their way out of our ignorance, our errors, our mistakes and our guilt.

Our planet needs peace and we can only obtain this through qualitative, moral, responsible thinking that is in accord with nature or our environment. We also need growth and this can only be only be aspired to through creative thinking of the balanced mental functionalities of the Bicameral Mind.

It is this writer's opinion that the changes taking place at the present time are a natural phase of man's evolutionary nature within our Universe however, and while at the same time, we must take the initiative to plan, design and implement educational systems that 'evoke' in our youth the abilities to develop all the neurological functionalities that are innate and available to them.

Our survival depends on it and it is our responsibility to do so.

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