August 30, 2005

Light, Structure, Organization and The Milky Way

Image credits: NASA

Consider the Electrical Universe point of views(Wal Thornhill) of the so called Supernova 1987A and also on Stonehenge from the work of Anthony Peratt here while viewing his webite on plasma at this location.

Light is the signature of activity in terms of resistance or impedance and is derived from the result of causal motion which creates vibration or effect which in turn creates energy and which in turn develops structure around which forms organization - in duality. Electric circuits create magnetic fields in polarity and life is engendered; on surfaces where 'universal' laws become changed into 'parochial' laws.

Light is actually reaction but it is also structured and has coherent organization, as can be seen; this organization can be manipulated. Light is made up of structured components which must be treated as organization. Moreover,"... if the components have different phase velocities, then the light pulse’s (impulse) overall velocity will depend on the relationships between the velocities of the separate components. If the velocities differ, the pulse is said to be moving at the "group velocity" (my emphasis).

Clearly, in space the speed-of-light is not a constant as it passes though 1. a medium of plasma (99.9%), 2. gaseous clouds, 3. dust clouds, 4. energizing effects, 5. matter, and 6. cosmic rays and radiations of all other types and effects.

Light clearly is structured and energy is clearly structured and that which is variable is time; time is relationship in organization built upon structure. Time then is of motion and of proportional relationship. If there is no life there is no need of time as there would be no motion, no energy and no life and therefore no organization, that is to say, no time.

From the remaining evidence of megalithic structures built by the ancients such as Stonehenge and many others, it is without any doubt that these electrical structures (z-pinch effects, plasma instabilities and Birkeland Currents) were visible from Earth and visually as well as neurologically (complicity) experienced (in the visible part of the light spectrum) by men.

But what does all this really mean? The answer is that the basis of that which we call 'science' today is mostly in error being based on thermonuclear and gravitational theories; neither theories which can stand unprotected and/or unsupported. But this is the "mainstream" error while the postings on these pages are generally considered fringe or alternative if not just dismissed being not understood and too difficult to consider.

However, the interesting fact about all this is that there are a few (not many) highly credible organizations, both academic as well as commercial that do accept both an 'electric' as well as 'plasma' Universe theories. Needless to say that these organization do not enter into debate but just quietly follow their reason and agenda. Again, irrationality. The evidence is there but 'mainstream' does not look and preferes to ignore. Why? This is a huge problem and a question which must be urgently confronted and answered.!

Obviously then, the man-energy-life-form field is also consisting of 'phase velocities' and the "civilization" of men on Earth is being run at 'group velocity'. This is a serious problem with our children being educated in error biased fundamentals; our institutions are being run on the foundations of error and our total society being is entrenched in a variety of ill-founded and error based dogma. Intellect is not at the controls and emotional instability rules the day.

The 'necessity', the 'possibility' and the 'opportunity' exists for us to accelerate our civilization or to at least manage ourselves in a responsible manner of 'stewardship' but 'mainstream' refuses to listen and debunks all attempts to confront the issues with protective aggression. When this offensive becomes obvious we call this "conspiracy' and maybe so but herein, these tendencies are considered to be more likely the result of "collective" natural laws of rest in the phenomenal evolutionary manifestation stage of life form emergence.

Science demands imagination as well as all our other skills; science needs an approach of reason of qualitative thought and action. Science needs complicit intereaction and co-operative enquiry. Science does not need emotionally based protectionism, active destruction, warfare or warrior sword wielding priests that function in a frenzied state of "The True Believer" (Eric Hoffer).

Man is now at that stage in the evolutionary dynamic where the choice is necessary to either continue towards species extinction (annihilation) in accordance with the laws of the 'bell-curve' (the normal choice for all emergent phenomena) or to sharply shift gears towards a higher phase of evolutionary development through energetic species mutation; call it 'the moment of vital impulse' (er... complicity) or in other words a choice that is based on concordant intellect and harmonized with intelligence, rather than the usual and operative collective emotional 'knee-jerk' response (to innately felt impending 'extremis').

Questions: Why do we permit politicians to 'make' laws? Upon what foundation are these "laws" fabricated? Is it that all laws are merely for the pleasure, profit and convenience of the "lawmakers" themselves? Is the only prequalification for a politician in order to gaining the office of 'lawmaker' being a popular majority vote of his/her "peers"?

Current global leadership, is drawn from the lowest common denominator of society (the dregs; as is the democratic way) and this leadership now favors culling the global human numbers (herd) to a more manageable billion or so. Does this mean that our numbers are unmanageable or is it - in fact, that the the office of leadership is now demanding a much higher level of functional mental capacity than that available from our current pretenders?

Moreover, this cull idea (policy) flaunts functional intelligence; even common sense (there being no ''intellect in play here) by ignoring the math which indicates that the problematic population "numbers" of today will just soon re-emerge. Therefore, culling the human herd is not a solution. Culling is just arrogantly applied ignorance but that which one would predictively expect when our type of social organization is founded in emotionally franchised dementia, a priori. Desperation.

We need a new system; we need a totally new system of social order; we need change. Man can act (verbe) competantly to achieve the survival of his species but the question begs, does he want to? We need a new era of leadership founded in a balanced partnership of functioning science and technology, that is to say, a harmony of functional intelligence with intellect. Reason.

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