August 23, 2005

Heresy !

Starry Night, Van Gogh

It is time for the Heretic'. It is the dawning of the Epoch of Science.

It is time to challenge all established knowledge, theories and practices.

It is time for integrity, honour and courage.

It is the time for humility, compassion and virtue.

It is the time for Science.

The race is afoot - the game begins - Species Survival are the Stakes - the Objective is to Shift the Prime Initiative from self-annihilation to pioneering the Universe.

Time period: From Now to Eternity

The type of inquiry must be, a prior, qualitative while the interaction between that observed and the Observer must be complicit.

Context: Always science is for the betterment of all life and in particular, mankind.

Basic Rules: Medium, motion, vibration, duality, gender, polarity, correspondence, affinity, rhythm, cause, structure and organization, resistance and reaction.

Assume nothing - Accept nothing without evidence - Live Science - Dogma is Dust

Theories that need protection and / or support are to be avoided and rejected!


An infinite space filled with only partial vacuum; a leaking vacuum.

Hydrogen and helium gases leak - there is in-balance,

In-balance leads to motion, motion leads to energy; duality,

Correspondences are supported by affinities; affinities by correspondences,

Structures creates new energies; energies create plasma; energies in plasma create planets; gender,

Plasmas and energies within correspondences and affinities feed motion; creates suns and planets,

Motion energizes plasma; plasma vitalizes electric currents; currents create circuits;

And, circuits create Birkeland Currents; Cause creates vibration and Effect create light,

Birkeland Currents create electro-magnetic fields and electro-magnetic fields create polarity,

Structure is built and organization surround and where life is emergent and time is relationship.

Then magnetic fields engenders life manifesting and light indicates the progression of the cycle,

Life is cyclic, spirally so - then the spiral drives the cyclic and the cycle leads the spiral,

Coagulation - Coalescence - Coagulation

Simplicity - Complexity - Simplicity

Stability - Instability - Stability

Order - Chaos - Order

While Intellect is guided by Intuition and as Intuition drives Intellect...

There is no Universal time
Theory needs no "big-bangs"
No 'black-holes' needed
We need no neutron stars
We need no destructive creation
We need no thermonuclear theory for genesis - for creation

What is needed is Heresy !

For Heresy will take us beyond the stars - Heresy will take us to destiny - Heresy will take us home


Courage will carry our light.

We now begin the Journey to the Universe

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