July 10, 2005

Deep Impact - July 4, 2005

To the team that designed, built, launched,
and navigated
Deep Impact...

You created a technical marvel and proved your point

But what did the science team achieve?
Explosions? More powder than ice? Blasts?
Flashes? No idea? No Ice?
No dirty Ice - but now Icy dirtball?
What happened to your predictions?
Wrong er... totally!

It is clear from the quoted reactions and publicized comments from the science teams
that most of those upon which the responsibility for the interpretation of the data and results
had no idea
what they are doing or what they are about.

However, please let the data be publicly available and allow those that do know,
to effect interpretation.

Latest News September 8, 2005
Now it is 'Panspermia' and "snowy dirtballs"

July 4, 2005
marks the turning point for civilization
we will now begin to leave ignorance, dogma and violence behind
and move forward together in one theme
in the context of science
Justice & Righteousness
the Stars

the single thread that passes though all things (Heraclitus)
in the form of
Birkeland Currents!

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