February 15, 2006

What are...?

What are UFO's?

Merely neutrons in the atmoshere combining the charges from a proton and an electron in a barely stable resonance, which decays in minutes, or slightly longer. A neutrino accepts energy from a gamma ray to reconstitute a particle and its anti-particle. "Empty space" is full of neutrinos but perhaps not so our atmosphere. Our atmosphere is however full of gamma rays amount to around 100 per day. Neutrinos are the repositories of matter in the universe, awaiting the burst of gamma-radiation to expand them to form the stuff of atoms. The weird "zoo" of short-lived particles created in particle accelerators and seen in cosmic rays are simply unstable resonant systems of charge.

What are Crop Circles?

They are 'artifacts' of electromagnetic rays (discharges) from the heated plasma from within the core of the planet reacting with the elements that make up vegetational life - at a particular point of cellular differentiation. They are also interesting 'geometrie' indicating that all electromagnetic radiation must carry information as do the neurologies infrastructures of biological life on Earth. They could also be the final proof that 'geometrie' is the language of the Universe and not mathematics (as stated by mathematicians). But, they are not phenomenal 'signatures'.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is simply a normal cosmic cyclic event whereby electric energy and current is increasing its presence and flows through the galactic arms of the Milky Way.

Mainstream scientific hysteria should be simply more focused in asking, does it make sense to pollute the air we need to exist.

What are Cosmic Rays?

Cosmic Rays arrive on Earth constantly and they are electomagentic signals (noise) from space that should and probably do carry information throughout the Universe looking for a receiver.

It appears that we are not yet capable of processing noise (incoherent signal) into coherent information.

Strange really, as the ancient Egyptians knew all this... and wrote about it leaving the evidence everywhere for us to find. Problems is that we still consider them as ignorant savages or pagans at best.

What is a Pagan?

A Pagan is someone who sees in Nature the whole truth about the Universe in terms of physics and as the 'signatures' of the "Godhead". Mankind, animals, vegetation, fishes are the 'signatures' of the "godhead". There are only one set of Laws for our uniform Universe.

What is 'time'?

'Time' is merely the relationship between organizations built on a single but complex structure. The observer, we in this case find 'time' as relativity. This relativity being the epistemeological state or level of the cognitive consciousness of intellect.

Or, if an observer can cognitively 'see' or vizualize the Universe then HIS time is Universal 'time'.

What is Structure?

Structure is the stuff upon which organizations emerge and sustain (in terms of the Bell Curve, of course) and within Structure there is always organization.

What is Organization?

Organization is the stuff surrrounding Structure and that which structure is built upon, ad infinitum.

What is a Sphere?

A sphere is the most conservationist method of organization due to the characteristics of volume.

What is our Universe?

Our Universe is more than likely a sphere of charges particles with double layers (DL) coagualting and coalescing like all the other components the are emergent within it. It is a uniform set of Laws. All the subservient laws are parochial laws or Universal Laws slightly varied to the environments in which they find themselves manifested.

What is Life?

Life is any emergent phenomena that has the ability to self organize. It is the manisfestation of Universal Laws in any particular environment acting in accord with the Laws of Causality.

What is the process of Genesis or Creation?

Why, non-destructive, non-radioactive nuclear resonant transmutation, of course. It is fully scaleable, is a constant and is occuring here on Earth trillions upon trillions of time per second in plant and animal life. It is also constantly ocurring in Space and we can now witness this process through our space sensors due to the 'time' or organizational differentials between the observer and the events. Alchemy is alive and well thank you and it is the route to the production of abundant clean energy, amongst many other things.

What is differentiation?

Differentiation is simply the cyclic phases that emergence phenomena passes through in its process from Cause to Effect or towards manifestation. It obeys Quantum physics from the cellular level to the stellar and gallatic levels or in another words, each phase is marked by a quantum jump.

What is "mainstream" science?

It is dead dogma.

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