August 12, 2005


Technology is drawn from the natural ability in all life forms which have a need to ensure an easier and better way of life for themselves and their collective; survival and existence. In the biological sense technology given to the offspring is called "privilege", which is itself a technology.

Technology is not to be considered as "science" as science is of a qualitative derivative whereas technology is purely quantitative. Technology is utility where Science is Function.

Technology is a 'workaround, a game, and a means of comfort and a means to profit.
Above all, technology works best in a constrained environment; an environment that has been formed and shaped to extract maximum benefit from the application of a particular technology. For example: War is a technology as is Terrorism both which develop the necessary constraints for maximum profit and where the use of both these as tactics, they ensure a maximum continuity and recursivity of the game in play.

Which brings us to another important attribute of technology which is that technology is actually a 'recursive' tactic or expressed in another way, technology is a recursive play. One could even be forgiven for saying that technology is an innate nature of Universal Intelligence, a signature. Genius arises out of adversity it has been said.
Indeed. Profit is not only maximized in the wilds and frontiers of chaotic war, profit is also realized in times of rest, or peace if you will and hence two opposing areas of Opportunity.

However, continual warfare rapidly depletes reserves and destroys assets(peace is non-destructive but it also depletes resources) so rest is necessary to refill the coffers and regrow some fat and create more troops; cannon fodder. So technology allows for continual profit for those that control the constraints.
Those constraints are Laws; that control the Laws - that design the Laws; laws are also technology and hence the flow of profits (advantage) are controlled.

Technology above all is a recursive tool.
It is also a tool of the game or process of evolution. It provides growth and is adaptive. Shifting the constraints gives rise to new opportunities.

Yes, technology gives advantage; a means to take advantage and it is a tool, just as a seal uses its flappers to beat a coconut or crab against a rock, so that it may enjoy the food men too use technology, theoretically for the same reason.

Technology emanates in man from his
brain's left hemisphere symbolized by and controlling his right hand. This is the mechanicalized aspect of this man of duality; sterile, ad hoc, fragmented, analytical, sterile, superficial, etc., etc. Today, and for in excess of 2,000 years, man has been primarily a technician, I speak generally as there are the perenial few that have been persons of the qualitative mind during this period.

We of today should still remember the 'quickening' (energetic vitalization) of this process through some simple examples of the airplane, the atomic bomb, the ball-point pen, can opener, the Internet and satellites; all products of the past less-than 100 years. This process suggests change.

Elsewhere I have remarked that the spiritual aspect of man lies within the right hemisphere of man's brain - perhaps but it also could emanate from his heart. But there is a complementary spiritual side of man that opposes the technical aspect; a witness that also needs to grow, that is, the qualitative side of man; that masonic and artistic aspect in man. Harmony of these two contradictory complementaries lies in polarity or electric equilibrium. Stability leads to instability.

We know that intelligence is driven by Opportunity out of Necessity and what more expedient manner could there be for pioneering the matrix of space & time than cojoining
'spirit' - that qualitative intuitively driven intellect aspect of man together with and in complicity with the 'machina' - that quantitative, superficial, rapid response, technical mechanism of the man, or animated super molecule of big-brain specifity.

The right hand of Adam sleepily reaches out to touch the hand of God in Michaelangelo's 1512 painting
"Creating Adam" in the Cistene Chapel is clearly symbolic of the evolving technical and spiritual seed within man's destiny at that particular time. Technology is a direct result of constraint and as Universal Intelligence is potentially explosive as proven beyond any doubt by the unstructured detonation of the Atomic Bomb, it must be considered that the energy within man is potentially far greater than that of this atomic bomb (yet another technology).

This then points us to our constraints:
We find ourselves initially constrained by Universal Laws or laws that are constrained to similar rule throughout the Universe without deviation or variance. But then we have Parochial Laws where these laws are direct subsets of Universal laws and apply only within the environment of this planet - as this is where we currently find ourselves - each unique mileau has it own unique parochial laws, but these are Universal Laws constrained by their milieu, or where they apply. There are also variations upon these laws which are dependent upon where you happen to be on the planet, for example; high in the upper atmosphere, on the surface and/or deep within the sea. These laws also vary again subject to prevailing climate; let us term this all as 'founded-milieu".

It is must be obvious then that we mere men could play a vital and effective role in planning our own destiny, given the Opportunity where sagacity, wisdom, courage, virtue, respect, dedication, intellect, compassion and responsibility were the hands on the tiller of the good ship Earth. But first, we have to understand the basics of 'science' so that we can employ non-destructive 'technology' so that profit comes from the dynamics of pioneering and adventurous exploitation of the Universe; economics or conservationism being of the prevailing dynamic in which we find ourselves having imposed on us in this reality.

That is to say that we need to live science and employ technology, er assuming you know the difference between them. That which we view as mysterious or magik is really just not understood. That is, it is not the object which is mysterious but merely the fact that the observer has not yet attained to this experiential knowledge.


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