August 21, 2005


“A picture is dumb history” – Sir F. Bacon 

“Age of the World Picture” – M. Heidegger

“…that despotism of the eye…” S. T. Coleridge

Surface is superficiality, not substantivity
Life is a dynamic - Life is not a static

"Science", that is, our innate capacity to create, did in fact theorize that there was more to life than the eye could see and this "theory" was successfully "demonstrated'.

At that time, this demonstration dealt humanity's ego and arrogance a serious blow when it became clear that man could only "see" a small part of the available light spectrum. That is, when the realization sunk in that as man was severely limited by his eye-sight, the previously accepted conventional "wisdom" could be no longer consensually protected. This acceptance did not happen over night as there were decades of fierce resistance and highly emotional and often violent opposition to the introduction of this 'heresy' - that is, the normal protective reaction (that remains consistent to this day) to all such "theories" that ripple the status quo of the social establishment's dogma and insists on change.

However, after the dust settled, mans' technical ability devised many artificial sensors (tools) which now allows us to observe objects in a much broader range of the available light spectrum. Lifting the constraints and technology explodes pregnant with possibility; a fertile technology towards possibility and opportunity.

The evidence is clearly indicated in the above "collage of conflicting memories" or images of contradictory complementaries of the Crab Nebula. Images courtesy of NASA et al.

In fact, none of the above selection of visible images can be viewed by man without the application and assistance of "technology" aids but if it were possible for a human observer to get close enough to the Crab Nebula for such a viewpoint, then only that image from the "visible" band of the light spectra would be representative of that which the human observer would be likely to "see".

Clearly, our view is so superficial and so seriously constrained and limited, that we need to constantly be on our guard against and sensitive to "assumption" and that dogma that has been built on assumption or that which those concepts associated with the primary senses of the human entity. In other words, the current state of mind corrupts the reality of perception. Not all is what it appears to be!

And, when the above 'visible' band image is compared to those other images captured by the full variety of our sensors (technology or tools), the resultant anomalous data should be immediately fed into our neurology for processing. Warning bells should be ringing. Warning bells are ringing! But is anyone interested?

These Crab Nebula observations do not support our conventional current explanation of a nuclear driven cosmos - there is structure, there appears to be layers of structure, there are filaments ("mysterious"), there is polarization; all in all, there appears to be "organization" built on and around structure and that structure appears in the X-ray bands of the light spectra. These attributes are the fundamentals of life or the ability to self-organize.

Interestingly, or more - amazingly, the following has recently been said of the recent discovery of the Earth's emissions (between 50 and 100 such emissions per day) of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes (TGF): "Natural emissions of gamma rays, the most energetic forms of light, are usually triggered only by high-energy events in outer space. Such events include thermonuclear reactions within the sun, interactions between cosmic rays and black-hole-creating star collapses.". Is Earth then a "black-hole? Is Earth then held together by thermonuclear reactions? A neutron star perhaps? Of course not but in accordance with the current astrophysicists theory; It must be so!

But, this is neither unusual or unique in terms of anomalous data as we find when looking at, for example, Sirius A and Sirius B: "The system of Sirius contains two known stars, the first binary star system discovered. The larger and brighter of the two, Sirius A, is three times the mass of our sun, and over ten times as bright. Shining with a brilliant blue-white radiance, Sirius A easily overshadows her darker companion star. Sirius B is a "white dwarf" star, invisible to the naked eye and packing the equivalent mass of our sun into an incredibly dense globe only 4 times the diameter of our Earth."

But when viewed with an X-ray band Chandra sensor, Sirius A is barely visible! And,
Supernova 1987A, read the full story here, And yet again,

Eta Carinae - reported June 3, 1999 Chicago (AP) "A star that erupted in a famous stellar observation 150 years ago has suddenly brightened again and astronomers are watching closely for what may be another celestial fireworks show.

Eta Carinae once was one of the brightest stars in the Southern night sky, but then it dimmed for decades. Now instruments monitoring the star have detected a doubling and tripling of energy, mostly in invisible light. What puzzles astronomers is that Eta Carinae was not supposed to do this. "Occasionally something happens in astronomy that is so bewildering that it makes astronomers nervous," said Kris Davidson, a University of Minnesota astrophysicist. "This is weird. We don't understand."

However: "There are about 6,000 stars in the sky visible to the naked eye," said Davidson. "We understand them all with the sole exception of Eta Carinae. There is no theoretical explanation for it."

But, this just doesn't appear to be the case; au contraire! The conventional scientific theory in fact appears to be seriously in error and, consistently so! And, there is also a well established theory of over 80 years existence that does explain the workings of the cosmos - without a need of "weird"!

The first question that arises from the above contentions is simple: Does this mean our science is ill founded?

A. No, it is purely a case of that which we call 'science' today is actually "technology". Our technological abilities have exponentially accelerated over the past 100 years and are significantly advanced in comparison to that of before that period. The problem is that 'technology' is classified as 'science' and that 'technology' fails in terms of the defined functions of what is expected of 'science', understandably. The perception is invalid and veils the reality as well as ' reason '! Science is not technology!

Q. So where is our "science"?

A. Our 'science' is alive but it is generally not recognized or even acknowledged. It is suppressed by the noise of the dominant "lowest common denominator" activity of the socially franchised churn. Few understand the differences between 'science' and 'technology' and the fact that most of the available resources are granted to "technological" innovation rather than to scientific inquiry, technology has become to be incorrectly accepted, adopted and commonly referred to as science. The focus is on technology but it is called science, which it is not!

There are many great men quietly developing penetrating physis and so developing advancements for the betterment and future of mankind in terms of real science - but they are not of the mainstream. This equates to the fact that today's science contributes very little to society as a whole in terms of its timely introduction, education, paradigm and political direction; i.e. social betterment. Accordingly, scientific discovery and breakthroughs normally take many decades before social acceptance; this fact is of indisputable social record; heads continue to roll. This should not be the way of society and is dangerously leading humanity into an age of species annihilation due to the availability of nuclear weaponary and the growing insistence by the body politic for its utilization against the species.

It is the time to change the way we think; our perceptions; the time to re-examine our values and the time to restructure our civilization on this Planet together with our relationship with the Universe. At the present moment the technology to initiate the colonization of the Universe by man is at hand and all that is needed to shift our focus from our fixation of self-annihilation to the beginnings of a whole new cosmic unfolding is a new vision attainable by changing the way we think. The comparative record and evidence of what is stated herein is a matter of record and cannot be denied. Denial is denial.

Changing our modus operandi will result in new penetrating perspectives and the emergence of qualitative state on minds throughout the homo sapien race thus evoking the dormant sentient qualities to arise in all men; albeit in time.


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