September 04, 2005

Poverty: the 'Signature' of Failure

Poverty: Picasso

Etymologically, "poverty" defines and represents the moral and mental state of health of a human entity. Under law today, corporations are also to be considered as individual life entities and this is valid for any and all organized formal "collectives" which also includes international institutions, governments, political parties, unions and so forth.

The word, or term "poverty" was never originally meant to mean hunger and /or starvation, nor to describe classes of unfortunately deprived people which have always been referred to as the "unwashed masses", the "boorish and profane" and / or the "beasties", "natives", "common folk", "rabble", "proletariat", "under class" "Indians", etc., but never until moderns times when the deprived classes have suddenly become leverageable "profit centers", has the word "poverty' been so 'dutifully' highlighted.

The term "poverty' has been developed, packaged, labeled and politicalized for agenda that is designed to instill the need for a UN 'one-world' government while profiteering on the available emotional leverage brought about spinning its strategic propaganda. Understandably, the new US representative to the UN is now taking care of these issues as well as this 'false pretender' and 'usurper' of this throne.
Poverty is the signature of "leadership" . Poverty is the signature of "failure". Poverty is the signature of the United Nations. (Latest news September 8, 2005)

Poverty eradication has been mandate of the United Nations for almost 50 years and it has failed on every front. At the UN the poverty eradication program is the "Millennium Development Goals" inferring, that the program is just beginning; such is their signature of deceit. What should be the program is the reduction of global starvation and hunger, but it is not the focus and will not be despite all the funds donated to this cause. During the World Food Summit in Rome in Year 2002 this position was clearly admitted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in a public declaration of total and abysmal 'failure', despite huge budgets and massive resources, just prior to the summit being prematurely and unexpectedly (unscheduled) declared as closed.

There is no understanding let alone comprehension today as to what the word 'poverty' actually was originally created to infer; or what creates poverty; or how poverty is sustained in a growth performance nor is there the will inside the UN to confront this program beyond raising its funds in the name of "Poverty".
People in developing countries can life and survive on US$1 per day and not starve whereas the UN officials with term contracts of around US$1 million for every 5 year contract or circa US$1,400 per diem find life difficult in places like Japan, USA and Europe. The former is able to produce goods such as computers, shoes and other such industrial products worth many hundreds of dollars per day where the latter is just an expensive non-productive overhead. In the correct usage of the term, poverty is better suited to those of the UN and similar 'collective institutions and organizations.

The institution types make "policy" from their offices or their hotels not being able to venture into the muddy fields of those developing countries for fear of their almani suits and bally shoes becoming soiled; this dirty part is left for the locals to report or the use of contract consultants, mostly of which follow the same culture. Who is poor? Policy is made by "gods" of men from the safety of the airconditioned offices and leather backed chairs. Who is poor? This is poverty. Policy is not founded in experience and comprehension is it concretized in consensus and committee, far away from the irritation of the issues in play. This is poverty.

Poverty is the signature of failure; it is the signature of bankruptcy of the man; of the institution; of the organization; of the government. Poverty is the signature of the total failure of "leadership".

To starvation and hunger: Starvation comes from not enough food to consume as compared to entity needs; hunger is the pain of starvation; the signature of starvation. Crops fail due to inconsistent weather experienced upon which traditional planting and expectation of harvest is founded. It also comes from inefficient and ineffective distribution systems; hording; from thoughtless regard to probability and ignoring (or failing to see) the signatures of impending natural disasters through natural phenomenon; from apathy and from committees where each member is intent on moving responsibility away by non-decision, that is from bankrupt policy. Regulations take care of day-to-day matters in decision and 'non-decision' is used for all other and difficult issues. "Non-decision is a policy decision".

The Hurricane Katrina clearly indicate levels of poverty but not in Lousianna or New Orleans . Pre-warning, prior knowledge, demands, foresight; technology advanced warning and knowledge systems available in abundance; but, 'leadership' was missing in apathy (mia); this is poverty. When food and medicine are required , guns and assassins are sent. This is poverty! When pity and compassion are needed, media spin excites chaotically. When action is needed, rhetoric pollutes the air looking for short term profit; opportunity. This is poverty!

Who calls to "cull" the World population? Who supports this call to cull the World population? Who puts in effect those policies to cull the World population? Those of poverty! Leadership! Who digs caves and underground fortresses to hide and manage in the face of known impending telluric disasters? Yes, leadership not only thinks (read: assumes) it knows what is coming but has prepared for the safety of the governing elite while maintaining a grip on global government. They dig and practice and have done so for over a decade! And they do not tell you what they are preparing for in honest declaration. This is poverty! This is betrayal. This is expected!

Leadership demands responsibility, vision, courage, virtue, compassion and honor; without these attributes, you have poverty!

Poverty is the signature of failure. Poverty is the signature of leadership (today).

Poverty is also a game; a tactic; a strategy. It is cruel and evil game played by those of the "lowest-common-denominator" of civilization; it is imposition or war; it is the extention of war in the form of diplomacy (Carl von Clausowitz); that which the mardarins; the eunuchs; the bureaucrats play; the jesters paly - it is the real evil that sub-strata fungal mats (life forms) deploy for their own agenda. It is evil because humans' reason see and experience the result os thoughtless, collective agenda (policies) of survival - portrayed and represented (spun) as policies of intellect and intelligence - which they are not.

Poverty is the signature of failure.

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