September 06, 2005

The Bicameral Mind

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Our memories hold so dear yet of so distant past are of a golden age when peace reigned a land of milk and honey; a paradise lost. It was a time of plenty when our souls were embraced with an harmonious reverie of joy and delight.

Yet so far in a time even further distant past, there was borne in man a brotherhood of fraternal respect and self instilled order.

This was the time when the bicameral mind functioned in men. It was a time when men respected men and looked to nature as their master that taught the way without words.

This was the time of the Mason. The 'perennial' Man.

Those that walked the face of the Earth, walked alone. They were learned of all things yet sought more. Driven to the ends and back again intheir search of knowledge and nature's secrets, these sages helped all that sought help and taught all that wished to learn. They were the respected ones that never stayed long and always remained alone.

No man dared to abuse or bear harm to these men for it was taught that life was built on the shoulders of these solitary and sentient wandering giants; the masons. A sign alone was a symbol that demanded respect by even the youngest of children and the most rebellious of the outcasts. These were the mystics; these were the seers; these were the sages; these were the masters from which a few words could change the destiny of men. These were from the earliest of ages; a time before yet.

These giants lived in nature; learnt from nature. They were the earliest of astonomers and philosophers, and measures, surveyors, doctors, architects, craftsmen and pharoh. They were men of the bicameral mind. They were the beacons of light and the healers.

The perennial ones understood the symbols and their meanings; they knew of the phases and the cycles; they knew of the polar cycle and the precession; they knew of the seven knights of the roundtable and Arthur the King. They had comprehension of the senses for they were of that qualitative state on mind where intuition was the twin brother of intellect. These adepts. they did not see; they felt and were one with whatever they sought to know and to name. They searched the Earth for all of its mysteries - and compared all in the tool of analogy... But always alone did they travel. Complicit and vital there were. They are the time travelers of the Universe.

Yet, this brotherhood was the greatest ever fraternity of men where the Earth was their temple and the altar, themselves. All as we know it today has become because of them; our re- emergence from our ashes soon to come, has been foretold; we need again the mason.

These great ones guided the villages and the wanderers and pointed to where should be built cities and agriculture plowed; they developed text, poetry, language, order, ritual, number, respect , education and sanitation; they then moved on. They advised, they directed and then they moved on leaving ritual to span the ages where men would always fail.

Circa 1000 BCE the Gods of men were in full retreat (The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Jaynes, Julian):

"One who has no God, as he walks along the street,
Headache envelops him like a garment"

"My God has foresaken me and disappeared,
My Goddess has failed me and keeps at a distance.
The good angel who walked beside me has departed."

This was of that time when linear script became the replacement of the bicameral mind through learning by 'rote and imitation' (as it remains and blinds today) which as a direct consequence when the subjective consciousness developed - or discovered - the character "I". Jaynes calls this time the 'Origin of Consciousness'.

And the revelation stated "And the meek shall inherit the Earth" in terms of the dawning Age of Pisces. And the giants were all but gone. No great epochal events happens in an instant of our time scale as events phase in consistent with all universal cause and can take many hundreds of years or even millennia to manifest; there are no boundaries; no divisions and like creation the future unfolds from the present moment to reveal the past. Today, we are the men of the past for that is how we think.

The oak tree has grown from the acorn but we still see only the seed; the mystery and magik still remaining hidden. The foundation of mens' beliefs today are cemented in biblical 'miracles', which of course is sheer superstition and misplaced faith but those same men do not believe in magik, mystery, genesis or indeed most things that disagree with their biblical fantasies. Is this not 'irrational'. It is consensural embrace by affirmation while ignoring our own well established reason and policy that all theory in scientific practise should be supported by prediction in demonstration; independantly repeatable demonstration.

We think as Martin Heidegger describes this current epoch... "the age of the World Picture..." Sir Francis Bacon described a picture as "dumb history", but these sages were really describing just how our minds function or how dysfunctional our minds have become, today. We think statically, historically, analytically, reductionistly and destructively. We think as pictures in terms of the visible part of the light spectrum. We are blind. We are numeric, materialistic, quantitative, and analytical; and very destructive; crazed. Our shining perception is of always, our "I".

The perennial man is gone? Hark!

Heed the warning! Po!

But the perennial sage is always with us; we need only to seek. But will we? Methinks that some would prefer to cast all mankind to hell and damnation rather than to admit defeat. So be it!

But listen to the master that speaks without words; he walks with you. When you are ready to hear; he will speak. The forces at work are irrational and external in origin. You are not alone.

The Golden Age was a time when our mental states were not so crazed and frenzied. Our Bicameral Mind was at peace and learning was there for the seeker. It was a time when our "Gods" were with us. That time is but a memory; a good memory, but - another time similar to the Golden Age can come again.

Look within and find your masonic self. He is, after all, the scientist. And, as a matter of priority, we must cast out the fungal mat, the agenda of which is directing mans' will.

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