October 27, 2005

Evolving the Bicameral Mind

The following revelation will change the World and how we think, act and manage our future; how we treat each other, how our medical and psychiatric practices will change and will dictate an Era of peace and wondrous progress for the coming future.

For some specific references please read the works of Sir Francis Crick, Rene A. Schwaller de Lubicz and Professor Julian Jaynes.

Life evolves in phases in the same way as the Moon passes through the month and also in the same manner as mitosis creates biological life and the acorn emerges as the Oak tree; this is to say that there are no boundaries in emergent creation or the evolving of manifestation as creation is a constant process as is its maturation. Please refer to the blog "Thrice White Goddess - Mitosis" and study the phases of the Moon in the image as shown. There are also many animations of 'mitosis' available on the Internet to view as well.

Mistake not these words and meanings and the heavy implications of hopes for an amazing future which is about to descend upon us, as to what is being stated herein.

The dominant consciousness or the active prevailing mindset at circa 2000BCE and prior to this time was what we refer today to as the "subconscious mind".

This mentality was that of the artisan, the artist, the mason, the Master, the adept and the scientist. A mentality that is a priori qualitative, that functions by processing multi-threads that are fully cross-referenced, 3 dimensional, fully attributed, emotionally powered, weighted, colored and sensed with auto-auditory tactile merging, in a density of dynamic volumetric simplification (from complexity) processing of esoteric comprehension and with full universal connectivity through feeling of the heart.

It was this qualitative Mind that brought us Egypt and its pyramids and other magnificent stone buildings and their hieroglyphs and the Iliad - Homer - all those ancient texts written in the most profound and poetic styles and some which still make up our bible (papyrus) today and are layered with 7 to 9 levels of analogous constructs of differing contexts and subjects. It is this qualitative mind that brings us the Emerald Tablet and the Kybalion which receives no comments from the 'science' or numeric mind of today. It is this qualitative mind that brings us the professions such as the art of measurement (survey), medicine, architecture, Law, and unfortunately the priest but the latter can be blamed on the nature of the evolving mind. All of this the mainstream still doesn't understand and lambusts it all as primitive nonsense. The current mentality in terms of comprehension and science is of no comparision to that of the ancient Egyptian Sage.

Agriculture, animal husbandry, masonic works in stone, woods, granite, marble, paint, fusion, wine, bread and many other aspects of our modern life originated with the qualitative mind and all of which has met marginalization through our current literalization and approximation; mediocrity in lieu of excellence.

It was this qualitative state of mind that brought us that which we call mythology and due to our superficial literal way, we cast it out as the superstitious work of primitives. It was the Egyptians that saved literal Greece from economic self destruction and it was these minds that the Greeks plagarized for its philosophy, mathematics, geometrie, mathematics, law, sciences, etc., etc.

The Masonic Lodge of today, however far departed from - integrity, is structured around the radial system of the ancient Egyptian Schools or Temples - the qualitative mind at work.

The conscious mind of today which began to shift into visible dominance around circa 1000 BCE is a technical mind left hemisphere associated and is considered 2 dimensional, fragmented, ad hoc, purely quantitative, superficial and is driven by only the basic senses and is dependent upon stored memories alone. This conscious mind is irrational, uncertainty driven and incomplete and is referred to as "The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind..." by Professor Julian Jaynes. He further shows that this mind became disconnected from the Gods of men at circa 1000BCE and by observation remains so to this day but as the dominant mentality. It is a mentality of war and imposition; control, greed and over-extended ego as well as uncertainty.

However, it conclusively appears that there is also now a powerful swing in these mentalities - much like the returning arc of the pendulum - throughout our global civilization from the current 'technical' mentality back to the former qualitative state of what we today refer to as the "subconscious mind" or the bicameral mind. Obviously those individuals that are undergoing this swing today are far more technically matured that our ancestors of circa 6000 years ago.

This is visible evolution; indeed.

The price of this swing comes in the form of potential madness, incarceration, institutionalization, death, exorcism, illness societal rejection. The symptoms are the 'kundalini' mental impulses, excessive sexual urges, schizophrenia, seemingly madness; all this - if it comes too fast - without recognition - without undeerstanding and where the worst case is that our medical physicians - generally speaking for the mainstream, are not sufficiently trained and therefore cannot treat this phenomenon properly and with the care that is necessary to bring the state to healthy manifestation. The Church of Rome of course in their ignorance undertakes primitive and secretive 'exorcisms' that do more harm that good. It is interesting now that the Church appears to be running "exorcism" training courses for their true-believing priests around the World and the demand for this specialist 'witch doctoring' and training is in now high and increasing demand. It is also interesting that the amount of cases of schizophrenia have also been on the increase for a number of decades now.

However, part of the solution for the dangers in this emergent phenomena merely lies with the identification and acceptance of this dynamic evolutionary state of our consciousness or mentality states and this blog should evoke a need in each individual to seek a personal validation of what is being said here actually refers to themselves. Once validated all that is required is to merely administer a healthy state of the milieu to allow the process to develop in accordance with proper conduct. This conduct being the scientific process of knowing oneself in all aspects - which is obviously a life's work; this is science.

Of course in the academic and mental realms there is a need to completely overhaul our knowledge of the mind dating from Freud and Jung in the same manner that our state of physics and science today needs a full overhaul, restructuring and reorganization from Newton forward. This is not to say that these persons were incorrect in their findings at all but they are approximations and were acceptable for a time that the human mind was limited in functionality and dominated by superstition and dogma hoary with antiquity and religious directed bias.

The future looks bright indeed and we are entering the age where men will pioneer the Universe; a new era of adventure and exploration where men have shrugged off the shackles of ignorance and have re-found the qualitative holistic approach to our mental functionalities. In the meantime however, we need to get over our warlike tendencies and institutional hierarchical constraints which are currently in a state of 'extremis".

There are probably many millions of people who have already experienced this change but not knowing what is happening to them have repressed the new feelings or just ignored the symptoms. A major dominant change in Earthly affairs will rapidly come about if people understand that they are being naturally subjected to change by outside forces of evolution and are undergoing a change for the better. Our natural tendency to repress these personal evocations is understandable but if this message is distributed and persons realize that they are not alone nor sick but in a state of dynamic evolution then there will be a visible global growth in integrity, responsibility, sanity and peace.

Take heart as the greatest revolution of them all to date is coming and it is coming in the form of a shift in consciousness to the superiority of the Bicameral Mind 'intellect' with a complementary and highly attuned technology 'intelligence' aspect - contradictory complementation.

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