August 16, 2005

Evolving Man

"Science is feasible when the variables are few and can be enumerated; when their combinations are distinct and clear. We are tending toward the condition of science and aspiring to do it. The artist works out his own formulas; the interest of science lies in the art of making science. "
Paul Valéry (1871-1945), French poet, essayist.

It is time to raise the stakes in mans' evolutionary play and to leverage our intellectual and intelligence resources. Yes, there is a difference, dramatically so.

Within these pages of what may be considered a rather harsh treatment of today's scientific establishment it has been stated that all emergent phenomenons consist of attribute suites of 'contradictory complementaries' - we are referring to of course, the neural wiring related consciousness of life entities otherwise known as ‘mind’.

Yet, we do not really know just actually what consciousness is, or in fact what life is for that matter but accept that both things co-exist and co-evolve at what appears to be related to levels of awareness after some degree of manifestation has been established.

Man has again now started to experience a shift in his functional consciousness from the quantitative state of mind to a much higher order of a qualitative state of mind. This will not transpire over night and will perhaps need a period of hundreds of years or more to take effect but it will occur fast enough for a more rational order to be embraced and implemented for a new world order (NWO) in the near future of say less than 20 years. Survival.

It is now necessary for man to a priori understand fundamentally that he is, at this present time, just one of the many life entities belonging to the food chain on this planet and that we do not know for certain whether man was intended to manifest throughout the Universe or to remain on Earth. It doesn’t matter because the answer is obvious. We have ‘necessity’ that is, an exponentially increasing population and we have ‘opportunity’ – our rather now well honed technological ability. But do we have the will?

I say we do! Our destiny is throughout the Universe and not just the Galaxy. Our evolutionary finality appears yet to be many, many millennia distant from this present moment. That is, we are not at the zenith of our intelligence or intellectual capability or capacity. But unfortunately, today on Earth, man still remains faithful entrenched in the parochial evolution game together with all its constraints; he chooses to remain in his womb- his cocoon. That is, man is of free choice, of the collective but without “free will” while on this planet. There are exceptions. This is becoming a more serious game with excessive demands on technological innovation for just maintaining the high stresses of the current status quo.

Man now has no enemies so he dangerously and irrationally continues Nature’s survival game by imposing it onto his own kind – after all, it appears that he has been playing by these rules for 1 million years or more so why stop now? Man also appears to be the only species that does this.

This continued internal and recursive play on that which should be or can be an extrapolation, that is, a projection and expansion of the spatial characteristics of this strategy of evolution, simply and strongly infers that this 'man' species must destroy itself due to its continued insistence in accepting itself as its own enemy. Existence is multiplicity.

Therefore, man must choose to leave the planet and to do this he needs to firstly achieve a near-qualitative state of mind and attitude which can evolve and to become imprinted upon all his future activities, technologies and science. He needs to survive and he needs to learn new tricks.

In the environment of the "phase space" as suggested by Henri Poincaré, that is, that creative space of the “present moment” we must accept that the "time" (the dynamic relationship of different species and sub-specie organizations) elements for emergent opportunities or unfolding, evolve for each species at different rates; begin at different intervals and expiring accordingly when their time has come. Although we accept only one such 'phase space', there are in reality actually many such spaces while only one ‘present moment’ at least on this planet. With man, we must accept this notion, a priori, when considering man and his destiny within the spectra of both parochial life and the implications of his emergence as a major player yet to be imposed upon the infinite available surfaces (planets) of the Universe.

When considering life forms - emergence phenomenon - we must also consider phases of the levels of consciousness as coarsely categorized here as: 1. Awareness, 2. Awareness of "I", 3. Technical consciousness or intelligence, and 4. Intellectual consciousness. Man must make provision for the next possible step in our evolution with a combined and powerfully more so higher order of intelligence and intellect; not the final step, but nevertheless compared to that of today, a significantly different level of functionality. A complicit birth out of our current mental level of technology and a lesser mental level of science; a whole new order of mentally armed man; a mental birth.

We must begin by considering does the obvious technical ability of a seal to break coconuts or crabs on rocks, or with rocks, constitute intelligence or just awareness - or indeed, consciousness. Good question. And, conside that all life entities have technological ability and many are extremely clever and all are for the purposes of 'utility' or if one prefers - which you should, 'survival' and ‘advantage’.

In the previous post I have stated that technology is 'utility' while science is ‘function’. We can re-state this as ‘exoteric ability is technology’ while ‘esoteric is function’ or again as ‘intelligence is utility’ while ‘intellect is function’. ‘Technology is aggression’ while’ science is spiritual’ or ‘technology is quantitative’ while ‘science is qualitative’, etc.

Both intelligence and intellect exist separately yet both are symbiotic, contradictory and yet complementary. This is obviously the root of Julian Jaynes’s ‘schizophrenia’. What also appears to be acceptable, as reported from a very short slice of evidenced history taken from the overall said 4 billion years of planet Earth's existence, is that recent major changes in the consciousness of men have been recorded as occurring around ~4000 BCE, ~2000 BCE, ~0 BC/AD, ~1600 CE (and are indicated as of having occurred at other times by the interpretation of certain various artefacts); all this in approximate cyclic correspondence with the precessional cycles of the planet and in accord with the phases of the Zodiac handed down from ancient times, or in other words, the observable cyclic movements of the stars and their progression in relation to Earth. These apparent changes of mentality or shifts in functioning consciousness appear to have been more than significant, so much so, that for the past 2,000 years or so, ‘modern man has been unable to read those sophisticated hieroglyphs left by the ancient Egyptians in the previous Epochs and which now fill our Museums.

We also note that in ancient Egypt, at the time of the founding of the first dynasties that there was already language, culture, records, ritual, astronomical observations, science, art, medicine, social management, and agriculture, that is civilization, well in place. Extensive studies have resulted in learned conclusions that suggest that the stone monuments and their hieroglyphs and other architectural type monuments were methodically and intricately changed to coincide with the times of these above consciousness shifts. This consolidates thinking that the indicated changes in the evolving consciousness of men were experienced and that records do exist in evidence of these conclusions.

In terms of all biological evolution, changes do occur continually as has been diligently recorded and this process continues even to this day. It is more than reasonable then to accept that man is also subject to this natural evolution phased process - whatever its cause, while appearing to top the spectrum of life on this planet in terms of technology as well as intellect. But is he?

Taking this process forward and considering then the comments of Aristotle around 2,000 years ago concerning the issue of learning and the rise and definition of wisdom (Sophia), the results of Julian Jaynes's magnificent work, as well as the suggestions and hypothesis made within these pages - all in some thoughtful depth, it appears very clear that man may not lead the emergent phenomenon on this planet in survival evolution… and really, if man destroys himself, who cares? Or if a species of grazing nematodes on its world of Tongapo decides to go into oblivion, who cares? There will always be another species that will eventually rise to take its place, albeit in differing circumstances.

Modern man appears to have already been through numerous phases of evolutionary shifting over the Earth's 4 billion years old history and may have actually existed in our current form over 1 million years ago. The mental shifting (read: evolutionary) process put forward herein is consistent with the Belousov-Zhabotinshii (BZ) reaction and therefore ‘possibility’ becomes potential reality. Interestingly, it is just as we would predict from the model being produced in these pages or the writer's ‘phase-space’; a forward, backward shifting, cyclic and spiralling event within and upon a 'phase space' of dynamic directional consistency which does not contradict the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

This leads me to suggest that in short, our dual contradictory complementary construct of wired neural potential - our mind - is an imprinted pattern of Birkeland Currents (a universal) that are phase shifting in concordance with the geometries in what appears to be, in concert with the precessional cycle of planet Earth and/or in harmony with the ancient time scale defined by the Zodiac. Or, life is animated and of variance ordered and governed by the impulse rates of electric current flowing though our planetary poles from connectivity to universe-wide cosmic wiring. Our problem is that we do not yet mentally scale too well, another sign in evidence of a quantitative state of mind.

In other words, life is consistent with the fundamental Laws of the Universe. The Universe is ‘electric’ (whatever ‘electric’ means) and vital. As are we.

This could all be generally viewed in the terms of the limited but known history of mans' consciousness commencing from an involuntary responsive reaction, to reactive and instinctive survival awareness, through involuntary consciousness, to higher technical priority, then onto intellectual priority devolving into a higher evolved technical build along an evolutionary path towards cognatus - scientia intuitiva – intellectus. All in the game of Universal opportunity, that is natural evolution; a Universal Law, strategy and principle.. But 'necessity' also plays a role in this game and it is posited that now the Matrix of "Possibility” and "Opportunity" is indicating "Necessity" as our emerging survival strategic focus du jour. That is, survival of the species is now an imperative.

If this is so, then now it becomes vital and urgent that civilization, that is man, must make an energized and proactive effort to understand that technology is something that all phenomenon share, is not science but that which allows the possibility and opportunity to survive and thrive. We need to use this consciously and deterministically, not to annihilate each other or to cull our numbers, but to go forth to conquer, pioneer, learn and to become stronger as a species. Culling and killing each other is of the quantitative mind as it is of pure number and without value or measure.

While science co-exists with technology and together they permit something greater, we need to appreciate this difference and leverage these differences to maximum advantage; our advantage - for our survival as a species and our projection onto that matrix that we call the Universe, our spatial destiny. In other words in order to survive we need the full mental toolbox that is available and to gain this we need to lift constraints.

It is said that science unfolds nature (physis) and Nature unfolds the Creator and thus gives proof of God - for Nature is the Word of God. But alas, consistent with the hypothesis herein it appears obvious that there is also an opportunity here for man to possibly escape this current constraint cycle or at least to take our evolution to far greater heights. Both time and Opportunity appear to be in synchronization for leverage to higher levels. Possibility is also present.

The objective of this identification of opportunity, that is to say, this possibility to take advantage of the moment within our 'phase space' by the reorganization of our mental structures of the mental complementing science and technology aspects, requires us to proceed from the state of mechanicalized quantitative complexity in which we currently find ourselves and to project ourselves in a much higher order consisting of progressed qualitative scientific and technical simplicity in the creation of a new developed consciousness –state of mind - created deterministically within the Universal Principle of Complicity.

This would be exciting to say the least and would accordingly allow us reassess our values as well as our objectives, our necessities, our opportunities and our preferences for survival. This would also represent a new vital acceleration towards the colonization of our Universe and propagation of our species. The answer is clearly yes. It is both natural and in accordance with the Universal laws. And, by doing this consciously and deterministically, we would be able to raise those ever so restrictive constraints that today bind our will. Having other life forms to struggle against and an expanded matrix in which to explore, man could effectively postpone his need to war on his own species by many millions of years. Not considering that we will enter space as one race but in one million years we will be numerous races - which will all have originated from us.

Do not however expect to be the first life form in outer space, nor expect to confront any humanoids in your travels but you can definitely expect to meet with other life forms that are involved with the survival game by the application of evolutionary strategies of technology, intelligence and intellectual bridging and indeed at much higher orders of the Universal game plays than we have to this date considered possible.

To turn back to technology now and to take advantage of the resources in hand, man can lift the constraints of today which and as a direct result can propel himself into and onto new environments throughout the Universe. Man is very good at a number of things and they are adaptation, technology, revolution and pioneering but, he is very bad at civilization, so much so, it appears not to be a part of his “God-given” attributes or at least, not one of his more towering strengths...

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