September 08, 2005

Man is the Signature of God

Man is an animated spatial and temporal entity and therefore truly the 'Effect' of the Principle Cause.

Man is the 'signature' of God of Earth.

Man is the subject of the Prime directive of the Universal Law, as represented on this planet Earth as the Parochial Law. Man is the representative apex of the spectrum of life on Earth.

Man is Mind first and foremost. The Universe is Mind.

Man is unique in the Universe. Man is the representative of the Universal Cause as interpreted by its earthly milieu.

Man is borne out of total possibility, nurtured in opportunity and driven by necessity.

Man is vital, and of energized plasma by engendered and nurtured by magnetic fields.

'Life' - a self-organization entity - represents Intelligence - an emergence phenomenon, constrained by contextuality and structured by complicity; a Universal evolutionary strategy.

On Earth, Man is Intelligence 'scientifically' knowable as:

An animated electric phenomenal manifesting carrier for Universal
Intelligence – a polarized ‘dusty’ plasma borne out of the
Earthly Environment of magnetic fields and sired by
Electric current. A child of the Stars.

Where Intelligence:

nIts Universal carrier is energy, and the law that it obeys are the laws of causality that is to say, the Laws of Cause and Effect.

Its Origin unknowable yet its nature is revealed by its

nEverywhere valid, being Universal in every receptive milieu where parochial environments grant Opportunity, Intelligence is driven out of Necessity; that necessity the need to know itself.

AsAs pervasive as Truth, as elegant as harmony, the instrument of Intelligence, its virulent mutation engenders itself onto every fertile and ready surface creating itself in accord with those parochial laws; those subsets of universal Law, imposed by its host. It is motion – it is activity – it is resistance – it is reaction: It is above all a Verbe.

nIts Mother is its medium – Plasma – and its Sire is energy; its Father unknowable. First there was the Mother; then came the Father.

nIts manifestation is indicated by the growth of the glow of light, that is the resistance to its manifestation universally; it evolves in creation; a constant not of the time of men, but of the variable constraints of the affinities and their specificities of the nurturing host and its milieu which are imposed both upon and by ,the emergent Herbe; a verbe.

nTime’ is relationship; that of the organization geometrie built on structure and expressed in surface.

Man is energy manifesting, vibrating; of a contradicting complementary duality, of gender, of polarity; man is the instrument of 'Cause' that is to say, Man is the creator that creates itself. Man is of divinity.

Man is the Master that speaks when the Man listens. Man creates light.

The male represents the spirit; the female the Earth; both are Unity; Unity is creation.
Division is duality; duality is multiplicity; multiplicity is existence. One is not without the other yet both are each other; harmony dictates, as does the moment of phase.

Harmony is peace; peace is fleeting; coagulation is a constant; coalescence is a constant;
Coagulation and Coalescence are the phases of the evolution of Intelligence; of Man; of Mind.

Man the body is mortal. The mortal body is animal and as an animal it obeys the parochial laws of evolution dictated by its environment. To be or not to be?

Man the spirit is immortal. To become Man men must evolve Mind. Science is the tool of Mind where technology is the tool of men - utility and existence. Mind is spirit! men are matter!

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