February 26, 2005

"as above, so below"

"as above, so below"...

or words to that effect, come to us from the past with utmost clarity.

What does this statement mean?

We humans use analogy to communicate our ideas and to explain, the otherwise unexplainable. We have always done so. It is a language tool.


a·nal·o·gy (ə-năl'ə-jē)
n., pl. -gies.

Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.

A comparison based on such similarity. See synonyms at likeness.

Biology. Correspondence in function or position between organs of dissimilar evolutionary origin or structure.
A form of logical inference or an instance of it, based on the assumption that if two things are known to be alike in some respects, then they must be alike in other respects.
Linguistics. The process by which words or morphemes are re-formed or created on the model of existing grammatical patterns in a language, often leading to greater regularity in paradigms, as evidenced by helped replacing holp and holpen as the past tense and past participle of help on the model of verbs such as yelp, yelped, yelped.
[Middle English analogie, from Old French, from Latin analogia, from Greek analogiā, from analogos, proportionate. See analogous.]

As we can see, analogy is also a binding mechanism but, more importantly in the context of this memorandum, what is clear from ancient texts, is that the formulations of the Egyptian sciences were based on analogies drawn primarily from the observed and recorded movements of the stars and planets. That is, the foundation of ancient scientific thought was observation, unlike science today. Through comparitive analogical constructions, determinitive conclusions were drawn for further enquiry and described in the available language that could be understood at all levels of society; hieroglyph & symbol; metaphor, analogy and fable. Today, we have expanded technical languages where each specialization creates it own mysteria for the members of its temple; buzz weords and phrases, acceptable political correctitude and of course, consensus.

The objectivity of this analogical comparitive science were the enquiries into life or Nature, on Earth, that is to say, the workings of the animals, plants, insects and the like, men, telluric and other episodic events, the atmosphere, the soils, waters, rains, drought, agriculture, etc., and the affairs of men mentally, physiologically, psychologically, philosophically and morally. However, analogy is such a wonderous tool as it allows both ends of the equation to be solved using the same algorithm which resides in the center. This is clear, self evident and demonstable.

And, the result of thousands of years of these scientific investigations within the ethical code and absolute integrity of the Hermetic Opus - being both resultant conclusive as well as established methodological discipline (procedure), is realized, and so announced, in terms of functional analogy, that the nature of life on Earth below, is of the same nature as the stars and planets above. Precisely the same in terms of the "Universal Principles" (later to become known as Gods) but also both being subjected to parochial (of milieu) laws.

That which commenced as comparitive enquiry utlizing analogy as its tool, concluded that the reference base was precisely in accord with the subjective target and vice versa (subject to some various rules and parochial laws). Hence, 'as above, so below'.

From the 'given' pillars of established scientific truth, we know beyond doubt that the Universe is made up of 99.9999% plasma from which, in complicit creation, matter is formed due to the intermingling of energy therein. Plasma being a collection of free moving electrons and ions is formed when electrons are stripped from atoms by energy. Plasma is observed as "intelligent" and self organizing - this observation and description from the modern age, is entirely analogical also where the flippancy of these remarks are based on the human behavioural ideation. Recently, within the past two years,scientists created in the laboratory, the animated temporal signature of life as a complicit reaction between plasma and energy; intelligence that was self organizing and self-evident. Plasma bubbles are everywhere; scaleable, variable density, and always self organizing.

So, are we then an electric phenomenon or a plasma phenomenon? We are both, as without sufficient sustaining energy plasmas recombine as neutral gases. Man is energized plasma and manifesting intelligence, where intelligence is energized plasma; is polarized, of the Universe and out of Earth, its mother.

Plasma exists throughout the Universe. Movement creates energy: fire. The interaction of energy and plasma together create matter (mother). Intelligence animates (motion and self organization); cause animates; function is temporal. Our Universe, is an Electric Universe; men are electric by their very nature; our physiology is electric. Our neurology is electric, our language, our philosophy, our realizations, our love making, our humour, our dreams, etc., are all electric. Of this, there can be no doubt. Buddha screams "Know the nature of the beast!" The sage counsels "know thyself". There is no doubt, man is an emergent phenomenonal effect resulting from a complicit marriage of an energy and plasma cause which is currently manifesting on this planet. Our brothers and sisters are the stars, comets and planets of the Cosmos. The variants are our respective milieu and our individualistic organizational arrangements. Life on Earth is as life in the cosmos.

Men are as the stars and the planets. Our natures are the same; we act accordingly; we are all of the same process. We are brothers and sisters. Function in comparitve to function; effect as to effect.

What then is the "leap of faith" necessary to accept that all life is but creation of complicit interactions between plasma and its own constituential movements (that resultant energy induced by the motions between bodies of affinities of 'apparent' complementary irrationalities from where the coagulation and coalescence of compositions and constituents founded in complementaries and maintained to determined harmonic proportions move towards cyclic harmony as stability moves towards instability and returns through chaos and as complexity creates simplicity in order to create again complexity)?

The answer simply lies within the definition of life itself. However, a search for a definition of life today requires a visit to every specialist compartment of science, each having their own version of the definition for 'life'. Each conflicting; each irrationally defending its own bastion of dogma and accordingly, jealously guarded more rigorously that the national treasury. Add to these tomes of dogma, those others of the various and many institutional temples of theocratic piety and then the voluminous, endless and mindless chants of the institutional philosophic elitists, etc., etc., and we find, that the definition of life varies - considerably and yet again is subjected to the whims of consensus, as directed by preference and convenience of temple elitism. Ceritude is clearly not the message of those of Plato's Cave where 'ad hoc' and subjectivity rule blindly in its dank, dark passages.

However, the answer is as simply as the rising sun:

"Life is any phenomenon that has the ability to self organize."

In terms of The Universal Laws of Causality (cause and effect), effect is the manifestation - concretization of the cause where this occurs spatially (distant) and in terms of Time (organization), both which infer motion. Hence, effect, not being a direct acceptance of cause, which would annul, is disparity, or resistance (being a naturally observable reaction), which demands a host (or surface) upon which to evoke a reaction of a temporal kind (time, movement, space) that reflects the true nature of the cause, that is, the signature.

In other words, each cause (Unity - creation) emits itself - (creates itself) seeking hosts, the result being suitable hosts that offer resistance, which initially impacts change of the host, then creates change in the original cause, the originating emission (cause), which then allows for manifestation to take place (effect).

This is then multiplicity, that we know is - existence (The Osirian Cycle)! Important and not to be overlooked is the fact that the cause (of life), creates life - itself (effect), a priori, but the nature of the host, that milieu that at first offers resistence (adaptation and acceptance - an irrationality, a scission (crossing), complementary and contradictory), allows life to form within the terms of its own basic constituency (and consistency) in a complicit reaction to the originating cause. Thus the defining manifestation of life (form and non-functional nature) is therefore of the milieu of the host, that point of spatial reference, where the cause takes effect. However, that which is created, the localized effect, that concretizaation of cause, is the corporeal representation of the incorpreal cause, an intangible, which some call spirit or indeed soul. This then is the world of the symbol; the corporeal physical world of innumerable realities and infinite possibility.

Or, if you like, there is a planet in the Universe with exactly the same environmental and constituency parameters as to that of this planet Earth, then and only then, does life become similar to homo sapien. Highly unlikely! But even if so, the characteristics of that life form, in the terms of its evolving consciousness, would be totally different to that our own due to the variants in the evolutionary processes in terms of time, motion and space. That is, throughout the Universe, existence is multiplicity, and not duplication! Notwithstanding, its causal nature, that is the fuctional nature, which is derived specifically from the cause itself through creation, are similar and, a priori. The result is always multiplicity and never, unity.

But, one must be certain, life does exist thoughout the Universe in abundance, but we today seek without knowing what we are looking for and as such, fail to see. It is this fact alone, that is, we fail to understand ourselves and our nature, that we fail to understand what constitutes life and therefore we fail to find other life forms within our immediate point in space. This will change!

In conclusion then, is should be now clear to the reader that science needs to change course so as to become based on observational analogy (as opposed to destructive reductionism) where the adoption of this precision tool and its practise, took the earlier Egyptian sages to a level of science unequalled to this day, that is to say, c. 3000 years later. Admittedly, the current era of man is far more technologically advanced and this point is again significant as there exists a far distant gap between technology and science...today, as aforesaid, we are prepared with a linear technological language script unavailable to those early Egyption scientists.

The development of analogical reasoning or functional enquiry in terms of cause and effect, from the observations and enquiry of the galaxies, stars and planets, through human behaviour individualistically and collectively and as spread across the surface of our planet, will bring the now vital and necessary major and immediate advances into our understanding and comprehension of microphysics and atomic (nuclear) principles, etc. It is left to public witness on the monuments of ancient Egypt still standing this very day along the banks of the Nile, that much of the early Egyptian science remains unknown to us to this day, but at the same time and with the little of those heiroglyphs which has been succesfully deciphered, it is ubundantly clear that those sages, adepts and masters of ancient times held far greater and deeper insights into the working principles of Universe than today. And, that this high level of knowledge was achieved singularly through their adopted procedure for scientific enquiry, that is, the use of observational comparitive analogy.

The Egyptians had no need of visitations by aliens to achieve their science.

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