September 03, 2005

Men and Civilization

Among those of us few who travel the World and live in other places from where we were born; those of us who have lived and worked; loved and suffered in many different countries; in different societies, where strange, mysterious and exotic cultures, traditions and languages thrive abound; among we few travelers and pioneers is the knowledge of how the World is managed - and this knowledge evokes a 'scream' - of anguish, despair and do desperate that there is a demand to speak out so as to evoke a global and urgent response.

Those international institutions, those institutional aid programs; those people that "administer" and "manage"; that talk the bureaucratic language of non commitment and blatant and spurious irresponsibility; that talk in monograms of dialectic sophistry and take, and take while promising to give, to act, to help, to assist (the Verbe), are of the people of the fungal mat. There is no greater monument to men's' ignorance and corruption than that of the United Nations; none!

Edvard Munch: The Scream

But there are many of these animated floating mats of living carnivorous fungal life forms of enforced sub-stratum piety and demonized dogma that hunt the blood and energies of us, the unwashed masses, throughout the crevasses, ravines, valleys, plains, mountains and oceans of our planet. They feed on the unaware, the naive, the unfortunate and poverty is their game. We need to be aware; be protective for ourselves and families... because the enemy is within; the enemy is ourselves.

But do we prefer to blindly follow the crowd down the crowded alleys of despair and to bring upon ourselves the perdition of ignorance? What cost is it to us to stop and think; what values could be engendered and measured in qualitative process; what opportunity could abound into acting in scientific complicity? What losses do we incur by re-evaluating these issues; by re-establishing social values?

Do men have 'free will' is indeed a perennial question asked by philosophers and whereby they also ask do men have 'free choice'? The answer is clear.

Men have 'free choice' as do all the other life forms within the spectra of life we find on our planet Earth. But today 'free will' does not lie in the hands of men, well perhaps a very small few.

As a consequence of this rather rash statement, men then must and do obey the basic and fundamental laws of species survival that are relevant throughout the whole of the food chain, from the smallest amoeba to the largest whale; men still obey the laws of physical evolution and do not reason for themselves. Men however do not have a predator; men are the predator on this planet and as such this big brain, mammalian, super molecule hominid is currently king of the life domain on this planet.

However, sentient he is not.

But thanks to our irrational state of consciousness, men have "ego", misplaced in most instances and individually constructed in all cases without exception; he also has the ability to negate, the only animal in the kingdom that does and this power he abuses whenever, it appears, given the opportunity. Man has not fully evolved and may not do so for many millennia, but he is evolving.

If one accepts what is being said here then one must see that men are constrained in a matrix of involuntarily obedience to evolutionary laws while being in a constricted state of not having evolved along far enough to grasp 'free-will', that tool that will allow man to independently control his own destiny while permitting him to pioneer both near space, our galaxy and the far distant galaxies while still to this day remaining at the mercy of the natural cosmic forces (causes) that shape all engendered life and their milieux throughout our Universe… This is the challenge; our passion and in order to fruit, we need to suffer accordingly.

Suffering however is not the prime directive. The prime dictate is to evolve and to evolve we need to excite our neurological capacities to full efficiency and effectiveness, in a qualitative 7 sense holistic state. More, we need to mutate our current state of social order and attitude in order to evolve according to the higher universal laws; those dormant laws at ready on the surface of our planet in the form of our own unique set of parochial laws. And, for the record, 'cause' only creates 'effect' though resistance, which is, in a context of 'feeling', suffering.

Nothing happens in an instant across the full spectrum, at least not within the time frame of that place along the universal scale where we find our mental states. We still remain under the veils; we are not fully 'enlightened'; we are perhaps quite a 'few bricks short of a load'. But we know what it is that we must do and that which we should not do and therefore it is possible to begin a deterministic a priori effort to reach our next level of mental awareness if not a state of sentience. We can deliver the organization and the required strategy to ensure that our offspring become our link to our destiny; it is called 'privilege' and it is a responsible act as well as a natural instinct.

I repeat men are not, in their current state of evolution, builders of civilization; we are pioneers, adventurers and romantics. Men have intellectual potential and intelligence. We are currently of technology, that is of intelligence but not yet of science, that is of intellect; this will come but it must be earnt. It is science that we need to identify, understand, and comprehend whereby by our embrace, we will evolve as this is the process; science is our next path to our destiny.

Currently we are experiencing major changes to our global environment; in fact we are experiencing major changes to our global milieux, so much so, that this must be now self-evident. The evidence that this phenomenon is cyclic exists. The irrational behavior of peoples, states, organizations, governments, politicians, etc., is becoming increasingly erratic and chaotic which just adds to the climatic changes - that have not commenced since but a few years but have been steadily in visible and experiential increase for over 15 years or so, only to add more support to this statement. Man is undergoing change and that change is being imposed by forces and phases originating externally from this planet.

Unfortunately, our leadership remains firmly rutted in agenda, frenzy and denial which are just more evidences to support the evolutionary forces of constraint upon a non-evolved life form, that is, man. We will pay the price for our preferred primitive and hierarchal social management systems that have become corrupted beyond sustainability and for the fact that we do not have the will to embrace our own capacities albeit potential, in order to reduce the probabilities of impending death and destruction.

The US governing higher elite have assumed this impending danger for well over a decade and have recently escalated their desperation for survival by digging huge underground facilities from where they can protect their power, wealth and resources thinking that they will be safe behind reinforced steel and concrete beneath the earth's surface, from those universal cosmic forces. The key to this knowledge comes from the inner-core of the Masonic Lodge which is well conversant with this ancient knowledge of the near looming destruction and was present at the founding of the American Republic; but they were men then of intellect, vision, experience, learning, responsibility and profound sense of honor…Today there is little but heavy influence for the vageries of cowardly panic. The whole US policy of both democratic and republican houses is entrenched in the extension and maintenance of global power through and beyond the expected time of global apocalypse while surviving the expected fallout. Little do they know that there knowledge is half right and half wrong. Their mentalities cannot interpret the messages sent by the ancient ones who did know. The American culture has taken on-board too much fear.

This is the message:

Men do now possess both the potential and the capability to grasp 'free-will' if they endeavor to do so. And, by doing so, they may throw off some of the illusions that bind them to evolutionary laws which could just save many from unnecessary death and suffering.

Men are pioneers, adventures and romantics; it is not time for civilization. Men must arise first to cast off ignorance, political dominance and wholesale domestication. Men must restructure and reorganize it sciences and social management to allow for the available knowledge to granulate and manifest within an order that will allow access to vast and necessary new resources in order to colonize the Universe. This knowledge and technology exists today; it just needs real leadership, will and systemization. This is what man does. Man need to differentiate himself from animal into man. Man needs to manifest in order to meet function and man needs to function in accord with his milieu in a vitally complicit energized manner.

Vivre la revolution!

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