August 19, 2005

Pioneering Space - Phase I

Biological Evolution Status Report for Planet EARTH

Dynamic Mark: Early Epoch of Aquarius 2005 Common Era

Subject: Man

Status: URGENT

Situation: Potential self-annihilation

Mental Phase: Dominant Technical - Subordinate Scientific

Dictate Imperative: Code Yellow - Chaotic Irrational


The Precession of the Equinoxes of Earth has reached the Epoch of Aquarius

Man has reached technical maturity Level #5

Man has no 'alternative species' as competitive "enemies" on the planet

Man has reached nuclear unsophisticated achievement but remains in destructive mode

Man still doesn't accept the existence of a priori Universe Laws (insists of extrapolating parochial laws into space)

Man's technical intensity focuses on his own destruction through his technology sense and misguided technical led 'false-sense' of achievement - unfounded arrogance

Man remains unknowingly stuck within the constraints and rules of the 'evolutionary' game

Man need more space - Man now demands the Universe - Man must be granted access

Man need growth - needs stimulation - need insights and needs the qualitative resources of intellect

It is the time to hatch man from his womb as his egg shell is already cracked.

Recommendations to Intra-planetary Space Council - Imperative Immediate Implementations ... I-3

1. Initiate and stimulate more growth of the qualitative complementary potential of mans' neurological electro-chemo-magnetic infrastructure.

2. Reduction of the 'irrational' contradiction aspect in the Intelligence vs. Intellect electrical energy balances - i.e. increase magnetic effects.

3. Filter in and radiate the necessary technical impulses for inter-space travel for Universe colonization in qualitative codex evocations.

Expected Immediate Effects:

A. Immediate release of inter-species stresses by external economic focusing from the planet.

B. Collective emotional heighting by a new stimulation of mans' innate pioneering affinities and preferences.

C. Re-prioritization and restructuring of establishment and institutional dominant hierarchial ordering on the planet's management systems

D. De-stressing of surface events through expectations of a new economic industrial era due to mining operations and resource dredging potentials from the colonization impacts.

E. Delimitation of levels of "irrationality" due to right-hemisphere (right brain) kick-in.

F. Higher level of operational and functional intellectual integrity due to a greater balance in biological electro-magnetic fields.

G. The discovery of an urgent need to re-build the Planet's "civilization" and total infrastructure.

H. Generally a greater compassionate attitude in man while engendering greater vitality through the collective multiplicity.

I. Commencement of the scheduled Phase Cycle shift to Level #6

J. Commencement of the amelioration stage of thermal investments in the expended pre-universal structure formations and buildings. Energy expenditure costs need to be maintained at specified levels for conservationist expectations of the energized universal collective in preparation of the next scheduled Inter-universal Torque Shift event... see below.

Time Events:

Commencement: Immediate

Amortization of Level #6: 5 to 10 Millennia

Phase Period to Level #7: 2 to 12 Millennia

Next Torque Shift: + 25 Millennia +/- 5 Millennia

Disclaimer: Periods above stated are highly variable and subject to maintained energy levels and intra-species success rates of evolutionary competition in new environments. There will be numerous new emergent races emanating from the interplay with this big-brained super mammalian molecule: All times quoted in current units of Earth time.

Warning: The Universal Electrical Energy Infrastructure Rate (UEEIR) and relevant impedance levels will need to be maximized and maintained so as to keep the prioritized magnetic fields fully functional and conducive to the nominated multi-species emergent rates on all colonized planets.

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