November 19, 2005

Hierarchy & the Demand for Change

The demand for a new and improved social order cannot be denied but to confront the issues by murder, imposition, genocide, war, force, torture, deceit, dishonesty, that is to say, the default mechanisms of today's priests of leadership is naught but a show of the dominant primordial mind at play. A spent force and a malignant cancer in extremis. A new era calls for a shift in not only our individual thought processes but also in our willingness to individually accept responsibilities for the actions of Leadership and to instill some firm levels of integrity behind our motivations, agenda and deeds; both individual and collective.

To have that which others less fortunate do not have - perhaps by way of 'privilege', chance, luck, hard work, stealth or guile nevertheless, equally demands some level of responsibility for ones' fellow man. This is called compassion but a trait not found in today's priestly err... political and bureaucratic classes or if so found, then extremely rare in deed...

It is clear that circa 2000 or more years ago humanity shifted from a radiant method of social organization (meaning functional consciousness) to a hierarchical method of social organization (functional consciousness) - hence the priest and all our emergent organization e.g. science, politics, bureaucracy, religion, management, etc., etc., of today, being exactly similar in every analogous aspect. This did not happen over night as there are many statements from the ancient Egyptians on record admitting to the growing problems over time with their priestly administrators (those of the outer school) - it is clear, the priests eventually won the day which I believe was a natural turn of events in human evolution. This brotherhood of priests still remain problematic until this day.

Although we can accept the hierarchical - we can correctly call this the reductionist epoch or phase (as in reductionist science) as the structure and its organizations towards technological development (evolution) of the human mind, it must also be viewed as superficial for reasons set out within these pages elsewhere, as this hierarchical methodology must now be viewed as a social malignant cancer which is exhibiting itself throughout the World, in politics, religion, bureaucracy, economics and every major aspect of our social management systems as a crude but volatile display of 'extremis'. It is a quantitative artifact that must be replaced with a new qualitative alternative so as to move on to extend our reach of humanity throughout the Universe (our Mind) (a brief outline of this qualitative alternative will be blogged at some later date).

What we have here is (view the Buddhist caduceus as a graphic prop.) all entities (even thoughts and paradigms) being made up of two contradictory complementaries where one drives forward and the other, at its due time or phase, drives what appears to be backwards. But, it is not backwards; it is spiraling upwards as in precession (we just don't perceive it as such) as the zodiac movement indicates a counter-clockwise movement (it is all a matter of perception) where one half drives through its destined Epoch and then the other (contradictory complement) takes over - the gearing and devolution makes it appear to be reversal where in fact it is a holistically or maturational movement carried out in a qualitative essence, a priori. Such is the will, nature and the geometrie of the creative thought of the Universe; the Prime Principle.

Think of two wheels connected by gearing where one goes forward while the other stands still (more or less) and then the opposite wheel takes over in the same mode but dragging differing characteristics. All this then shows that "God" or what we should think of as God, is Man (Mind) - awakening mind, maturing qualitative man - those Moon people that consist of 5% (exactly- another buried scientific fact) of the total population (also equates to critical mass) - the skilled ones, the perennial ones; the shaman.

God is the measure of consciousness of every particular era and varies according to each paradigm of each social grouping (or belief system, club, political party, thought, etc.). It can be no other as Existence is multiplicity where Unity is creation. That is to say, what one qualifies what a particular personal opinion of God is, one defines its level of 'episteme' (qualitative knowledge) or place on the epistemological scale (these figures in this scale have not yet be published as corrected). Hence your belief (current) in God defines your trajectory (measure) along the evolutionary (maturationary) path between cause and effect. Men are the signature of God, as aforesaid herein.

And why "civilization" is now appearing as though it is retreating is that 'the meek (those 95% of the lower episteme) have inherited the Earth and they are still innately inept still at this time in the management of their own affairs; '…forgive them as they know not what they do…'. They have not matured as yet; they remain Universally young whereas the Moon people are ageless - remaining on Earth to administer the magik of the ages so that men may become as the Oak from the acorn.

Why do we know that "Man is the Signature of God"?. Because it is borne naked without any Innate Response Mechanisms (FIRM - Campbell) to guarantee its survival. That is to say, men need to evolve their Mind alone in order to survive and in order to evolve and this is the prime difference between man and the rest of the species found in this unique Earth bound life spectrum. By being naked, men can be anything of total possibility that is to say that they are not committed to any singular predefined possibility; mans' Mind is naked; his soul is naked and both aspects as naked as its body; such is the nature of God, that is totality albeit in evolution.

And, the Principle Cause is unknowable and will never be known. We must be thankful that our generals, our presidents, our scientists, et al., remain intellectually challenged so that they would remain continually effectively useless and little threat to human survival. Better that they continue to puzzle over tying their shoe laces for some time yet until social order reconstruction retires them to some kind and harmless farm for the insane and the unfortunate.

The Universe awakens as men awaken; as cause travels its path to effect; light races throughout the Universe as these men phase into maturation; the dark retreats as light sates its appetite; as Universal Intelligence manifests itself through energized complicit experiential interaction; the rest returns to dust for yet another epoch destined for another era in universal timelessness. The measure of God is Man. The measure of men is God.

Let us now put the question regarding the chances of other men that is to say, species similar to men being found somewhere else than Earth within our Universe. Because 'time' is relational geometrie within organization surrounding structure and because the Universe must be considered 'infinite' and due to the fact that creation is a constant then the odds that an exact duplication of Earthly creation in terms of energy expenditure & consumption, gaseous coagulation and coalescence, timing, vibration (temperature) and all other chemical, gaseous and matter elements, pressurization, densities and the vagaries of the electric charge borne of attraction and repulsion, magnetism, polarity, humidity, saliences, plasma and ionization, etc, surrounding the issues of real 'time' in terms of the infinite (possibility) where duplication necessitates either the exact same specificities within a singular moment of finite coincidence or a singular prime universal principle agenda. But then universal conservationism exudes total possibility, a priori, which cancels both the prime agenda hypothesis and the singular convergence of coincidence.

To think otherwise is pure unfounded arrogance while ignoring Universal Laws. And, remember or consider, that consciousness is singular and it is here that "God" be found. The probability of another similar species to men being found within this Universe is highly unlikely.

The message is that it is time that men begin to open their souls and minds to the wonders of the Universe and to use their Minds to think. Heresy! It is time to question everything; it is time to review one's thoughts and one's deed and actions; it is time to take responsibility; it is time for survival. It is time to be in concordance with the Laws of the Universe.

God did not give men the ability to create children so that they can be killed or kill at your whim or the whim of your chosen leadership. God gave you everything so that you may live in multiplicity and that you may know yourself and by doing so, by knowing God. There is no glory in death as it represents failure and ignorance. There is only glory in becoming that which God intended for you to become.

Reject the fetters and ignorance of today's leadership - reject TV and respect life; all life. Think for yourself and become a heretic. Be proud to be a Heretic! Question everything and grow. Mainstream knowledge is somewhere below politics and feral concentrates; sewage if you prefer.

Feel the strength yet subtle powers of the Sun. Face the morning Sun and greet the coming day for every morning brings a new Epoch for mankind in his march towards destiny.

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