March 13, 2006

"Universal Time"

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Universal Time:

Einstein's Theory of Relativity is a constant that defines "Universal Time".

Time is the innate cognitive episteme of phenomenal relationship of organization built upon its surrounding structure. It is instantaneous as well as being a Universal constant and is represented as Henri Poincaré's "Phase Space" or place of emergence, which is also known philosophically as the "present moment".

Time defines the "universal" dynamic point moment of genesis or creativity and is not connected to either the "Past" or the "Future", although it impacts on both through observation. A universal 'standard' time, on the other hand, infers a mean time computed against and upon all relativities of all organizations and structures which are contained within the Universe.

All 'emergent phenomena' innately are of 'time' as a universal law whereby, all emergent phenomena are parochially varied by the environment or milieu, that is to say, of those organizations in which they manifest.

It cannot be otherwise as reason dictates.

A universal time standard is then inferred to be regulatory to life functionality (self-organization) within the constraints and nuances of environment.

From Sir Francis Crick's Astonishing Hypothesis it is clearly established for instance that the conscious mind of man's neurologies functions at around 100Mbps in a serial like processing mode while man's subconscious multi-threading and multi-tasking mind functions at around 10Mbs or ten times slower than the conscious mind. And, we know that the conscious mind is tied to our technological aspect or survival and intelligence while our subconscious processing is part of our evolutionary differentiational growth, science and intellect mechanisms.

That is, the life processes are not linear but irrational (to our conscious mind's default linear thinking process) and the biological organizations within a mosquito structure will vary with those within an elephant structure, etc.

Newton's celebrated equation requires that gravity act instantly on the scale of the solar system. It has been calculated that gravity in this context must operate at a speed of at least 2x1010 times the speed of light, otherwise closely orbiting stars would experience a torque that would sling them apart in mere hundreds of years. Similarly, the Earth responds to the gravitational pull of the Sun where it is at the moment, not where the Sun was 8 minutes ago. If this were not so, the Earth and all other planets in the solar system would be slung into deep space within a few thousand years. So, instantaneous or near instantaneous time is reasonable to expect throughout the Universe and which then should be described as the universal standard but only once the evolving mind (of man) has epistemically, cognitively and comprehensively grasped this concept in a qualitative, universally oriented and holistical manner.

E=mc2 elegantly describes the physics of the moment of resonant transmutation or scission in this 'time moment' or Phase Space (present moment), whereby the mathematical relationship expression represents the restructuring of resonant systems of charge where 'm' represents mass, the electric property of matter. The attraction is Gravity, it is proportional to the number of molecular pairs. Indeed, gravity can be represented as the sum of the radially aligned electric dipoles formed by all subatomic particles within a charged planet or star (W. Thornhill). Einstein intuitively excluded the effect of aether in Space as found by the Michelson Morley & Dayton Miller experiments and by thus doing so, did indeed correctly define the Theory of Relatively (E=mc2) or Universal Time for all of the Universe. Or, the most universal common denominator
for the 'time moment' that was not exclusively for the domain of space and its aether (medium) alone. That is, where neutrinos abound.

Light is a resistance (and reaction) to 'cause' expressed correctly as an impedance whereby the speed of light in the vacuum of Space is a measure of the delay in response of the neutrino to the electric force where Maxwell describes light as a transverse electromagnetic wave moving through a medium, the æther.

Phenomenal affinities, specificities, organizations and structure as well as parochial environment govern and regulate functional time.

Time can be considered therefore a universal constant as an 'instantaneous point moment' and thereby implying that through the excessive energy surge or electrical discharge of this point moment of scission (E=mc2), a constant, or in the complicit annihilation of the identity of those elements involved to produce new identities, that clean non-radioactive energy can be produced continually at little energy cost, as well as naturally in accord with Universal Laws. Time also validates that matter cannot be destroyed nor created ex nihilo as the Universe is in this constant flux of coagulation and coalescence. E=mc2 also fully represents the process of chaos to new order. Disintergration or "death" merely returns matter to its most fundamental and basic states and elements and where nothing is lost to the Universe.

The most powerful implication of this position in our uniform Universe of one single set of laws or principles, is that science can confidently and totally rely on the Law of Analogy in order to refound our further quest and need of knowledge. That is, the linear scale of 'time' in one parochial frame of reference, or one individual organization on structure, can be viewed as comparative to an analogous similar dynamic event or behaviour in a different parochial frame of reference. That is to say that these analogous behaviors will define both 'space and time' and thereby are qualitative 'signatures' or temporal describers that can be utilized for comparative analysis. Or, behaviors that are atemporal will be remnants, artifacts, and statics, which will not
easily reveal the source of their cause and therefore are not to be considered as 'signatures'. The Universe is a dynamic and it should be studied in terms of dynamics and not in terms of isolated statics.

In turn, extrapolation must be viewed and understood as a dangerous tool upon which to found our assumptions, observations and conclusions whereby the cognitive extrapolation of our earthly time scale has a strong tendency to, will and does distort, torque and bias our perceptions adversely.

Our invented time scale of Earth at present is a working approximation but still a mean and therefore an approximation; a scale that more or less fits our environment alone and that impacts only our relationships within our domain, and it is not universal time. Used incorrectly, it blinds us.

Our adoption of the 'speed of light' as the universal speed barrier is a cognitive dissonance, and a serious constraint and error. Our tool of observation for the inquiry of physics (science) is our ever evolving mind (and the Law of Analogy) where that evolution is the intellectual growth and fulfilment of the epistemic functionality of our consciousness; or functional consciousness. For, as our stomach ingests to retain the necessary elements for the cellular transmutation processes necessary for our dynamic growth and cellular differentiation as do our neurologies transmute knowledge into the psycho-physically necessary processes for our growth and differentiation of functional consciousness or cognitive episteme. These functionalities are analogous universals.

Thusly, the 'universal time moment' is innate to all life where life can be defined as any emergent phenomena that has the ability to creatively self-organize and takes its place as a constant from the subatomic, the cellular and through to cosmic scales in all environments. At cellular level, this instantaneous 'universal time moment', in a process of morphogenesis which preceeds mitosis and therefore is the driver of universal dynamics leaving one to comfortably conclude, albeit with reason, that the Universe is also of functional intelligence, as is everything contained emergent within (and most probably outside of, as well). That is to say again, in other words that that life functionality is a the 'universal time' constant constrained by specificities and preferences imposed by a single set of uniform Universal Laws and subjected to parochial environments.

Universal time then can only therefore be the 'present moment' or the instantaneous 'universal time moment' constrained or varied by parochial environments of the organizations surrounding structure wherever self-organizational phenomena (life) is found to be emergent and manifesting. It describes universal genesis.

Chaos, a dynamic process can thus be defined as the acceleration of the charge properties (organizations) of mass in the implied moment of Einstein's E=mc2, or the universal 'time' equation, or, in other words, an acceleration of time or energy surge over a scale of "norm". As chaos preceeds new order it can also be viewed as the quantum point (jump) or point moment of differentiation, when considered in terms of the relative scales and variants of the analogous scale differentials from the finite to the infinite and drawn from and by the comparitive cognitive point of view.

However, saying all this, it is more than reasonable to consider favorably, in light of the ways of nature that we do know, such as The Laws of Conservation, Thermodynamics, Plasma Physics, Cellular Biology and the Law of Incubation or what the Greeks called the 'kuklos anagkes', Regeneration or the Cycle of Necessity, that the probability of there being trillions of other Universes outside our own is very high, and thus making us confident in the fact that all are connected in near instanteous time and that our functionalities will assure mankind a future role ad infinitum if he functions in accordant sentience with the Laws of the Universe, both known and unknown.

To build a pendulum or atomic clock that is of a precise constant is of technology and a quantitative recursive but to comprehend and perceive Universal time is the qualitative stuff of science or of the evolving espistemic of consciousness.

Our 'speed of light' time constraint is therefore removed and replaced with the near-infinite-universal speed being of the nature of cosmic electricity,


'Universal Time' is correctly defined as the 'universal time moment' of all genesis, or E=mc2.

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