November 18, 2005

Cancer and the United Nations

The United Nations - UN

Don't you just love it when the UN condones torture and murder by any of its acknowledged member states. Just being a member of the bureaucrat club allows one to do anything, kill anything, murder anybody or just starve, poison, bomb whole ethnic groups. In Iraq today the new regime sates itself in its murderous undertakings whilst the UN looks on and smiles contentedly - after all, these persons are brother bureaucrats, so it is okay...

Is Koffi Annan the Secretary General or the general secretary of the United Nations? ... he is the latter - so much for propaganda.

Translation problem?... anything for kudos and for Koffi who has been a professional full-time 'boot-lick' since a boy in military school covering for British black-ops - it is important to him; it is all he is and has, as he is still a boot-lick but now with ermine robes - er, a Nobel Peace Prize, unearned naturalement, mais oui.

Oil for arms er, under-the-table money for the boys and girls of the UN as they intend to do well - and they do very well indeed. This writer audited the UN under contract - the leverage is a minimum 30:1 to the UN's favour - the target gets a maximum of 5% of intended funds and the rest is shared between the boys - Corruption? You have no idea and two other sister organizations which compete are the IMF and the World Bank.

And, the Internet - the UN is now desperately making another grab for control of the Internet which it needs to request more money (that is what the UN does, asks for more money for its self-serving bloodsucking bureaucrats). Please note the two Prime Agenda of the UN are 1. Dominant World Government and 2. A 65% human cull of todays human life forms! These blood-suckers need control of your minds and your body and they will not stop until we put them down. They are a disease and we must deal with it - or die after being incarcerated in chains!

If the UN gets control of the Internet please be warned - there goes **YOUR** freedom - there goes humanities currrent chance to break free of politicians, ignorance, and institutional religion (bureaucracy).

Warning: Do not allow the UN to control the Internet!

If the UN gets control of the Internet - the following will follow:

First the Internet will become dysfunctional,
Second, the UN will call for more money to fix it!,
Thirdly, the price of access will become prohibitively expensive,
Fouthly, access will become restricted from the masses (us unwashed variety),
Fifthly, content will be completely controlled and disseminated for the "greater public good",
And lastly, ignorance will also be disseminiated so as to widen the gap between us and them.

The UN will become the largest controller of Global Prisons where thought-crimes become the political impetus of the drive to control the masses..

Do not allow the Internet to be controlled by the UN! Stop the proliferation of institutional religion (bureaucracy) today.

The European Commission (EU) also wants to control the Internet.

The EU is a bureaucracy - that is an institutional religious body - developed in a ideology of communism from the former USSR and Fascism, from the former state of Mussolini's Italy. Fascism is where business is controlled by politics and politics are controlled by business - this marriage is what they call socialism and what we fought against and for which millions upon millions died to keep us free and away from human dignity. The United States of America now races to engage this deadly ideological marriage borne out of the twisted repressed hatred and bitterness of the Zionist political intensity which Roosevelt so admired through his mentor Stalin or Uncle Joe. Democracy, or more accurately, the US Republic way is dying; the demented fascist Christian fundamentalist zealotry needs more blood to quench its thirst. The intellect is dead and dogma embraces extremis.

The Brussels bureaucracy (priesthood) is about control of your freedom because they do not have the intellectual capacity to deal with today's necessary organization demands. These minds are still in the dark ages and they consequently only see murder, war, genocide, culling, control, starvation, poison, bombing as the ONLY tools available to organize humanities growing population. These people are academically, ethically and morally challenged and should not be in leadership!

Bureaucracy, like its twin brother, instititutional religion, is a human sickness so foul and vile that it will murder, poison, bomb and kill its own kind just to exist, a priori. It is a malignant cancer. These are the sole tools of this sick and primitive brotherhood and they have been around for circa 2,500 years.

Bureaucracy (institutional religion) is the cancer of life and it must be cured. The cure is awareness and responsible action and thought. Think and we can kill this cancer. The perception is vital to the survival of our species.

Politics - Bureaucracy and Institutional Religion are cancers which must be eliminated in order for Man it evolve - they are killing God!

Think and be responsible - Act now!

There is only one alternative for man to evolve and this involves thinking and responsibility - it demands that men act in accordance with the Universal principles (Law) and bring forth change through revolution (of the mind). Killing and murder are acts debase and not worthy of man who would be God.

Well, the UN lost their bid for control of our minds and souls; at least we have time before the enxt attack. It may be profitable to consider that in the event of natural disasters, you must act alone and depend not on your Government, the UN and other such agencies. Recent examples for study and consideration are the Tsunami of South-East Asia, the Cyclones of New Orleans and Texas and let us not forget Pakistan. Where were the suited priests of politics (bureaucracy)? You may ask but the answer is not where they could have done some good for others but where they could do things for themselves individually.

Message: Ignore politics and do not rely on the United Nations for anything that could be beneficial to you as they are only in the game for themselves. Become as a star and depend only upon yourself - self-sufficiency is your key to surival and freedom.

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I am now considered too old to be of further threat but I have survived three institutional attempts to prematurely end my life during my career. The current Global Systemic Collapse (GSC), better described as a 'global leadership collapse' (GLC), is a socio-economic phase-transition brought about by the total failure of global "leadership", to find even the most basic of foresight and compassionate sensitivities to balance the imbalances and injustices that they have wrought on the World. Governments' are now attempting to create an exclusive risk-free corporate environment. This delusional ideology of pure insanity, cannot sustain. This sought "risk-free' corporate banking environment is to be achieved by transferring all risk and all financial losses to the tax-payers (“Main Street”) while maintaining a highly secretive cabal of global elites and ruling politician and bankers. The simple truth is that our "Economic Theory" is a fatally flawed, faith-based farce, and "leadership" do not have the necessary intelligence nor intellect to confront the issues du jour. There are now only Heretics and Fools, but, there is always a “choice”.