February 09, 2005

The Goddess Nut

Consider that everything is cyclic, but not so exactly so that each cycle repeats exactly as those gone before. Therefore, we can now see cyclic evolution in all phenomenon on Earth, but not only on Earth, but throughout the Universe. Now consider, than men of the current dominant species, that is 'homo sapiens' have been around not just for 6000 years as the dogma has it, but for over a million years. During this time then, something must have evolved. This evolution, or more exactly, all evolution is in awareness alone; not in the corporeal or characteristics of the body, but the characteristics of, let us say, the functioning neurology; the consciousness. There is plenty of academic works supporting this matter so we move on confident that so far we are on the right tangent. Throught the Universe, Time doesn't exist. Only structure, organization, relationships, synergies, proportions, correspondences, common Univeral Laws, parochial laws and such like exist unless, of course, one has a timepiece similar to that invented by man to scale duration, and is on this planet. Hence to the Universe, Time is immaterial. So your opinion doesn't count! What this means is that evolution is a Universal Law, and not only does your opinion not count, but it is going to happen if you like it or not!

Now you have heard of the Golden Age that has gone before and we have just lived through the Age of Pisces to soon emerge into the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Man. These are phases, remember this, like the phases of the Moon. You should now reflect on what you know of the past ~2,500 years and you will quickly realize that it has been an Age of war, murder, genocide, slavery, conquest, technology, flight, institutional religion, priests of all type, hierarchy, ideologies and bureaucracy, or as one enlightened academic wrote, a time where all the peoples became crazed and fearful; a time when people had become disconnected with their Gods, or words of similar effect. In other words, an Age where the technology functionalities that are now in the neurologies of men have been seared painfully into the electro-chemical infrastructures by Universal evolution and some survived this phase of events and some didn't. We are now ready for the next step.

It is clear that mentalities are changing, that is to say, a new mentality is emerging throughout the World. We see and experience it throught the Internet; look at Google; look at blogging; look at the private space companies; look at EPIC; look at computer journalism. Ideas are changing, attitudes are changing, communications are becoming efficient. What is happening is that consciousness, or functional cognizance is morphing from a 2 dimension or quantitative state of static objectivity to a 3 dimentional qualitative state of dynamic unity where values and integrity become profound attributes through the complicit internalizing or becoming one with knowledge. Men are becoming connected with their Gods again. This is evolution. Out with the old and in with the new.

Until now there has been a sacrifice to the "intersubjective" truth of the collective, that is to say, only what is perceived by the generality of men is recognized as true. What the isolated individual alone perceives, by grace of a higher state of higher consciousness, or even though an exceptional sensorial sensitivity, is excluded, if not rejected, as subjective, unshared knowledge. And, through your desire for association within the collective, you willingly sacrifice your freedoms and your will to this life like force that has no corporeal form but nevertheless is the prime driving force over the minds and actions of men today.

How to become Man? This is a process of disassociating your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions from the group; this is a process of acting individualistically on values or qualitative action where todays norm in all human affairs are directed at the quantitative, a priori; and beware, where 'mediocrity' is called "excellence". You must question everything, not superficially, but in depth. You must consider and reflect within yourself so that you interact with input data complicitly and experientially. Information learned by rote and immitation (the emphasis in all matters of education today) remains superficial and is not part of you. Morality is always just fashionable convenience and readily available for sacrifice by your groupthink; your collective integrity isn't, that is, it doesn't exist except in the form of dialectic sophistry while the sacrifice of your potential, that is your soul, is personal and individual, in heart, spirit and mind. Your choice; be sacrificed by your group or make your own decisions based on the processes within yourself.

The future lies in the hands of men, that is to say, you. The current mentality is killing humanity, and society, so it is time to evolve to a higher order. We need to leave the past behind but never forgotten. We need to stop the killing, the genocide; the murder; this is not the preferred way forward. We need to respect, that is, to respect all life which includes our planet and all creature upon it. We need to respect ourselves; we need to develop our new mentality; one of respect, compassion, values, integrity, and intellect.

Murder and genocide is never an option except to the insane and crazed.

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