February 14, 2005

Of the Future

Of the future you would ask, in the face of war, depression, terrorism, environmental disaster, global warming, totally corrupted politics, greed, jihads being called by Christians, Moslems and Jews alike, moral decadence; pervasive lies, deceipt and dishonesty; a broken social system; a broken economic system; failed leadership; ideologies, that is more ideologies, suppression; brutality, beastiality; ignorance, er, etc., etc., etc.

Change is in the air; marvellous!

The whole squalid systems of systems which are leveraged beyond usefulness, that are designed to constrain, are about to collapse. Great!

Science will start anew. Body bureaucratic will be purged. Values will become dominant! A new mentality; a new consciousness and a new era.

It is a time to rejoice; it is a time of faith; real faith. It is the Age of Aquarius; The Age of Man.

Revolution! A peaceful transition from corrupted power to the empowerment of the hearts of men.

It is a time to reconsider; a time for reflection; a time to revalue ones past; ones past beliefs; ones past actions, within a framework of self-forgiveness of oneself; it is time to move on in a framework of energy, vitality, compassion, intuition and intellect. It is time to smell the roses.

Tomorrow the sun will rise and we shall remember and from out of the ashes the Phoenix; our Phoenix will rise; a world for the children of the Gods; clean, free, vital, energetic, impulsive; a world of intellect, responsibility - awe - of the wonderous marvels that the veils of Isis are about to reveal.

Value and respect. Integrity and virtue. Courage and honour.

We will look at our children and we shall learn from them, that is to say, we will not shackle, blind and constrain these delights from the stars in chains of ignorance anymore; we will learn - from them as they have so much to teach us, if we look and drop our ill-fated (death bringing) arrogance and ignorance and then, we shall nurture these child flowers of Earth; our children.

And, we shall embrace our Nature, to which we belong; we shall respect our planet; we shall protect our environment, and we will do this, in order to embrace and respect ourselves. This is the key! Accept! We are all of one planet and from one source.

From the ashes of this deathly night, when the steams and mists of polarized vapours rise to offer moisture to nature's seed, when the dawning sun heliacally begins its radiant journey to a crescendo of morning glory, when the cocks crow and as the birds stir and when the dark leaves the face of the deep; the radiance of the new day is borne... for men; it is the Age of Man.

Now, as for today's gut wrenching fear and depression that is in all senstive men, bears to our very souls, pains and ache and tortures us to madness and searing insanity - it is this cause that within, contains that which evokes us; Yes, indeed, cries out to us to respond, in-kind, in deed; to rise, to believe through resistance; it is now that the morrow brings forth the light for us to see; to breathe the moist air of the morn, to bathe life in the glorious mornings' energies, free of corrupted hardness and coarse, crude coagulation; it is a time of freedom; a time for new affinities; a time of coalescence; it is tomorrow. The time of the golden stone.

It takes so little to see the beauty and glory of life; it takes so little to bathe of its virtues; it takes so little to have faith and to emerge towards the glory of the radiance of the will of the emergent Gods. So little, so subtile. Yes, this innate force, this essential belief, this ever-present faith, which carries the force of all the Gods; the ultimate power of Unity itself, that is to say, the Prime Universal Cause; it is in deed contained in the faith that is within Man; this seed of multiplicity which is existence itself; it this part of Osiris that engenders Unity; that which is created and that which creates itself, through the phases of the Moon. It is Universal Law and it is so finite, it moves mountains. This is the miracle of life!

How we will understand; we are the cathode of the cathodes; of the Cosmos; of the Universe; of the solar system. Yet we are the God of Gods and we will rise to be King. That which is both created and creates itself.

Coagulate your nature; let your affinities within align; become yourself; and open your heart; a small price to pay for kinghood. Tomorrow will come; it comes; come, laugh with the Gods and enjoy the journey through the Universe, sitting on a beam of light; vital and empowered.

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I am now considered too old to be of further threat but I have survived three institutional attempts to prematurely end my life during my career. The current Global Systemic Collapse (GSC), better described as a 'global leadership collapse' (GLC), is a socio-economic phase-transition brought about by the total failure of global "leadership", to find even the most basic of foresight and compassionate sensitivities to balance the imbalances and injustices that they have wrought on the World. Governments' are now attempting to create an exclusive risk-free corporate environment. This delusional ideology of pure insanity, cannot sustain. This sought "risk-free' corporate banking environment is to be achieved by transferring all risk and all financial losses to the tax-payers (“Main Street”) while maintaining a highly secretive cabal of global elites and ruling politician and bankers. The simple truth is that our "Economic Theory" is a fatally flawed, faith-based farce, and "leadership" do not have the necessary intelligence nor intellect to confront the issues du jour. There are now only Heretics and Fools, but, there is always a “choice”.