March 06, 2006

Non-radioactive & Clean Nuclear Energy Production

Forget "mainstream science". Let's get down and just do it the right way, that is the scientific way which is not self-serving but contributes to all humanity as in a "common-wealth'.

Today I announce a quantum leap in the physics of clean energy production through the correct interpretation and application of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity E=mc2 - that will impact all Mankind.

“Einstein’s elegant formula E=mc2, where m = mass (the electric property of matter and not matter itself) and c= the speed of light (in a vacuum) provides us with the Universal constant in the Phase Space of cosmic intelligence for the production of clean energy from both heavy and light elements.

E=mc2 represents the point moment or emergence of the restructuring of resonant subatomic systems of charge in ‘annihilation’ where complementary resonant charge structures of a particle and its antiparticle combine through excitement so that almost all of the internal energy is radiated away and the combined charges form a new collapsed particle of low internal energy. This is a complicit event (transmutation) and therefore an expected action of morphogenesis which one must accept of our Universe of intelligence.”

“A ‘complicit event’ is a vital, energetic interactive impulse moment of two or more complex systems in a feedback arrangement which leads to a behavior that is not present in either system on its own. Complicity is a Transmutation Event.”

“Unfortunately, today’s mainstream science has become mainly totally absorbed by and focused upon destructive ‘technology’ as opposed to the enquiry into physics as a ‘science’ in a contradiction where our space sensors and telescopes such as Hubble, etc., allow us to observe only the constant ‘creation’ of new stars, planets and galaxies. That is, there are no destructive episodic events per se.”

“The electron is not a fundamental, point-like particle. It has structure that provides its dipole magnetic field. There are orbital motion of charges within the electron that allow it generate the magnetic dipole. The transfer of electrical energy between the charges in their orbits must be resonant and near-instantaneous for the electron to be a stable particle. The same model applies to the proton and the neutron. This model satisfies Einstein's view that there must be some lower level of structure in matter to cause resonant quantum effects, i.e. transmutation. The electron carries an electric charge while also possessing a second property called ‘spin’. Charge is responsible for electricity and spin underlies magnetism validating that all elements are comprised of contradictory complementaries”

“The accelerating electromagnetic field will distort the orbits of charges within the electron or proton. It seems the more distorted a particle becomes, the more easily the energy supplied to accelerate the particle is assimilated in further distortion rather than in acceleration. Hence the apparent increase in mass. The inertial mass of a particle is a measure of the degree to which it responds to an electric field by distorting rather than accelerating. It implies the charge centers of a proton at rest have to be separated more than those in an electron at rest. That allows the proton to distort more readily than an electron in the same electric field and accounts for their differences in size and mass.”

“Hence this process of non-radioactive nuclear transmutation as described by Einstein’s E=mc2, shows us the way forward in terms of quantum dynamics and will impact the whole of civilization while giving us the ability to explore space. The information surrounding this process has been based on the published works of many scientists and the information should be freely utilized by all mankind without patent and copyright constraints.”

“The process takes into consideration Plasma Physics where electric current, passing through a plasma, will take on the corkscrew (spiral) shape discovered by Birkeland. These Birkeland currents most often occur in pairs. There is a tendency for these pairs to compress between them any material (ionized or not) in the plasma. This is called the "z-pinch" effect. It is this moment which is described by Einstein’s E=mc2.”

Our understanding and comprehension of ‘time’ is also crucial and critial to our observations whereby ‘time’ is relative to the organizations which are built on structures and therefore what we observe in "space" must be viewed as relational differentials due to the difference in relativities between structures and their surrounding organizations. Structures are built out of organizations and this is the universal manner of genesis in and throughout our Universe.”

‘’Time’ is the critical key to our perceptions and hence vital to our observations and understanding of the physical relationships within all structures and relationships throughout the Universe. Accepting ‘time’ as a linear constant throughout the Universe with an immature (non-universal) neurological episteme (of the observer) constrained by a minute planet in an infinite Universe is an intellectual ‘extrapolation’ which cannot hold the center.

“It is a ‘scission’ event or a highly tuned natural process of division or ‘transmutation’ excited through applied resonance. The implications are mind-boggling after one has had time to rethink much of the dogma which we are carrying around when considering science, and in particular the role of theoretical mathematics. We need to realign our intellects in order to return to observation and demonstration in laboratories as a priori proof of evidence of theory and the process described briefly herein appears to be easily demonstrable.“

“We believe that the industrialization of this process will be fully scaleable and found to permit the process to be operationally and functionally confined to say, a chip while also allowing transportation to city, state and national energy production systems. This represents a completely new and revolutionary energy production approach which will change the face of humanity without leaving the problems of radioactive pollutants for future generations.

The future appears to be very bright and exciting indeed for our younger generations and perhaps this is the legacy that we can leave the youth as our apology for the centuries of war and pollution that we have inflicted upon their Planet due to our past ignorances and poor choices of Leadership..

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