February 10, 2005


It is now the Year 2015. What Just Happened? – Tuyuan Technologies - An Historical Account

The world stands in shaken silence from the events of the past decade, since 2005. Global warming took its toll. Two billion people died; another billion homeless. Many, many more people are lost, disconnected, cold and hungry. The global infrastructure is in shatters. Communities, towns and cities need to be rebuilt. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, violent weather, unpredictable weather, unexpected weather.
We experienced it all.

What happened, we ask? Where were our governments, we ask? Where was the UN, we ask? Why didn’t we foresee what was coming, we ask? Why didn’t we do anything, we ask?
Based on these questions, on these ashes, we will arise to our destiny, our future with the resolve that this will not happen again.
“And, in the morning, we shall remember them”

TimeLine January 2005 London UK:

Global warming becomes politically correct. Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister makes the issue his platform for re-election. Scientists, mostly who have been cowering in silence to date, weigh in heavily calling for funds for more research. The oil companies and industry funds the opposition dialectic arguments. Shell Oil calls for government action.

This year we have melting glaciers, too much fresh water in the global circulation pump, an opening ozone layer, melting ice caps, crop failures, pollution of all types to the atmosphere, to the water. But we have really had this since 1990 but nobody could talk about it.
Aquifers are empty world-wide. The rain patterns have changed, humidity is lost, and acid replaces water. The ‘cult of the expert’ is in extremis lashing out with theory after theory; day after day. The UN, home of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) suddenly cries “global warming” and appeals for more money over the trillions they already spend, on themselves.

Our World this year was clearly in trouble.
A tsunami in Asia has just killed over 300,000 people and misplaced over a million, there is little help for these people, just political mileage and leverage.
The UN asked for more money.

It was this year that a small start-up named Tuyuan Technologies became funded after 5 years of research. Tuyuan had developed a technology synchronization to dynamically measure the global food crops accurately and cheaply on a daily basis.
We shall see more of this organization.

TimeLine 2007:

As the world experiences the disparities of hot and cold and wet and dry where they have never been experienced before, crops continue failing, diseases are rampant and growing by the day.
The World Health Organizations headed by the UN has failed.
The World Food Organizations headed by the UN has failed.
The World Environmental Agencies headed by the UN have failed.
The Secretary General of the United Nation, dressed immaculately in his ermine robes signifying his status of Nobel Peace Laureate, has today appealed for more funds.
The World is not convinced.

Thousands are dying daily, hunger is rampant, water too polluted to drink, to scarce to satisfy the needs of all. What disease doesn’t get, hunger gets, or toxic food or water kills, or tsunamis drown, earthquakes destroy, hurricanes, taiphoons, cyclones, floods, droughts, pests; the World is in chaos.
The people have no ermine robes.

Tuyuan starts reporting on the state of food crops throughout the World using its proprietary technology and existing satellites. It quietly announces through it President of European operations, Dr. Pierre Engel, that the second stage investment for the build and launch of its own SAR satellite constellation has been achieved; over subscribed in fact, factors which will drive them to greater ambitions to meet the world’s demands. Tuyuan boldly announces a second constellation for year 2010 and then a third for year 2012.

Mr. William Casselman, President Tuyuan Inc. of New York announces a major restructuring of the Tuyuan Group and a major expansion of its capital base. Revenues have hit USD1 billion this year.

TimeLine Paris, France 2008:

The UN calls for the World to support its takeover of Tuyuan. The Global Reinsurance Industry, the Space Industry and the Commodity Industries, all major investors in Tuyuan, tell the UN to back-off. Tuyuan launches its first Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) constellation of satellites named
The Surveyor Constellation.
Dr. Pierre Engel, President Tuyuan Europe, announces 50 new Strategic Partners which include world governments, agencies, private companies and commercial organizations have joined its GRID. Google announces a new strategic alliance with Tuyuan through EPIC™ and GoogleZon™ which brings Tuyuan services to the grassroots of the world population. Microsoft™ and many other IT commercial organizations also tie into the Tuyuan infrastructure. The global information net is borne.

TimeLine Google News GoogleZon™ March 2010:

As the world becomes more chaotic, governments take refuge in secured and fully stocked underground facilities. Food and water are the major problems; disease, pollution, and adverse climate conditions take their toll on the weak and sick. Hundreds of thousands are dying daily.
The UN calls for more money from its bunker.
The people of this planet are clearly alone and need to fend for themselves.

Tuyuan launches its second constellation of satellites which is integrated successfully with its existing constellation. The World is now dependant upon Tuyuan for food distribution, environmental damage, and weather prediction and thus it becomes the control center for the world’s new ‘Operation Survival’, run by the IT industry, farmers and Internet users.

TimeLine 2011:

Tuyuan’s Mr. Joe Gatto, Group COO announces new strategic partners amounting to 80% of the world governments, 2,265,481 value added commercial organizations, and hundreds of thousands of universities, schools, community centers, individuals and other groups. The Tuyuan GRID, together with its partner’s infrastructures is now totally accessible from anywhere with a particular priority being placed onto connectivity with individual farmers homes no matter how remote.

TimeLine Hong Kong 2012:

Tuyuan successful launches its third satellite constellation which brings fully automated processing and distribution of its global statistic services. New algorithms permit greater detail of penetration to assist the growing farmer population while assisting the growing number of environment and disaster relief teams of volunteers. Tuyuan extends its communications network into every community throughout the world with the assistance of Amazon™, GoogleZon™, Microsoft™, EPIC™ and others bringing relief services, hope and news in live feeds.

Mr. Joseph P Gatto Group COO of Tuyuan announces new investment into its systems upgrading for global relief, food distribution and environmental services. Government commercial membership of Tuyuan is now 95%. Mr. Gatto tells the world that the new GRID infrastructure will be unparallel and that new value-added services are being implemented by the day. Mr. Gatto’s message is of hope and comfort.

TimeLine GoogleZon News 2014:

The new world governments announce a major reconstruction of the failed United Nations. 100% of the UN management will be replaced and 80% of its support staff will also be replaced. A new manual of operations will be drawn up by industry. No bureaucrats or politicians will be involved with the establishment of the new Charter. All UN organization will be either wound-up or restructured. The new UN will be a streamlined organization for disaster relief and aid.

New emergent open science groups are establishing ground breaking findings far in advance of the institutional dogma of pre-2005.
An electric and plasma Universe has been established beyond any doubt and demonstrated in laboratories throughout the World. ‘Black Holes’ have been discovered only to exist in earlier unfounded theoretical science. ‘Red Shift’ indicates suns giving birth to planets.

Energy is now accessible from space and new clean energy technologies are advancing rapidly to replace dirty carbon based fuels. The new scientists are finding creative dynamic energies in suspended water molecules that form clouds leading the advance towards anti-gravity transportation. Everyday there are announcements of clean fuels, clean energy, rapid safe transportation and new communication systems.

One group is driving the way forward to mass produce water, a process never understood by previous generations of scientists. This new ‘open’ generation is looking toward Nature for new stimulations and vital clues for a science that brings benefit to humanity and takes it impulse from non-specialization categorizations and credentialization.
Peer to peer review is gone, tenure is gone and all is replaced by corroboration, collaboration, integrity and a loving zest for life.
These are truly exciting times and there is suddenly hope.

The focus is now on rebuilding Earth from the ashes up; gone and rejected are the insane politic scams of pre-year2005.
A new exciting era of enlightenment, responsibility, integrity stimulates the minds and souls of survivors. Educations become natural and holistic; specialization interrelates with all sectors; the barriers and walls to information are stripped down; categories are inter-related homogeneously.
The emphasis is the vitality and fragility of life itself.
This will be an Age of scientific discovery.

Dr. Pierre Engel, President of European operations for the Tuyuan Group announces full European governmental participation in Tuyuan. Services are being slowly restored by world governments; food distribution and management are now seen as ‘stable’ with enough food for the entire world.

Dr. Engel announces a new direction for Tuyuan by signaling a ground based crop monitoring system other that satellite. “This is only now possible due to the level of population and sophistication of our current database. That is to say, we couldn’t have done it before as there just was no reliable data when we began; Tuyuan had to build the database from scratch, but this approach is also exciting using existing technology which promises to make our lives to become entrenched in values”.

TimeLine 2015:

It is a better place now. We have learnt a valuable lesson and we must ensure that the sons and daughters of tomorrow see that we accept the errors and misplaced egoism of our past actions acknowledge and validate our arrogance and stupidity and our willingness to leave to them an environment free of our failed legacy.
May they forgive us?

We are now starting out afresh, everything is being rebuilt and a new mentality is being created. We are on the edge of a new epoch; we are emergent Man, a yet to be understood electric phenomena. Life is vital, life is precious and we now know that to love life, needs us to protect life and that protection is in going where no man has gone before, dynamically. That is to say, we should never attempt to stop life; we must always keep up with the forward dynamics of life’s constant evolution.
We must learn to live predicatively in a framework of respect.


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