October 12, 2005

There are only One set of Universal Laws

There are only one set of universal laws or principles (causes) as they are more correctly termed and they are known scientifically as "Universals". When these Universals come into effect within a sealed (hermetic) environment of a planet or galaxy or solar system, the environmental conditions uniquely therein, render resistance (and therefore change) whereupon, Universal principles become termed as "Parochials".

There maybe one Prime directive or Principle Cause but this is unknowable.

There are only one set of 'Universal Laws' and all of the multitude of uniquely variant 'Parochial Laws' are of these Universals, and are consistent with these Universals; the core of fundamental cause remains always in accord with their Universal origin.

Life begins in motion; life is the ability of phenomenal self-organization; life is multiplicity; vibration; of correspondence; of affinities; of duality; of gender; of polarity; causal; of Mind. Simple. The Universe is not expanding.

Plasma makes up 99.9999% of the Universe. What we call electricity (the etymological root of this word appears to be 'amber' - a biological substance of the pine tree of natural magical transmutational process and characteristics) is vitally extracted from motion to 'light' the Universe; it is a production of motion. Evolution, or manifestation in all matters, follows consistent Universal Law.

Life emanated in an electro-magnetic environment; it survives and thrives only in an electro-magnetic environment; life is fully scalular for life originates in its material form in plasma; energized plasma. All life follows the same laws. Man is just one component of the spectrum of life.

In the beginning was the Mother Goddess; to become the White Goddess as our Moon appeared to reflect and project the light of another. Then came the Thrice White Goddess. Then the birth of sun (son) of the Goddess (Horus). The female child being coalesced prior to that of a male childs' manifestation is a biological fact. Here we see the first signs of science at work. After the Goddess (of the mists and veils) the sun (son - Osiris) married his Mother (Isis). The reign of the Father and the Mother came and went just as that of the Mother and Sun. The sun becomes of age; puberty arrives with the boy child.

Just prior to the arrival of and more or less in parallel with Osiris, came the Universal Principles as the ancient Egyptians (and the Brahmans and Hindu) referred to them, to be proclaimed by the Greeks and the Romans et al, as the Gods; Pan for instance. Thereafter came the Father alone with his sun; the Mother not acceptable by papal direction even to this day. This abortion of science by the priests came due to a strange occurrence which commenced near 1000BCE.

At around 600BCE Buddha, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, Confucius and many other great philosophical minds of men arrived on the global stage. Pan was in decline; Apollo was in decline and a single 'God' was replacing all that of previous belief. And then, in or around the turn of the millennium; the emotions of some men turned to Christ. Today in men throughout the world; we have all belief systems 'institutionally' functioning throughout all cultures, traditions and societies. The Jew with his smiting and genocidal YHWY. The Muslims with Allah and The Christians with the guilt of having crucified Jesus Christ, their fundamentalist Jewish savior; many Asians with Buddha but many, many more variants; all on the same theme. All originated from the ancient pursuit of science practiced by men of the ego-less consciousness; the artists of science.

It is clear that the earlier men of established civilization in ancient times particularly in India and Egypt felt a strong intimacy and connectivity with their Mother Goddess; their Universe; with their Principles of a Universal nature and as established within archaeological evidence of civilizations past, we now find the entrance of a frenzied man; the emergence of a blanket of irrationality; a seemingly mind of man that suddenly undergoes so much pain and delusion, he takes to the sword to quench his frenzy with the blood of his brother. It is so written. Man's comforts of his family have been cruelly taken from him; he has been cast out of the nest of his birth and his childhood. Man has been given an ego and must now confront himself; Man must become a Man. This status persists still today, but it is changing as we appear to be reaching the far bottom of the bell curve signified by the rising levels of global 'extremis'.

What happened? What is happening?

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show us that that the Egyptians changed their whole civilization in terms of architecture, language, ritual, record, etc., that is, in every way relevant over consistent periods of time (Epochs and Era) of circa 2000 years and approximating 600 year intervals but in strict conformity with, dictated by and as indicated by the movements of the stars and planets and other phenomenal episodic events that their astronomer priests tracked and recorded every day and night for many, many thousands of years. Such was the basis of their theory and practice of prophecy. And, their records went back many millennia according to these ancient accounts; those that have not yet been destroyed by today's theorists and sword wielding "true-believers" (Eric Hoffer).

And, it appears all these intervals, epochs and era coincide very well with that time scale of the most ancient but of totally unknown origin known as the Zodiac. We now leave Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius.

That which is relevant in all this is that the consciousness of men is in allegoric harmony with nature, that is to say, through science and in change. The records of the past clearly shown and indicate significant changes in writing, poetry, prose, fablization and recording which signify a change in language which without any doubt clearly states that the consciousness, mentalities and minds of men where also changing. Julian Jaynes states the case well but may have missed focusing upon the point (although he makes it clear) that men starting shifted from an ego less state to an ego state commencing somewhere around 1000BCE. This is in biological terms quite significant and when considered across the full spectrum of science, indicates that there are indeed allegorical logics available for comparative reference.

It must be stated that mainstream science today insists of functioning under the hierarchal 'blind man and elephant trunk' extended dogma policy of fragmentation, ad hoc, specialization and quantification of demonized dishonesty where dysfuctionality is the a priori mandate so as to protect theories that cannot and will now stand by themselves. This scientific behaviorism today extends to the destruction of archaeological and other artifacts and whole sites of ancient domains; destruction of the credentials of those scientists that dare inquire, destruction of people and their families; the hiding of ancient evidence that conflicts with established theory; this behaviour is consistent with the frenzied men of circa 1000BCE and those sword wielding popes that ruled Europe through torture, betrayal and insanity.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton healthy cellular behaviour demands being in accord with the environment and as the human entity is made of of trillions of cells, it is only logical that we human animals must also live in accord with our environment (to remain whole and healthy). The mechanisms, both mental and physical, to be in accord are available though the cellular entity itself and is only a matter of proper utilization; proper use of the mind; proper education; proper discourse and proper action. But we do not 'chose' to live in accord; au contraire, and this is obviously the cause of many illnesses and other social diseases which includes war mongering, dishonesty and mental poverty or bankruptcy seen in our political preferences to this very day. We chose ignorance over reason.

What is the message?

The message is that our mainstream civilization has it all wrong; we have taken a technical and intelligence direction to great level of achievement (if you like - but one must wonder if we could not have achieved far more if we had listened to some of our greatest philosophical artists rather that opting for grassroots politics, fame and greed) while we have denied our intellect and our necessary connectivity to the Universe. All this for an ego-driven thrust into incomprehensible complexity (in order to confuse) and the building of monuments of unsustainable dogma built upon superstition and supposed miracles authored by accommodating ignorant priests and their political masters - at the beginning of the Age of Pisces.

The ancient documents handed down to us make sense; they are scientific discourses, established reporting and observations; these scientists of ancient times thought and spoke differently from us today; we can still witness this today in a variety of current languages; it is self-evident and demonstrable. The authors of these scientific artifacts were of the artistic and poetic sense; the poetic sense and spoke and thought in terms - in practice, in the language of the esoteric where they 'knew' in their hearts of certainty in the qualitative sense and they knew because they were connected to their Gods. A study of these ancient documents in this new light and emergent understanding - re correcting the false editing of the early papal pretenders will, in this new and coming epoch bring much revelation to our ancient past and reconnect us intellectually, maturely and emotionally to the Universe. It is time to grow up. We are indeed evolving to manhood; not before time.

We today talk, of course and admittedly, in the materialistic manner; this coarse quantitative, ad hoc, analytic discourse of dialectic sophistry where nothing means what we say and which is designed to defray and misdirect; our spurious exoteric language of 'diplomacy'; a heartless language for control, murder and thievery which emanates from an immature ego/penis focus resulting in a repressed but frenzied frustration giving rise to insanity, delusion and illness. This by observation is now losing ground to a rising wave of artistic or qualitative awareness and for those which can read and comprehend my words, you are becoming aware; nurture it and listen to what is evoked in you. Do not focus on what your read - focus on that which you feel within you. For the mind functions as the stomach in digestion; the body take through digestion those vital substances that are necessary for life; so does the mind; focus on the evocation that these words create; feel and then you will hear.

In other words, men today have not understood that they must stand being alone by themselves; the ego brings strength not in its focus but in realization of the bonds within and throughout the Universe. Men today need to huddle in groups and caves; in societies; they need to occupy their minds with useless thoughts; their ego, TV, shopping; work; they cannot be alone; they have not yet understood that the target of evolution is in each being alone; each entity must mature and become its own entity for "Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

It is time to stand up and be named so that we can put right that which we have made wrong.

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