October 29, 2005

Empyrean Man the Pyramid

According to Alvin Boyd Kuhn (not to be confused with Thomas Kuhn of 'paradigm' fame) in his work entitled 'The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet' the word 'UR" comes to us from the ancient past meaning fire where 'p' was the Egyptians "divine" article, 'the' thus giving birth to the root 'pyr' after the Greek 'u' changes to 'y' in English.

We can then find this vitalized root in many of our words such as and for example - pure, purge, purgatory, pyre, pyrotechnic, uraeus, empyrean, Uranus, uranium, radiation, auger, urban, Arcturus, Arthur, Abraham, Uriah (flame of the Lord) and pyramid, etc. The latter which we know denotes fire at 10 to the power of 'n'. 'Empyrean' in our modern tongue means "the highest reaches of Heaven believed by the ancients to be the realm of pure fire or light. The abode of God and the angels; paradise; the sky".

Etymology suggests it roots from that which means 'original', to 'increase rapidly' and of course "the flame of the Lord". The Uraeus was worn by the Pharonic classes and depicted as the energized Cobra (fire) of the Mind, which is not far off the "third-eye" of the Buddhists. Those of the 'uraeus' were obviously not blind however such symbols are purely for ritual and identification. A verse in the Chaldean Oracles says that "all things are the product of one primordial fire, every way resplendent" - the name 'Ab-ra-m" where ab denotes 'father' thus is seen as 'Father Ra' and where 'Ram' is the 'fire' entombed in water, matter. There is consistency in the etymological roots suggested.

Buddhism is not an emotionalized philosophy or religion, it is a way of using your mind to find the intelligence of your heart, supra-intelligence or true intellect, where intellect is driven by intuition, and intuition is directed by intellect. Buddhists do not believe in God but keep an open mind. Finding this, and living in integrity and certainty, brings us to a higher state of thinking and acting. Buddhism was already ancient around 1000BCE and meditation (the way of the Buddhists) appears to have been the normal state for those sages that have left us evidence of their presense in forms such as the pyramids and ancient poetic texts, architecture, hieroglyphs, and other esoteric type artifacts, etc.

Now, considering what happens when one is able to stop the over working Sympathic mode (which can be referred to as the exoteric mode) and fully radiate in the light and glory of the Parasympathetic mode of the body's Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which we can term the 'esoteric' mode we start to understand a little more about Buddhism and the art of meditation (and the act of 'purification), that this ancient practice of mental development and behavioral integrity has been alluded to in terms of its extraordinary merits.

There are very few people today that can enter a full meditational trance despite the rhetoric to the contrary. We of the dominant (left hemisphere associated) Sympathetic mode just can't shut it off so easily and thus sleep is typically induced (which in fits and starts does shut it down sometimes) prior to reaching the required state of mind in conscious sentient mode that is required to observe and validate the processing of "subconscious" mind at work.

The state that is reached through meditation is essentially the observation state of creation - or that of observing the "present moment", that moment that is independent of the past and the future, both of which are indelicately tied together in steel bonds. This equates somewhat to the distance between cause and effect and the 'distance' here being a verbe.

Obviously the Great Pyramid was built by those of the what we today call the "subconscious" mind and of the Parasympathetic as the dominant ANS functioning and of the practicing Pharonic classes so as to enhance these powers over gradual integration through the initiatory rites of the Adepts of the Inner Core of the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Obviously these masters where far more capable of thinking than merely in the singular constrained context, as we are, of today as is evidenced in the ancient hieroglyphs and texts left to us . Therefore we must accept that the pyramid must also symbolize many other important roots to knowledge as well as serving other functions.

Evidence suggests that the initiates and the practitioners went through various training rituals and initiations that enhanced their conscious powers by a holistic balance of both the subconscious mind (the prevailing state of mind at the time but which was beginning to swing to the conscious state) and the conscious mind and engendering and nurturing a much higher state of consciousness by the conscious (exoteric) acknowledgment of the subconscious (the state of mind then) esoteric knowledge in and out flows derived by this meditational practices. Wisdom - Sophia - Sagacity.

All this while being protected and shielded by the precision design, composition, shape, orientation and construction of the pyramid from external cosmic rays and environmental influences - there are two narrow passages that at the time when the pyramid structure was in use, would to have pointed to two different star groups for particular times. This was obviously intentional and functional. The Pyramid (translation: fire to the power of 10 to the nth.) other than these "vents" was totally sealed (hermetic) with its entrance well off the ground and probably sealed from the outside during the time of use.

The Cheops or Khufu or Great Pyramid of Giza has astounding sound acoustic capabilities and the internal temperatures are naturally maintained at a very fine constant. It is obvious that this Pyramid was a natural "uraeus" or "third eye" - esoteric - mental magnification technology for the human mind (one that was already honed through meditation , ritual and practice to supranatural power potential) - a type of telescope for the mind of "Man". We also know that these adepts regularly used natural herbes as drugs to enhance their mental functioning so it does not take a great leap of faith to believe that the pyramids were used for mind enhancing purposes; this being a major concern of the pharonic class.

While the initiates prepared and developed at the internal top (Kings' Room) of the pyramid, the Masters studied the Universe from the subterrainian depths below and it is from exactly here... as it is written for us to read in this day, that it is the eternal darkness from whence the light is created. Out of the dark springs forth the light and out of the mound emerges life (life here reads: consciousness and awareness or light).

And, all this while the human body, this animated super molecule comprising trillions of cells, their plasmalemma, their Double Layers (DL), their entity and its sympathetic and parasympathetic functional conditioning apparatus ... all protected from environmental (external) influences.

In other words, the Masters were in the full potential (for that time, earthly environment and state of consciousness) through a harmonious and enhanced balanced meditational state engaging their combined intellectual and intelligence neural resources through the integrated containment of their Sympathetic and Parasympathetic functionalities of their Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) independent of outside influence. In other words they were totally in control and somewhere near the Godhead.

These were the "perennial ones" or those herbes of nature reaching fruition through cosmic energy from the harvest of men. Ordinary men, not of maturity and readiness will not need to undergo the training as they will be unable to see; they will be blind. But here is hope again for mankind that the masters are returning and the secrets of the heavens will once again be melded into the civilization building of men and this time it will be projected outward toward the starts. The key is the conscious validation of the subconscious opening and the technology to enhance this capability is to shield the organism from external forces all in an environment of humility and integrity.


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