October 28, 2005

Evolving Man

Man has long wondered his role in the Universe and has suspected his evolution and possible eventual elevation from his role as man on Earth to a God of the Universe.

The image included herein is symbolization leading to the role of the stars and planets and men in this singular unique innate knowledge of certainty, that is to say correctly 'religion' that which is contained in the heart of each man and that which drives him towards this goal.

This pursuit for the knowledge of himself, physis, (some say physics) is correctly termed as 'science'. Science is the individual qualitative pursuit of men towards their evolutionary objective or manifestation, or entity maturation or the finality of 'cause'; that is 'effect'.

Life is a dynamic process and can be compared to the distance (verbe) between the Acorn and the Oak. The Oak having become, becomes royal and then redundant; and after duration eventually passes. Gold symbolizes this process in the minerals. Life is any phenomenon that has the ability to self organize. All phenomenon obey the geometrie of the bell curve where the "duration of civilization" is directly dependant upon the harmonious use on the balances and weights of the intellect and the intelligence aspects of consciousness. This is the measure. Life is "irrational" and all entities consist of duality or contradictory complementaries; this is not gender.

Creation is a constant and all creation is effected through complicity, that is where complicity is a vital energetic impulsed interaction of two or more complex systems in a feedback arrangement which leads to a behavior that is not present in either system on its own.

In the previous blog it is boldly stated that the ancient sages of Egypt and elsewhere throughout the World circa 2000BCE , before and for sometime afterwards where societally dominated by what we term today as our "Subconscious Mind". This state started to change as is visibly in evidence circa 1000BCE. Today the "conscious mind" dominants the affairs of men; this conscious mind is a technical mind, quantitative a priori, is uncertain, crazed and generally without reason being based on uncertainty and fragmentation and is considered to be disconnected "from the Gods". This "conscious mind" has now begun to swing back to its former state, as the pendulum, with an additive toolbox of impressive technology. This is evolution and the game is afoot.

As a rough guide the conscious mind appears to be similar to serial processing mode (single thread) which is reasonably high speed at around 100Mbps running over a chemical electronic neural network with on-line synaptic separation which is wired directly into the basic senses; all of which is a powerful quantitative technology tool. It is also short term memory dependant where our long term memory functionalities were lost at around the same time as the above mentality shift circa 1000BCE. A. B. Kuhn suggests it began when the circle and the "I" became entwined as the symbol of life known as the Ankh, known later as the Crux Ansata or the unsated cross. Also refer here to Jaynes and Crick for further information.

The subconscious mind however functions in a multi-threading mode much like parallel processing. It retains its own memory dependencies through energized and vital simplicity processing from high level complexity inflows and independent memory storage. It is far slower than the conscious mind but it is holistic and fully qualitative. It has full connectivity is not superficial but varies only in the density and complexity of its volume.

Now we must consider the Autonomic Nervous System of Man (ANS) and in particular the two distinct functionalities known as the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic modes. The ANS controls the human entity subconsciously and cannot be consciously manipulated by the conscious mind (in our current state although there are some exceptions).

Briefly, the Sympathetic mode control the "flight" mechanisms of men; the risk, battle, defensive and offensive aspects to the lives of men and while the Sympathetic mode is in play, the Parasympathetic mode is not physically engaged but is always in its monitoring mode. The latter mode monitors and regulates the health of the human entity and by health one must accept in this definition its full scope consisting of both physical and mental well being. It cannot however do this while the Sympathetic mode actively dominates our active state.

Fundamentally the Sympathetic function is more than similar to the conscious mind in every aspect particularly being of single focus or single minded whereas the parasympathetic functions are far more broad based (multi-threaded) and multi-disciplinary by their very nature and must be considered to belong to the (what we now call) "subconscious mind" module or state. Like the conscious mind the Sympathetic functions are either on or off where the Parasympathetic functions remain on sentient alert just as the subconscious mind.

"Perceptions" lie between the environment and cell expression. If our perceptions are accurate, the resulting behavior will be life enhancing. If we operate from "misperceptions," our behavior will be inappropriate and will jeopardize our vitality by compromising our health." So states Cellular Biologist Bruce Lipton and supplies a vital clue to our current state of global devolution.

Science demands the use of imagination; it demands courage and it demands to go where no man has gone before. Science demands that we leave Plato's Cave and cross the holy and sacred barriers established by pious little men in their specialized institutionalized temples at play with their little ego's. Science demands that biology cannot be separated from physics, from astronomy, nor any from geology or economics from philosophy nor any aspect of physis from another! Science cannot continue to be based on the blind man grasp of - and then announcement of... regarding the elephants trunk! Science demands vision, integrity, heresy, honour, and above all, scientific theory must be able to stand against every attack and challenge built upon the pillars of reason surrounding fact. There are no divisions or partitions in mitosis, the analogy and symbol of creation. Static partitioning in civilization where the prime mandate is dynamics is pure neanderthal idiocy and lunacy.

So we state clearly and make no mistake that the dominant mind of men in society throughout the world prior to this era (which has already begun to change again) was that which we today call the subconscious mind. That this "subconscious" mind is directly related to the executive aspect of the parasympathetic function of the ANS. These aspects of men are fully qualitative and holistic and are Universal in their abilities and connectivities. Both this subconscious mind and the parasympathetic functions were in this immature age of men - this age of innocence or the "Golden Age", the dominant mentality that brought the basic and essential knowledge of civilization to the World. Men were then mainly of an undifferentiated nature and this state has been evidenced for the record.

At the changing of the phase from the previous era (not to be confused with the Era in which we have just entered) it was the conscious mind that has become dominant in the affairs of men and this evolutionary phasing has been brought about through prioritizing the Sympathic functions in the ANS. By doing so we find in the record that men became crazed as they has lost contact with their Gods. Their Gods had left them! Cities fell, agriculture failed, cities burnt, masses marched across the lands, crops failed, the climate changed and there were major telluric events that hastened the madness; genocide, murder, insanity prevailed and a state of perpetual war and imposition became the norm du jour and remains in evidence even until today! We had then entered the Age of Pisces; the age of the predator without an enemy other than his own species. We feed upon ourselves still to this day.

Now we leave Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius, that age old mythology and prophesy would have us believe will bring great peace and prosperity to man. It will be so!

But how is this evolutionary phasing triggered? Is it logical? Can the mechanisms for this evolution and shifting of the levels of consciousness be scientifically determined? We say "yes" and the vital connectivities and clues are to be found within these pages and elsewhere as referenced as starting points.

The basic foundation of science is observation and the collection of facts. The more facts the better the signal noise ratio and this is exactly the process involved. The Egyptian sages - we know by abundant evidence - observed the movements of the stars and planets for thousands of years and more than likely even of thousands of years prior to settling in Egypt. The clear evidence is on hand that the ancients and the primitives saw and experienced major energized plasma events in the near heavens somewhere between circa 2000BCA and 8000BCE (and more than likely prior to this time as well) and that evidence is from all over the face of the planet in the form of petroglyphs. We know that Stonehenge and other sites are the stone images of z-pinches in energized plasma events seen in the near skies by men of this Earth - we can also see and do record them today in space and we can and do also produce them in laboratories on Earth. This is demonstrable science; this is science.

Bruce Lipton's work shows us the nature of the biological cell whereas its brain is its 'plasmalemma' or microscopic double layered (DL) membrane organized as proteins incorporated within the membrane itself and called integral membrane proteins (IMPs). Basically, on the external outer layer of this DL there are tiny aerials called "receptors" which receive noise from the surrounding environment and process the noise into coherent signals whereupon these signals are passed into the inner DL where 'effectors' translate the received signal into messages fortransmission to the inner cell core itself. Perception is transferred to adaptation through monitoring and regulation by signal emission. The signal carrier is radio noise.

It must be noted that Irving Langmuir, one of the early pioneers in the study of plasma, discovered double layers in his laboratory in the 1920s. Hannes Alfven, the father of plasma cosmology, proposed their existence in cosmic settings in 1958. Double layers in space surrounding the planet Earth were discovered in 1978, when artificial satellites orbited through them and measured the characteristic changes in their electric fields. Today, Wallace Thornhill and Anthony Peratt work in this area which has yet, even after more than 90 years, not yet become to the attention of our consensual dogmatic mainstream institutional "scientists". This is changing but there still remains many theories and many reputations and 'tenure' that need protection prior to giving in to the coming revolution of enlightenment and reason. Lack of Integrity has never an issue for our mainstream institutionalization and today it is hanging around the necks of men like an enormous sea anchor, insistently dragging us all to the depths of hell or devoltion...

From recent observation from spacecraft, telescopes and a wide variety of space borne and earthbound sensors, it is clear that the solar system and beyond is apparently warming up, that is to say it is not just the planet that is suffering from global warming but the whole near cosmos and definitely the whole galaxy. "Warming up" is a simple term used here to convey a familiar message but we should not expect that the coming change is about air temperature as it is about a phase in evolution for life within the galaxy; far more exciting and with enormous implications.

The Electric Universe theory would suggest that the charge and intensity of electrical current running through our galactic circuit is building and this suggests change possibly through a near 'z-pinch' effect in our galactic Birkeland Currents. Global intelligence is sending us signals carried by these electric circuits and the whole solar system and galaxy as well as life on Earth, is responding right down to cellular level. Mainstream science appears to be still surprised and has no answers in their books of dogma.

As the ancient message says "...as above so below..." or words to that effect and Lipton's stand that "Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been shown to regulate virtually every cell function, including DNA synthesis, RNA synthesis, protein synthesis, cell division, cell differentiation, morphogenesis and neuroendocrine regulation. These findings are relevant for they acknowledge that biological behavior can be controlled by 'invisible" energy forces, which include thought." we find ourselves again at the dawn of a new and wondrous epoch for man.

It is not reasonable to believe that man is not part of the Universe. It is reasonable that life does naturally react to cosmic forces as we do. With absolute certainty there are cosmic forces - we do know their nature but not withstanding, we do not yet comprehend their engendering and nurturing characteristics and full fuctionalities.

But now we do know that cosmic rays can easily manipulate life throughout the Universe and in particular on Earth and that there are only one set of Laws throughout the Universe and they are consistent.

The message?

Dogma is the enemy where Heresy will set you free! Man's evolution is controlled by the Cosmic Mind or Intelligence. It is so written!

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