August 18, 2005

Listen, and learn, little Grasshopper

Philosophy (the love of wisdom) is Science - Science demands the Imagination - Science needs Theory & Theory needs complicit interaction.

Theory measures in Prediction - Prediction in Demonstration.

Mythology is a vital clue to the Past & holds a key to the future. Mythology demands to be urgently investigated with profound integrity & professionalism.

Dogma is the blind thoughtless adoption of clues from the past, accepted on the basis of assumption and without investigation.

Dogma & Assumption are the greatest enemies of man today, after himself.

Man must learn the differences between Science & Technology and how to leverage them to their potential in order to survive, within his own Mind.

Consistent with the realities of nature, the following Hypothesis is posited for public consumption:

  • There will be no life found on planets that do not have magnetic fields. The Universe is driven by closed electric circuits and it is these circuits that produce magnetic fields. There will be no life found on Mars and Mars is not conducive to life - at this time.
  • All life throughout the Universe will only be found on those planets which have magnetic fields.
  • Planets that do not have a magnetic field today will not be disqualified from having a magnetic field tomorrow.
  • Magnetic fields engender and nurture that which we call life.
  • Life is any emergent phenomenon or entity that has the capacity to self-organize.
  • All life is of a dialectic nature consisting of "contradictory complementaries" - this is not gender.
  • All emergent phenomena obey the rule of the "bell-curve" that is, excite in emergence, rest in manifestation and exit in a state of "extremis".
  • Universal laws are few but consistent.
  • Parochial laws are Universal laws subjected to signal resistance and resultant variance due to environmental characteristics at that location of the surface of influence.
  • Life on Earth originated under the parochial law influence of 'ecological zones', which are not defined by their topography alone but more by the domestic magnetic fluxes associated with those individual areas - at that time of that lifes' origins.
  • Man must urgently leave the planet Earth in order to ensure the survival of the species and in doing so will create numerous new races of men over many millennia that will inhabit the Universe. They will then all be of us.
  • By leaving Earth, man will ensure that he will not destroy his species.
  • There are no other humanoids similar to man today within this Universe.
  • Throughout the colonization of the Universe, man will change both his Intellect and Intelligence more than significantly to that of today. There are no limits. only instilled fear.
  • the Mind constantly is changing - the mind coagulates - man becomes king when he controls his mind, his mood thus determined coalescence of Mind is the 'Prime Initiative' that replaces the purpose of "surrender" and sacrifice under the principles of the body collective...
  • Man is not constrained to Earth - the Universe is the environment of Man.
  • Time is the geometric relationship 'organization' built on structure.
  • All aspects of Life engender but it is only possible through the 'principle of complicity'.
  • Geometrie is the Universal language.
  • All life is recognizable by its 'signature'.
  • Without the ability to comprehend 'signatures', nothing can be understood.
  • All real 'signatures' are temporal, that is, being expressed in terms of time, space and motion...
  • Heisenberg's 'Uncertainty Principle' does not say "everything is uncertain." Rather, it tells us very exactly where the limits of uncertainty lie when we make measurements of sub-atomic events.
  • Earth is an aged star - Earth gave birth to the Moon
  • Earth and Moon consists of a double-planet anomoly that is to say, that the Moon is not a satellite of Earth...
  • The Laws of Cause and Effect i.e. Causality, are 'electric', by nature.
  • Man will soon be able to travel to distant galaxies by utilizing the existing electrical circuits of space and will do so at speeds in excess of the "speed of light". The technology to do this is available today.
  • Man is a pioneer and a revolutionary, before all.

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