August 31, 2005

Epistemological Scale

Photo credit: NASA

We must ask of ourselves what really are the governing influences (forces) within our global civilization. The answer to this question however, is not simplistically obvious when we start this adventure.

In the race of men
we have many choices such as the black, white, yellow, brown races with many variations on each theme consisting of economic influences, a variety of political control systems, national boundaries, topography; environment, a multiplicity of religious (emotional binding) choices, language, dominant mentalities, etc.; all of which make up our global cultures and traditions; our milieu. We also have the male, female, and child varying states of being; maturity and development. And, there are all the mixings, polarizations, core, fringe, alternative, evangelistic, warring, frenzied, hungered, transient, climatic, etc., etc.; all which impact on the human animal and all that need to be considered within the arguments. We also have experience.

All this without considering the influences of the Earth's electro-magnetic (EM) field with all its variances, nuances and wanderings (and flip flops) over the circa 4 billion years of evolving and engendering life forms on the planet. We also need to consider the variance of those fields; intensity, density, force direction, velocity, level and volume of influence; location, area, volume, inclination and declination, etc. And then, the influence of Cosmic Rays, and those conjunctive forces of attraction and repulsion associated with universal electric currents within circuits, EM fields, the Moon, the Sun and all those planets within and without the solar system.

Then there are the gaseous, chemical and mineral elements; liquids and vapours within the atmosphere and the body of the Earth that differ according to whim and ways; waxes and wanes and the prevailing criteria of temperature, humidity, saline content, wind direction, dew point, ground conditions, apparent light, cloud coverage, again, etc., etc. Food and water nutrients, minerals, nitrogen, sunlight, water, vitamins, iodine, salt and other essentials. Consider then pollutants of all kinds. Stress, experience, beliefs, behaviors, moralities, family, happiness, age, health, etc., etc. Hark! The water molecule in the atmosphere is charged and polarized!

Therefore, without considering energy inflows into the Earth's biosphere, there are more than sufficient variants to suggest that all life on the planet and indeed, the planet itself are energetically coagulative and coalescent - at all times. Life phenomena emerge and depart consistently subject only to that part of the time scale in which one prefers to consider... There is also irrefutable evidence that external energy variations are being experienced by the planet. Earth is not alone in these unexplained episodic events; other planets, as well as the Sun and stars are all also now being subjected to major energy fluctuations.

Global warming is real and impending, but not necessarily man-made. The highly emotional debate and exhaustive spin associated with this common public (institutional science at its best) 'competition of champions' on this question should however be more simply and realistically focused on whether we should continue unfettered to poison both the air we need to breathe and the water that we need to drink. This common sense approach would bring some responsibility (and a little integrity) to our earthly stewardship and then allow the release of valuable resources in order to be focused upon the more serious and impending scientific matters of the real issues at hand.

Past evidence suggests that this Earth has been and remains subjected to cyclic changes every 2000 years or so and each cycle has brought significant shifts in the consciousness of men (all life forms). From all this and the over-abundance of evidence of both current on-planet and ex-planet chaotic behavior (chaos is when the normal time scale dynamic is vastly accelerated, i.e. compression) we can safely assume that another change is about to occur or perhaps said more directly, that our consciousness is about to undergo another phase of change. This will be accompanied by severe telluric events as has always been the case in the past.

We also know that EM fields have a
direct effect on biological cells and the manner in which they respond though the receptors and effectors within their double layer (DL) or plasmalemma. Bruce Lipton also demarcates our route to survival:

" "Perceptions" lie between the
environment and cell expression. If our perceptions are accurate, the resulting behavior will be life enhancing. If we operate from "misperceptions," our behavior will be inappropriate and will jeopardize our vitality by compromising our health." For the survival of the species, please consider the above latter statement with some in-depth seriousness; the implications are far reaching and profound.

However, we appear to have within our society an invisible range of consciousness currents or awareness currents that further bind us in socio-economic strata and it is within this strata that the structure and the organizations of collective life behavioral coherency are to be found. These currents are globally reaching and self-enhancing due to the organizations of hierarchal consensurial specialization frames that emerge in dogmatic paradigms - all with their own agenda (Thomas Kuhn - Eric Hoffer). They act startling like sub-strata fungal mats and accordingly de-oxidate all cellular entities with which they make contact. This suggests "devolution" with a high probability for occurrence within collective behavioural entities, which in the civilization of democratic men, evolves in the stratum known as the "lowest-common-denominator". The warning bells are ringing for the enemy is within.

The above "epistemological scale" matrix (above left - click to enlarge) is presented here and broadly represents belief system indicators (capacities and capabilities) as underlying currents within the global social order. Of course, subject to all the variances and nuances to and by which men find themselves (and sometimes preferred to be) subjugated and constrained.

It is posited that is within these rather broad levels of this 'epistemological matrix' (above left) will be found the governing influences of global human behavior. 'Broad' and 'global' are both the correct qualifiers in the latter statement. This position is reasonable and defensible where the scale is clearly influenced by 'experiential' mental work, stress, intellectual self-enhancement through interactive complicity (not rote or practice) and being entrenched or bound innately and biologically (neuro-electrochemically) through energetic pulsations towards synchronous 'phase shifts' that result in commonalities of mentality layering which could be referred to as 'group velocities' (or collective velocities).

This infers strongly that any major or signficant shift in the embedded collective behaviour
of men will need its origins in external cause. The evidence suggests that this is indeed so and will be so!

As man is potentially an energetic
form of life force (as all life fields) emanating from a universal 'cause', or that 'universal' principle (cause) which being converted into a 'parochial' effect by the earthly environment (through a process of resistance), mans' biological form is then parochial, or more aesthetic but deterministically (necessity) utilitarian, man is not without potential; a mobilization animation convenience for the development of a phenomenal manifestation of Universal Intelligence (see Tuesday August 9, 2005 Intelligence) on this planet but where the manifestation is deterministic despite being founded in the philosophical trinary of "necessity, opportunity and possibility".

This infers that it is quite possible, natural and practical for the common mental states to transcend all boundaries; political, national, topographic, etc., to become a binding mechanism of global proportions (a noosphere), - of course, if men prefer their civilization to be either similar to those fungal mats that thrive and strive beneath the earth's surfaces or from observation, as that of spreading cancer - both being normal biological behavioural potential, then it will be so, ad infinitum. But, man is a pioneer; not a civilizer!

It also explains why the 'mainstream', that is, the 'politically correct' "leadership, bureaucratic and institutional" collectives (camp followers) does not represent the current state of modern knowledge that comes from the day-to-day scientific and technical advances but insistently
vegetates, protectingly and aggressively around out-of-date policies of instilled static and traumatized dogma, a priori. A living fungal mat of a cancerous nature!.

Man the individual is energetic, vital and impulsive as are those mediums in which we find ourselves; the Universe is of energy built with a process of dynamically charged filamentations for building structure and surrounding organizations abound. Why would not all life be of similar nature and energy? Why would man (all life) not function in similar ways to energy; z-pinches in Birkeland currents, and energized plasma as indicated in the above (right hand) image of the Supernovae 1987A observations? There is a single thread that flows through all things in this Universe (Heraclitus); this thread is "Intelligence" which is carried in energy through a medium of plasma (see Tuesday August 9, 2005 - Intelligence). And as energy pulses throughout the Universe, so shall Man.

Time as suggested by terms such as "phase velocity" and "group velocities" in the behavioral and manipulatable nature of the speed-of-light (see Light, Structure, Organization and the Milky Way) is a variable and is naught but subject to intellectual or neurological function. Where there is not motion, there is also not time. Or, there is no possibility of time is a closed static medium.

If we can manipulate light then we can organize our own nature accordingly in order to shift to a higher order of evolutionary attainment.... state... level... stage.

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