February 22, 2005


is the jailer of freedom.
Fear is the constraint that inhibits Man.
Fear subjects men to tyranny.
Fear freezes.
Fear subjugates,
Fear incarcerates,
Fear degenerates,
Fear withers,
Fear contracts where contraction is death and,
Fear defeats.

Fear binds (Lt. religio)
Fear blinds, contorts, distorts, contorts, twists, darkens.
Fear is irrational.
Fear is the greatest single enemy of men.

Men fear. Fear is cowardice. Fear is Plato's Cave.
Fear constrains honour, virtue, integrity, courage, justice & righteousness.
Fear allows men to be manipulated by men.
Fear demands sacrifice. Fear demands death and suffering.
Fear is the enemy of men.

Fear is ignorance, arrogance & pride.

There is not one thing in the matters of men that is not written in fear; to induce fear; to instill fear.
Fear is the tool of the politician.
All leadership use fear to become leaders over men cowering in fear.
Leadership, that is to say, politicians, are all cowards that lust in and of fear.
Fear is what defeats.

Men induce fear in their children from birth.

So, what is it that men fear?
But all dies; excepting the salt of virtue!
Fear of being alone?
This is only fear itself!

Fear is purely not accepting!
Yourself; oneself; life!

Fear is the preference to not awaken.
To live a life of death.
Fear is not allowing your soul to awaken.
Fear is not permitting your heart to function!
Fear is not accepting yourself as a Universal God.

Fear is your condemnation of life itself; your rejection of life.

Fear is nothing that reaching out your hand, has it to be gone.
Fear is nought but a thought; a question, when asked.

To banish thought, realise that in the morning the suns rises,
and that tomorrow always comes,
and the birds will evermore sing,
while the wind blows,
the rains kiss the earth and bring life to nature,
and together, the alchemy of energies nurture,
while the children of the stars are borne,
on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Lose fear and smile, and all smile back.
And, when all smile; all shall live,
and Man will become manisfest
as it is so written.

After all, what have you to lose,
when already you have nothing,
but the walls of your prison.

Overcome fear and you win all.
Overcome fear and you become life.
Overcome fear, and life becomes you; it fills you, and you it.

In life there is no fear as fear resides only with death.
Time is Fear.
Fear is created by the Imagination as a story, automatically; Fear is Insanity that feeds on its victims.
Fear is not of the Present or the Present Moment. Fear is a Projection; twisted and contorted; a mental aberration. Danger is real and Risk must be embraced.

Fear is a Choice
Fear is Fiction; a story created by the imagination that doesn't exist.
The temporal, that is to say, 'time', for humanity, is the place of fear that is to be overcome and mastered.

The destiny of men is to be universal vital Man; a God; a Cause,
where God is the son of Man.
Man the Accomplished.
Let nobody tell you differently!                                             The Opposite of Love is Fear

As Fear is borne out of Ignorance

Hate is the Child of Fear

Fear is Insanity

Fear and Cowardice

Define Civilization

and they come with
a Full Spectrum of Perversions
in Proto-human Behaviours

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